my names not joe


disloyal order of water buffaloes // fall out boy

pc: @qdeanna

everyone in the world was named Joe and I was an outcast for not being a “Joe” and finally I caved in and signed the paper to change my name and I was finally a regular old Joe with everyone else

if people in my life had decided to shorten my first name Jonatan with John like every normal person does, then in combination with my second name Alexander I would be Lams and i feel like i missed out on something great there…

can u believe billie joe armstrong and tre cool named their kids together after joey ramone? joey and ramona? that would be like if my friend and i named our kids billie and joe or tre and coola or mike and dirnta

Just started watching Digimon for the first time recently, and my partner requested that I draw our Current Favorite Kids, AKA “Precious Perfect Final Fantasy Princess” and “Stressed Sassy Responsible Child”. You can’t make me choose between them, I refuse.

Hmm… But are either of these the “““correct”““ Favorite Kid? Has the fandom already declared some other kid is the Best Kid? Am I doing Digimon wrong?

Well, whatever. I don’t care. These kids are the best kids, in my heart.

Now someone please give these poor ten-year-olds some food and beds, oh my god