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My fluorescent rocks under a UV light! 🔦
The dark red (which ended up orangey on camera) are rubies/sapphire, the blues are fluorite, the pale yellow is amber, the ghosty-white ones are chalcedony, and bright pink one is mangano calcite.

I just realized I don’t call any of my pets by their actual names? 

My dogs

Baby- BUBBY (with a voice people use to talk to babies)
Isis - Fluff
Zeus - Zeuser
Kyra - Dodo
Xena - Long Legs/Gazelle (she leaps across my moms bed in one fell swoop she’s ridiculous) 
Reaper- BIG HANDSOME BOY (always said at this volume bc i love my big handsome boy)

My cats

Aphrodite - Aphro/Asshole
Loki - My son

~Admin K

You destroyed a part of me
That I’ll probably never get back.
You took me into the night
And now my heart is black.

You didn’t even know my name,
I think your name was Zach?
Now I’m stuck here with these scars
And the bruises on my neck.

I haven’t slept in days,
I feel so dead inside,
I jump when people try to touch me,
And I have no tears left to cry.

I wish I could forget
Everything you did to me.
Now every time I close my eyes
It’s all that I can see.

—  K.N.B.

Posting again because I LOVE all the friends I’ve made from posting here. So, my name is Anjelica. Im 23! I’m from Kansas. I graduate nursing school this May, and am going to be an ER nurse. I love meeting new people and I love talking about conspiracy theories and aliens, you know, the important stuff in life lol. I love being outside, going on hikes and all that good stuff. Like I said, I love talking so I could rant forever but I think I’ll stop there and we should just follow each other on here or Instagram and start talking!
Instagram: @anjelicadiana
tumblr: @baby-ilove-yourways

anonymous asked:

Hey i was wondering if your tag "noksindra" meant something? Love love love your work btw x - curious fan

Hiii curious nonnie!

Yes, it does actually! Noksindra is the name of one of my fave OCs! Here is my gurl:

She’ll be one of my protagonists if I ever find the courage (and time!) to write the original story I got in mind ^.^

Thanks for asking and for supporting me <3

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You've been published?! :o



Waaaaay back in 2012 when I was writing zombie horror fiction for fun I entered a contest in a random ass group and submitted a short (we’re talking like…takes up maybe 3 pages of this tiny ass book) story I had been working on on a whim.

And uh…I placed. Not super well but enough to get my story in the anthology for the group’s book that year. Looking back it’s not that great and I could probably do loads better now if I really tried but like…I haven’t written in years.

Anyway it’s available here on Amazon and my name’s in the list of authors but yeah, I got a dinky little short story published in a no name book series, go me

And so their legacy grew….

kageyama bros fight!

So I can’t be the only one who noticed right? Dan being smol in baking vids 😉

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