my new background tbh


tumblr user druidlance but every time she posts a selfie she gets uglier 

This catnip carrot joined our household, pristine and intact, less than 24 hours ago. (One of the culprits was caught red-pawed in this photo.)


.°˖♡ “c-calm down.. its just a k-kiss..” ♡˖°.

@southparkdigital c’mon man, hook me up 🙏 🙏 🙏


MariEli phone backgrounds (´ ∀ ` *)

requested by @sylveonpng ~♡


A bubble and a goth

Halloween Costume Doodles:
A Mummified Ray Toro for  @iseemtohavefangirledandcantgetup
(the fro cannot be contained)

look at those solid blocks of colour!!!

lmao im honestly so excited to do one of these cos like…….ive never been able to do one before. i lost all my art before 2015, but i checked back at my old facebook and!!! i had a bunch of art there!!! all dated!!!

ive noticed in the last 2 years ive stopped drawing full pieces of art and became very character/portrait orientated which is fun but like…i miss having finished pieces of art to be proud of tbH

lmao i should make it my new years resolution to paint more backgrounds tbh