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Bal and Huma is so strong that it hurts 😍😍😍

Both couples are so perfect 😍

Ben and Mal in this movie will show more problems than couples have, now they knew how to solve them. They are the main couple and that’s what matters, because they always end up together. The kisses they had were really beautiful and worthy of the main couple.

In Descendants 3 I expect the coronation of Mal as the queen of Auradon (that means that she would marry Ben) 😊

Harry and Uma are so crazy and psychopaths. I loved it when in the sword fight the moment he went for his hook, when he could not get out he called her and she without hesitation goes to his rescue. I really love that and in What’s my name? We all saw that they treat each other as a couple, for now with that I’m happy. Now that they are separated (by the end) we will see if they really have that appreciation.

In Descendants 3 I hope they get together and really expect a kiss from them 😭


DRAKE WALKER → The Royal Romance
Men of Choices Aesthetics [#05]

“They don’t even realize that the moments that matter the most are all the ones they’re missing. Moments like right now, just the two of us and some cheap whiskey. The ones that really mean something. At least, it means something to me, anyway.”

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books read in 2016 [3/?]

kings rising (captive prince #3) by c.s. pacat
laurent said, ‘our men have the gates and the halls. ios is yours.’
‘and you,’ said damen. ‘with your uncle gone, there won’t be resistance. you have vere.’
laurent was very still, and the moment seemed to draw out, the space between them private in the hushed baths.
‘and the centre. we both hold the centre,’ said laurent. and then: ‘it was one kingdom, once.’

“Please look after this bear. Thank you.”

A late tribute to Michael Bond (13th January 1926 - 27th June 2017).
When I was a child, I tried marmalade because of Paddington Bear. ❤