my new motto

The future is a master’s degree. The future is changing the lives of children everywhere. The future is making the world a better place. The future is making a difference, no matter how many obstacles I encounter along the way. The future may be anything we make it out to be! Bring it 2017 💕

tbh i’ve realized that everything is basically jus mind over matter. like u know how when ur stomach starts hurting and sometimes u’ll try thinking of it not hurting just cause ur curious and it’ll instantly stop? same thing with everything else. if u want to give up because u feel its not going to get better, change. your. mindset. if u’ve been laying in bed for days bc someone hurt u and ur blaming urself, change ur mindset. nothing will get better if u continue to think of/focus on the things hurting you. mind over matter. u’ll be okay.

I will not fear or hate Muslims. 
I will not fear or hate Mexicans. 
I will not fear or hate black people. 
I will not be made to fear anyone, especially not for aspects of their humanity that are out of their control. 

I will fight ISIS.
I will fight Nazis. 
I will fight people that would try to take rights or lives away from others for their own personal gain. 
I will fight people that pathetically push down others to inflate their own undeserved sense of self-importance. 

I would rather die defending the rights and lives of people than protect the fascists and bigots that would take them away.