my new machine

just a simple wizard who loves life’s greatest pleasures gambling slots and 10 gallen hats and cigar pipes as thick as my forearm and not to mention spells and not to mention my new machine

*staring at long list of homework/projects I’ve already committed to but haven’t worked on* maybe now’s the right time to try out Duolingo Hebrew


sheithy inktobers from twitter ✒️✨

Hannibal’s Sketchbook p.14

Read From The Beginning
Page 13 - Page 14 - Page 15


BATIM~Comic Dub~Even Demon Feel (Featuring Skitzy!)


Bendy: Skitzy @idofunnyvoices

Alice Angel: Me!

Boris: Alex (no Youtube channel/Tumblr page to tag)

Art: @doodledrawsthings