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one of my fave tropes for gay men is older gay men finding a man who completes them and makes everything make sense; whose patient w/ them coming to terms w/ themselves and agrees to take things slow so they can work towards being at peace w/ themselves; older gay men who have lived a life full of having to hide themselves and hold back but now they dont have to, because they found someone whose pretty close to their missing puzzle piece; older gay men who can finally go to pride with the one they love and they’re not afraid; older gay men who aren’t envious of younger gay ppl but learning to love them and be happy for them; finding happiness after a lifetime of homophobia and finally just not being so afraid to feel and love

thats the trope for gay men, esp adult gay men, i need to see more often.

Sweet Creatures.

Request: Harry’s toddler runs on stage + dad! harry fluff. 

“But daddy,” Your 2 years old baby girl pouted, reaching out with her arms as she was carried by you. 

“Emma, you’re going to see me, baby but I really have to go now.” Harry sighed, approaching her. 

“Daddy’s going to be late, Em.” Your wise-beyond-his-years 4 years old Tommy said, one hand clutching your top. 

You smiled down at your son before looking at the fussing toddler in your arms. “The sooner you stop fussing, the quicker daddy will be done.” 

Harry nodded at what you said before leaning to kiss Emma’s forehead. “Be good, yeah? Won’t be long.” He then kneeled down to embrace Tommy in a hug. 

“Good luck, daddy! Love you.” Tommy grinned, leaving a sloppy kiss on Harry’s cheek which Harry never minded. 

“Thanks, buddy. I love you, too.” He grinned at his son before standing up and leaning to press a kiss to your waiting lips. 

“Go own the crowd, H. I’m so proud of you.” You smiled at him as he stood in his cream colored floral suit. 

The grin never left his face as he pressed another kiss to your lips, grateful to have his supportive wife through this. “I love you.” 

“I love you.” You replied, watching as he got ready to go on stage. 

You cooed at Emma who sighed and hugged you, nuzzling her head in your neck. You frowned when you felt wetness on your neck, realizing that your youngest was crying. “Hey, hey, baby,” You sighed, holding Tommy’s hand with your hand as you walked towards a couch that was backstage where you were, still managing to see your husband greet the audience.

You seated Emma on your lap and helped Tommy beside you before looking at Emma and wiping her tears. “As soon as daddy is done, we’ll go out to get ice cream.” You tried to reason. 

“But I want daddy now.” She sniffled. 

It was obvious that Emma was daddy’s girl while Tommy was a total mummy’s boy. Emma was very clingy to her daddy, you had joked about it a few times, saying that it seemed like it was Harry who carried her for 9 months. 

“Awe, you don’t want me? Don’t want mummy?” You pouted. 

“Mummy no pout,” She pulled at your lips to have you smile instead. “I wuv mummy but I want daddy.” 

“Is daddy going to sing Chain Chain, mummy?” Tommy asked.

 You chuckled, looking at him. “Yes, baby. He’s going to sing The Chain tonight.” You pushed his curly hair out of his face, caressing his cheek lovingly. “Don’t you love The Chain, Ems? The one daddy sang when aunt Gem was visiting?” You smiled at her. 

She smiled, nodding. “Chain chain.”

“Let’s go stand so we can watch daddy, yeah? No more crying, baby. Hate it when you cry.” You smile, kissing her forehead. 

You let Emma down, one hand holding Tommy’s and the other holding Emma’s. 

You grinned as your eyes caught your husband on stage, who was grooving to Woman as he was seemingly lost in the euphoria of the adrenaline of doing what he loves. You and your kids twirled each other, dancing to the song and singing to each other. 

Harry’s eyes looked towards you, instantly grinning at the sight before looking out at the audience. As the song came to an end, Tommy laughed out loud, clapping his hands in excitement while Emma was tugging at your hand towards the stage. “Mummy! Pwease! Pwease mummy!” 

“Baby, no. We can’t.” You shook your head. Before you can process what was happening, she gave you a mischievous grin before letting go of your hand and running on stage with a squeal. You and Tommy gasped, eyes wide before Tommy looked at you, trying to stifle his giggles by hiding his mouth behind his hands. 

Harry’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion as the audience’s screams grew louder before feeling something - or more like someone - wrapping their arms around his leg. He laughed when he looked down, seeing his daughter looking at him with doe eyes and a grin. He looked towards you, seeing you giving him a sheepish smile and shrug with Tommy laughing beside you. Harry lifted Emma in his arms, standing behind his microphone. “You couldn’t wait, you little bear, could you?” He grinned at her. 

Emma shook her head, giggling as she clung to his neck. Harry looked at you once again, motioning with his hand to join him. Your eyes widened and you shook your head before patting Tommy’s back. “Go join daddy, baby.” 

A second later, Tommy had ran to his daddy who was kneeling with his arm open that didn’t have Emma in, feeling his oldest run in. Carrying his two kids in his arms, he looked at Tommy, “Why don’t you tell all these people your name?” 

With blushing cheeks, Tommy leaned closer to the microphone, looking at the audience in front of him. “My name is Tommy Robin Styles. Hi.” 

Everyone cheered, making him nuzzle his head in Harry’s neck and Emma to clap for her brother. Harry’s chest vibrated with chuckles before kissing his son’s curly hair. He looked at Emma who instantly leaned to the microphone, “Hi! I’m Emma Anne Stywes. I’m 2!” Everyone awed, Harry and you laughing at your daughter’s straightforwardness.  

“You both want to stay with daddy for the next song? Help me out because I forgot the lyrics?” He rocked them in his arms, eyes moving back and forth on them. They eagerly nodded, getting ready. “What about Sweet Creature?” 

Again, they both nodded. Before the music began, someone came with two mics, making Harry set his kids to their feet with each one holding a mic as the soft music began. 

“Sweat creature. Had another talk about where it’s going wrong.” Harry sang, kneeling between his kids and nodding at them to continue. 

“But we’re still young,” They both sang, “We don’t know where we’re going but we know where we belong.” 

Harry grinned at the harmony they created. “Oh, we started, two hearts in one home. It’s hard when we argue, we’re both stubborn, I know.” 

They both began excitedly singing the chorus, making Harry chuckle as his eyes welled up with tears, watching his own kids sing his song. He left them at it, occasionally helping them out with the lyrics softly and his grin only widening whenever they sang the chorus. He watched as Tommy wrapped his arm around his sister’s shoulders, bringing her closer to him. 

Harry looked at you, seeing you were in the same emotional state as him; wiping your tears with a warm smile as you watched your family. He caught your eyes and mouthed the words that held so much meanings, “I love you.” 

tears. I’m in tears. 


pancakes? pancakes. (insp.)

ok but like wonder woman au for power rangers where diana is kim, steve is trini, zack is etta, jason and billy are charlie and sameer, tommy is the chief and rita is ares

It would obviously be trimberly centric but cranscott and zack x tommy could happen as well 


It’s equal parts frustrating and wonderful that the Counselors in the Friday the 13th game have very little established personality, because while on the one hand it means nobody sees them quite the same… on the other it gives you free reign to develop fun, quirky details about them. And somehow, perhaps because I play Deborah almost exclusively and it’s something both myself and my sister have used when being camp counselors in real life… I can’t help seeing Deborah deliberately giving people the wrong middle name to get their attention. The more ridiculous the name, the more frustrated she may be, or the more she wants their attention. And sometimes it may be a very awkward attempt to flirt, who knows.

It does bring a lovely picture to mind of her wearing Pamela’s sweater and scolding him with a fake middle name too! (Who knows, it might work for a moment even!)

As for the blushy picture… well I just couldn’t help myself. XD Not sure if the cute blond guy she’s swooning over is Chad or maybe even Tommy (he IS sort of an ash blond in the movie, after all!) I can kinda see either or even both; Chad’s cute even if he’s about as smart as a rock, and Tommy’s not too hard on the eyes either, plus he’s canonically quite good at tech things like repairing machines. They can bond while repairing the phone, maybe!

You’re Not Like Her -- Thomas Shelby

Request: “Tommy Shelby smut?? Maybe where the reader is slightly younger and less inexperienced but she’s not a virgin (lots of male on female oral and kinky if you wanna do that) thank you x”

Warnings: SMUT!!! (16+). Cursing.

Pairing: Thomas Shelby x Reader

Summary: Never, ever tease Thomas Shelby.

Word Count: 1481

Listen To: Love Her Anyways by Hearts & Colors

A/N: This is absolute shite, btw.

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I will never understand why Fox went through the trouble of putting Quicksilver in the X-Men movies WHEN NORTHSTAR IS ALREADY THE X MEN’S RESIDENCE SPEEDSTER IN COMICS!!!!

Vide Cor Meum III

Thomas Shelby x Reader

Summary: What would a man do to protect his family, wealth, and business? Marry his daughter off to Birmingham’s most ambitious: Thomas Shelby.

Word Count: 1822

Warnings: Smut. 

A/N: What better way to announce my return than the third installment of Vide Cor Meum! A little present on the Eve of Christmas Eve or if you’re ahead of time than me, a presnt for Christmas Eve!

Part I   Part II

Somewhere behind the roaring blood in his ears, her screams were gargled. He could taste the ash. His skin, though perfectly untouched, was seared. Somewhere in the smoke and the fire he could see a looming figure. A corpse with burnt flesh and singed hairs. So much death. No matter how hard he fought to move, a brute force kept him chained. The figure loomed so close. The smell of charred skin.

Then the crushing weight. Rubble, ash, and earth caving in.

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“Trish, what are you telling her?!”

I’m still working on the Prom pictures, don’t worry (I didn’t have references yesterday so I couldn’t finish the one I was working on), but this has been kicking around in my head for a bit now. It’s sort of two headcanons rolled into one– one, that Trish moved away from Crystal Lake a while ago, but lives close enough to visit from time to time. Which of course is handy when she’s got a little brother who has a habit of nearly getting himself killed and/or making the local news.

And second, that Tommy is very fond of dogs and eventually ends up getting once after being settled in to a more “normal” life, post part VI (and after the events of the game, for my little timeline.) He was definitely very fond of Gordon in part IV, and even if service dogs for things other than blindness weren’t really a thing until after the 1980’s, having a dog around might not be a bad thing. Plus it’s a really cute image too. :3 I didn’t really try to design the dog to look like any specific breed, it might just be a mutt honestly. ^^;;

Daddy’s Girl

Originally posted by jontaargaryens

“Come on, you can say it. Ma-ma.”

“Da-da,” Lillian squeaked out.

“Ma-ma,” you repeated anxiously.


“Lily, come on. you can do this,” you said angrily.

“Da-da,” she shouted more enthusiastically, flailing her little fingers at you.

“Jesus we’re raising an idiot,” you muttered under your breath. Lily’s little laugh then filled the air.

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Originally posted by cxhragrove

Summary: Billy always finds a way to screw things up with Andy.

A/N:This is a mess and if it does well enough I’ll make it into a series??? Can you tell I  was listening to some extra whiny angst filled music?(my fave)  Let me know what you guys think!! Like I said, this does well enough I’ll make it into a series. The ending was left ambiguous for a reason *insert devil emoji here*


Cardinals by The Wonder Years
Local Man Ruins Everything by The Wonder Years
Clairvoyant by The Story So Far
Coexist by Have Mercy

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mellarkablegirl  asked:

for a prompt request: single mom katniss takes her infant daughter to college because her babysitter cancels , and her classmate Peeta helps take care of the kid so K can concentrate. .

So this took me a loooong time, and I’m sorry for that, @mellarkablegirl. I had some trouble with this prompt because it’s a little out of my comfort zone and I tweaked it a little bit. I hope that’s okay and that it’s worth the wait.

A HUGE thank you to @papofglencoe for the quick beta work and encouragement!!<3


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Summer Fun | Lifeguard!Tom AU (includes smut)

Requested: Yep!

Rating: R for language and smut (which you can read around if you’re not in the mood for it) oral, fingering that kind of stuff

Summary: you had no idea the most exciting part of your summer family vacation would include a hot lifeguard, a summer party and the beach.

You had assumed that the most exciting part of your annual family vacation was your parent’s decision to allow you to bring a friend with you on your travels to the resort that your family went to every summer that you could remember.

At first, this was exactly the case, as your vacation consisted mostly of fast food stops and posing in front of monuments on the way to the resort.

The most exciting part of your annual summer vacation, however, became a particular boy.

You became fixated on him from the second you saw him walking around the edge of the pool with a whistle hanging from his neck, and a pair of sunglasses either pushed back on top of his head, nestled in his hair, or balancing on the bridge of his nose. He was ripped, his muscles flexed and rippled underneath the sun’s rays and droplets of water. You figured he had to be in shape, he was here potentially to save lives, after all, you figured. But you knew you could rationalize the lifeguards gorgeous physique all day, but that wouldn’t stop you from wanting him.

You’d made sure your friend saw him the very moment you decided he was hot, which didn’t take long at all. The boy was always smiling, and what made the situation even better, was that even your friend agreed with your theory that he looked to be around your age.

When he moved to the top of a slide to regulate all of the riders, you and your friend decided that it was worth a shot to talk to him at the top of the slide, or if nothing else, to simply get a better look.

So up you climbed, ascending to the top of the stairs to stand in the line waiting to slip down the slide into the deep water of the pool waiting below.

“Smile at him,” your friend whispered harshly when it was your turn to wait at the entrance of the slides enclosed tube.

“Shut up,” you hissed with a slight giggle, hoping the cute boy who had sat up slightly more in his plastic chair upon seeing you couldn’t hear your conversation.

“Hang on just a second,” he spoke to you, not raising his sunglasses off of his nose. He stood up to peer over the edge, surveying the pool beneath the slides opening to make sure the coast was clear. His nose, cheeks and shoulders were all pink from the sun, his skin tanned slightly.

“Alright, you’re all good to go,” he spoke, a polite smile gracing his lips. You nodded slightly, your mouth mimicking his.

You made sure to slightly adjust your weight just right to the side as you stepped into the basin at the top of the slide to accentuate the curves of your hips in a way you hoped was subtle but not so much he didn’t take note as you propelled yourself down the slide.

You tried to look graceful as you fell into the water from the slide but you worried you hadn’t quite accomplished this goal as you swam towards the ladder at the side of the pool.

You waited for your friend to come out of the slide and exit the pool, you waited until she was close enough to hear your voice softly ask: “did he look interested in me?”

Your friend grinned, “well, I guess if you count watching you step into the slide like he’d never seen somebody cute in his life before than yes, I’d say he’s interested.”

This set your heart ablaze, you knew there was no future with a random life guard, and that your little school girl crush was purely based on his physicality. But with his body being so fine, you really couldn’t find it in yourself to care. It was your last day at the resort and you were compelled by this fact to be a bit braver, and a bit more direct than you normally were, especially when it came to hot, shirtless boys you didn’t know.

“Alright, so we’ve got to get you two to talk, let’s go again,” your friend suggested and the two of you once again climbed up the stairs to the slide.

This time the line was slightly longer so you and your friend had more time to plan your strategy for catching the cute lifeguards attention.

“Alright, this time, here take this-”
Your friend handed you her hair elastic. “-And play with it in your fingers and pretend to drop it on accident as you get towards the slide and I’ll watch to see if he notices when you pick it up,”

You made jokes about how the plan was stupid and degrading and some sort of “bend-and-snap” rip-off, but your friend only smiled and winked at you as you got to the top of the stairs.

You tried not to seem even remotely winded by the long and steep ascent, as you followed through with your plan, gracefully reaching down to grab the hair tie, successfully retrieving it from the floor filled with puddles.

“Alright, love, go ahead,” he waved down with a smile, this time his glasses had been pushed to the top of his head and you could confirm he was definitely attractive. You tried not to visibly react at all to the pet name but you let out your excitement in a joyful yelp as you went down the slide.

Little did you see, Tom had been watching you too, and he’d noticed that you seemed to be paying attention to him as well. He hoped and prayed it wasn’t just his own vanity creating an interest in him that didn’t exist in your mind at all.

Once you found your friend at the bottom, you looked up and saw Tom peering down, your friend waved coyly and you both giggled when he waved back without hesitation, a wide grin on his face that you could see even with the distance between you.

“He totally checked you out, I’m not exaggerating, YN, he’s into you, I can tell okay? My attraction-senses are tingling!”

You rolled your eyes at her faux “senses” but couldn’t keep to yourself that you hoped she was right. The two of you thought to go to somewhere other than the slide, but you’d hate to miss the lifeguards shift for no reason when this was your one chance to make an impression- and possibly a move.

“So, is it fun being up here?” You questioned when it was nearly your turn to go down the slide, your friend taking extra long to get settled and slide down to give the two of you more time to chat.
“Uh, it’s alright, better than having to watch the huge pool, it’s definitely more fun when there are cool people coming up,” the wink you sent your way made you feel hotter than you had before, standing under the beaming sun.

“Are you a local? Or a tourist?” He questioned as you sat down in the now familiar slide. “Tourist,” you replied simply, and the lifeguard nodded thoughtfully, a smile tugging on his lips. He looked behind him and saw the line of people waiting for the slide, held up by the two of you chatting. He turned back around and offered you a sheepish grin, his face expressing his fear of upsetting any customers. He signaled you could go down with a wave of his hand, smiling. You pushed yourself towards the tunnel, arms crossed over your chest. Your friend was waiting for you at the edge of the pool with her feet dangling in the water, sunglasses sliding down the bridge of her nose.

“So, are you guys married yet?” She teased. You rolled your eyes but you found yourself walking back towards the now-familiar stairs to the slide.

Now, the line had shortened considerably and your friend went down the tube before you, leaving you to talk to Tom.

“So, what’s your name, tourist?” He questioned lightly, leaning back in his chair a bit so he could look up at your face without straining his neck or standing up. You told him, and he nodded with a smile, repeating your name to himself before informing you that his name was Tom. “Tommy with my friends, and Thomas when I’m in trouble,” he joked lightly, you giggled at the joke and nodded, trying to think of what to say next. Before you could, Tom shifted in his seat to be closer to you, and spoke again “how long are you going to be here, tourist?”

“You know my name, y'don’t have to call me tourist,” you reminded, a smile grew on his lips.
“And I’ll be here until tomorrow morning,” you said, leaning against the slides entrance and shifting your weight.

“I see,” he said thoughtfully, “do you have plans for tonight?”
You shook your head,growing excited. “No, just dinner with my parents, and YFN,” you motioned to them, sat on the side of the pool as they had before.

“Well, YN, would you be interested in coming to a bit of a get together tonight? It’ll be chill, I promise,” he informed you, and you heard the noises of children climbing the stairs to the slide.
“Have you invited a lot of other tourists?” You questioned, trying to understand the dynamic forming between the two of you.

“No, you’re the only one, darling, you can bring your friend, of course, it starts at 10, right there by the dock on the beach,” he pointed far off to the other side of the resort, motioning to a beach adjacent with the ocean. The sun above you already beginning to set.

“It’s mostly for the staff here, soft of an end to the summer thing,” he informed you. You nodded.

“So, will you come?” He asked, new people who wished to ride the slide were beginning to reach the top of the stairs now, limiting your response time. You would have to sneak out of your room to go, but you knew it was a manageable risk.

“We’ll have to see,” you teased, sitting down in the familiar basin of the slide, water rushing around your legs now.

“That’s not very definitive, YN,” he jokingly scolded, and you held up your arms in an exaggerated shrug. “I’ll see you tonight if I can,” you promised, Tom’s face lit up despite his best efforts to keep his emotions concealed.

You smiled to yourself at his readable reaction. “Well, guess I have to let you go for now, darling,” he motioned subtly to the children who were now waiting for your spot.
“10 o'clock, at the dock over there,” he called behind you as you slid down the enclosed tube of the slide. You let out a cheer in excitement about your success and could barely keep in your news long enough to find your friend so you could unload all of the new information onto their waiting ears.

“Oh my god,” she exclaimed, gripping your forearms. “You got invited to a staff beach party?” You nodded in confirmation proudly. “Well, obviously were going, it’ll be ten before we know it, let’s go get you ready!“ 

It was nearly ten by the time you and your friend were satisfied with your appearance. You donned a swimsuit that was guaranteed to make tom swoon beneath your pajamas, the extra layer of clothing in place to ensure your parents wouldn’t suspect a thing when you checked in with them to tell them goodnight.

Your hair was tousled just right, and you were assured over and over by your friend that even in the dark, there was no way Tom could possibly be ignorant to your beauty.

You checked in with your parents, both you and your friend giving a quick recap of your day in their hotel room that was down the hall from yours. You mentioning talking with a lifeguard but downplayed the situation so you knew that nobody would think anything of it.

Within the hour, the clock on your phone flipped from 9:59 to 10:00, and you found you and your friend running through the hotel hallways, energized in excitement and adrenaline.

You were so excited to meet Tom again that you found yourself rocking to and fro not your legs in an anticipatory kind of dance.

You saw the lights that lined the beach before you were even close enough to see any of the partygoers on the sand. You then heard the music, and then, the unmistakable sound of Tom’s voice, straining to be heard over the loud music. You were nearly buzzing with excitement as you searched the crowd for him.

Before your eyes could lock on his familiar face, he called your name, and your head turned to follow the noise. Tom jogged up to you at a leisurely pace, his feet kicking up sand as he came.

“You decided to show!” He stated, your friend patted your shoulder and mumbled something into your ear about a cute lifeguard you saw a few meters over near a table of food in a red one piece swim suit.

Tom watched her go, his gaze instantly returning back to you.

“I did,” you confirmed with a giggle that Tom joined in on swiftly, the two of you standing close to each other.

“Do you want a drink? Sierra over there made a damn good hard lemonade for tonight,” Tom inquired, motioning to the girl who your friend had gone up to talk to, both of them holding red plastic cups in their hands.

“Well, if she went to all that trouble the least I can do is try it,” you said teasingly, as though you had any inhibitions about trying the drinks. Tom nodded, walking towards the table without letting his strides carry him too far from you, fighting the urge to grab your hand.

“My thoughts exactly, YN,”

“Great minds think alike,” the two of you said at the same time, your gazes meeting with widened eyes and tentative smiles.

“Hey, Tommy, who’s this lovely lass,” the girl you figured was Sierra motioned to you with the hand she used to hold the cup, her movements loose but calculated just enough not to spill anything from her cup.
“This is YN,” he explained with a smile, Sierra’s eyebrows went up and down quickly and a grin spread across her mouth effortlessly.

“Ah, I see, ‘ve heard a lot about ya already, YN,” and with that Tom issued Sierra who was clearly a friend a warning “shut up,” that had a light tone but a scolding glance that everyone but her failed to pick up on. It was his only way to communicate his desire to seem cooler to you than he felt. Sierra’s smile only grew as her hands lifted in feigned surrender.

“Well, me and YFN are goin’ to hit the dance floor,” she motioned to an area of the beach where multiple teens were swaying and gyrating to the pulse of the music that played from a speaker you couldn’t locate.
With that, your friend and Sierra locked hands and took off in the direction of the music, both of them giggling to each other.

“Well they’ve certainly hit it off,” you commented with a grin to Tom, your friend sending you a wink behind her shoulder as she was led off by Sierra.

Tom hummed in agreement. “Doesn’t take much to hit it off with Sierra,” he said, handing you a cup. “Same with her, obviously,” you said with a small laugh, your friend and Sierra were now gyrating to the music in sync, their hips pressed tightly together and hands wandering, Sierra whispering something into your friend’s ear.

You sipped at the lemonade in your cup, not wanting to get anything passed buzzed when you had to be back in your hotel room in a few hours.

You and Tom walked away from the music along the beach close to the water so you could hear each other better, finding a spot beneath the dock and sitting down next to each other in the sand, completely concealed from everyone else by long support pillars that were long, wide and tall.

You talked and laughed and flirted, hours passing that felt like moments. Neither of you could pinpoint the moment that you and Tom began hiding hands, and you couldn’t exactly tell when your breathing had become jagged due to Tom’s mouth working it’s way around your neck. You had no clue when you had straddled his hips, or when you decided you needed him to take care of the need that had built up inside you.

“Let’s find somewhere better to do this,” Tom suggested, trying to catch his breath. “Somewhere close,” you pleaded and Tom nodded, the two of you getting up and your hands connecting again. “Of course, darling, won’t keep y’ waiting too long,” tom promised, planting a few kisses around your face. He led you to a small structure with a secure door and fished around in his pocket for a key. “This is where the lifeguards come to take lunches, it’s almost never used because it’s not that cool, only a kitchen really, and a couch,” he grinned at you. With that, the door swung open after he prodded at the lock with the key he produced from the lanyard in his pocket.

“Here y’ go, darling, watch your step,” his hand pushed the door open and one found your waist, supporting you as you moved inside the dark room, Tom quickly flipping up the light switch positioned on the wall.

The structure was clean and nice looking, half of it done in linoleum and the other half in carpet to separate an eating and relaxing area. A small kitchen set including a counter, stove, over, refrigerator and microwave sat on one side, and a tv and couch on the other.

You examined your surroundings and determined you felt entirely safe before turning around suddenly, and bringing your lips back to Tom’s.

The two of you staggered to the couch, you falling beneath Tom, him supporting his weight over you with his forearm before flipping the two of you over so that you could return to grinding down on him.

Before you knew it, the two of you were on the floor, Tom now on top of you again, kissing down your body with both of you naked. You were writhing beneath him, whines escaping your mouth.

Tom pulled the last shred of clothing from your body, your underwear. He began to tease your sensitive core with his fingers. Only now did your inhibitions suddenly return, muted, but still present.

“Please be gentle, I haven’t done this before,” you admitted, gripping his forearm softly in your hand. Tom’s head shot up, and he shifted away from your core, your hips bucking up on instinct, looking for any form of contact.

“What haven’t you done before, darling?” Tom questioned, now resting back on his knees. You sat up as well, your faces close.

“I’ve done all of this before, just not the whole…” you tried to say what you meant without completely killing off the mood. You just needed to tell tom you’d never gone farther than one of your previous boyfriends poorly fingering you once.

“You don’t need to be embarrassed, there’s nothing wrong with however far you’ve gone,” Tom reassured, his hands now on your arms, rubbing up and down supportively.

“I’ve just never gone all the way,” you admitted, spitting the words out while you still had the courage to do so.

Tom’s eyes widened slightly for a fraction of a second, his eyebrows raising and head tilting back in understanding.

“That’s more than fine love, I’ll be gentle, you just tell me whatever you’re comfortable with, yeah?”

You nodded. “I won’t be weird about it after, or think that we’re in love or something I just-“ you grasped one of his hands and brought it between you legs. “Just need you.”

Tom grinned and gently taped on your shoulders with his fingertips. You laid back, excited. Tom kissed down your body once again, blowing a cool stream of air over his work and taking pleasure in watching your body react. Your hands found themselves woven into his hair, you whimpering a chorus that consisted of his name, mingled with fragments of “more” and “please” and noises you’d never heard yourself make before. Tom circled your clit with his thumb, inserting a finger into you slowly, you both felt your walls relax around him, and he began to pump in and out, your fingers tightening their grip on his locks.

He added another finger, and continued to pump at a steady speed until you found yourself releasing onto his skilled hand.

“Was that good for y’ darling?” He questioned, you nodded and without pause, bucked your hips up.

“Fuck me,” you pleaded, Tom sat up. Completely, returning to kiss your mouth. “Darling, I want your first real time to be much more than I can provide for y’ right now, I want it to be better than with some lifeguard in a shack,” he said, kissing you again.

You agreed, but the sentiment didn’t placate the deep ache in your core. “But-“ you began to protest when Tom lowered his face again to suck on your neck in a place he knew drove you wild. “Now, why don’t you let me take care of you in another way,” he suggested. You nodded, not in the mood to turn away pleasure of any form.

Tom smiled happily, and moved back slightly and lowered his head down onto you, barely giving you any time to recover from his previous ministrations.

His tongue lapped at you, his mouth vibrating as he groaned like you were the best thing to ever grace his tongue.

His tongue rolled over your clit over and over again and his fingers returned to their place inside of you, pumping again. You climaxed for a second time, Tom’s name rolling from your lips again and again like the waves you could hear from where you were on the beach.

“Tom sat up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and sucking on his fingers.

“‘As that enough for y’ darling? Feeling alright?” He questioned in a tone that sounded almost loving. You nodded, letting your head fall back into the carpet, feeling close to completely spent.

Tom smiled, very clearly pleased with his work. You then realized that throughout this entire affair, Tom’s underwear had stayed on, he shifted uncomfortably in them, clearly trying to find some friction on his own. You reached gingerly to touch his bulge with your palm, fingers wrapping around his length. Tom wrapped a hand around your wrist softly.

“No, darling, you don’t have to-“

“I want to.” And with that, Tom was completely done fighting you. At your request, he sat on the couch and you found a spot between his legs, on your knees, thankful for the plush carpet beneath them.

You pulled Tom’s underwear down, suddenly feeling unprepared.
“Show me how to make you feel good,” you spoke, hoping you wouldn’t sound juvenile. Much to the opposite effect, Tom let out a groan, his hips flexing ever so slightly. “Here,” you wrapped your hand loosely around his thick shaft, completely hard in your palm.

Tom wrapped his hand around yours, and started your hand moving at a steady pace, your fingers tightening around him due to the gentle pressure that he applied.

Soon, you sat tall on your knees, more confident now. Tom removed his hand, eyes rolling back and head tilting in pleasure, your name falling from his tongue over and over again.

You lapped at his tip eagerly, his hands hanging onto your hair for dear life.

You sank down onto him, letting his hands gently dictate your pace, you could tell how hard he was straining to not buck his hips or push on your head more than he should. You moaned around his tip, sucking him off with growing confidence.

He gently pulled up on your head and whimpered out in a broken voice: “I’m goin’ t’ come, darlin’,” and he did, all over your chest and stomach.

The two of you shared a lazy kiss, both of you completely spent, your swimsuit and outer layers cast on the floor next to Tom’s red trunks.

“Well, what do you say we go for a swim, there’s no shower in here,” Tom laughed a bit sheepishly. You nodded, and the two of you found yourselves carrying your swimsuits out of the club house, streaking all the way to the water as fast as your legs would carry you. The ocean water cleaned and invigorated you.

Tom helped you in situating your swim suit and you finally found your friend and Sierra, both of them showing obvious signs of indulging in each other the way you and Tom had.

It began to get cold in the water, a sign that morning wasn’t too far off.

You checked your phone, realizing that it was much later than you’d figured.

“Do you have to leave?” Tom asked, a hand running over your back daringly. You nodded reluctantly, feeling ready to fall into your bed despite the fun you were having.

“Well, let me see this for just a second then, darling,” you handed Tom your phone and he punched his number in, labeling his contact name with a various string of emojis that depicted kissing, the ocean and the sun. You laughed at his choice in graphics and kissed his cheek to say goodbye.

“See you next summer?” You questioned, more optimistic in your odds of seeing each other again now that you had his number. Tom nodded, “with any luck, we can see each other before the summer,” he spoke sincerely.

Tom made you promise to text him that you’d gotten home safely, and you did, you and your friend taking off jogging across the sand back to your hotel, only slowing down when you reached the interior of the now quiet hotel with your room’s door closed securely behind you.

“Well, that was definitely my definition of summer fun,” your friend teased, the two of you falling into bed.

You barely heard her, however, as you had already began composing your text to Tom, the cute lifeguard, your new crush.