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Name: Adrianna
Age: 16
Country: Poland

Hi! My name is Adrianna. I’m really socially awkward and bad at taking to new people. But this year I’m going to high school and I’ve decided that I need to overcome it and learn how to make new friends.
I’m bisexual and my MBTI type is INFJ/INTJ.

I’m a huge science nerd. I basically live to learn. I can talk for hours about why I think Physics is the most perfect thing ever. The only field of science that I can not handle no matter what is Geography. I’m also really into psychology and psychiatry. (I’m planning to go to med school and become a psychiatrist.)
But at the same moment I’m really spiritual person - I meditate and do yoga. I’m also into astrology.

I love reading but I don’t do it as often as I used to. My favorite writer is Vladimir Nabokov. Sometimes I read poetry but I have to admit that most of the time I don’t understand it.
Right now I’m learning Korean and Polish Sign Language. (I’m also trying to improve my Russian)

I spend a lot of time watching TV shows (Skam, Gotham, HTGAWM, Riverdale and more). One of the most important thing in my life is music. I have earphones in my ears basically all the time. I’m open to all genres but I mostly listen to indie music and kpop.

Preferences: Under 20. Tolerant and nonjudgmental people. Anything else doesn’t matter.

Hello, My Name Is:

Hello, My Name Is:
Don’t make eye contact with me.
Don’t shout my name in public you’ll draw attention.
Don’t talk at me like you’re screaming it frightens me.
Don’t get too close to me I need personal space.
Don’t expect me to attend parties or public outings with you.
Don’t introduce me to random people without any type of warning, I may cry.

Hello, My Name Is: Anxiety Ridden

goneghost123  asked:

Hey there! Can I please get a ship? My name is Haili(female) and I'm super socially awkward. I love cuddles and lots of physical contact. I can be a dreamer but I'm mostly a realist. I usually wear large sweaters and black. I like covering up. I have black hair and blue eyes. Im not really one for make-up or shopping. I really enjoy singing and concert band(flute). My passion has to be music. I love your writing! Thank you so much!!!!😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

I ship you with Archie!

As soon as Archie found out that you, his crush since sixth grade, absolutely LOVED music, he knew he had to ask you out ASAP. You guys have been together ever since. He loves to teach you how to play guitar and secretly loves the fact you’re getting better than him. The two of you frequently duet together and Archie has been trying for months now to get you to join him in the talent show. It’s been a work in progress but you’re getting there. :)

Allow me to reintroduce myself since it’s been a while..hi my name is Seth Cassidy and I’m a socially awkward 18 year old in desperate need of friends or a life or both. So nice to meet ya :)

My Name On Your Lips

Description: The darker conditioning fic. Dan, fourteen and socially awkward, finds himself kidnapped. But the situation doesn’t seem as bad as he thought. In fact, he might even like his kidnapper. Is that normal? Is he even safe?

TW: kidnapping, hostage situation, themes of psychological conditioning/Stockholm Syndrome, vague smut, main character death

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sorry about the really shitty selfies but yes

we went to grand rapids comic con saturday!!! 

<i broke my headset like an hour in but people still knew who i was so that was nice>

myrollingveins (me): Scout TF2

Andi: Noiz from DMMD

magical-scribbles: Red Link 

technicolor-monsters: Rin from Blue Exorcist 

geothebio: punk steve rogers! 

Thank You!

So a couple of days ago Astronomy-to-Zoology just reached 30K followers. I wanted to take a chance to you guys for being awesome and your continued support, I really appreciate it! For those ~20k of you folks that I haven’t really introduced myself to, Hi my name is Andrew and I am a socially awkward Zoology student currently studying at Miami University in Ohio. I am really partial to invertebrates, with an inordinate fondness for insects. I’m also a pretty avid birder. I generally enjoy posting pictures of all of the various birds and insects that I manage to find in Ohio on my Flickr so if your interested feel free to look though it! 

If you’d like to know more about me feel free to read through my FAQ or check out my personal blog

If you just followed and don’t really know what this blog is totally about (not that there’s much to it) every day I attempt to post informative posts that focus on “lesser known” animals. Once in awhile I will do themed weeks where I focus on one specific group. My main ‘goal’ with this blog is to try to introduce people and account for the full spectrum of animal diversity and I’m proud that my blog has covered animals ranging from Nematodes to Mammals and even sometimes protists

So, thanks again for following! Check out my Animals by Taxonomy or Range/Time Period if you want to see a specific group of animal posts.