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Do you know the timeframe that Kakashi was Hokage? It seems like he was Hokage for a short period but I don't know for sure??

I can’t remember for sure but I think he assumed the title directly following the war and then remained Hokage for like 10-15 years before passing the role on to Naruto. I know Himawari was already born by the time Naruto came into office so it would have been some time later. 

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present...THE FRESH PRINCE OF GOTHAM

In Crime Alley neighborhood born and raised
Out jackin’ tires was where I spent most of my days
Hustlin’, maxin’, earning dough all cool
Got caught by B-Man, sent to Ma Gunn’s school
When a couple crooks who were up to no good
Started making trouble in the neighborhood
I got in one little fight and Batman was impressed
He said “you’re moving to Wayne Manor, you’ll be Robin, it’s what’s best”

Never Ending Rivalries

Idol: Multi group

Type: Highschool gang AU

This is the first part and I would really really appreciate some feedback.

I looked myself up and down in the mirror making sure the outfit I chose was ok for the first day at my new school. The outfit wasn’t anything special, just something that made me feel comfortable and confident. Starting in the November of was making me nothing but nervous. Friend groups had already been made, classes started and seats were taken. This constantly happened, moving from school to school, neighborhood to neighborhood. This had been the way of life ever since Mom died. Dad was trying to find the best work, resulting in moving around constantly but now he finally found a good job that payed him a lot. Now I could finally settle in one place. At least that’s what he told me, he would work in a nearby city for our income but he wouldn’t have a lot of time to come home so I was left basically on my own. It didn’t make it better that the house was pretty large. I mean I was used to always being alone but this time was different. I feel like something is going to happen here. In this school. In this new house.

Walking downstairs I quickly set out food for my dog, Buster, a large German Sheppard. The dog was my one longtime companion who was always there. It sounded pathetic but that’s the way it was. Once the food was set out Buster came running, tail wagging and tongue sticking out of his mouth.

“Hey Bust, who’s my good boy?” I praised crouching down to his level, earning a big lick across my face. It left me giggling lightly.

“I gotta go boy. I promise we’ll go on a long walk when I get home ok?” I questioned, a loud bark sounding in agreement. I patted his head and headed to the door.

“Bye Bust!” I yelled as I closed the door starting the 15-minute walk to school. In no time I was approaching the large building. My stomach was flipping and for a second I contemplated turning back but I would have to face it some time. There were students milling about in the courtyard around the front of the school, even as a cool breeze blew through. ‘It’s now or never (Y/n)’ I coached as I took the first step to building.

If there was one thing I noticed walking into the courtyard it was the glares. None of which were aimed at me thankfully but from a group of boys on one end of the courtyard to a group of boys on the other end. Let me tell you the groups were large. It had to be over 20 people on each side, or at least it looked that way. As I glanced around my eyes locked with a pair of warm brown eyes belonging to a boy of average height (though he was shorter than most of the people around him) with a well-defined muscular structure and obviously dyed blonde hair. He was mixed in with one of the groups who were glaring. When our eyes locked he sent me a warm smile and wave, I smiled back lightly and started to make my way into the building.

“Hey wait a second!” I heard behind me once I had made it into the hallway. I turned around only to almost be slammed into. It was the same boy who had waved to me.

“Sorry, I did not expect you to walk that fast! I’m Jackson by the way and I’m hoping you’ll let me be your guide.” He grinned, slinging his arm around my shoulder. I blushed lightly before chuckling.

“I look that lost?”

“Sweetheart you stick out like a sore thumb, people around here can smell fresh meat from a mile away.”

“And that makes me feel much better” I sarcastically shot at him. He laughed out loud at that.

“Don’t worry about it, just stick with me. Now what’s your first class?” He stopped us in the middle of the hallway and I could feel the stares. They made me feel more uncomfortable than I would like to admit.

“Why is everyone staring?” I whispered before answering his question.

“Most people are afraid of us” Jackson answered confusing me.

“Us?” I questioned “And who could be afraid of you? Your way nicer than anyone in my previous schools!”

“I think that’s one of the nicest things someone has said to me in while” He touched his hand to his heart jokingly “What’s your first class?!” he basically started jumping up and down. I became increasingly happy because I had not only made a friend but a very interesting one at that. I took my back pack off my shoulders and fished through it pulling out a crumbled piece of paper smiling sheepishly.

“Here you go”
He smirked reading over it

“Ever the organized one (Y/n)~” He teased getting my name off of the top of the schedule. “Well good news, you’re stuck with me for the rest of the day” Handing my schedule back to me, he started practically dragging me to our first class…..I think I’m going to like it here.

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Hello again I'm the one who asked about the clean neighborhood thing.I read everything but then I got to thinking, should I have clean vacation neighborhoods as well ? Or just leave them alone? Also I love plastic box homes too ^_^ where are the simlish street signs from? Perfect game I envy you!

Nooo, don’t say that. It’s all CC made by other people. Just download a fuckton of CC and you’ll have the game you want, ezpz. :D You can find the signs here. And plasticbox is the best. It’s so fun to decorate her buildings, so many fun shapes I wouldn’t ever come up with on my own.

As to the vacation neighborhoods, it depends on how lazy you are. I am super extra lazy :P so I kinda regret getting clean templates for those because there’s no way I’m ever going to add custom locals myself. I looked around and found this tutorial on how create custom tourists/locals, so if you do get clean templates you can just add them yourself and not miss out on all the vacation thingies, like learning dances and gestures. Good luck!

important neighbor AUs for you to consider
  • “I saw you moving a heavy piece of furniture and I offered to help but now we’re having sex on it and I forgot to close the front door so you should probably stop being so loud” au
  • “we have a neighborhood watch meeting tonight and i may have pretended to see a shadowy figure so we’d have to patrol together” au
  • “my dog ran through your prizewinning roses and you started yelling so the whole neighborhood is on their lawns watching us fight” au
  • “the 4th of july barbecue is this weekend and you always win the best steak competition but i’ve been practicing and you’re going down” au
  • “the suburban white mom across the street is throwing out all her son’s video games because he smoked weed and we both have our eye on the same game” au
  • “there’s a creek in our backyard and when it floods you’re always out there watching the water rush away haven’t you seen bridge to terabithia” au
  • “we’ve had dinner at your house every night this week when are you going to actually ask me out” au
  • “i keep forgetting to put my trash cans on the curb when it’s trash day and you’ve been doing it for me right before the garbage truck comes so let me cook you dinner to say thank you” au

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For the makeup asks: highlighter, lipstick, and primer B)

highlighter: what is one person/thing etc you can’t imagine life without? fall out boy 
lipstick: kissed anyone? what’s the best/worst kiss you’ve had? yes, i’ve kissed 4 people. there was a boy in my neighborhood when i was in 5th grade and he was in 6th and i was “his girlfriend” and we’d hide around the neighborhood and kiss each other and i loved that. the worst kiss was in my junior year of high school when my friend and her younger sister had a bunch of their friends sleep over and i got dared to make out with one of the younger sister’s guy friends. we made out for the amount of time we were dared to and he was a really wet kisser and i was grossed out but he ended up sleeping next to me and he held a hand on my boob for literally the entire night and he snored so loud, it was bad. (the other two kisses were my childhood best friend and my seventh grade boyfriend)
primer: what do you look forward to in the near future? taking my little brother to his first concert - panic! at the disco - in april for his birthday. it’ll be my first time seeing panic! too, i’m so excited. 

send me a makeup ask !!

Short Fiction Sunday

I hate that we had to move. Everything about our new house is just stupid, but we have to stay here because of dad’s new job. It’s like mom and dad don’t even care that I had to say goodbye to all my friends.

Mom said, “We are only moving an hour away, sweetie. We can still visit them any time.” I hate when she calls me sweetie. I’m going into 5th grade. I’m not little anymore. And I know we are never going to visit my friends, even if we did, it wouldn’t be the same.

Our old house had a swimming pool and a swingset, and my best friend Jimmy lived right next door, so we could play every day in the summer. This house doesn’t have anything, but mom and dad keep saying it’s such a wonderful neighborhood. Mom is so excited that she has a lame garden now.

Our old neighborhood had a basketball court and a playground. I rode my bike around yesterday and all I saw here was stupid houses that all looked the same. And no kids. It’s like we live in Grandma’s retirement community in Florida.

Well, there are two kids who live next door, the O'Brian twins. They both have red hair and seem really weird. I saw them playing jump rope the other day, and they wear the babiest clothes, like, mutant ninja turtles and Pokemon shirts.

What’s most annoying is that mom keeps telling me to go play with them. She really doesn’t get it. If I start school in the fall and my only friends are the nerdy O'Brian twins, all the kids would think I’m a nerd too. There’s no way I’m doing that. I will already have a hard time making friends since I’m the new kid.

But one day a few weeks after we moved, I was so bored, and mom kept telling me to go outside, so I went out and sat on our front steps so she would finally leave me alone. All I could think about was how unfair it is that adults can decide to move and not give their kid any say in the decision. They don’t care about my life at all.

It was a really hot day, the kind where you have to be careful when you drink from the hose because the water inside is steaming hot for a few minutes. Jimmy and I used to play a game called Don’t Get Sprayed where we chased each other with the hose while the water was still hot.

I noticed that the O'Brian twins were riding their bikes in the street, and I almost went back inside so they wouldn’t see me, but for some reason I decided to watch them to see how weird they were being. They still had training wheels, which is like, the dumbest thing ever for kids our age. I bet they suck at sports.

Then one of them pulled up in front of me and skidded to a stop with his feet.

“Do you live there now?” he said.

“Yes,” I said. What a stupid question. I stood up to go in the backyard.

“Do you want to play Ancient Warriors with us?” he asked.

“What’s that?”

“We are like warriors from a castle and we have to go around fighting enemies and stuff.”

“Fine,” I said. I have no clue why I agreed.

I walked over to the front of their house, hoping to God that mom wouldn’t come outside and see me playing with the twins.

The other brother said, “Do you live there now?”

“No, I’m just visiting for the summer.”

“You said you lived there!” said the first twin.

“I was lying,” I said. I didn’t want them to think they could play with me forever.

I asked how we play Ancient Warriors, and they said that we first had to gather supplies for a big feast because warriors always feast before war. Then we would ride around the block to find enemies. I’m not gonna lie, it sounded kind of fun.

“Let’s look under rocks first,” said one of them. This confused me.

“We make our feast from wild species,” explained the other. Now I wished I hadn’t come over. Playing with bugs was such a little kid thing to do.

“Don’t you guys want to play football or something?” I asked. The twins looked baffled.

“We aren’t allowed to tackle,” one of them said.

So I stood near them and just watched as they went around their yard looking under every rock. I learned that one of them was named Timothy, and the other was Arthur. Timothy would scoop up ants and pill bugs and slugs and put them in the jar that Arthur held. Each time they found a new bug they would say, “Our troops will love this feast!”

If Jimmy knew I was doing this he would make so much fun of me.

Once the jar had tons of bugs in it, we went to the castle for the feast, which was just under their picnic table. The twins started saying a speech about fighting for the kingdom. I rolled my eyes but they didn’t see me.

“Can we do the war part now? What do we use as swords?” I asked.

“We don’t use swords. We just ride our bikes around and command our dragons to attack enemy castles.”

Oh dear lord these kids were boring.

“Why don’t we get some whiffleball bats and do sword training first?” I said.

“We aren’t allowed to play with fake swords,” Timothy said.

“And besides,” said Arthur, “we haven’t done the feast yet!”

I still can’t believe what I saw next. Timothy and Arthur opened up a small box near the end of the table and pulled out two crusty looking spoons. They both dug into their jar and scooped out big spoonfuls of mud and bugs. At the same time, they said, “May the Ancient Gods protect us!” and shoved the spoons into each other’s mouths! They both winced and chewed and giggled like it was a silly game, but they were actually eating the bugs! I felt sick to my stomach and thought I was going to puke, so I crawled out from under the table and ran straight back to my house.

When I walked in my front door, mom was coming down the staircase with a man I’d never seen before. He was straightening his tie as he walked past me towards the door.

I looked at mom, who seemed embarrassed for some reason, and then vomited on our living room floor.