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Hi my German Shepard mix has been pretty rough when playing with other dogs and it is getting to a point where I'm uncomfortable, he was never like this when he was young. Do you have any suggestions to get him to stop and play normally?

GSD tend to get really rude and bitchy when they age out of puppyhood. It’s just one of those breed-specific things. 

I also have a GSD mix, and I would recommend to stop bringing your dog to places with strange dogs. I only allow doggie dates with dogs she already knows and who have established boundaries (and sheps tend to play better with the opposite sex). The general public isn’t super tolerant of rude GSD. GSD are relatively scary-looking, big, and intimidating, so even if your dog doesn’t actually hurt another dog, I personally find it’s not worth the risk of upsetting other dog owners and getting that reputation. It doesn’t help anyone in the long run. 

If you want to continue to bring your dog to play with strange dogs, here are some ways to encourage good dog-to-dog play: here, here, here, here, and here. Doing proper introductions and picking good doggie playmates really helps a lot here! That’s how my dog makes (rare) new doggie friends. 

My personal criteria for playmates for my 3 year old, 70lbs, female GSD are:

  • Herding or northern breeds
  • Plays by chasing and ruff biting
  • At least 50lbs but bigger is better
  • Male

And then after I find one that I think will get along with her, I introduce them by:

  • Starting off in a neutral area, both dogs on-leash and at least 15ft apart
  • Reward my dog for attention on me and ignoring the other dog
  • Engage my dog, ignore the other dog 
  • Snacks snacks snacks
  • After a few minutes of this, we both let the dogs free and they do the whole rude dog posturing thing (usually on long lines in case things go wrong)
  • Humans walk in the field, dogs chase and bite each other in the faces
  • Enforced breaks, often and with lots of snacks
  • End on a good note! If things start to look like they are heading downhill, call it a day (especially if you want to have more playdates with this dog)

Honestly, it’s so much work. It would be way easier to just have a dog that gets along nicely with other dogs. This is not to say that GSD are aggressive; usually they don’t have aggressive tendencies! But play drive can turn to prey drive can turn to aggression so quickly, so you (the human) have to be aware!

Sorry for the rambling - this is an issue I am personally dealing with all the time. Hang in there anon! -C 

Edit: My criteria only started coming together after some mistakes. I met up with another dog owner who had a small dog, that ended badly. I tried for a long time to get Marlo to be a dog park dog, and that didn’t work out. We occasionally meet up with females, and that doesn’t go as smoothly as males. You will undoubtedly uncover your own criteria that work for your dog over time!

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drink- Water!!!
phone call- hmmm With one of my friends <3
text message- “Vas a juegar Speeddrunkers con nacho?” / Are you gonna plaey Speeddrunkers with Nacho?” 
song I listened to- Oki Doki!! - Mario & Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story ( yep! <3 I love videogame music~)
time I cried- cried like  “OHNOOO AAAAH”????  hmm when my girlfriend broke with me I think, I only cry when something bad happens to me… or emotional in games or movies… I am a rainy day xD

Have I ever

Dated someone twice- HELL NO!!…wait, what kind of date?
been cheated on- Yep! one :’D
kissed someone- YEP!!!! but kiss is a little word for that XDDDD
Lost someone special- twice! but I think my g-grandma is more special than the other one
been depressed- yep!!! hopefully, now I am really busy being happy for being depressed~ <3
been drunk and thrown up- Never, I don’t like beer or something with alcohol (My taste for alcohol is REALLY special)

In the last year I have

made a new friend- A LOT FO FRONDS <3
fallen out of love- NEH
laughed until I cried- xD oooooh yeah!!!! until everything hurts!!
found out who my true friends are-  that this was long time ago!
kissed one of your followers- nope!


how many tumblr followers do you know irl- tha heck is “irl”?…. OH!!! no one!
do you want to change your name- Nah!!! I love my name <3 <3 <3
what time did you wake up today- ugh 2 pm! I need to wake up earlier!!!
what were you doing at midnight- Drawing, listen to music, dancing like a insane guy thanks for the music aaaand drawing XD
name something you cant wait for- >FD MY PAYMENT!!!!! and the trip to Chile!
whats something you wish you could change about your life- Nothing!! nope nope nope!!! the only thing I wanted to change is my freakin wii u controller!!!  I WANT TO PLAY SPLATOON, YOSHI AND MARIO MAKER!!!
what are you listening to rn
- eUe Oki Doki!! - Mario & Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story
whats getting on your nerves
- My new doggy, she likes to grab or eat everything!!!
nicknames- ALL MY NICKNAMES?? eeehh… Axe, Excel, Pussy Hair and Mr Hair or Sr Pelo
zodiac sign
- Libra I think
pronouns- ….what?!??! what are you ta.. waht?!?!?1 He/him
- I sinished that shit 2 years ago <D
hair color- Black
- 5’ 74’’!!!! tallle!!! I AM BIG!!! ROAAAR!!!!
do you have a crush on anyone
- maybe a little but no
what i like about myself
tattoos- NOPE!


surgery- C: 0 surgeries!!!
- 0000000!!!! :D
best friend- hmmmmm best friends plz <D Gilberto and Cordova
vacation- ooh… Mexico, DF I think…

Lets be real

eating- nothing XS I don’t want to eat, I feel weird
drinking- water!!!
listening to
- Oki Doki!! - Mario & Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story xDDDDD
waiting for- hmmmm nothing!
want any kids- YEP!!!! :] not now obiously but I really want to have my poops in a future <3
want to get married
- yeah! sure!! XP I don’t like to be alone
career- AnimatorPLZ!!!!!!!! or character design for a cartoon or game (GAME GAME GAME)

What is better:

lips or eyes- eyes!!! <3
hugs or kisses- welll it depends.. I don’t hug a lot but I really love hugs!!! also kisses PPRRRR  EVERYONE LOVES KISSES!! I mean,  WHO DOESN’T LIKE CHOCOLATE?……..AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!! JOOOOKESSSS!!!!!!
shorter or taller
- what? shorter or taller what?? girl??? things??? eehhmmm… taller?????…what???
younger or older- older plz!! … not like a granps but yeah!!!
romantic or spontaneous- I LOVE SPONTANEOUS ROMANCE!!!!! B]
toned stomach or nice arms- … tha heck is toned…. eeehm… what? NOOO!!! I don’t like tumors in my body!!!!
relationship or hookup- HOOKUP IS FOR THE SEA DUDE!!!! RELATIONSHIP….relationboat….

Have you ever

kissed a stranger- well… if you think about it every girlfriend is a stranger you don’t know until a year … soooo!!! yeah!!!!
drank hard liquor- DEAUGH NO!!!!… well yep.. one day my grandma said -HEY DAVID!!!! DRINK WITH ME!!! OR YOU ARE A BABY??? and I said -NO NO GRANMA!!! ALL FOR YOU!!!!….it was tequila without nothihg…. OOOOH MAAAAAAAN!!!! YOU DON’T KNOW!!!!!!!
lost glasses or contacts
- neeeh I don’t need glasses
broke someones heart- NO! I would never do that shit, I don’t like when someone breaks my heart… I really don’t want someone pass through that horrible feeling
been arrested- neeeeeh!
turned someone down
- hmmmm I think so but telling the truth, sometimes the truth hurts but it’s better that way .
cried when someone died- absolutely!

Do you believe in

yourself- HELL YEAH!!!!
miracles- neeeeeh
love at first sight- HAAAAAA!!! WHAT IS THIS?!? A TELENOVELA?!?!?1
sants clause-

kiss on the first date- e///U////e hehehehe

-I am busy taggin people! <D so if you want to try it, take it!!!