10 Cute Gift Ideas For Totoro Fans!

1. My Neighbor Totoro Design Sofa

2. My Neighbor Totoro plush pencil case

3. Totoro Hoodie

4. Newborns Crochet Totoro Hat 

5. My Neighbor Totoro Plush Backpack Schoolbag

6. My Neighbor Totoro Round pillow

7. Totoro Art Print

8. My Neighbor Totoro Lovely Plush Cloak

9. Totoro Cartoon Bedding Set

10. My Neighbor Totoro Bed In Purple

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Studio Ghibli (1986 - 2014) (Click images for better quality!)
↳ Ghibli means ‘hot wind blowing through the Sahara Desert’. The name was used for Italian scouting airplanes during World War II. Miyazaki, who loves airplanes (and Italy), named his studio after it.