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Trent Reznor on the "Closer" talk with his kids in the future
  • I’m not looking forward to the “Closer” talk, which is probably going to happen quicker than I’d like. Just this morning, me and my two older boys were sitting in the hotel restaurant. Their mom has played the new EP for them a couple times. They’re like, “My favorite song is ‘Less Than’.” That’s sweet, but then I’m thinking, Don’t I say ‘fuck’ in that one? Same thing when they were at sound check: What song don’t I say ‘fuck’ in? I’ll tell you another thing I think about: I’m now thrust into adult events — school things with other parents, and just … You’re not really thinking about how lyrics that seemed cool at the time are going to register with parents at your kid’s school 20 years later.
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The much awaited for pokeball dice and the sets will be in the shop today (5/20/17) And guess what? I made my own GalaxyBall!! I love it and I need more in the future lol. Also have a spring flower set. This was a trial with some bigger flowers and I’m not sure if I can get them again but I’ll try because it’s a fun little flower set! Have a couple marbles lightning sets and my personal new favorite is that cobalt set. It looks like velvet! Oh man…it was an experimental “let’s see what happens if…” and I love the results. Ok sale at 10am PST! If you’re not used to my sales they tend to go REALLY fast. So refresh is your friend :)


My new favorite couple, Nico and his husband Atticus. I still need to build them a house, but Nico is an old friend of Westley’s and he and Atticus (along with their two-year-old daughter) will be featured in my Pixel Rust story soon. :)

Atticus is by the lovely @dstarsims. ♥

Wake Up- Usnavi X Reader

kinda requested by @sweaterkitty-fluff

a/n: it’s three am, i have a bad headache, i have to wake up in four or three hours, i didn’t edit this at all so rest in fuckig peace me

You knocked on the door and Usnavi opened, looking at you excitedly.

“I’m glad you’re here.” He smiled and he brought you in to a hug. “I mean I know that Sonny isn’t your cousin but you’re practically family and I thought that maybe you would want to meet his boyfriend.”

“Of course.” You smiled and you walked into the apartment, seeing that Pete and Sonny were cooking the dinner together. “You’re the host. You should be cooking.” You pointed out and Usnavi frowned.

“I’m sure that Sonny and that punk-”

You glared at him.

“I’m sure that Sonny and Pete wouldn’t appreciate if I burnt the building down.”

“Good call.”

The dinner went fine overall, Usnavi trying to interrogate Pete the entire time while you and Sonny did your best to keep him at bay.

Pete left the apartment and Sonny glared at Usnavi, who was pretending to be completely innocent by watching television on the couch.

He looked as though he was about to say something to him but he stopped for a second and he just walked away, heading to his bedroom and calling it a night.

You sat next to Usnavi and he looked at you.


“They love each other.” You told him and he rubbed his eyes.
“Yeah, I know. I just don’t want Sonny to get hurt.”

“Whoever hurts Sonny has hell coming towards them. But you’re hurting him by protecting him. Pete makes him happy.” You pointed out and he nodded.

“I’m gonna talk to Sonny, you can change into a shirt of mine and crawl into bed.” He smiled and he kissed you slowly before standing up and knocking on Sonny’s door.

You took your clothes off and you grabbed one of Usnavi’s shirts and you got into bed, falling asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow.

You woke up to the sound of cabs honking and you weren’t pleased in the least, considering it was still the middle of the night.

You tried to sit up and you resulted in hitting your head on the wall and you sighed, defeated by the day although it had barely even started.

You laid down again, careful not to hit your head and you turned to see that Usnavi was somehow asleep still and he was snoring even.
How he stayed asleep perplexed you and you made a mental note to remind yourself to ask him how that was even possible.

You were shook out of your thoughts by Usnavi snoring louder than usual and he took in a deep breath of air, hitting his head hard as he sat up.

You raised an eyebrow, looking at him concerned.

“Did you wake up yourself up by snoring?” You asked him and he mumbled something incomprehensible, put an arm around you and he fell back asleep.

Bless him.

You stared at him for a couple of moments, wondering how his snoring managed to wake himself up while he slept like a baby through the cabs.

You moved yourself closer to him and you kissed him gently before wrapping an arm around him, somehow managing to fall asleep between your boyfriend’s snoring and the cabs.

The next time you woke up to sunshine coming in from the blinds and Usnavi, who had somehow entangled himself with you while he was asleep.

His head was tucked into the crook of your neck and his legs were wrapped around yours.

You kissed his forehead and he groaned slightly.

“Waking up to you kissing me is my new favorite activity.”

“I can think of a couple others that you might like better.” You winked and his face turned red.

“You’re right.” He mumbled and he buried his face in the pillow as his face got redder.

“I know. Like didn’t you say that you loved making coffee with me last week?”

“You're… evil.”

“Love you too. And I found out something new about you this morning.”


“You’re cuddly.” You smirked and he pressed a kiss to your jaw.
“Do we get to stay here longer if I admit that I am?”

“There’s only one way to find out.”

“I mean I wouldn’t say that I am cuddly but more so that I just like cuddling in general.” He told you and you smiled.

“Mm, no. You’re just cuddly, Usnavi.”


like ice.

“Piper.”  Alex is laughing a little, charmed by her nervousness.  "That sounds great.  Come find me anytime…same place?“

Piper smile breaks all the way open.  "I’ll find you.”

inspired by @alxvse‘s like ice

Beauty and the Beast “It’s the End of the World As We Know It”

Hey y’all! I’m Mel. What you are about to read is the beginning of my very first fan fiction story. In fact this is the first piece of fiction I have written in over a decade. 

A few months ago, my dear friend @kiaschronicles opened my eyes to a whole new world where our favorite couple, Richonne, existed outside of the confines of our television screens. They came alive in stories like @birdnmouse’s The Head and the Heart and @cake-by-thepound‘s Palm Trees. I fell in love with fan fiction after reading their beautiful stories as well as the brilliant works of writers like @blacklitchick, @grungedaddykinks, @jdmfanfiction, and @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash to name just a few. The beauty of fan fiction is it allows you to fall even more in love with characters you already adore. These wonderful writers allow you to explore the many facets of these character’s personalities and the possibility that comes with seeing a story through another artist’s eye. 

While reading some really fun Negan fan fiction, I kept coming across posts about a Negan fan fiction writing challenge ran by the lovely @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash in which you select a particular prompt to write about. One of the prompts caught my eye, but I ignored it. Then I continued to see the post and for days my imagination ran wild. Finally, I asked her if she would be willing to take a newbie and, well, here we are. 

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Day Twenty-Two

-As a toddler exited the store, he turned around and shouted, “Thank you, come again!” Until today I came here for a paycheck, but from now on, I come here for you, my friend.

-A woman’s total came out to $20.16. She remarked, “wow, that’s a fantastic year!” I do not know what world she is living in, but it is definitely not 2016 there. 

-I was approached by the most lethargic and morose family I had ever seen. Each of them seemed to have simultaneously just gotten out of bed and been awake for fifty-three hours straight. I understand where they are coming from, but I am not quite sure why purchasing a single can of Febreze was worth such emotional exhaustion. 

-As I turn back to face the sad Addams family, I notice something out of the corner of my eye. The fifteen year-old son had walked around the counter and was swinging his fists right behind my head, pretending to punch me repeatedly. I had not been aware of this. This was not some strange kind of joke. He simply decided he wanted to imagine assaulting a part-time retail worker and that the best way to do so was to physically emulate it. He put his fists down and looked at me. He saw the confusion behind my eyes. I saw a void behind his. He put down his fists and backed away. I handed Mrs. Saddams the receipt and did not turn my back on this family until they were safely out of the store. 

-A woman seemed torn, faced with the decision of either a $10 gift card or $10 off of her purchase. She did not understand that she was receiving both. Once I was finally able to convey this to her, she shouted out in joy. I am grateful to have been the one to give her this good news. I am slightly less grateful to have had my ear near her when she received it. 

-I am brought a Twix frappuccino. Once again, my managers prove to be able to do things no human should be able to do behind the counter of a Starbucks.

-Today I learned that Cat Lady has recently overcome cancer. I learned this by watching her spot a guest in scrubs, hurriedly hobble towards him, and, with his back still turned to her, regale him with her entire medical history. I am deeply impressed with both Cat Lady’s wide knowledge regarding lymph nodes and Scrubs Man’s genuine compassion for this stranger’s well-being. 

-I met a woman who told me that her four year-old daughter’s legal name was Doom. This shows a great lack of faith in her moral compass, yet a great show of faith for the scale of her achievements in life.

-Noticing how differently people act at different ages has become my new favorite part of the job. A couple in their twenties had an exchange that included, “This is my card. This is my PIN. Your hand is going nowhere near me or this ice cream.” A couple in their fifties had a similar conversation, “You can either pay for this or sweep the floors. You have to choose this time.” 

-Today I was kept company by my new friend, a skeleton wiener dog. I love this dog with my life, but I question the research of the person who designed a dog skeleton with long rigid ear bones.

-While walking, I dropped a security device. In a desperate attempt to catch it before it hit the ground, I swung my hand downwards. I managed to catch the security device, but not without injuring a personal device which could have used more security. I am grateful for the years of my life I have spent pursuing a degree in theatre, as the level of acting required to not let on that my entire lower torso was burning with the flame of one thousand suns would have been nigh unattainable otherwise. 

-As a woman finished checking out at my register, she recognized another woman a few guests back in the same line. Without picking up her things or moving, they engaged in a loud conversation regarding funerals and death. They could not have been more excited to be having this discussion. Those between them could not have been more uncomfortable with it. 

-As my shift drew to an end, I realized that my hand was covered in glitter. To the best of my recollection, I had not touched any products with glitter at all during the day. I consider myself blessed and can clock out knowing I have been touched by the Goddess of Disco and Arts and Crafts.


Hey guys! Just made a new video with three of my favorite couples (Joker and Harley included) so since I haven’t shared a video on here in a while I figured now was the time. (Hopefully I will make a video with Joker and Harley only sometime during the summer.)

I watched the new Decendets movie and here are some mental notes I’ve taken, in no particular order. Warning for mild spoilers!

- Still very twee but that’s to be expected and isn’t exactly a bad thing most of the time.

- This has way more of a Musical feel than the last movie and I kind of love that. I honestly hated most of the songs in the last movie, all but the first one felt really forced and only two of them were tolerable. For this one, they are some of the best parts of the movie. I could listen to ‘Whats My Name?’ a thousand times over.

- The choreography is also a lot better and way more high energy and fun to watch.

- Uma is the best thing in this movie. Hands down. And I can not emphasize enough how much I love this character. She’s my new favorite. 

- Uma, Harry, and Gil are a freakin’ adorable poly couple, and it hurts how close that came to being cannon. 

- I don’t know if I love the shutter bug who released that scene of Harry kissing Gil that got cut from the movie (so that we at least have proof it was supposed to be a thing), or if I hate them for getting my hopes up that Disney had finally grown up enough to let a scene like that be in a kids movie.

- When Evie and Mal get older they should break up with their boys and get together because they have way more chemistry with one another than either of them have with their respective slices of milk toast. And there is no way ‘Space Between’ wasn’t a love song. They’re ‘like sisters’ my ass.

- I kind of hate Ben. I was ambivalent about him in the first movie, he was kind of boring but he had room to grow and was shown to be a genuinely nice person. I thought he could get better. He didn’t. He’s one of the blandest, densest dips I’ve ever seen in a movie. The fact that he’s also the cause or catalyst for pretty much all the bad crap that happens in this story doesn’t help matters. 

- I definitely hate Evie’s boyfriend. Enough that I don’t even care enough to look up his real name (I just know he’s related to the seven dwarves in some way). He’s such a stereotypical entitled ‘nice guy’ nerd, who assumes she’s cheating on him out of the blue because he couldn’t find her one night. And keeps accusing her of it even as she’s telling him she was trying to save Prince BlandyPants (sorry, King BlandyPants). I don’t care that he did it because he’s ‘self-conscious’ and ‘worried she’s too good for him’, screw this snot. 

- I could do without the dog talking. I really could. I know it ended up being part of the plot at one point, but I wouldn’t be upset if he lost his voice for the next movie. 

- The battle at the pirate ship/dock reminded me so much of the end battle in ‘Hook’ that I kept expecting Harry to call one of the guys Ruffio. I loved it.

- I love how they go more into just how screwed up it is that they keep kids on an impoverished island prison that is supposed to be filled with this universe’s worst of the worst, and that they are basically just making more villains, because the kids have no choice but to steal and lash out just to stay alive there. 

- I also love how Evie is becoming more and more determined to make herself their advocates, and help them get at least a chance to leave, get an education, and a chance at a life outside of their (usually) abusive homes.

- The boy’s romantic sub plots were kinda meh, and seemed like they were really rushed, and just a way to pair them off before the end of the movie. Jay’s subplot was the most tolerable though, even if it was rushed, at least we got to see why he would like Lonnie and they had the potential to be cute together. 

But with Carlos and Jane, I’m just kinda like ‘why her’? Maybe they had chemistry in the first movie that I can’t remember, but if that’s the case, it couldn’t have been all that great if I can’t remember it. It just felt like he likes her because she’s there and she needed to be paired with someone, and she’s okay with being with him because he also needed to be paired with someone and why not each other? Neither of them ever expresses anything about why they like each other, and we are never shown any kind of real chemistry or even potential chemistry between them (except arguably the scene with them and Janes mom, and that’s mostly played for laughs and still feels awkward). But hey, maybe if they stand next to each other long enough they will start to resemble a couple?

- I really want Carlos to get a substantial subplot in one of these movies, and for god’s sake can we please actually showcase that he’s an inventor and tech nerd, instead of just paying it lip service off camera or giving him one little scene that hints at it? Let my nerdy son shine.