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The day they almost lost you - Batfam x Batsis (reader)

This is the PERFECT exemple of a request I received only a few days ago and will write before others I have received months ago purely because it inspires me a lot <3. Sorry if you send a requests like, six months ago and I still haven’t written it…Again, I really work on things that inspires me the most so it totally depends on the day and mood…Like for example right now, I miss my little 3 years old nephew and I could definitely write a story with a toddler in it ! So here we go, hope you guys will like it :  

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-Remember that time you lost me in the biggest mall in Gotham ?

-Oh my God (Y/N), how many times are you gonna remind that to us ?! Besides, you weren’t even two, you don’t actually remember it yourself…

You smile as you look at your older brother, Damian, mumbling something else you didn’t understand but that looked a lot like “and we found you anyway so…”, and shake your head.

You had heard that story a billion times, and you never really got tired of it.

Your brothers were suppose to keep an eye on you while your father was busy, and they had lost you in one of the busiest place in the entire city…Oh yes, how could you be tired of that ?

Whenever your four older brothers would annoy you, or be overprotective (which, not very surprisingly, happened a lot), like right now, as they were bitching about your boyfriend, Conner (Superman’s clone, and also your brother Tim’s best friend…needless to say, when your family heard you were dating him, they were a bit taken aback, arguing he was too old for you but…technically, you were actually a bit older than him, as when he was “born”, you were already four months old, and besides, you did whatever the Hell you wanted anyway), you would re-tell them the story as you heard it so many times (from Alfred mainly), and they’d instantly leave you alone, still feeling guilty about the all ordeal.

Sometimes though, you felt that maybe, it was that episode that made them so damn overprotective of you…Damian was right, you weren’t even two years old when everything happened, and you didn’t remember a thing but, even so, you still knew it was a big deal.

Because that day…Well, that day, you almost died.

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I’d like to stay.

Hi, thank you for sending in this request! I feel like this could have been better but this is how it ended up being. Close to 2k words though so it might be a little bit longer than what I normally would post but it’s alright. Anyways, I really do hope you enjoy this and hopefully I did fulfill in your prompt nicely (because this is such a great prompt too!).

PS: So I have this idea for a series that I really want to do for Peter / Spider-man but I have yet to sort out the details but once I do, I am definitely going to post it! Pretty excited to be attempting one.


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Some days, you wake up feeling like you are living in a nightmare and honestly, today, you feel like you might as well have been living in one. Sitting right across Peter, you notice that he has long since stopped listening to you talk about menial problems. You stop talking completely, wondering if Peter will notice but after a minute passes by and he didn’t, you could feel your heart cracking.

Perhaps, something like this should not really offend you much – it probably would not have, if you didn’t know the reason why Peter had stopped listening to you. So you turn around to follow his gaze and a small sigh leaves your lips when you realize that Peter is staring at none other than Liz Allen.

“Is that a new top?” Peter murmurs as he continues to gaze at Liz lovingly, longingly and it hurts because occasionally, you have worn new clothes too but Peter has never said anything nor has he ever paid attention to what you are wearing. Suddenly, your appetite is gone and you don’t even feel like eating anymore. You feel your heart breaking again. “Blue is such a good colour on her, don’t you think?”

Ned, being the best friend that he is, nods his head. “That top is old – but wearing it with jeans, that’s new.” Ned points out and sometimes, you don’t know why you even do this to yourself. You try to smile when Ned glances at you, finally realizing that you have stopped talking. “Oh, sorry, Y/N.”

As if realizing that you are there, Peter shakes his head and drags his gaze away from Liz to you. He gives you a grin. “Hey, Y/N.” You don’t know what’s worse – the fact that you have been sitting there the entire time, talking with Peter and Ned or the fact that Peter has only just noticed you. “Uh, sorry – did you, I am so sorry – I wasn’t listening. What were you talking about earlier?” He asks you sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck as he stares at you.

Sometimes you don’t even know why you still continue to like him. Peter Parker has never given you any glance – he has always had his eyes on Liz Allen. You knew that, everyone knows that – Liz also probably also know that. You are hurting yourself more by holding on to this crush of yours. Never once have the thought of you hurting any worse could ever cross your mind but hearing Peter Parker talk about Liz Allen right in front of you completely breaks your heart.

Tears well up in your eyes and you swallow the sudden lump that appear in your throat. You shake your head at him and stand up, surprising both Ned and Peter. They share a glance with each other and you pick up your tray. “I – I just remembered I have something to do. Sorry.” You couldn’t face him – you can’t look at Peter and you really can’t take Peter looking at you without actually seeing you. So you leave the table immediately, not even bothering to stay to listen to any of their replies – right now, you don’t want anyone especially not the two of them to see you crying.

Peter frowns as his eyes follow your retreating figure. He keeps his eyes on you and sighs before turning to look at Ned. “I think I’m going to head to class first.” He tells his best friend and Ned frowns, glancing at his own tray. Peter gives his friend a small smile, nudging him lightly. “You can eat, you know. I’m just going to head to class first.” He informs Ned before picking up his own tray and bringing it over to the Tray station.

Peter quickly tries to chase after you because he honestly feels really bad for not listening to you. He had been listening to you initially but he couldn’t multi-task well enough the moment Liz walked in with her group of friends. To be quite honest, Peter doesn’t really think he likes Liz as much as everyone believes him to – he appreciates her beauty and might even adore her kindness but that’s the extent to it. Peter sighs in disappointment when he can’t find you at your locker either.

“Maybe I should just text her tonight.” Peter mutters to himself when by the time the bell rang, you are still nowhere to be found. His body is tense and he can feel his chest tightening with something but he shakes his head. You probably still have something to do and might even show up late to class but even as Peter sits in class, he notices that as the time ticks by and the day slowly comes to an end, he realizes that you never really showed up to class at all. The text messages that he had sent to you remain unanswered too.

“Hey, May.” Peter walks in to the apartment and May looks up from her work, greeting him with a smile. Peter can’t even bring himself to return her smile. His heart is hurting and he is just feeling absolutely confused right now, wondering if he had done something wrong.

Noticing the dilemma Peter seems to be in, May approaches her nephew. “Are you alright, Peter?” She asks softly, pressing her palm on his forehead. “You aren’t hot – so you’re definitely not sick.” She drops her hand from his forehead and Peter shakes his head.

“It’s not that – I’m fine, May.” Peter assures his aunt and May frowns as she looks at him suspiciously. Peter looks at his aunt, holding her gaze for a few seconds before sighing, admitting defeat. “I think I must have hurt my friend?”

May raises one of her eyebrows. “Is that a question or a statement, Peter Parker?”

“I feel like I might have hurt my friend. She hasn’t replied any of my texts and I didn’t even see her at all after break today and we were supposed to go over to Ned’s for a movie marathon and she didn’t show up either.” Peter blurts out and May stares at her nephew in surprise.

This is the first time Peter has ever told her anything about this friend of his and judging by the concerned expression Peter has on his face, May realizes that you must mean something more to him than just a friend. “Do you like her?” Instead of beating around the bush, May just goes straight to the point.

Peter blinks a couple of time as he stares at his aunt. “Wha – What? What do you mean?” Peter tries to play it off but when May looks at him expectantly, Peter can’t help but nod his head. “Maybe I do have some feelings for her.” Peter admits and right after he says it, he realizes how much he actually really likes you. He lets out a groan when he realizes what he had been doing prior to you leaving the table earlier. “What am I going to do, May?”

May frowns. “Well, you need to tell me the entire story first because I can’t help you if I don’t know what’s been going on.” She pulls Peter in to the apartment and Peter relents. How can he literally be one of the smartest person in school and yet still be one of the dumbest one there is? “Okay, tell me.”

You glance at the mirror you have placed in your locker and wince at how puffy your eyes look like – you had cried yourself to sleep yesterday and by the time you woke up, you didn’t feel like answering any of Peter’s texts or calls nor did you show up for the movie marathon at Ned’s place. You really didn’t feel like seeing him at all.

You hear someone clearing their throat beside you and you frown before you pull back from your locker, closing the door and that’s when you notice the hushed, excited whispers. You are greeted with Peter Parker standing in front of you with a bouquet of roses and a very nervous expression on his face. “What – what’s the meaning of this?” You dare not hope that the roses are for you.

Peter swallows and he glances at you – now that he is well aware of his feelings for you, Peter suddenly feels shy under your watchful gaze. He takes note that your eyes are a little bit puffier this morning and he wonders briefly if you had been crying the entire night and he feels guiltier than he had been before but that’s why he is here with these roses.

“I want to apo – apologize for you know, yesterday and I,” Peter gulps and stares at you. “These roses are you – I mean, they are for you and I am sorry for yesterday and I like you a whole lot and I regret what I did yesterday and – “ Peter would have continued to ramble on and on if you hadn’t stop him by placing your hand over his mouth.

With your heart racing against your chest, you slowly pull your hand over his mouth. “C-Can you repeat what you have just said?” Your eyes are wide in disbelief – did you really hear that correctly? Did Peter say he likes you a whole lot.

Peter stares at you before nodding his head slowly. “These flowers are for you.” He hands them over and you accept it, taking a whiff of the lovely smell. “I just want to apologize for my actions yesterday and I regret what I did yesterday too and are your – are your eyes swollen because you have been crying?” Peter asks as he lifts one of his hands up to your face, cupping cheek and your face flushes red.

“You forgot something else.” You murmur – right at that moment, you can’t even hear your own voice because of how loud your heart is beating in your ears. Peter stares at you and tilts his head to the side. “You said… You said you liked me a whole lot.” You repeat his earlier words. You see Peter gulping as he stares at you. “Is – Is that true, Peter?”

Peter drops his hand from your face – you already miss the warmth that came from his hand – and he slowly nods his head again. “Yeah – I like you a lot, Y/N and I am sorry it took me a while to realize – “

This time around you cut Peter off by throwing your arms around him laughing with relief. “I like you a whole lot too, Peter!” You exclaim, not caring that everyone is literally staring at the both of you right now – by the time the classes start, everyone’s probably going to know about this thing between Peter and you.

You could tell that Peter is momentarily taken aback by your confession but the moment it sinks, Peter pulls you to him, wrapping his arms tightly around you before leaning back to smile at you. You grin up at him and Peter leans down to give you a short, sweet kiss.

“Alright, lovebirds – break it up.” Ned groans as he walks by and Peter pulls away, blushing furiously and you laugh in to his shoulder at Ned’s words. “We are going to be late for class. The bell rang a few minutes ago.” He tells the both of you with a deadpan expression and Peter laughs before releasing his hold on you. He takes your hand instead and pulls you in the direction of class.

“Come on, Ned!”

Dating Pietro Maximoff would include....

Anonymous asked: Could you do a “dating Pietro would include…” thing please? Thank you! I love your writing!

Pairing: Pietro x Reader
Word count: 2.4k+
Warning: Fluff, Smut

A/N: To the anon that requested this: I made it as gender inclusive as I could! This was so much fun to write! Thank you for requesting it! I hope you all liked this! It kind of got out of hand and I’m not sorry at all. (At this point you should all know I will never understand the concept of writing short/quick fics. Just expect everything to be more than a thousand words. I’ve accepted it.)  

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Bat-Aunt: Part 7

Prompt: How Bruce Wayne’s life changes when a little sister is thrown into the mix

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

“You look stunning.”

    You glance in the mirror at the man behind you. It’s pure stubbornness that keeps you from scowling. Turning around slowly, you give Thomas Elliot a small smile. “Thank you Thomas.”

    When he takes a step closer you take a step back. You see the frustration in his eyes at the move, but it’s quickly gone. “I was hoping to steal a dance.”

    “I haven’t even made my entrance yet Thomas. There are many things I have to do, before I even think about dancing.”

    “Of course. And do you have anyone to escort you in. There’s quite a few men waiting for you to arrive, and I’d be happy to help keep them at bay.”

    You wanted to laugh at that. You knew about the single men waiting for you. The eligible bachelors determined to get the step up in life that came with marrying into the Wayne family. Thomas might as well have been their leader. “I’m quite capable of defending myself.”

    Before you can blink Thomas Elliot is in your personal space, his hand gripping your upper arm painfully. You don’t let the pain show, you refuse to give him the satisfaction. His voice lowers to a whisper, “Now, Y/N don’t be that way. This game we’ve been playing was fun, but it has run its course.”

    You glare at him before spitting out, “This is no game. I have no interest in you, and I never will. Now let go of my arm before I call security. Then you’ll be in the papers for something very different than you had hoped.”

    The look on his face was terrifying, “Make me.”


    The addition of the new voice was welcome. And as Thomas Elliot was pulled off of you and shoved away, you could only grin at the familiar head of dark hair. The look on your nephew’s face was priceless. It was all anger, but he still looked adorable. He was dressed in his own tux, and his hair was slicked back with some of Bruce’s hair product.

    You’d watched as he and Bruce had gotten ready, as he had begged your brother to let him shave. And Bruce had been insistent that he wasn’t ready. The fact that Dick was ten years old supported that.

    “Well if it isn’t the adopted circus freak.”

    Rage filled you at the words, but before you could surge forward Richard came back with, “I might be a circus freak, but at least I know the meaning of the word ‘no.’ Even better, I know how to take a hint.” Thomas took a step forward, and Richard widened his stance, ready to take the doctor on. You knew Richard would win.

    “Well, what’s going on here?”

    You smile at the sight before you. Barry Allen had always been very casual. His line of work seemed to demand it. But standing there, dressed in a tux, you couldn’t help but be somewhat impressed, and a little flustered.

    Barry’s posture was relaxed, just like it always was, but you could see the fire burning just behind his eyes. Carefully he positioned himself in front of Richard, and taking the hint, your nephew slowly walked backwards, until he was standing right in front of you. Calmly, you wrap an arm around his shoulder.

    “And who are you?”

    The smile never leaves Barry’s face, “Barry Allen. Y/N’s boyfriend.”

    You want to laugh as the meaning behind the words sink in, the look on Thomas’ face almost seals the deal. Instead you glance down at your nephew, who’s staring at you with big eyes. You wink at him.

    “How long has this been going on?”

    Barry glances back at you, “About nine months, right?”

    You shrug, “Give or take a few weeks.”

    He smiles before turning back to Thomas, “As you can see, I have this covered.”

    The rage and Thomas’ eyes, has you pushing Richard behind you, “And what do you, common of the earth scum, have to offer her?”

    You scoff and answer for him, “Love? Laughter? Affection? Hell of a kisser.”

    Barry smiles at you and in that second of distraction Thomas charges him. You watch with a smile as Barry dodges and then puts him on his ass. As if out of nowhere, security shows up and hauls Thomas to his feet. That’s when your brother appears, “You’ve overstayed your welcome Thomas.”    

You watch the doctor sputter, “Bruce, I was just trying to …”

“Force yourself on my sister. Understood. Which is why you are now banned from all Wayne Gala events and Wayne owned buildings. Go near my sister again, and I’ll pull out a restraining order.”

You watch as a yelling Thomas Elliot is hauled out of the building, before turning your attention to Bruce. He and Barry are in the middle of a staredown, when finally he breaks the silence and asks, “My sister?”

Barry smiles, “Yep.”

Bruce looks around him at you, “You’re not going to let me kill him, are you?”

You move forward and wrap your arms around Barry, “I love him Bruce.”

Your brother sighs, “And you couldn’t tell me this why?”

Barry’s hand covers yours, “I don’t know if you know this, but you have a habit of hovering and being just a tad over protective.”

Bruce sighs, “She’s my little sister Allen. She’s a grown ass woman who’s never had a problem making her own decisions. She’s stubborn as hell, and vicious when it comes to protecting those she cares about. And you … well you’re like a bunny. You break her heart, and she’ll chew you up and spit you out herself.”

You smile at your brother before going over and hugging him. “Thank you.”

He kisses your forehead, “Nothing to thank me for. You’ve always had good taste. Speaking of which I need to borrow you for a minute.”

You look back at Barry, who’s dealing with a narrowed eyed Richard, and nod. “We’ve got to be quick. Richard looks ready to interrogate.”

Bruce winks at you, “Exactly the point.”

You follow Bruce down the hall and into his bedroom. You take a seat on the bed as he rummages through his chest of drawers. A minute later he appears in front of you with a velvet box. More than a bit curious, you take it and open it. You stare at the contents before your fingers ghost over the strand of pearls inside. “These are … were …”

Bruce nods, “They’re mom’s pearls. Dad gave them to her, they were one of her most prized possessions. Seems only right, that you should have them.”

You glance at him, “Are you sure?”

He nods, “My neck is too thick to wear them.”

You laugh as he helps you put them on. Once they’re around your neck you walk back to the spot where Barry and Richard are waiting. Your nephew seems a little puzzled over something, but Barry simply smiles at you. Extending his arm he asks, “You ready?”

You nod, “Always.”

Dating Poe Dameron

A/N: My first Star Wars headcannons! Let me know what you think, Poe Dameron is my absolute favourite at the moment so I’d be more than happy to write for him!

Warnings: None

Word count: 627

Originally posted by rookbodhi

·         Despite being the General’s most daring pilot he was beyond nervous when it came to telling you how he felt

·         You being an engineer for the resistance and being the only one Poe would trust to repair his X-Wing

·         Telling you how he feels after an especially dangerous mission

·         Secretly you would already know because BB-8  had been trying to get the two of you together for months

·         You wouldn’t commit to heavy PDA but whenever you were together he would have to have a hand on you to remind himself that you were actually there

·         BB-8 being your number one shipper

·         Closely followed by the General who “See so much of myself and Han in the two of you”

·         Basically being everyone’s OTP around base

·         But this doesn’t stop oblivious new recruits from trying to flirt with you

·         Poe’s never happy when he sees this happening but understands you can stand up for yourself

·         But when he sees it getting too out of hand he will not hesitate to step in

·         He would be such a jealous boyfriend

·         When he went away on missions he would always instruct your friend to keep an eye out for anyone that tried to make a move on you

·         Poe has this pouty jealous face which you’ve learned to recognise quickly

·         Ending up kissing his pouty lips to get him out of his jealous state

·         Bringing each other back small thing like flowers from missions

·         Having a little book that you put Poe’s flowers to you in

·         One day he’d go through the book and tell you the story behind them all

·         Wearing all his shirts and you can fight me on this

·         Like seriously he’d love seeing you in them and you’d love wearing them

·         All the hickies

·         It came with the jealousy, he’d be ever so slightly possessive and loves letting people know you’re taken

·         This does not go unnoticed by Rey and she gets you to tell her all the details

·         Finding the ultimate picnic spots on D’Quar for dates

·         Getting permission from General Organa to fly out to Yavin 4 when you’ve been separated for an especially long time

·         Poe telling you about all the stories from his childhood

·         Taking you to the force sensitive tree

·         Him still owning the house he grew up in and promising you that one day you’ll raise your own children in it

·         Your parents adoring him

·         But seriously how could you not

·         You two would be the ultimate Uncle and Auntie, your nieces and nephews would quite literally count down the days to your next visit

·         Your parents hearing about Poe’s family and immediately telling him that he’s always welcome with your family

·         All the cuddling

·         When you’re alone together he’d have his arms wrapped around you

·         He’s 100% the big spoon always wanting to feel like he’s protecting you

·         Not that you mind of course

·         Showers and baths together

·         Especially when he comes back from somewhere

·         You’d always be at his side for the next day because he has to make up for the time he spent away

·         The General being quite aware of this and granting you the day off

·         Nose kisses, I cannot stress this enough

·         Poe having a picture of the two of you in his flight suit and jacket

·         Finn finds this when he wears Poe’s jacket

·         Immediately recognising you when he comes to the base for the first time

·         Being so grateful to Finn for saving Poe

·         Taking Finn to see Poe for the first time after the crash

·         Poe introducing you as his (s/o)

·         Finn already knowing and giving Poe the photo back

·         Being so supportive and loving towards each other it’s difficult for someone to not fall in love with your relationship

Someday Your Child May Cry

Previous: Question | Preparations | Irrational | Confession | Collateral | Thoughtless | Interrupted | Recovering | Irresponsible | Possibility | Devastation | Confrontation | Generous | Confirmation | Understanding | Sight | Insatiable | Agreement | Family | Threatened | Terrified

22. Helpless

Mulder cannot turn his head to watch Scully approach his bed, but he can sense her drawing nearer to him. For the first time since Diana had spoken to him, making her confessions of her love for him and of her loyalty to his greatest enemy, the hot sickness that grips his belly begins to subside. He cannot so much as turn his eyes up to meet hers, no matter how badly he wants to, but he can allow the tumult of his mind to relax into the warmth of her love for him, and he does so eagerly.

As she tells him what she’s found in Africa, he can see the alien craft in her mind as clearly as though he were standing on the beach next to her. He can feel her fervent wish that he had been there beside her to share in the discovery, her anxious worry that the craft will be gone before she has the chance to take him to it, that the greatest and most indisputable piece of evidence they’ll ever have the opportunity to study will be lost… possibly before she can use it figure out how to cure him. Her fear tinges the edges of her love for him, making it into something desperate, not as soothing as before.

But underneath….

That all-encompassing feeling of peace and security, that feeling of being protected, is still there, even stronger than it had been before Scully had gone to Africa. And now, more than ever, Mulder is certain: he is sensing the developing mind of their unborn child.

This must, he supposes, be how all children feel when they are very young, before the world does its best to show them just how much danger is out there, and how little power their parents truly have to shield them from it. He thinks that maybe even he must have felt this way, once, in spite of how inept his parents had turned out to be at protecting him from the evils of the world.

In that respect, Mulder knows, this child will be luckier than most. This child will continue to enjoy this feeling of total safety far longer than most, because he knows that even if this is it for him, even if he dies in this hospital, Scully will be so fiercely protective of their child that even Spender might think twice about messing with the kid.

“Mulder… please. Hold on,” Scully begs him, squeezing his hand. “You’ve got to hold on. For us.” And she pulls his slack arm towards herself, placing his palm on her belly and holding it there. Though he can’t move his fingers, he can feel the firmness of her stomach underneath her clothing, the slight, gentle roundness that has only just begun to make itself known. It doesn’t show, not to anyone who’s not looking for it, but Mulder has spent hours running amazed hands over it as they’ve lain naked in her bed together, and he knows it’s there.

With his hand this close, he can sense his child even more strongly now. He allows the feeling of tranquility, mingled with Scully’s complete adoration of both of them, to fill him up.

I’m here, Scully, he thinks. I’ll hold on as long as it takes. If you can’t figure out how to help me, no one can.


Once, when their marriage had been less than two years old, Diana had taken Fox to a family reunion at her grandfather’s home outside of Boston. Their courthouse wedding had been almost spur-of-the-moment, with only the judge and his secretary as witnesses, so the reunion had been the first time that most of Diana’s family had met Fox. She had been excited to show him off, her handsome, brilliant, Oxford-educated husband, the FBI’s golden boy profiler, a well-bred gentleman from a wealthy New England family. She had imagined her older sisters and her cousins practically salivating with envy over the match she had made for herself.

But something had happened that day that she had not expected.

It had started when Preston, Diana’s three-year-old nephew, had thrown himself at Fox’s legs, causing him to stumble. Her sister Daphne had come running after her son, mortified, but before her apology had been half-formed, Fox had collapsed dramatically to the lawn, clutching his legs in mock pain as Preston had giggled. Fox had tickled him, transforming his giggles into peals of laughter, and Daphne had been positively charmed.

All day long, Diana’s various nieces, nephews, and littlest cousins had followed Fox around, engaging him in wrestling matches, chatting with him about their schools and their friends and their dance lessons and baseball practices, conning him into sharing his dessert with them, and generally helping him to win the favor of every parent present at the reunion.

“He’s going to make a wonderful father one day soon, Diana,” her mother had said approvingly, a warm hand on her daughter’s shoulder, and Diana had flushed with happiness at the thought. And she had known, with absolute certainty, that her mother had been right. Fox had always been wonderful with the children they had encountered in the field, putting young witnesses and victims at ease with his gentle and sympathetic manner. And now, seeing him in a more lighthearted environment, she finds she’s even more anxious to start a family with him than she had been before.

“Fox, let’s have a baby,” she had whispered to him in bed, several nights later. She had always assumed, somehow, that he had been ready for it, that he had been deferring to her judgement, as the person whose career would be most affected by the change, to decide when it would happen. She had expected that Fox would smile broadly at her suggestion, that he would ask excitedly whether she were certain… and maybe, they could begin that very night.

Instead, Fox’s entire body had gone suddenly stiff.

“I don’t want children, Diana,” he’d said shortly, and her happiness had been doused with the efficiency of a bucket of cold water thrown on a blazing fire. She’d pushed against his chest, withdrawing from his arms and retreating to the opposite side of their bed.

“Why not?” she had demanded. He had looked at her incredulously.

‘With what I see every day at the bureau, what would make you think I’d have any interest in bringing a child into this world, Diana?” he’d said.

That night had been the beginning of the end for them. 

At the time, Diana had told herself that it had been her own fault. How stupid had she been, to rush into a marriage without even discussing something as important as having children beforehand? In the years after the divorce had been finalized, she had let much of her bitterness fade away, especially after she had learned about the impending colonization. Fox had been right, though not for the reasons he’d thought: bringing a child into a world that’s soon to end would be pure madness.

All of that anger, all of that hurt and bitterness she had thought she’d let go of, all of it had come rushing back the moment she’d found out that Fox was trying to have a child with Agent Scully.

They’ve succeeded; Diana’s eyes had caught on the barely-there swell of Scully’s stomach during their confrontation in the hallway of the Hoover building. She doubts anyone else is aware of it- she had only noticed it herself because she’d known what to look for.

Agent Scully is wrong: Fox would not, as the woman had put it, “bust his ass” trying to save her. Not the way that he would for Scully. Diana knows all about it, his rush to Antarctica to pull his partner from the ice, and she can say with some certainty that he would not have gone to such lengths for her… or, at least, she doesn’t think he would. She doesn’t really want to find out.

Diana is, however, completely certain of one thing, something she’s known ever since that long-ago family reunion: Fox is meant to be a father. And it’s this knowledge, not Scully’s mistaken notion of Fox’s devotion to his ex-wife, that finally tips the scales of her conscience and spurs her to action and motivates her to slide her keycard under Agent Scully’s door.

Fox is meant to be a father. This is what she clings to, what she reminds herself of, over and over, as she sits alone in her apartment.


Speed Dating - Dinner Date

Well then! The one-shot story that’s become an actual thing is back! @outlanderedandoverhere was just amazing giving me this prompt to start this series. And a big shout out to her for helping me with a choice of music for Jamie to enjoy. @diversemediums @outlandishchridhe and I did quite a bit of ‘frolicking away’ last night when I wrote most of this. Don’t worry. I’ll give y’all a BTS post soon. For now, enjoy the next installment!

The Morning After

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Peter Parker x Reader Soulmate AU

Trust Breaking Loser

A/N: This is a soulmate AU written for @just-some-drabbles Rom-Com writing challenge. I will admit I kinda left out the comedic part of this challenge. It’s more of a romantic angsty cliché fluff piece. Many thanks again to @just-some-drabbles for including me in this wonderful challenge! If you like this don’t forget to check out some of the other amazing works! 

A/N 2: Each soulmate can have a different tell. For example one person could have a timer and the other could have the first words spoken.

Word Count: 2.2k

Genre: romance/angst/fluff

Paring: Tom Holland!Peter Parker x Reader (Soulmates)

(NOT my gif)

(Y/N) (Y/L/N) woke up feeling as if she had been run over by a semi-truck. She winced softly sitting up to assess the invisible damage. She rolled her neck clockwise stretching the tense muscles. Trying to rotate her right shoulder which resulted in a gasp of pain. Swallowing hard, (Y/N) then began examining the rest of her body; determining, that she has an improperly located right shoulder, sprained left wrist, and tender ankle.

Fuck you soulmate, (Y/N) thought bitterly as she stood up and began to get dressed for school.

Peter Parker stood in the mirror praying to God that his soulmate couldn’t feel the pain he was in right now. Last night was horrendous. Peter was up all night stopping petty crimes, one of which involved a man with a gun, and a fist fight after his web slingers stopped working. Once finished, Peter updated Happy’s voicemail and texts on everything, down to the very last detail. Now, standing in the mirror before school all that Peter wanted to do was go back to sleep. He walked out of the his house he began to daydream about his soulmate. Peter’s soulmate who drew on their arm every day in some colored pen. Every drawing disappeared by the end of the day, yet Peter always tried to recreate his favorite never succeeding.
Without fully realizing Peter walked onto the tram. His brain on autopilot as he laid against one of the poles. The train began to pick up space and an unaware Peter Parker was suddenly thrown into the lap of a beautiful young girl.

Y/N) (Y/L/N) was sitting in her chair doodling flowers when suddenly she let out a huge gasp of pain. Glancing up from her work she saw a young teenage boy laying across her lap, most of his body weight on her already tender wrist. “H-hey.” The boy, wearing her school uniform, says. The two of them stare at each other for a long moment. (Y/N) winces in pain but doesn’t want to say anything and cause this adorable boy to leave her lap. “Oh my god you’re injured!” He quickly jumps up and rubs his neck in embarrassment.

“It’s okay. Really. I just hurt my wrist last night.” (Y/N) tells him before trying to hide her doodles. The boy grips the hand strap above her head.

“Peter Parker.” He smiles down at her causing both of them to turn beet red. An awkward silence ensues thats broken by this boy. “Do you go to Midtown High too?” His eyes light up as if he just realized the uniform peeking out from behind (Y/N)’s zip up hoodie.

“Yeah. I transferred last Monday. I’ve officially survived my first week of high school as a transfer.” (Y/N) responds softly, barely loud enough for Peter to hear. It’s hard for (Y/N) to look away. His beauty was subtle, but once focused on: heart stopping.

“I was wondering how I never noticed someone like you on my train before.” It takes Peter a minute to realize what he just said. The moment it clicks his face turns incredibly red. “I-i just meant…that…well…you’re incredibly…uhh…” Peter begins to ramble in an attempt to save himself.

“I know what you meant Peter.” (Y/N) smiles at him to save the poor boy from making an even bigger fool of himself. The train begins to slow to a stop causing (Y/N) to begin folding her doodling paper up. “This is our stop yeah?”

Peter snaps his head up to look out the window. “Yeah!” He cringes a bit, his voice was so loud. Out of the corner of his eye he sees a familiar drawing on the paper (Y/N) is folding up. “Wait!” Before allowing her to actually stop, Peter grabs the paper out of her hands. Without waiting for her permission Peter hops off the train staring at the beautiful flowers. Butterflies stampede into his stomach. The flowers on (Y/N)’s paper were the perfect copies to the ones that appeared on Peter’s arms.

“Hey!” (Y/N) storms off the train, her main focus being Peter Parker. “Give that back!” The woman walks quickly towards this boy who stole something private.

“Before you punch me, just humor me.” At first (Y/N) doesn’t want to stop, but the look in Peter’s eyes stop her. No one has ever looked at her with that much adoration before. With so much hope, and….love?

“What?” The word comes out a soft whisper.

“Draw something on your hand. Anything.” Each word falls out of his mouth faster trying to beat the one before it. Peter’s weight is shifting from one work to the next as if his body is an electric current of energy.

(Y/N) digs a pen out from her bag and writes a word in all caps on her hand. Peter is staring at his own hand his eyes wide and his mouth opens slightly. Peter glances at her and smiles. The smile takes up his whole face, crinkling his eyes, and his bouncing increases. He holds up his hand, on it in all caps is (Y/N)’s handwriting.


72 Hours Later

(Y/N) and Peter walked hand in hand towards the school building. It had been three days since the couple had learned they were soulmates, and Peter hated lying.  

Peter hadn’t told his girlfriend the truth behind the bruises that appeared on his body every morning. Each day Peter lied about some mugging on his way home from a late night snack binge. Other times he claimed he got beat up in an alley after school. Peter was well aware that (Y/N) was slowly beginning to loose trust. How could he blame her? A man could only get mugged so many times before it became suspicious.

All Peter wanted was no secrets from his soulmate; but, he cared more about her safety which meant not getting her involved. Not in his other life, if only because the fear of losing her outweighed the result of having (Y/N) on Team Spiderman.

Your POV

It had been three long days since you learned you were the soulmate of Peter Parker, and he was lying to you. Given that you got any injuries that Peter got you were incredibly worried. Who gets injured every night?

Sure, you cared for him…but how could anyone stay with a person they don’t even trust? Peter was supposed to be your soulmate, yet it seemed as though fate had got it wrong this time. Peter may be yours, but were you truly Peter’s?

As the school bell rings you begin your search for Peter. Today was the homecoming pep rally and you were supposed to go with Peter. Deciding that his locker was where Peter was most likely to be you leaned against it and waited. After a quick twenty seconds you instantly became bored and decided to scroll through Tumblr.

Ten minutes later, you’re pissed off and decide to call him. Clicking on his contact number the phone begins to dial. After about three rings, it went straight to voicemail. Peter declined your call. You mutter some choice words under your breath and then call Ned.

“Uh, hey (Y/N) what up?”

You let out a sigh of relief. “Hey Ned have you heard from Peter? Or, uh, know where he is?”

“Peter….as in Peter Parker?” Ned’s voice cracks at the end.

“Yes, that one, my boyfriend.”

“Nope. Uh, try his phone? Or May? Listen (Y/N), I got to go.”

“Tried his phone, I’ll go by his house. Thanks Ned. Oh! If you see Peter tell him if he doesn’t try to reach back out to me by the end of today…..we’re done.”

You hang up the phone and glare at it angrily. Ned was clearly lying to you about the whereabouts of Peter. Unlocking your phone you scroll through your contacts and click on Peter’s; then, you click on the address connected to his contact and begin to follow the directions to his house.

As you stare up at Peter’s apartment building your stomach lurches. God, you were going to throw up. More than anything you wanted the happy ending everyone always talks about with their soulmate. One thing, one dark and colorless thing, that ruined that happily ever after was lies.
Knocking twice on the door you tap your fingers to shake off the dread and nerves bundling up in your body. After a long ten seconds Peter’s Aunt May opens the door. “(Y/N)! It’s so good to see you! Come in.” May gives you a hug before leading you inside. “Would you like a date loaf?” You politely decline and stand awkwardly in the living room.

“Have you heard from Peter since school ended?” Your voice wavered a bit.

“No, he said he was going to some homecoming events with you.” May’s eyes narrow, her brain deep in thought. After a long moment of studying you something clicks. “He stood you up didn’t he? Was it the Stark Internship?”

You shrug. “I waited for him for ten minutes by his locker, called him, and Ned…not a word. He’s been lying to me since we started working.” You stopped talking for a minute considering telling May about every night that Peter came home injured. Something stopped you; maybe it was that if May learned about the injures Peter would never forgive you.

May walks over to you, from where she was leaning against the counter, embracing you in a hug. “I’m so sorry for my nephew being a jackass.” You smile sadly and fall into her embrace.

“Do you think I could wait in his room till he comes home?”

“Of course, (Y/N), wait as long you’d like.”

Peter’s POV

When (Y/N)’s name popped up on the mask of the Spidey suit Peter panicked and hit decline quickly. Shortly after Ned began to call Peter.

“What?” Peter asks shortly, saving breath as he swings after a masked criminal.

“Uh, you should get home as fast as you can. (Y/N) said something about you ditching her and how she’s super sick and tired of you always ditching her. She also wanted me to tell you, given of course that I heard from you first not the other way around, that if she doesn’t hear from you by the end of the day then she’s done with the relationship.”

Peter’s heart stops dead in his chest, the world stops spinning when Ned finishes speaking. (Y/N) meant everything to Peter, if he lost her because he was a dumbass Peter would never forgive himself.

“Let me just get this guy and I’m on my way.”

Your POV

A notification popped up on your screen. 20% battery remaining. Fuck, you needed your phone to stay alive in case Peter called. Hoping that Peter had a charger so you wouldn’t have to awkwardly ask May for one you begin to hunt around the cluttered mess Peter called a room. As you bent down to look under his bed, the window opened and something crawled through on the ceiling, all unbeknownst to you.

As you stood up shortly after the figure came into the room, charger in hand, your heart stopped. “Spider Man?” Your voice is in awe as you see the superhero shutting the door to your soulmate’s bedroom.

Spider Man turns around slowly and puts his fingers to his lips indicating for you to be silent. You nod your head slowly in agreement. Slowly, never breaking eye contact with you, Spider Man removes his mask. As the red latex slowly pulls away to reveal the human to the hero your heart stops. It was Peter Parker you’re soulmate.

“I desperately hope the next words out of your mouth are, ‘I can explain,’ cause I don’t understand how.”

Peter runs a hand through his hair. “When we first met I wanted to tell you right away but something held me back. Maybe it was the guilt from always being the reason you were injured. But really,” Peter lets out a small nervous chuckle. “I knew from the moment I became Spider Man that I never wanted to lose my soulmate. Not this pure human who drew doodles on their arms. I wanted those two lives to be separate. If only to keep you safe.”

When Peter finishes rambling there are tears in your eyes. “Of all the people to fall in love with, for some stupid reason I decided to fall in love with you, with Spider Man.” A smile takes over Peter’s face. “But I can’t be in a relationship without trust. It’s only been three days but knowing you were lying to me for all three has been the worst feeling of my entire life.”

Peter begins to ramble apologies each one come out before the other ended, turning him into a stuttering mess. You close the distance between you both, wrapping your arms around his neck, “I’m willing to have a do-over. One restart, after that, lie to me again and we’re done.” Peter nods quickly. You smile widely bitting your lip. “I’m dating Spider Man.”

Peter grins and leans his head against yours. “Spider Man has the best soulmate.” The two of you stand there, holding on to the other, grinning like fools.

World of Our Own | Harry Styles Uni AU | Chapter 12



Heaven only knows where you’ve been
But I don’t really need to know
I know where you’re gonna go
On my heart, where you’re resting your head
And you just look so beautiful
It’s like you were an angel


Word Count 10.1k

‘I just don’t think it’s a good idea.’ Harry mumbled, circling his hand around the fresh mug of steaming tea he’d just been handed by Rae. She was stood by the counter, whisking up eggs for the usual scrambled eggs on toast breakfast that had become somewhat of a tradition on a Saturday morning. Earlier she’d had one of Harry’s t-shirts on, covering the underwear she had on underneath, just about, but he’d asked her to change it before they went downstairs, not quite ready to face questions.

‘Why?’ Rae asked, for what felt like the millionth time. She felt a lot like a child who wasn’t allowed a new set of Crayola’s, and couldn’t understand the reason she was being told no. They’d been over it at least ten times in the two weeks things had gotten serious between them, and even on the eleventh Rae couldn’t get her head around Harry’s reasoning.

‘What if it makes them feel weird?’ Harry suggested, it wasn’t the first time he’d come out with the idea, but it was the first time he’d used the word weird and Rae wasn’t sure how she felt about it. She turned on her heel to look at him, dipped brows and nearly taking the bowl of whisked eggs with her. Harry smiled as she looked at him confused, but completely adorable, he couldn’t help it. He quickly wiped it away though, they were having a serious conversation and now wasn’t the time to get drawn in by her cute, crumpled face.

‘Why would it do that? Does it make you feel weird?’ Rae quizzed, clearly a little offended, but also clearly a little concerned.

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alys07  asked:

CAN YOU DO Quidnunc PLEASE? You're firefighter story is all I live for XD

How convenient. So you won’t mind me using your prompt for it @alys07​. It’s an 8K word beast. I thought about splitting it in two, but yeah. I had it written so here you go!

Come On Baby, Light My Fire:

Part 1: Grapholagnia

Part 2: Neighbors/We meet again

Part 3: Callipygian

Part 4: Apodyopis

Part 5: Gymnophoria

Part 6: Mamihlapinatapei

Part 7: Basorexia

Part 8: Coitus

Part 9: Hypersexuality

Part 10: Malapert

And now… Part 11

Quidnunc - One who always has to know what is going on.

I finger the dark blue velvet of the curtain and peer out into the auditorium. Most of the audience has trickled out already. A few stragglers remain, parents chatting with one another as their younger children play in the aisles and their older children interrupt every few minutes to beg for car keys, money, or the chance to just stop waiting on the dull adults to finish their conversations so they can get on with living their lives. A camera flash strobes for a second and the kids complain about the blinding light while the father mutters and glares at the camera while he fixes the settings. The typical end to a night at the school play.

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Imagine telling Chris you love him for the first time.

A/N: Finally had some time to just sit and write, so here’s that request from @createdbytinyaddiction. I hope this meets what you requested, my mind’s kinda in holiday mode.

The sun rose over the Manhattan skyline as you awoke from your sleep. Your eyelids fluttered open and you smiled when you remembered you were still camping out in your living room in the fort that you’d made with your boyfriend, Chris, and his adorable co-star, Mckenna, on Thursday night after their movie ‘Gifted’ premiered at the New York Institute of Technology. You’d promised her the last time you saw her at the Los Angeles premiere that you’d let her have a sleepover at your apartment after the New York premiere. She’d been wanting to see your apartment for a while now, from the moment Chris told her about how you had the most beautiful workspace with the prettiest teal blue typewriter- she’d been begging you to see it. Mckenna showed a great deal of interest in creative writing, so it didn’t surprise anyone that when she met Chris’ writer girlfriend that she’d cling onto you.

You didn’t mind though, you found her incredibly adorable and sweet. You remembered meeting her at lunch after she was casted, you’d fell in-love with her immediately. Chris had brought you along because he’d bring you everywhere with him if he could, and usually he could- you were a freelance writer, you could work from anywhere at any time. But you also knew the real reason he’d brought you along was to see you around kids; he was a family man who wanted a family of his own eventually, so he had to make sure the one he was going to settle with had the same family oriented values that he did. Now he knew you had nieces and nephews like he did, but he’d never really seen you with them as you’d only been dating six months. The two of you were still in the honeymoon phase where it was all about the two of you and no one else mattered. You’d met his parents and he’d met yours, but that was it. You were both yet to meet the rest of each others’ families, though plans had been made for the Fourth of July.

Despite the relationship only being six months old, you were both pretty sure about each other already. Even before the meeting with Mckenna went down, Chris had no doubt about you because he knew you shared the same mindset as he did. You may not have been as big a kid person as he was, but you did believe in doing things for the ones you loved and you loved Chris. If he wanted children, you’d have children. Be it for him, or with him- you’d do it because the love you carried for him was indescribable and unconditional, and it was enough to erase any fears and uncertainties that you had about having kids. Before you met Chris, you didn’t understand what your mom meant when she said “when you meet the one you’re meant to be with, you’ll want kids.” After meeting Chris, her words had never been more clear.

The only thing now that was standing in your way of getting that happily ever after was yourselves. Neither of you were fearless enough to push past the concept of time, you both worried that things were progressing faster than they normally should therefore preventing you from professing your love for each other. He didn’t want to scare you away and you didn’t want to scare him away, which was ridiculous because neither of you had plans to go anywhere. One of you just needed to find the guts to pass that first 'I-love-you’ barrier then things were going to fall right into place and you’d both live happily ever after.

“Morning,” you heard Chris whisper as he rolled onto his side, draping his arm over your stomach. You turned to face him, pressing your hand against his stubbly cheek. “How do you always look so beautiful so early in the morning?” He quizzed with a sleepy smile that made your heart flutter.

“I just watch and learn from you,” you answered then giggled when he chuckled. “How’d you sleep?” You asked, running your fingers through his hair which was so much fluffier when he didn’t have any product in it. He groaned as he stretched and you knew sleeping on something other than a bed was starting to take a toll on the body. “Think it’s about time we tear down the fort and sleep in the bedroom?”

“Probably,” he chuckled, resting his arm on your stomach again. “I do like sleeping in this fort though.” You nodded in agreement as you admired the interior; it was a lot prettier at night as there were fairy lights you could turn on. “Mckenna did a great job decorating it, I don’t think we could’ve pulled it off without the kid.”

“Neither,” you agreed with a nod. “She’s pretty talented, that one.” You smiled when you remembered you were having her over again soon. “I can’t wait to see how well my bake day is going to be with her as my sous-chef, I bet she’ll be more helpful than you.” He scoffed, pretending to be more offended than he actually was. “All you do is distract me, I never get anything done with you in the kitchen.”

“And that’s a bad thing?” He smirked and you laughed, squirming when he tickled your sides. “I’m the best sous-chef and you know it,” he poked your cheek and you rolled your eyes, nodding mockingly. “Say it, Y/N.” He tickled your sides again and you laughed. “Say I’m the best sous-chef, say it.” He urged as he continued to tickle you.

“You’re the best sous-chef!” You managed through your laughter and he stopped, wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you closer to him. “You’re the best sous-chef, okay?” You caressed his face in your hand and you rested your forehead against his. “You’re the best sous-chef, the best actor, the best boyfriend. You’re the best everything, Chris,” you told him, smiling as you lost yourself in his kind eyes. “And I love you,” you whispered, completely unaware that that was the first time you’d ever told him that.

“What?” His eyes widened and his lips parted; he may have been waiting to hear those three words for a while now, but it still took him by surprise. “Did you just-” He cut himself off when he saw panic wash over you. “No no no,” he chuckled as he tried to calm you down. “Don’t um- Don’t freak out, Y/N. It’s a good thing, you love me. It’s- it’s fantastic.” You pulled away from him and sat up, burying your face in your hands. “Hey,” he sat up and placed his hand on your back. “Y/N, listen to me. I’m-”

“I’m going to go start breakfast,” you said and quickly scrambled out of the fort and to your feet. Chris followed you, chuckling softly. Your panic rose as you felt his presence right behind you. “Do you want pancakes?” You tried to quicken your pace only to have him stop you by grabbing your wrist in his hand. “You don’t want pancakes?” You mumbled nervously when he spun you around, eyes watching you with an intense gaze.

“Can you shut up for a second?” He asked and you pressed your lips together; he chuckled softly then smiled as he whispered, “I love you too.” Your heart rid itself of all that horror and panic, and sang a thousand melodies. “I love you so much, Y/N. You don’t even know how long I’ve been wanting to tell you how much. If you didn’t say it then, I would’ve said it at breakfast. I just-” he cut himself off, licking his lips. “You’re the love of my life and I’m in-love with you.”

“Are you sure?”

“Are you serious?” He laughed and you bit back your smile. “Yes,” he cupped your face tightly in his hands, “I am absolutely sure that I am one hundred percent in-love with you. I’m thirty-six, sweetheart. I wouldn’t be with you if I wasn’t sure you’re the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I think I should be the one asking that question seeing as you’re the baby in the relationship,” he chuckled when you scoffed, slapping his chest ever so gently. “So are you sure?”

“I loved you even before you knew my name, Chris Evans,” you responded, wrapping your arms around his neck. He smiled, releasing your face to wrap his arms around your body to pull you as close as he possibly could to him. “So yes, I am very, very sure that I’m in-love with you.”

“Good,” he smiled. “Because I’ve got great plans to marry and spend the rest of my life with you.” You smiled and tipped your head, inching closer to his lips as he inched closer to yours. “I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too,” you smiled then kissed him.

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anything with aunt may, finding out about spiderman, about Keith and Shiro dating, and my personal favorite bc i just want to know what she does with keith and his backpacks being lost

[Sheith Spider-Man Homecoming AU] Part 06 (1, 2, 3, 45, 7, 8, 9)

Red was preparing bacon and eggs for breakfast when Keith and Shiro came down to the kitchen. 

“Good morning, Aunt Red,” Keith yawned as he approached her to give her a morning kiss. Shiro did the same as was accustomed since they were kids.

“Morning, lovebirds,” she smirked as she placed the food on the table.

Both boys froze in place, eyes popping out as they stared at her. They began mumbling immediately as if to deny the claim and honestly, no one was fooling her. They’d been dancing around each other for years and it was about god damn time they admitted it to themselves.

“We have thin walls,” was all she said as she turned around to get the bacon and eggs. “I supposed I don’t have to give you a shovel talk, Takashi?”

“No, Madame Red, no,” the boy straightened up, almost about to do a salute.

“Good. Now, why don’t you be a love and help me prepare your morning milk.”

Her adorable nephew just cackled so loudly at how Shiro reverted back to calling her “Madame Red” back when the boys were watching the anime “Black Butler” when they were younger. Ever since then, she’d joke around that she wanted to be addressed as such. Shiro, the poor boy, just stared at her nephew fondly and she couldn’t think of anyone else perfect for her baby.

When the three of them started eating their breakfast, Shiro asked hesitantly, “Aunt Red?”

“Yes, sweetheart?” She looked up while slicing her bacon.

“Does this mean I can’t sleep in Keith’s room anymore? Since we’re a thing.”

“Will you be doing indecent things with my nephew?” She raised an eyebrow. She knew Shiro wouldn’t do anything harmful to Keith, she watched him grow and practically raised him with Keith, considering they were inseparable.

“No!” Shiro denied quickly with a loud voice. “God, no. No.” The boy said it as if it was the last thing he’d ever do, and to her, that was more than enough.

She had a hunch about Shiro and Keith’s sexuality even though they never talked about it nor had they come out to her. But she could definitely trust them being in the same room overnight and not worry about anything.

“Then there’s no need to ban you from Keith’s room,” she smiled and then turned to Keith who was half way putting a large portion of his egg into his mouth. “Also, I know that you’re Spider-Man, honey.”

The look on Keith’s face was too priceless as he spat out the egg out of complete utter shock. “YOU WHAT?!” 

“Thin walls, Keith. Thin walls,” she smirked and pointed at his plate. “You clean that mess up. Also, I’m going to have a word with Mr. Kolivan about you doing your Avengers thing behind my back. Don’t let my calm demeanor fool you, cub. I’m very angry at this whole Spider-Man thing.”

“You know she’s mad when she starts calling you ‘cub’,” Shiro whispered as he leaned in towards Keith. 

“B-but Aunt Red!” Keith cried out. 

“We’re going to have a serious talk about this later when you come home,” she pointed at her nephew using her fork. “Right now, you and Takashi finish your breakfast because you don’t want to be late for school.”

“About that,” Keith scratched his temple as his eyes wandered around the room nervously. “I’m… I’m gonna need a new backpack.”

“Excuse me?” she asked as she tapped her ear, daring Keith to repeat.

“I’m g-gonna need a new backpack,” he stammered, smiling innocently.

“No,” she said with finality. “Carry your books to school with your enhanced superhuman strength, Spider-Man.”

Shiro let out a loud snort which he failed to cover, while Keith just gasped in disbelief. 

anonymous asked:

do you have any good star trek novel recommendations? (tos please!!)

Yes! I do! I’ve been meaning to make a post about this for…so long, whoops, but I’ll answer this ask instead! (might still make the post someday, idk tbh. I probably should though because since I have so many Trek books I haven’t read yet, I might like more enough to rec them, haha.) Okay, anyway… (By TOS I assume you mean the original Enterprise crew, I hope it’s okay that not all of these actually take place during TOS, aka the five year mission.)

Sarek by A. C. Crispin You might have seen me mention this one the other day on my blog; I really love it. It takes place post TUC, Amanda is dying and Sarek is uncovering a plot that’s way bigger than anyone realizes at first… Also there’s some stuff about Jim’s nephew Peter (from the episode with the farting flying pancake aliens? lol.) and yeah, it’s a great read. All the parts with Sarek and Amanda are lovely and sad and the plot is interesting and it’s just all around enjoyable.Definitely recommend.

Collision Course by William Shatner This is the other one I mentioned on my blog already, and this one is probably my favorite Trek novel. Spock is nineteen and Jim is seventeen when they first meet, and they’re both too smart for their own good and get into trouble and…well, all the things you expect from Jim and Spock. It was originally supposed to be the first in a series, but for various reasons, there probably won’t be any more (CRIES) but this one is so good. And it doesn’t end on a cliffhanger so it’s okay. I especially enjoyed tbh how Bill appreciates what an effect Tarsus would have had on Jim (this is only three years later, after all) and it’s still very visible on lil’ Jim. Not a spoiler, bc a reference is made to Tarsus on…literally the very first page. Lol. Anyway, this one is really fun and sometimes sad (bc Tarsus) and just really great! Also, at least one of the plot twists genuinely surprised me, which is rare… I normally see them coming a mile off in Trek novels. ;) (Which doesn’t usually take away from my enjoyment, tbh!) But I really appreciate when they can surprise me.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (novelization) by Gene Roddenberry You knew this was coming. This is an absolute must read if you’re a Spirk fan, tbh. I’m not all the way through with it so far, about halfway done, but I can tell you it’s a much better way of telling the story of TMP than TMP. Lol. The movie has this simple feeling and Jim rushing to Spock on the bridge and saying his name like a prayer and other things, but it also has all those dreadful special effect sequences. And the novel has its own gay to offer. I don’t necessarily agree with the way Gene wrote Jim (in fact, it’s been forever since I picked it up but I distinctly remember being bothered by it), but…yeah, at least borrow a copy from someone and witness the gay parts for yourself, haha.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (novelization) by Vonda McIntyre I’m going to go ahead and say right now that if you’re going to read the novelizations, go for the ones by Ms. (Mrs? idk) McIntyre. She wrote 2, 3, and 4. I haven’t read 3 yet, but I have read 2 and 4 and I like that she actually adds in scenes and stuff that weren’t in the movies. It makes me feel like I’m actually getting something additional for my time even though I’m reading a novelization of a movie I’ve already seen. I like this one, because there was quite a bit that wasn’t in the movie (I have a hunch the extra scenes, at least some of them, might be based on the script? because the scene with Sulu’s great….something or other grandfather as a child meeting Sulu is in the book, and I know they tried to put that in the movie but never managed to. anyway.) But yeah, there’s actual stuff in there that’s not in the movie! that’s the way it should be. Also…she ships Saavik/David pretty clearly. :P Like I said, haven’t read TSS novel yet, but I know she was working it into 2, and it’s mentioned in 4 as a thing. Anyway…good stuff! This is the one where the whole “Vulcans get drunk on chocolate” thing comes from btw :))) (Avoid the novelizations by JM Dillard! Avoid!!! I’ve read them and they’re not good.) (Oh and pretty much everything I’ve read by Vonda McIntyre I’ve enjoyed, she’s a good Trek writer.)

Dwellers In The Crucible by Margaret Wander Bonnano Margaret Bonnano is another writer I just generally recommend bc I like all the stuff by her that I’ve read, too. Anyway… okay so let me say that this book’s main characters are not Jim and Spock. I know, I know. But wait!! It’s so worth a read!! Jim and Spock are in it, not much, but when they are they’re literally so married and explicitly confirmed to be t’hy’la… :)) it’s great. okay anyway. The main characters are a human named Cleante and a Vulcan named T’Shael. They are ladies. THEY ARE GAY AF. OKAY. THAT ALONE MAKES IT WORTH A READ. it’s so glorious.I mean the book only says they’re friends but…in the same way Jim and Spock are friends in canon. they’re super freaking gay. and also there are like a thousand incredibly obvious parallels between our human and vulcan lady and Jim and Spock. it’s fun. also Sulu goes undercover as a Romulan. :D yeah, just…read it. it’s great. (it made me angry at one point. I’m still angry. but I recommend it.)

Ishmael by Barbara Hambly This one was, for me at least, just a genuinely good read. I really enjoyed the plot. So…Spock goes back in time to 1867, not willingly I don’t think. And he gets amnesia. So right there are two tropes I ADORE (time travel and amnesia, I don’t care, I LOVE THEM.) He lands in North America, in Seattle if I remember correctly. And that’s the plot pretty much. Haha…okay, there’s a Klingon plot, the Enterprise crew searching for Spock, Spock trying to adapt and hide he’s an alien while bonding with the members of the community he lands in. Also Jim and Spock’s reunion is a bit gay. (Warning for spoilers if you click that? it’s pictures of when they find him near the end, so. Yeah.) I just really enjoyed the book in itself, the plot and everything. Fun!

Enterprise: The First Adventure by Vonda McIntyre In light of the tv series called Enterprise, the title of this one might be a little confusing… But it’s most definitely TOS and has nothing to do with Enterprise, haha. The premise is that it’s the first voyage of the Enterprise with Jim as the captain. And the mission is…to transport a theater troupe. It’s ridiculous and so silly, I know, but it’s really fun. There’s a winged horse, a really un-Vulcan Vulcan (I think he’s Spock’s cousin? I don’t really remember tbh), Spock heckling the theater troop, Uhura being a good friend to Janice…that’s all I remember off the top of my head, but I remember really enjoying it when I read it! 

Unspoken Truth by Margaret Wander Bonanno Remember what I said about those two writers? Lol. Okay so this is a Saavik-centric book. I really love Saavik, okay? So, as you might know, Saavik is half Vulcan, half Romulan. Well in this book (actually, in a bunch of books, by at least three different writers, it seems to be her accepted backstory in the novels) she was the result of a terrible experiment by Romulans, and when it didn’t work out, she and a bunch of other children were abandoned on a planet called Hellguard, and…some really horrible things happen. Anyway, Spock saves her, mentors her, and Amanda and Sarek basically adopt her (literally, she calls them mother and father, IT’S MY FAVE), well anyway, years later, either after or during TVH, she learns things are happening to the survivors of Hellguard…and the story goes from there. This was really good! Intense tbh. I loved it, but then, I love Saavik. If you don’t like her… But if you do, you’ll enjoy this one!!!!

Doctor’s Orders by Diane Duane Diane Duane is another must read author. All her books are excellent. In all honestly, I don’t remember too much about the plot of this one, but I know I liked it! Dr. McCoy is like “you can’t make me take command on the bridge” and Jim is like “uh actually I CAN” so he does and of course on McCoy’s very first day watching over the bridge Jim goes AWOL and shit starts going down. Poor Bones. Also, there’s some crazy aliens in this one, but they’re interesting!

The Vulcan Academy Murders by Jean Lorrah This one has such misleading cover art, lmaooo. At least, the version I have. There might be others… Anyway. Patients at a hospital on Vulcan keep dying and stuff, and then Amanda is in trouble. Lots of Sarek and Spock and Jim and Bones interaction. It’s a good one. (It’s been soo long since I read this one, too, sorry. But again, I know I enjoyed it!)

Uhura’s Song by Janet Hagan I love the alien species in this one. They’re like giant cats, and I love cats. When I read it, I got really into the planet and the species and their culture. The plot is that an old friend of Uhura’s is from this planet, and they “exchanged songs”…songs are a big deal in their culture. Anyway, there’s a plague threatening everyone on the planet and humans, too, and they think a song might hold the key to curing the disease, so they all go down on the planet to try and find it.

Strangers From The Sky by Margaret Wander Bonanno The plot to this one is…kind of hard to describe. Okay. So the parts with Jim and Spock go back and forth in time, part of the time being like, post-all the movies (I think) where they’re old friends (and really married, they’re just like. Margaret Bonanno has this way of inserting this really easy, casual intimacy they have with each other, and calling it friendship when OBVIOUSLY they’re married af, but either way I love it) and part of the time being very early on when Jim hasn’t been in command for long and he and Spock didn’t care much for each other (I mean personally I think they liked each other quite well from the start, but I’ll let it go, lol)… And then there’s a book. In the book. That everyone is reading and obsessed with and Jim starts reading it… It sounds weird, I know, but the book in the book is the story of the first time Vulcans came in contact with humans, long before the OFFICIAL first contact, it was when Vulcans crash landed on Earth and were discovered by some humans… I fucking love Vulcans, so that is obviously a great point of interest for me. Lol. Anyway when Jim reads the book he has nightmares, but then he discovers Spock has those nightmares, too, and it’s more than ‘just’ a book. Probably sounds bizarre but I really enjoyed it. ….and doesn’t every Trek plot EVER sound bizarre af when you try to describe it?

That’s all I’ve got right now!! This got so long I’M SO SORRY TBH BUT I HAD TO BE THOROUGH.

Chris Evans Fic: Cabin in the Woods

Fluffiest of fluff for a Saturday!

This was originally a request from @alievans007 that’s been a very long time coming. Apologies for the wait but it’s taken me forever to envisage the perfect scenario. So, hope you enjoy!


‘Babe, I know you’re super excited about this secret plan of yours but I don’t think security are going to let you take me on a plane blindfolded, somehow.’ You’d been beside yourself since you’d arrived home from work, only to be all but bundled into the car by your much bigger and much stronger boyfriend, assured that everything you needed was already packed. He’d insisted that you wear the blindfold but you quickly realised that it was more for show than for any practical reason.

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Betrayal (Soldier 76 x Reader)

Originally posted by celestial-mercy

Summary: You left with Jack when Overwatch fell, watching him turn into Soldier: 76. You stayed back and let him fight in with the Overwatch Recall, not being able to do again what killed your brother, Gabriel Reyes. But when you find out you’re pregnant, word gets out and you get a visit from a mysterious black figure in the middle of the night.
Pairing: Soldier 76 x Reader, Brother!Reaper x Sister!Reader
Words: 1,802
Warning(s): Angst, fluff
A/N: So um… I may have a thing about Gabriel appearing in the middle of the night. Heh. Whoopsies.

You were staring down at the stick in front of you in horror. You had taken five tests, and all of them were staring at you with pink little plus signs. How were you going to tell Jack? Did he even still want kids?

You immediately knew that Jack would still be training for the next two hours, so you hid the tests, putting them in your purse as you headed straight to Angela. Also known as your best friend.

As you stepped through the doors to the med-bay, the blonde woman smiled at you, but immediately noticed the look on your face, saying, “What?”

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(anonymous said: If you have the time could you do ‘being the mother of hvitserk’s children would include’?

(a/n: of course! here it is, lovely! we hope that you enjoyed what we have come up with! we love hvitserk and this one was pretty cute writing out! thanks so much for requesting!- admin kat 🌙❣ & admin wenzel 🌲💖)

◾ It would be more than often that you would find yourself smiling silly at the scene in front of you: Witnessing Hvitserk’s own beam lighting up the entirety of the room as he bounces upon his feet like a child, thus suddenly darting to his beautiful children and beginning a heartwarming, cherished memory of playing with them.

◾ He would assuredly love his children with his entire being, finding it hard not to look at you with grateful eyes. You’d brought them into this life, after all.

◾ You laughing until your sides hurt when your children play tricks upon their father, noting that they had not inherited such a quality of mischief from you.

◾ Hvitserk would be the kind of dad to make dad jokes that are incredibly cringy to the point where people aren’t laughing at his jokes, but at his sheer uncoolness, - much to his dismay -.

◾ His brothers congratulating him on becoming a father and having such a beautiful wife.

◾ Lingering at the docks of Kattegat with your children, eager to see Hvitserk returning from his raid: To which you would grow teary when he appears in the crowd, barging and bounding through it, gliding over and settling himself lower down to the planks to be at the height of his children, scooping them up greedily into his arms.

◾ “Have you been keeping the grey hairs away from your mothers head, children?” Hvitserk would tease his children, tickling his children as he gladly watched them giggle until tears were in their eyes.

◾ In such a gleaming gem of a moment, you would thus realize just how family orientated Hvitserk really is. The simple thought or him loving yourself and your children so much when he is gone would only appear to you as a dream, but to see it in motion before you would cause beads to trickle from your orbs with overwhelming joy.

◾ “Why are you crying, my beloved wife?” Hvitserk would glow at you, ruffling up his children’s hair facetiously whilst the chuckle that you had missed so dearly rumbles deeply out of his mouth. “Clearly the God’s have not taken me from you, so there is no need for tears.” He’d murmur against your forehead after having come closer to you, dark eyes shut, yet you could still feel that adoring sparkle in them.

◾ Hvitserk would wrestling with his kids, obviously in a jovial manner. It would often result in you warning them sternly to not break anything or hurt one another.

◾ At times he would have honest doubts and fears about his ability to be a good father. It’s not that he’s so much phased of his own father and relating to him as a father. No, it is more to do with the fact that responsibility could frighten him off, since he is the type to be more lighthearted and easily humorous.

◾ I’d imagine that Hvitserk would have very serious moments when you or his children were in any danger, - or what he perceived as danger, that is -.

◾ “I told you,” Hvitserk would rumble viciously at you, calloused fingers refusing to part from your wrist, deep orbs burning brightly with indignation, “keep yourself and the children away from Ivar!

growl, not letting go of your wrist, eyes burning brightly with irritation, “keep yourself and the children away from Ivar.”

◾ “He’s their uncle, Hvitserk! What do you expect for me to do? Shun him?” You would suddenly riposte, almost helpless in the speedy response. “He has the right to be a part of their life.” You would respond wistfully, only thinking you were doing the right thing by including your husband’s younger brother for once. 

◾ “He is already unstable in the head and the heart, (Y/N)!” Hvitserk’s tone unusually darkened as his finger eerily tapped his temple, another prodding at his chest, where his heart was. “Now listen!” All traces of kindness slashed away in an instant. “You stay far away from him, and keep my children far away from my crippled brother.” And with that, his back turned to you, the antarctic gush of wind from the biting motion left you haunted.

◾ Any being who was daunting enough to goad this prince by threatening/causing harm to you or his any of his children would be a very pathetic soul indeed.

◾ Following this, it would infuriate him that after dealing with the issue, Bjorn would state that Ubbe may look like Ragnar, but Hvitserk himself lost his temper protecting the one’s he loved, just as their father, Ragnar would.

◾ Hvitserks’ brothers playing with their nieces and/or nephews, ensuring that they know they are loved and ensuring their safety.

◾ I believe that over time, Hvitserk would learn to keep an eminently keen eye on Ivar when he is around you or his children. Protective would not even cut what Hvitserk would be over you all.

◾ Somehow, Hvitserk would worship and adore you all the more, which would be hard for anyone else to even fathom to be possible.

◾ “What has gotten into you, Hvitserk?” You would giggle gorgeously, color adorning your cheeks like the furs on the bed.

◾ “Why would you say such a thing, mother of my children?” He would grin up at you, pausing between his breathless work.

◾ “Oh!” You’d simper superbly in response. “Is that it?” You’d quirk a slight brow.

◾ “Is what it?” He would murmur up at you, lips trailing wherever they pleased. He was curious.

◾ “I just had to give birth to your children to have you all the more infatuated with me?

◾ Hvitserk would often teach his children good humor and many ways to be mischievous: And even though this may anger you beyond belief, Hvitserk would just have to grin, make a witty remark and would surely having you laughing in no time again.

◾ Hvitserk would be a both a vigilant father and husband. Nothing would get beyond him. Even in death.

◾ He would teach your children to fight. It would always have much of a playful tone to it, but as they grew older, he would grow more stern about it.

◾ I’d imagine that Aslaug would quite adore you, proud that Hvitserk has found somebody that he loves with all his heart and that has bore him children.

◾ Hvitserk wouldn’t be too over the moon over the fact that his mother would want to spend so much time with you or his children, but he would let it be.

◾ You would certainly be forbidden to go on raids.

◾ “I said no!” Hvitserk said in finality. “I forbid it and that is final.

◾ “But -

◾ “No!” He would roar, retorting and snapping like a rabid dog. “How selfish would it be if you died in battle, hmm? How would our children feel? What if they lost me too in that same battle? They will become orphans. Do not be a fool.” He would continue to look at you in a way that made tears prick your eyes, like the prick and throb of a rose thorn. “At least if I die out there, our children will still have a mother.

◾ You would often note how much more of a child Hvitserk has become since the children were born.

◾ “Honestly, I cannot take any of you anywhere!” You’d sigh in debilitation as you flopped dramatically onto the bed with with Hvitserk breathlessly laughing whilst his children jumped jubilantly on the bed.

◾ “Why would you say such a thing?” He’d glance at you with mock-astonishment.

◾ “Because you’re more of a child than they are!” You would argue back, unkindly at that, not taking your time to think of a pleasant fashion to say it, whilst you nodded your head lazily at your children, still finding it hard not to break out into laughter.

◾ “At least I’ll be the one without grey hairs, wife.

◾ Hvitserk would be a marvelous father, despite him possibly contemplating otherwise. He may be the kind of father to struggle to grasp serious moments much of the time, but when it would call for it, he would be shooting along seriously, and in flying colors.

◾ Not just that, he would surely be able to be tender, protective, firm or whatever the occasion did call for.

◾ Aslaug steadily attempting to pry herself into your relationship, seeking to almost control how the children are raise, which would spark much tension between everyone.

◾ “If it did not register to you, mother,” Hvitserk would slam his fists combatively against the dinner table within the Great Hall. “Those children are mine and (Y/N)’s! You have no control over them!

◾ “Hvitserk!” Aslaug would state tensely in response, her following words robbed by Ivar who spat out harshly, “Why don’t you sit your pathetic arse down in your seat and quit your whining? You and your slave of a wife are so blind! You cannot even see that mother is trying to guide you to the best decisions.

◾ “And if you had any sense, Ivar, you would realize how mother only poisons minds.” Sigurd would barge into the conversation, toxins lacing his own tone, each word drooling with venom.

◾ “If I needed your assistance, mother, I would have already asked it. But since I am not a fool, I won’t need it.” Hvitserk would spit at her.

◾ “ENOUGH!” Ubbe’s voice would crash through the heated argument, cutting everyone off into stunned silence.

◾ Hvitserk would be happy with you and your children in the Great Hall of Kattegat, dressed in the finest of clothes and with all the foods in your world. Though he would also be just as happy being nothing more than a commoner, or someone with absolutely nothing but his family. It would not matter to him.

◾ Hvitserk would find that not much could bring him down when he had such perfectly healthy children and you in his life.

◾ Though of course, the stresses of being a father could get to him at times, making him irritable. But he would always go out of his way to be the best father that he was capable of being. 

◾ Certainly, your family would not be a perfect family. Your life would not be a fairy tail, but it would be a happy one.

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hope you enjoyed! please follow for more, lovelies.


  Alright, so I’ve been literally living under a rock for the past couple months, but I was digging through my RQ writing files looking for inspiration and my draft of the next chapter of Gold as the Crown when I found a series of one shots that I’d started forever ago. Originally the group of them was called All the Lights We Cannot See, and this was titled Confessions Swept Under the Stairs, after reading through and editing a bit though I decided I liked the title Ghosts better. So, a gift to everyone for your patience during my long ass hiatus…

     Julian found him sitting in a rather dark corner, partially hidden by banister of the stairs, but there was no mistaking the glossy black hair that was highlighted by the tiny shaft of light falling on him. He was still rather small, and his size made it rather easy for him to hide in such places, but he could never hide completely. He was far too recognized, far too naive, and far too easy to predict, and his father grumbled about the latter more often than not, muttering about kings and death and a number of other things Julian was sure the boy shouldn’t have heard but did anyway. 

       At seven years old, Tiberias was a petulant little boy, who preferred to hide away when he was ambushed by criticisms, which at the moment, Julian had heard about. According to Sara, who had fixed the black eye and bleeding lip, he had run away to hide after losing a rather nasty fight with Ptolemus Samos, who for the first time it seemed had gotten the upper hand. It was rare to hear the Samos boy had bested the Crown Prince, but when it happened, Cal could be rather cross the rest of the day.
      Arriving at the entrance to the hide away, Julian bent down and whispered into the small alcove, “Mind if I join you?”
       Those amber eyes flashed up to meet him, but they were not furious like he expected to see them, they were rather watery and filled with pain. He froze in surprise and then stretching a worn hand out to his nephew he inquired, “What’s happened? Come on now, you can’t hide here forever.”
        The boy turned his head away and wiped his nose and eyes with the sleeve of his tunic. His face was hidden in shadow, making it impossible for Julian to see his reaction clearly. He frowned and then crouching down so he was slightly closer to Cal, he whispered softly, “I already heard about the fight, a pity, Sara said he hit you rather hard.”
        The comment had the opposite effect that it should have. Such a comment would have driven the boy to hysterics, claiming the number of victories he had over Ptolemus, but this time, it brought more tears and a sniffle that he tried to hide in his shoulder. The motion was so childish that it stirred worry in the pit of Julian’s stomach. Although his nephew was only seven, he was expected to be a young man in his mannerisms, and the very thought had made Julian’s skin crawl. Seeing him so weak and vulnerable, drew the older man into the alcove, until he was squashed inside, his neck bent at an awkward angle to account for his height, and his knees tucked in a rather uncomfortable position.
        Cal glanced at him out of the corner of his eye and then looked away quickly once more, his unease obvious in every gesture. Julian reached out and set a warm hand on the boy’s shoulder and with a voice like gently falling rain he whispered, “I’m sure one loss won’t hurt. You know I’m dreadful at fighting, for goodness sake, you’ve seen me wrestle with my tea in the morning and lose spectacularly.”
       The comment brought a crack of a smile, but no words had escaped. Puckering his lips in annoyance, Julian inquired, “I doubt it was an easy win for him though, what happened?”
       For a moment, Cal didn’t respond, but Julian could see the gears turning in his head, could hear the thoughts chasing themselves around, looking for the way out. Suddenly, Cal stated bitterly, “I hate him, I hate everyone.”
        Julian frowned and then replied simply, “well that’s hardly fair, that means you hate me.”
        Cal glared at him, and Julian felt a shiver run down his spine. As much as Cal looked like his father, his mother haunted his eyes, haunted the very soul of her only son. In that moment, Julian saw his little sister’s blue eyes flashing with fury at her brother’s misunderstanding, and he pulled away in worry. The movement seemed to cool Cal’s gaze, because he looked away and muttered bitterly once more, “I hate Maven too.”
      Julian huffed and replied sternly, “That’s not fair either, Maven’s never done a thing to you.”
      Cal glared at him once more, but the gaze lost all fire when a tear rolled down his cheek and joined the rest in his hands. Squeezing his eyes shut tightly, Cal whispered through choked breaths, “He has everything.”
        “Hardly true, I think perhaps-“
        “He has Elara, he always goes to see her after lessons, and she always strokes his hair, she always whispers how proud she is, and then she reads him some of her book.” Cal choked, his palms coming to cover his eyes as he tried to hide his tears. The dreaded things a sure sign of weakness, one that a Prince should never show, no matter what he felt inside. Julian swallowed heavily, it had of course occurred to him that Cal would be rather emotional today. It was a silent event between the two of them, the anniversary of his mother’s passing. He would normally receive a visit from his nephew in his rooms, who came looking for solace from a emptiness in his heart that he couldn’t explain. Elara was hardly a fitting substitute for the hole, suiting herself more to ignore Cal in favor of her son who she adored.
     Julian’s eyes narrowed at the very thought of the she-devil, his mind instantly going to the dark place he banished such terrible thoughts of the Queen. She would know, and she would find some way to take it out on Sara again, or worse, on the boy next to him, who would have no idea what was coming. Reaching out in that moment, to comfort the boy, he set his hand on Cal’s knee and whispered, “I’m sorry, I had no idea that it would upset you so much today, but I don’t see how-“
      “Ptolemus said that it was my fault that she went away, that I was the reason she died.” Cal muttered darkly, and it took Julian a moment to process such a horrible accusation, but he heard something subtle in his nephew’s voice. He believed such a disgusting notion, he truly believed he was part of the reason his mother had ended her life. To alleviate the thought, Julian squeezed Cal’s knee and murmured, “Don’t you believe a word of that. Your mother was troubled, if anyone is responsible, it is me. I failed to see her suffering, and chose to ignore her silent pleas for help.”
     Cal looked at him sadly, the shaft of light from above lit his eyes on fire, but Julian could barely meet them. Pulling Cal close to him he whispered into his hair, “We can never change the past, we must keep looking forward, and learn from our mistakes.”
      “Is that what you do?” Cal whispered into Julian’s jacket, his voice muffled. Nodding weakly, Juliana hugged him tightly and replied, “It is something I try to do every single day.”
        And it was rather difficult. Every mistake seemed to compound, his sister’s tragic end, Sara’s unfortunate sacrifice, even Cal’s unknowing innocence in the whole matter. He was dutifully kept in the dark about the truth of his mother’s death. As much as Julian had fought with himself on the matter, he could never bring himself to whisper the truth. It would shatter the fragile line the boy walked with Elara, and Julian would never be able to live with himself if he had to watch the boy be reprimanded for saying the same things as Sara.
     “I wish I could see her, I wish she was still here.” Cal whispered softly a few minutes later, his more recent worries alleviated for the moment. His voice was small though, like a hushed whispered, and Julian had to swallowed the knife in his throat before hugging Cal’s shoulders tightly and whispering, “me too, Cal.”

Imagine shopping for your incoming baby with Chris.

A/N: Helloooo, I’m back with Part 3. Here are the links to the previous parts: (‘Memory Lane - Part 1/Part 2’, ‘Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts and Baby Fever - Masterlist’) Hope you enjoy it. X

You absentmindedly tapped your red Sharpie against the table while you browsed the catalogue from ‘Baby Palace’. It was amazing how many items you’d already checked off considering you were only on the fifth page of the sixty page catalogue, no wonder Chris was in such strong agreement when you told him you were going to wait till he got back to start shopping so he could be a part of the process.

“Your iced tea, m'lady.” Chris slid your drink across the table as he sat down opposite you. You mumbled a word of thanks with your nose still stuck in the catalogue. He took a sip of his coffee then quizzed, “see anything you like?”

You looked up and pouted, “yeah.” You beckoned your head at the latte in his hand and made an audible whining sound. “Your coffee, but with a shot of vanilla syrup in there.” He chuckled in response then pouted along with you. “It’s been so long since I had coffee.”

“You know you’re allowed to have decaf, right?”

“Fuck decaf,” you said which made him laugh. “Decaf is for the weak, and I guess- pregnant but- No, if I’m not allowed to drink proper coffee then I might as well not drink it at all. It’s only a few more months, less if our little one gets excited.” You rested your hand on your bump and whispered, “please get excited.”

“Don’t listen to her,” Chris chuckled. “You stay in there until you’re ready.” You narrowed your eyes at him, pretending to scowl even though you were fighting a smile. “Do you want our son to be fully grown and healthy, or do you want him to be in an incubator because he’s premature?”

“I don’t think all premature babies go into an incubator, Chris,” you retorted with a roll of your eyes.

“Maybe not, but I think ours will if you tell him to come out three months earlier,” he countered with a chuckle. “I know being pregnant has been tough on you but- it’s only another three months, and you’re not alone anymore. Time’s going to fly by and before you know it,” he reached for your hand and gave it a gentle squeeze, “we’ll have a beautiful boy and you’ll be back to your vanilla lattes.”

“You know how we discussed having a girl after this boy?”

“Yeah?” He chuckled because he knew where it was going.

“I think you’re going to have to wait awhile,” you told him, “like a few years.”

“Fine by me,” he pulled your hand to his lips. “I’m with you till the end of the line anyway.”

• • • • • • • •

You and Chris strolled down the aisles of 'Baby Palace’ with your fingers intertwined, browsing the items that could possibly be your son’s in the future. It was a lot harder than you’d both initially thought, not because you didn’t know what to buy- but because you wanted to buy everything. Chris was no help; he was a lot less restrictive when it came to shopping for his child. The only thing the two of you had any confirmation on was the fact that the room had to be Disney themed- considering how big a fan the two of you were of Disney- so there was that guideline to shop with. Currently, the two of you had about fifteen items on your registry; all of which were Disney themed: cot, sheets, curtains, cushions, and decor.

“Do you know what we should do?” Chris asked rhetorically. “We should go to Disney World in Florida and shop for the room.” You laughed at that suggestion. “What?” He chuckled. “That’s where all the magic is, we could find more there.”

“We could find a lot of Disney things there, yes, but none of it will be useful in turning that spare room into a nursery. It’s all just knick knacks and plushies, we can get those here.” You told him and he pouted. “Your son isn’t even born yet and you’re already using him as an excuse to go to Disney World,” you teased and he laughed. “You do know that all our nieces and nephews know that they’re just an excuse for you, right? Miles said, and I quote, 'he just wants to go himself, he only uses us to look like a caring uncle so he can score points with the ladies.’” You said as you tried not to laugh.

“Bullshit,” he laughed and you cracked, laughing. “Miles would never say that. He knows I love Disney World and that I go because I want to, not because they do. But he’d never say 'so he can score points with the ladies’. That’s all you, Y/N.”

“But it’s true, isn’t it?” You smirked. “You told me yourself after our first trip to Disney World together.” He chuckled, lowering his gaze and displaying his long lashes. “I still remember it very clearly, all the lies you told.” You teased, poking his side. “Everyone’s busy and my nephews want to go to Disney World, think you can do me a solid and come along?” You mocked him and he laughed. “Remember?” You giggled.

“All too well.”

• • • • • • • •

“Stay in sight!” Chris called out to Miles and Ethan as they ran ahead, leaving the two of you behind. “I’m really glad you agreed to come along.” He told you, gently swinging your entwined hands. “There is no way I could have handled them on my own, they’re such a handful.”

You raised an eyebrow at Chris’ statement because as far as you could see, Miles and Ethan were perfect little angels. Even running ahead, they kept in sight as their uncle had told them to and kept glancing back to make sure they knew where the two of you were. It was clear now- though you’d figured it out at the airport- that he had lied to you to get you to come along.

“Yeah,” you bit back your smile as you responded sarcastically, “they sure look like it.” Chris chuckled softly then winced when you added in the same sarcastic tone, trying not to laugh. “Thank God I postponed my dateline for this trip, otherwise you would’ve been in the deep end with those two trouble makers.”

“You postponed a dateline for this trip?”

“Yeah,” you nodded, chuckling. “My agent wasn’t too happy about that, but I told him that Captain America needed my help so work had to wait.” Chris winced again; the guilt was starting to pile up. “I hope they don’t take the job away from me because Martin Scorsese wanted to direct the piece and I’ve always wanted to work with him.” You continued to milk the situation because you found Chris’ facials incredibly funny. Truth was- you didn’t have to postpone anything because you’d completed your script earlier than expected.

“Oh my God,” Chris finally cracked. “I am so sorry, Y/N. I lied about Miles and Ethan being a handful, truth is- Scott actually wanted to come but I told him I wanted to take you instead but you said you had stuff to attend to this weekend so I lied to get you to come because I wanted to spend some time with you.” He rambled, not taking a moment to use punctuation or breathe. “We can get you back to the hotel to finish your script, I’ll buy you a laptop if you don’t have one-”

“Stop,” you chuckled as you moved in front of him, squeezing his hand. “I was kidding,” you told him then giggled at his lost expression. “The script’s done, I finished it last week. The stuff I had to attend to was a coffee date with my best friend who- didn’t want anything to do with me if I didn’t go to Disney World with Captain America. I’m here willingly, not missing out on anything important because-” you smiled as you admitted, “everything that’s important to me is here.”

Chris watched you intently, smiling because he had never felt at peace with his life before. It was as though since meeting you, everything the universe had planned for him had fallen into place. You gave him a new perspective on life, on love, on anything and everything you spoke of. You made him excited to get out of bed, gave him butterflies when you smiled, and made him happier than anyone or anything has ever made him. He knew you were something special when he saw you in that coffee shop, he knew after your first date that he could spend the rest of his life with you, but it wasn’t until that very moment that he was a hundred percent sure that he was irretrievably and irrecoverably in-love with you.

“I love you, Y/N,” Chris told you.

“What’s that?” You asked, your smile wider than before.

“I love you,” he said with an adorable smile, shrugging nonchalantly.

“Is that so?” You quizzed and released his hands, taking a step closer to him.

“That is so,” he chuckled. “I love you,” he repeated, placing his hands on your waist.

“For the third time, Christopher Evans,” you teased and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“I’ll say it for the fourth time if you’d just tell me how you feel,” he told you and you chuckled. He was adorably chewing on his lower lip, looking more nervous than you’d ever seen him look. “I mean- I can see you smiling but you haven’t said anything…” He trailed off, wincing but still smiling.

“If you think my response will be anything other than 'I love you too’ then you’re insane,” you quipped then pressed your lips against his. He kissed you back, the smile on his face so wide it hurt. “I love you, Chris Evans.”

“And I love you, Y/N Y/L/N,” he smiled.

• • • • • • • •

“I believe that trip was the first time I said 'I love you’,” Chris recalled and you nodded, smiling. You could still remember the feeling of the butterflies when he said those three little words. “And where I bought you your first set of Mouse Ears. Still can’t believe those were your first pair,” he said with a shake of his head.

“I know, I know.” You rolled your eyes, smiling. “That’s ridiculous, Y/N. How can you come to Disney World and not get a pair of Mouse Ears? It’s not even your first time here!” You reenacted his shock word for word, making him laugh so hard you attracted the attention of other patrons. “I don’t even know how that’s my first pair because every time I go, I tell myself I’m going to get a pair but then I get so caught up with everything else- I just forget.”

“Well, aren’t you glad you met me?” He teased.

“Yeah,” you looked up at him and smiled. “Because of you, I finally own a pair of Mouse Ears which is something I’ve always dreamed of owning.” Your tone held a slight amount of sarcasm which made him chuckle. “And…” You began in a more serious tone. “Because of you, I’m having a baby.” You smiled at him and he smiled back. “I never thought I’d ever say those words, but you made me want to. You’ve changed me in ways that I’ll eternally be grateful for,” you told him.

“I could say the same to you,” he responded then kissed the top of your head. “Can I just say this on the record?” He whispered into your hair and you looked up as he pulled back, with the assumption that he was going to add to romance which was quickly crushed with, “our son is going to get a pair of Mouse Ears before he turns twenty-four.”

“Dork,” you laughed.

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Christmas With You (Philip x Reader)

A/N: Hello Lovely Wonderfuls! I hope you’re all doing well! Here is a Philip x Reader with a Christmas theme and the Hamilsquad, as requested by @crazypup110! I hope you enjoy this! I know its a little early for Christmas, but I loved writing this one! As always I wish all of you the happiest of days and a wonderful weekend!

You squeeze Philips hand tightly and bite your lip nervously, as he raises his other hand to knock on the door.

“Babe,” he laughs, giving your hand a squeeze. “They are going to love you, I promise,” he kisses your hand and smiles reassuringly. “Everything will be okay.”

You take another deep breath, you turn to look at him and smile softly.

“If you say so,” you let go of his hand to brush a loose curl out his face. “I just want your family to like me.”

“Everyone is going to love you, there’s no way the couldn’t,” he kisses your knuckles. “You’re the most wonderful person I have ever met, and the best thing to ever happen to me. These past six months have been the happiest days of my life, and I love you.”

“Babe,” you caress his cheek and press a soft kiss to his lips. “Okay,” you take a deep breath and giving him a bright smile. “I’m ready.”

He smiles brightly at you, and knocks. A woman with long brown hair and an excited smile opens the door.

“Philip, sweetheart!” Her smile grows as she embraces Philip. She releases him and kisses his cheek.

“Ma,” he groans in protest, but the smile on his face says he didn’t mind that much.

She turns with a kind smile towards you. Holding out her arms in a welcoming hug.

“You must be (Y/N),” she gives you a squeeze and you quickly decide that you adore her. She pulls away, her hands resting on your shoulders. “I’m so happy to finally meet you.”

“Are you going to let anyone else meet her, or is she going to stand outside all day?”

You see a man with dark hair, glasses, a goatee, and smirk on his lips, standing a few feet behind her. She looks at you and rolls her eyes, but smiles as she turns back to him. You can see her stick her tongue out at him and you giggle. Philip shakes his head and chuckles.

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anonymous asked:

DA:O - Cousland Warden manages to save Oren in the nick of time but not Oriana. How would the companions react (+Eamon, Teagan, and Irving if you can!) to the Warden trying to protect and raise the little boy? (romanced Alistair, please! And my headcanon is that Oren is around 4 or 5?)

Alistair: At Ostagar, when he first sees the Cousland with the small boy trailing beside them, he is extremely confused. When he learns the story, he is horrified. After the events at Ostagar, he is determined to get the boy somewhere safe, and argues quite a bit with the Warden about how dangerous it is to have him with them. The Warden’s logic is that nowhere else is safe now that Howe is trying to kill the last Couslands. They both desperately want what is best for Oren, the poor boy who doesn’t really understand what has happened. Alistair quickly bonds with him; making him laugh using his hand puppet and quick, good-natured humour. He once offers to start giving him basic training with a sword, and doesn’t understand why the boy gets so upset by this and declines. Due to being romanced by the Warden, Alistair’s brotherly protection over the boy merely grows stronger and regardless of whether he becomes king or not, he will be determined to see to Oren’s happiness for the rest of his life.

Leliana: When she sees the small boy trailing behind the Warden into the tavern, she assumes he is just a local village boy they are bringing inside for the warmth. When they are trying to leave, Leliana turns to Oren and tells him it won’t be safe to keep following them, and it would be best if he goes to the Chantry. Morrigan laughs and says “It seems our priestess believes the boy to be a village stray.” When the truth is revealed to her, Leliana is horrified, and pledges to protect the young child there and then. She does bring up the thought to the Warden that perhaps the wilds weren’t the safest place for a boy, but drops it when the Warden insists that the safest place for their nephew is at their side. Leliana adores Oren, and the feeling is mutual. Leliana finds Oren’s insatiable curiosity endearing and loves telling him stories of gallant knights, daring quests and princes in disguise! Oren eventually comes to her asking if she would teach him how to use a bow, and Leliana agrees and even finds a special, smaller bow for him. 

Morrigan: When Flemeth brings the small, helpless boy to the hut with the two Wardens, she thinks the Wardens must be foolish indeed to allow a child to travel with them. Speaking to them when they wake up, she decides that these Wardens are sentimental fools, and it will likely be the deaths of them. The boy would be better off somewhere else, and she decides she would try to convince them to drop him off at a nearby village. When she brings it up to them, Alistair surprisingly agrees with her, but on a different level and suggests that perhaps Flemeth might be able to shelter him for some time. To her own surprise, Morrigan immediately shuts this idea down before the Warden can. Nobody else deserves Flemeth as a guardian, not even a child she has no attachment to. During the late nights, when everyone else is asleep, Oren sneaks out of his tent and shuffles over to Morrigan’s camp. She is rather awkward with this. “Should you not be asleep?” She asks, with just a little bit of irritation. He shuffles and mutters something about nightmares. Morrigan sighs and tells him he should bother the Warden with this. But still, the boy persists and stays beside her and asks her many questions about magic and the legends of her mother, which she answers in somewhat exasperation. Begrudgingly, she finds herself approving of his curiosity, and though she would never admit it, she begins to become rather comfortable and fond of Oren.

Sten: When he sees the Warden with the child trailing behind them outside of Lothering, he assumes there is a Tamassran among them, as the child looks too young to be on its own. When it is revealed that the Warden is the child’s nephew, he is surprised and obviously quite disapproving. “This is no place for a child; it is too dangerous. They must be taken to a safer place.” He and the Warden get into an argument about this, but when the Warden firmly puts their foot down, Sten grumbles and goes over to the child. The boy glances up at him with ill-concealed curiosity, and Sten stares down at him impassively. Finally, he says, “If we are attacked, you will stay behind me. If you are to be with us, your safety must be seen to. I will see to this.” With that, he returns to his tent, and never brings up the matter again. When he sees the boy practising his archery with Leliana, he nods approvingly- glad that Oren is growing strong enough to try and take some of his safety into his own hands.

Wynne: When she returns to the Warden’s camp after the events of the Circle, she meets Oren and is immediately horrified when she learns of his past. She understands why the Warden is bringing him with them, and takes it upon herself to teach him whatever she knows. The boy is a noble, and would have been having lessons regularly; she ought to try and return some sense of normalcy and routine to his life. Oren responds well to this, and enjoys learning about the various plants they find in their travels.

Zevran: He was hired to kill both of the remaining Couslands. He knows about the boy, but he is surprised to find that the Warden has kept the boy with them as they travel- he had expected to have to hunt Oren down in a Chantry. The Wardens do live up  to their reputations as strategists, it seems. When he actually meets Oren in camp, he is taken aback by how innocent he is. Zevran knew of the machinations of politics, but even to an assassin, the assignment on this young boy seems…excessive. He does enjoy spending time with him, as Oren has a fresh liveliness about him, despite having lost so much. He is pleasantly surprised to learn about Oriana’s Antivan heritage, and even begins to hatch a little plan of his own to try and clear- or at least combat- the assignment out for the surviving Couslands. He sends an anonymous tip to Antiva… to Oriana’s house. He knows the family name; it is a noble one and he has crossed paths with the matriarch of it before. She is a fierce old woman who he doubts will take the betrayal and murder of her relative kindly. Plus, she will likely have more power within the circles of the Crows than Zevran does. If anyone can help Oren, it will be his Antivan family. Though of course, Zevran will be doing all he could for him in the meantime. 

Oghren: He can vaguely remember seeing Oren running around Orzammar with an excited expression, but he doesn’t really care until he meets him again after the events in the Deep Roads. Oren walks beside him, and constantly pesters him with questions about how amazing Orzammar must be, which only irritates the dwarf. But he just downs another gulp of ale and he is good to keep talking- though he’s sure to none-too-gently shut down his ideas of Orzammar being some sort of paradise. Oren seems to like him - Oghren doesn’t really know why- and spends a lot of time with him. He particularly likes to eat next to him, and when asked why, the boy says, “Mother always told me that my table manners were really bad…and Wynne says that nobody wants to look your way during mealtime…” Oghren stiffens at this for a moment, before nudging the boy’s side with a toothy grin. “Stick with me, kid, and I’ll keep their eyes off of ya.” 

Shale:  Shale had seen children in Honnleath and isn’t particularly fond of them, as they tend to want to climb all over them. They’re indifferent to children on a whole though, and they just note that children seem to be particularly more squishy than their elders. Shale coexists amicably with Oren, as the boy seems to be quite in awe of them- as he should be- and asks them many questions. Usually something like “Shale, do you think you would be able to throw that boulder over there? Maybe you could throw it at the darkspawn! Or the archdemon! You could stop the Blight. That’d be really cool!” Shale approves of that idea. What an excellent suggestion.

Loghain: It is much easier to turn a blind eye to the murder of a family when you don’t see the consequences. The first night that Loghain joins the camp, he is pestered with questions by Oren, who is enamoured with the legend of the Hero of River Dane. But a few days later, that all stops. He can’t tell who has told the boy, but someone has clearly let him know that Loghain had been allied with Howe, and turned a blind eye to the murder of the Couslands. Oren avoids him, and seems almost frightened of him. Of course he is. An ally of a monster must surely be a monster themselves, he thinks grimly. He’d thought himself beyond such pain, but he can’t deny that it does hurt him a little. Perhaps one day, he can redeem himself. In the world’s eyes…and in the eyes of the little Cousland. 


Eamon: Hearing of the Cousland massacre was horrifying, but it really was just another extreme example of the things noblemen were willing to do for power. After hearing of the terrible events in Redcliffe though, he realises how close he came to losing everything he loves too. Oren reminds him of Connor; of how easily his own son could have been left in the same position. He strives to make the boy happy out of this empathy and pity. Though a small voice in his head continues to remind him of the political benefits of having the future heir to Highever be indebted to him. 

Teagan: He is devastated when he hears about the massacre, but is relieved to hear there had at least been two survivors. When the Warden and Oren are brought to him the Chantry, he is horrified that the boy is in such constant danger. Once the events of Redcliffe are over, he immediately offers to take the boy in as a ward while the Warden is recruiting, and he is rather hard to convince to let the boy walk out of Redcliffe and into danger again. He admires the Warden for protecting the boy as much as they can, however, and he is happy to help if they ever need it.