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"Do you love him?”

Summary: The “Do you love him?” scene, but gayer. Michael’s POV. In which Mr. Heere ain’t no fool, but he is father of the year. 

Word Count: 1,147 

AN: I know 0 things about weed and this is mad tacky so bear w/me, lmao. I don’t really know where I was going with this, I just wanted to add more Drama™. When I started I had a sequel planned, but I’ve since forgotten how that was gonna go…so, if you want a sequel, hmu and give me ideas!

He’d hoped it would feel better, burning this stuff. He’d been just high enough when he stormed inside to grab it that he hadn’t stopped to consider whether it was a good idea. But now, watching the limited edition Magic: the Gathering card shrivel and blacken in the ashcan, it kinda just felt overdramatic.

And maybe he regretted it, just a little.

No, he couldn’t think that. He was angry with Jeremy. Jeremy had been treating him like he was nothing for months now. Squip or no squip, Michael couldn’t allow himself to roll over and forgive that. Jeremy was the one who’d burned everything they had. Michael was just finishing the job.


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(BMC/Hamilton) Satisfied, Song Parody

Parody: Satisfied
Actual Song: Satisfied
By: Hamilton

- I’ve skipped straight to Angelica’s rap, and cut out the whole ‘Hamilton Meets Eliza, Cue Angelica’s 13 Reasons Why’ parts because I’m an inconsistent lizard
-The rapping was sO HARD TO DO so I’m sorry if it doesn’t fit completely with the original
-Honestly this whole thing was hard to do—I feel dead inside
- This takes place a while after Michael is blocked out in ‘Upgrade’


Rewind, rewind, rewind…
I remember that day
How could I not
It happened like an hour ago
I remember his face, his clothes
And of course his back as he turned to go
I remember me pulling my hoodie up and bumping into people there

But Jeremy, god!
You said we’d always be a pair…

In the world, we’d fare
Yet here you are now, acting like I’m mind impaired
And now that you’re gone
My only thought is how I’m scared

Jer, I thought you cared
Yeah, I thought you cared
Guess you never cared

Hey, I’m Jer…
I mean my name is Jeremy

Cool, my name’s Michael
Which grade are you gonna be in this year?

In grade 1
Wait, do I look older though?

Well, kind of—

I guess I am pretty tall…

…Hey, do you like to play Pokemon?

Totally! I’ve got 50 cards!

Do you wanna play?

I’ll ask my dad
I’m sure he’ll say ‘go, make a friend, and stay’
Be right back,
I’ll be right back!

I, I, I
I didn’t fall immediately for him
It took a few years
To develop a bond that would last for this long
We’ve laughed and shed tears
He’s my feeling of freedom
My feeling of trust
My feeling of love–
Maybe a feeling of lust?
Our conversation lasted two minutes
Maybe three minutes
Until we were best friends, both in total agreement
He’s a dream come true, stutters and quirks
I love how he talks and I love how he looks
He’s a bit of nerd, but I am too, so
I asked about his video games, he lit up anew
His hands started fidgeting, his eyes were wide
Remembering it makes me hurt now inside…

Handsome, but he doesn’t know it
Dorky, wants to overgrow it

I told him he was like a vintage cassette
It’s pitiful how much I love him, and yet–


I know I’m no


He deserves an


And anyway
Just replacable, who cares if I leave or I stay–


I know Jeremy like I know my own mind,
You will never find anyone as desperate as his kind
If he wants to move on forward, then so be it, sure fine
Leave me behind
‘Players 1 and 2’… Such lying

But when I sit at my lunch table
And chance a glance at him
I can’t help but sigh because inside I think
I knew I
Had this a long time coming…
At least Jeremy’s cool; chill at last
Even if he had to erase our past…


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