my new friends!

@ parents who blame their child for their problems instead of helping them like an adult: how does it feel to know that your kid doesn’t trust u

@ parents who think their kid is too old to be helped but too young to make their own decisions: how does it feel to know that your kid doesn’t trust you

@ parents who constantly compare their own childhood ( a completely different generation mind u ) to their kids: HOW DOES IT FEEL TO KNOW UR KID DOESNT TRUST U

@ parents who don’t let kids do the things they enjoy: ur an asshole

People who like my selfies - thank you
People who comment on my selfies - please be my new best friend
People who reblog my selfies - yaaaas babycakes.
People who reblog and leave comments in the tags - MARRY ME YOU SWEET CUPCAKE OF LOVE!!!

nellgrimm2012  asked:

Hey I just got a succulent ! :) I was wondering during if you can give me some tips to begin to take care of my new friend :) Thank you very much

Sure! My number one bit of advice for new plant parents: research your particular plant. Don’t follow generic “succulent advice” as each type of plant has its own set of needs. Good luck :)