my name's chai


Sorry if this stretches your dash and or probably looks terrible, I was gonna be satisfied with just my pencil sketch but then i wasn’t, so here you go.

so the other day @sushinfood wasn’t feeling very well (at least, their battery said so) and @photoshop-and-chocolate asked them a really cute question about what if stackbros+frisk and i couldn’t help myself … but instead of the tree tipping over, they did!!  I can imagine they’ve done this multiple times hehee

I had to do this with my mouse since my tablet and desktop are back at the college, I didn’t think bringing them home for a few days was worth it.  Boy howdy was I wrong!  Enjoy anyways, I might clean this up once I get back to my tablet … but yeah, that’s why this isn’t quite up to par

ps sushi if you wanted to voice this that’d be a okay and make my day :33


guess who I met today… JOE AND CHAII!!! omg they were sooo nice. They took the time to take a picture with everyone., and joe kept asking the girls who were at the back if  they were ok. and omg i knew i loved joe but i fell in love with Chai. he is one of the nicest people i have ever met. He kept thanking me and my friend(enjoylttlethings) for coming and i asked him if he could say hi to the rest of the youtubers and he said that he would do it. omg one of the best days. i am soo happy!!


I totalllllllly didn’t cry whilst watching the trilogy, especially not in part two and three ahahah what’s crying? I mean… my eyes were sweating but I’m pretty sure that’s just because it’s cold ((((: totally (: didn’t (: cry

p.s I love you troye and thank you for all the hard work your putting into for the music and stuff x