my new hair though

I made a new sim for the new hair, though she keeps lookin like my other sim. Will tweak her out when I have more time. Anyway, the hair is done, gonna be avilable soon :D


Summary: Bucky finally cuts his hair after many decades but the only problem is that you don’t like it and end up throwing a funeral for his hair. 

Word Count: 1,225

A/N: This was supposed to be a short drabble but of course I made this a little longer than I anticipated it to be, but fuck it!

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🌻 insert witty and cool caption here 🌻

don’t normally do the whole selfie thing buuuut

1) i’m gonna have to update my little drawn mod-bleps to reflect this NEW HAIRCUT unless i just don’t feel like it in which case CONTINUITY ERRORS

2) aaaaa i’ve wanted to chop off my hair for so long and i’m so relieved it turned out okay aaaa 😭 thank u hair salon that i went with literally because it was named “lucky salon” and also it had great reviews and good prices but still, ヨッシャラッキー!!


I’m sORRY D: bUT I might have just popped in my Due South dvd just to make ALL the screenshots of Fraser’s face in this specific scene because asfdghfjkglh;jk'lkjhgfd ?? ??? ?

AM I the ONLY ONE who can’t get over his sparkly eyes and pouty lips and his shiny, slightly whimsical lock of hair and his eyelashes and jUST HIS WHOLE FCKIN FACE-

I just.. This is not even OK. I can’t stop gazing at his luminous beauty, like.. he is basically radiating with pretty. just- uGH. HOW IS THIS MAN EVEN REAL?


[x] [x]

I’m really happy with my new hair colour, even though it’s only a few shades lighter than my natural hair. It feels a lot warmer, which is nice now that autumn’s here!

BTS reaction to dying your hair crazy colors:

Rap Monster:

“Maybe I should dye my hair that color too! We’d look awesome.”

Welcoming with a wide smiley is how he’d react to your crazy colored hair that he didn’t seem to miss one bit.


“WOW! It really makes your pretty eyes stand out more.”

Of course this happy virus is full of comments no matter what color you change your hair.


“Your hair looks like a desert… I almost want to eat you!”

He’d laugh but make good out of it by commenting you using food innuendo. He’d kiss your head a lot and joke around saying you smell like fruits.


“Awwww! We could have dyed our hair together but I just dyed mine…”

This guy has dyed his hair plenty of times so her certainly doesn’t judge.


“Ahhhh! You look adorable jagiya! Let me feel it.”

Almost like Taehyung, our ray of sunshine would be excited for you and excited to show you off.


“That’s new… It’s nice though. Almost like my mint colored hair I use to have.”

He’d smile at you a ton and think that the bright color brightens yours and his mood.


“This is different! Different isn’t bad but wow!”

His eyes would mostly never leave your head. While you didn’t mind the attention, it would freak you out a little how he’s always touching your hair.


So, as you guys who have been following me for a while know, I donate my hair every year to people who are less fortunate and going through some things in life. I’ve been doing it for nine or ten years now, and every time it’s hard because I had so much hair. My new stylist was very nice though, we were both new Yorkers so we got along well. But yeah, here’s the new do for the time being.

As always, I hope the lovely person who gets my hair loves it as much as I loved it.