my new hiccup


He seemed to.. chase the darkness away, and when he did, I wasn’t scared anymore.

Total credit for this idea goes to @santathegrey (see their original post here). I thought it was super clever and kind of perfect so I asked if I could try making a gifset for it and here we are! c:


some recent stuff of OperationCRIME/AU I drawn 

plot is :

CIA ’Jackson Overland Frost’ codename ’Iceberg’ need a team for mission to access and steal secret security data from charity organization(guising) called ’RED CIRCUIT’ but he must not operate by CIA name so he must be thief for this case(in name), he need criminal team for criminal operation, Jack with partner Toothiana codename ’Fairy’ go find crews and helped by ex-FBI partner Hiccup and Astrid. assassination sniper Merida, rooker Rapunzel, and wicked twin sisters called ’Frozen Moth’ (Elsa&Anna).

I dont pay attention to this AU much but still running on the way ( I love this and want to draw in comics).

and I cant think about scene in comic with loosey plot , about translated THAI to ENG (as you know my eng is sucks), about free time to draw. orz



+45 new, 110x110 HTTYD2 and GOTNF icons by lutavero

Feel free to use them and don’t be afraid to request new ones! If you take one, just leave a like here or reblog this post so I’ll know if I should make more! All of these were edited by me. Credit is appreciated! :)

My icon page I Request new icons

Mery 🎄❄❄ and HAPPY NEW YEAR all! 🔔🔔🎉🎊🎊🎉🎆🎆🎆

I know they aren’t real yet and maybe never real idk, but imagine where you can get baby night furies, maybe that would be the amazing gift you’ve ever got and idk. And i’m sorry for posted it late 2 days after christmas, and i should’ve write “merry christmas” too on that picture. Sorry but i already giving you guys the best

So, i Hope you guys like it and got motivated from this fanart i just made. And wishing you guys always be the best 🙌🙌👏🌌🌌👑