my nerd heart is happy

Yvonne Strahovski - The Handmaid’s Tale: Promotional One Sheet


so when are we going to talk about the fact that Crowley reads comics? ⚡

wingedvirtues  asked:

You always brighten my day, friend. Your art holds a very special place in this sappy heart and you bring it upbeat so beautifully. :3 From the big floofy bats to sharing my curiosity about them in a modern verse. Much love to you. I certainly missed seeing your art among a few others the very most when concerning my hiatus. <3 <3 <3 <3 I guess overall, this is just me saying I missed your beautiful and brilliant mind.

I’ve been saving this message for some time now because on the other hand I want to treasure this forever in my inbox, but on the other hand I want @wingedvirtues to get a reply where I profess my undying love for him (and his portrayal of Dettlaff jfc I love him, he’s just, IDK, somehow feels right).

So, here goes my confession; you have slain me with your words my good sir how dare you call me a friend and make my heart all warm and happy you NERD.

my favorite thing is seeing all these Positivity posts where mutuals just fangirl over each other! it’s so fucking adorable! everyone’s like “you’re so cool and nice and I have a little crush on you” and it makes my heart so happy! we’re all just dorky nerds with big hearts!!!! 

ask-aph-iowa  asked:

Dude! I can see this becoming a big blog/AU like the 2ps or cardverse. Its so original and the art style is so cute! Not to mention that I admire SO much that you use ms paint. Its really hard to work with. Keep up the good work!

this makes my little nerd heart so happy aa– I really doubt it’ll get that popular, but it’s incredibly touching that you say that and I think it’d be super awesome if something like that did happen. thank you so much!


“You should smile more, Kin-chan!”

At-chan wanted a pic together (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Edit: Precious fic by @freezingdreamer ! <33

adorkable-jedi  asked:

Idk why there is so much Hamlet on your blog, but I love it and it makes my Shakespearean nerd heart happy ❤

*checks ask box like once a month sorry oops*

We read it for English class and i kinda fell in love with it??? I relate to Hamlet (which probably isn’t good but hey here we are…) and his tragic flaw- not acting and always waiting- is really important to recognize and analyze in myself, reading it made me stop making excused to get a better paying job and i got an interview on Monday. Plus the writing is incredible ofc (it’s Shakespeare of course would it be)

Plus it is so interesting to compare to other stories, especially Macbeth since his problem was that he acted to quickly without thinking: making one think if he had paused it would’ve been okay but WHOOPS Hamlet stopped to think and it was very not-okay

Idk it is just so significant at this time in my life and is so interesting to compare to other stories i guess? I’m glad it made you happy!


J'avais rêvé d'une autre vie
Mais la vie a tué mes rêves.
À peine commencée, elle finit
Comme un court printemps qui s'achève.


“Good morning USA!!!”