my name is tommy

just want everyone to understand

i loved power rangers so much growing up that i wanted to change my name to tommy and i even grew out my hair in my early teenage years probably because i subconsciously wanted to be like him. basically i love tommy. it actually has less to do with the power rangers than i thought, i think i’m just tommys biggest fan

Hey everyone, I’m alive! Sorry I’ve been inactive, this summer has been pretty crazy so far. :O Here’s a little update on where I’ve been/what I’ve been up to:

- Been working on a short film down at school as of late. We’re nearing the end of animation so hopefully I’ll be able to work from home soon. Stay tuned!

- My family adopted kittens! They’re named Tommy and Teddy. It’s a toss-up as to whether they’re named after Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt or Tommy Shepherd and Teddy Altman ;)

- Got a PS4 so all I’ve been doing in my free time is playing Overwatch ^u^. Hanzo/Lucio/ are my mains, but I love everyone <3

- Finished watching Kiznaiver and Voltron! I am OBSESSED with Voltron, I need more episodes like ASAP.

- My Comic-Con badge arrived in the mail so if you’re gonna be attending I’ll be in San Diego for Friday! :D

- I plan on opening commissions once I’m done commuting to school. I’ll also be putting my Civil War Spidey up on my Storenvy hopefully this coming Friday.

SO anyways, here’s a 90% leg cutie-patootie. I hope to post more, I’ve got a ton of doodles.

omg have y’all watched the bruins’ casino night video bcos doesn’t it sound like like marchy and bergy are straight out of ocean’s 11 or something, like two guys walk into a casino all “aw gawrsh it’s our first time playing craps! gosh, what do you do?? we’re so clueless about this.” and then by the end of the night, they’d have taken everyone’s money.

“my name is tommy, this is ricky. we’ve never been to vegas before!!”

and then basically going “oh noooo snake eyes :(((( guess you have to give us your chips :((((((((” and stuff all night

“well it has been a pleasure, friends, but timmy and i have to go”

“i thought you said his name was tommy”

“anyway goodbye!!!!”

then they ride off into the sunset in clouds of money. ON TO THE NEXT CON.


In June 2016, my friend heard rumors of Harry’s Character in Dunkirk being named Tommy. We were way off at the time, but I posted this on Wattpad and got great feedback, and my best friend is a blogger here as well, and has been begging me to post fanfic on here, so here I am. (I edited this version to Alex instead of like on Wattpad where its the wrong name lmao)


“And, sign here.”

I was finally here getting the marriage license framed. I don’t know why it took me this long. I promised him I’d get it done so he could look at it before he left. I guess I kept putting it off so he’d stay.

“Thank you,” she said, taking back the pen and receipt.

I waited patiently at the desk waiting for her to hand me the frame. My mind was wandering, and I couldn’t help but go back to what happened a few days ago.

“Ma'am..” the police officer stood on the door step as I swung open the front door. He handed me an envelope, and a dog chain with Alex’s initials engraved on one side, and his credentials on the other.

“I’m so sorry.” I knew this would happen. I told him to not to go.

I shook my head, a single tear flooding down my cheek. I smiled, and nodded. “Well,” I sighed. “I suppose I should have seen it coming. Thank you.”

I quickly closed the door. I pressed my back against the door, staring at the chain. I took a deep breath, and looked to the picture frame hung up on the wall next to the door. The day Alex made us both go get pictures when he got his uniform.

“Okay,” I whispered. “I’m gonna be okay. Don’t worry ‘bout me, love.”

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Either this guy is a huge fan or I found The Human Fist’s secret identity. :oc

Things I love about the French-dubbed version of Robotboy:
  • The voices of The Cutie Squad: Robotboy, Robotgirl, Lola, Tommy, and Bjorn **who’s French VA manages to make him sound Scandinavian still** <3
  • Superactivated Robotboy can friggen talk (’Robotbgirl’, ‘Double Tommy’)
  • The pronunciations of words that weren’t translated into French (jumbo jet)
  • How Robotboy’s nickname ‘Ro’ is translated into what sounds like ‘Robbie/Robie’ and how presh it sounds when Tommy and Lola say it!! ;3333;
  • Robotboy saying ‘Lola’ and ‘Tommy’ (how he pronounces both in English is equally as adorable <3 Loh-la/Toh-me)
  • Superactivated Robotboy talking
  • “Tommy ami, meilleur ami” is a friggen adorable phrase <3
  • Protoboy’s voice alfhajsh it changed like 3 times, like in the English-dub
  • “RobotBjorn” alksdh BB ALSO SOUNDS ADORABLE ALGKH 
  • The G-Man is translated into “Super-Gus”, though the pronunciation sounds like “Super-Goose” <’3

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