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“I’m Chelsea (in the black suit) and my wife’s name is Chay. About four years ago, I I met my future wife, Chay, at work. I was her trainer. I love that over the years my wife has been a tangible example of the love God has for me. She is nurturing, kind and understanding.

We recently cemented our union by getting married. We got married because we have children and we wanted to give them a solid foundation. We also want to be a true example of black lesbian women that pray together and stay together. We are strongly rooted in our spirituality and want to show that what we have is attainable. The best part of our wedding day for me was seeing my beautiful wife walk down the aisle with our son. We locked eyes and just knew we were in the right place at the right time.

By the way, the rope exemplifies our union and the knot at the bottom holds it all together.”~Chelsea & Chay are from Amityville, New York

{PART 3} I Can Save You // Jay Park

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Pairing: Jay Park x Reader

Genre: Angst // Drama // Fluff // Smut {RATED MATURE}

Summary: Jay leaves the club despite wanting to take you with him. Key confronts you and you end up stumbling home and running into someone unexpected.

A/N: Please be aware that this scenario contains violent, physical abuse towards women, prositution, emotional abuse and threats.

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4}

Upon leaving the room, Jay bounced down the stairs two at a time before opening the door that lead back into the club. He wanted nothing more than to drag you out there with him – but the most infuriating thing was; he didn’t know why. It’s not like he hadn’t been to strip clubs before to “enjoy himself”. He had met hundreds of girls who were just like you, but there was something about you that made him feel so defensive and defenceless all at the same time. It’s not that you needed saving, but he wanted to save you anyway. Jay walked quickly back over to the table were Simon and Loco were still fully involving themselves with the delights of Pixie and Sugar, but he was interrupted by a mysterious hand on the small of his back, making him almost jump out of his skin unexpectedly.

“Excuse me Sir, may I ask if there’s a problem?”

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it’s been months and everytime sungoh posts a picture he still gets these stupid comments like can we stop now? why can’t you leave him alone? he isn’t trying to “cosplay” v or look like v, so stop?

also you obviously have to follow or keep tabs on him to post these rude comments or you check his fucking sns every day like why are you putting so much effort just to send hate to him? please stop sungoh is just trying to be sungoh and it’s not okay that you post such negative comments to him. why don’t you spend your time doing something more positive instead of leaving hate to a dude just taking pictures and updating his fans???


Reasons why you should date me… :)
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Sorry if this stretches your dash and or probably looks terrible, I was gonna be satisfied with just my pencil sketch but then i wasn’t, so here you go.

so the other day @sushinfood wasn’t feeling very well (at least, their battery said so) and @photoshop-and-chocolate asked them a really cute question about what if stackbros+frisk and i couldn’t help myself … but instead of the tree tipping over, they did!!  I can imagine they’ve done this multiple times hehee

I had to do this with my mouse since my tablet and desktop are back at the college, I didn’t think bringing them home for a few days was worth it.  Boy howdy was I wrong!  Enjoy anyways, I might clean this up once I get back to my tablet … but yeah, that’s why this isn’t quite up to par

ps sushi if you wanted to voice this that’d be a okay and make my day :33


A lot of negative things going around on YouTube this week…. so I drunk a shit tonne of coffee and made a video for you that doesn’t make much sense… Enjoy :)


guess who I met today… JOE AND CHAII!!! omg they were sooo nice. They took the time to take a picture with everyone., and joe kept asking the girls who were at the back if  they were ok. and omg i knew i loved joe but i fell in love with Chai. he is one of the nicest people i have ever met. He kept thanking me and my friend(enjoylttlethings) for coming and i asked him if he could say hi to the rest of the youtubers and he said that he would do it. omg one of the best days. i am soo happy!!