my name is socially awkward

Hello, My Name Is:

Hello, My Name Is:
Don’t make eye contact with me.
Don’t shout my name in public you’ll draw attention.
Don’t talk at me like you’re screaming it frightens me.
Don’t get too close to me I need personal space.
Don’t expect me to attend parties or public outings with you.
Don’t introduce me to random people without any type of warning, I may cry.

Hello, My Name Is: Anxiety Ridden

I just wanted to take a moment to thank the many supportive people who have helped me since I have been in the hobby. There are more than I can name. Thank you for being there despite my social awkwardness. Thank you for listening through my problems and sharing your own. Thank you for the faith as I took my Dremel to yet another resin piece in the name of finding the perfect vision of a character I have gone on about for far too long. It means a lot, a lot more than I can express. I love you all!



Why hello world! My name is Ali ( for now ) and I am a 13 year old girl living in the land of the maple leaf 🍁 (aka canada) 

*i am a straight mixed ( blackish) female 

* harry potter is life (I’m a proud gryffindor)

* am open to all music

* I love TV show like freaks and geeks, doctor who, Sherlock, stranger things, and malcom in the middle..yup people still watch that…maybe just me

* I desperately need friend I can talk to ( one who wouldn’t mind staying up until 3am talking to me)

Sooooooo yea!! I am looking for people ages 12-14, preferably female but whatevs. 

Kik- donutlife03 or donutlife28

Email adress I made when I was seven but still use- 

I also like to siiiiinnng and daaaaance and preetteeeennndd and have FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUUUNNNN.