my new fav game

Listen, Joe Cuppa literally has his own special lol

I jest but tbh i technically drew this bc i wanted to see it happen.


“Little Nightmares” is my new quiznak fav horror adventure 👌🏻
I finished to watch Jack’s playing this game and It’s really funny especially when Six eats *coff coff
Ahahah perfect ending oh wait not a perfect ending “creepy” ending :3
And this drawing came too well Im really proud of it! Hope you like it guys! @therealjacksepticeye for playing this creepy tiny little game :3


beautiful cinematography: game of thrones, battle of the bastards (2016)

thousands of men don’t need to die. let’s end this the old way. you against me.

“Blue…do you remember what I just said? No matter the reason, you shouldn’t steal. If you promise me that you understand now…The third Pokédex. Now you are also a trainer from Pallet Town.”


10 Favorite Video Game Characters 
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wow I can’t believe Phoenix Wright has a gemsona