my new alma mater

New Blog!

Hey guys, David here! 

I thought I’d make a new blog and start fresh with the news: 


 And what better way to celebrate a new chapter in my life then to start a fresh new blog? Think of all the potential! 

 As for my future alma mater, I got into the BEAUTIFUL Elsewhere University! From all the pictures I’ve seen, the forest and mountains around there will be perfect for my photography, so be prepared for all of my photo bombs! 

 Get it? Because it’ll be a ton of photos. Haha! 

 My parents are extremely happy about me getting into such a prestigious school, so I certainly hope I don’t disappoint. Mother wouldn’t stop crying when she found out I was getting a full ride and would be going so far away. She always was such a worry wart! 

 How are you guys doing? Did you all find the new blog okay? I hope I linked it correctly!

 - Your Pal David

I’ve only been working for this company for a little over a year and a half, but things seem to be going pretty damn well.

Recently, I was asked if I would be interested in mentoring a software engineer on our Android team who wants to learn more about and get involved with our web stack and backend code so she can expand her horizons. Apparently, I’m good enough to mentor another human being, according to my manager and hers.

It’s going to be neat. My new mentee is also Canadian and actually graduated from my alma mater. Her only caveat was that at the beginning of every mentorship meeting we have, we must bump our iron rings together while saying some sort of awesome catchphrase that is yet to be determined.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love this job?