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Congratulation Sir for 14 millions subscriber!
it was just a month ago you got 13 million. Woah..dang.
But, seriously tho. Thank you. thank you for everything.
I’m so happy to be your subscriber, i’m so happy to be in this wonderful community. i’m..just so happy ‘v’)

again, thank you!
(thank you for being yourself, Jack)



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Read in 2016 » The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

     "The job is mine, Shortcake,” Joshua’s voice says.
     To stop myself from standing up and punching him in the gut I’m counting one, two, three, four …
     “Funny, that’s what Helene just told me.” I watch his backside walk away in the glossed surface of my desk, and vow that Joshua Templeman is going to lose the most important game we’ve ever played.

Happy birthday to the snapchat queen, a PS wizard and a great friend @cobaltcharlie ;*


the raven ring: trips through the gangsey’s iphones → blue sargent


random vampire sims +1 human sim !! shoutout to @ciruelabob, thanks to whom i actually have the game pack!

  • Me, on New Edition before watching 'The New Edition Story': "NE is a pretty cool group that I liked a lot when I was little."
  • Me, on New Edition after watching 'The New Edition Story': "New Edition is the greatest group of all time, the original boyband, severely underrated. They deserve only good things and everyone should pay homage to them. Every last one of their songs are legendary."
Merry CHRIStmas! ♥

That the ones who were good or bad get what they deserve. 



I will not start working on commissions until the 16/01/2017.

 A waiting list with 5 slots has been opened. To secure a slot, just send me a message on tumblr. Thank you!

I change my commission info more than I change my underwear.

I’ve reverted back to my old commission formats and prices for this next batch. However, if you are interested in something different, you can always ask! 
More information can be found on my commission page on my tumblr.

Signal boosting is appreciated but not necessary!

[Top right and bottom-left commissions were done for @dustierhoades and @the-tale-of-the-champions respectively and feature their own characters]

*skateboards in

because im bisexual my parents desperately hope ill one day end up marrying a woman but *kickflips* im really fucking gay and i love men 

*skateboards out*