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MatPat: *takes a deep breath*

MatPat: i lo-

Jason: yes, you love Stephanie, we know, you love Stephanie so much, she’s the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Stephanie we KNOW, you love Stephanie you fucking love Stephanie okay we know, we get it, YOU LOVE STEPHANIE FUCKING PATRICK. WE GET IT.

Horny teenagers - Carl Grimes

HEY GUYS so I really wanted to write a smut but there is no plot so whatever is just smut and I wanted to write something like the last scene of 7x01 of TWD and I did it! I hope you like it, and remember English is not my first language and this is my first TWD smut

Warnings: smut and language

Words: 2599

Gif is obviously not mine ​

The past few hours in watch duty had been kind of a torture for me. I’ve been trying to control this since I’ve learned what it actually is. We grew up together, we’ve seen a lot of nasty things together and suddenly we were at the age of awkwardness and hormones and, apparently, mine decided to show up. I’ve been trying to convince myself that he would never agree with this and even if he did it wasn’t a good idea. It would do us no good. Well an orgasm would, though. ​

Here in Alexandria they have lots of books so I’ve been reading a lot, especially about biology – my favorite class in school – and recently I read about menstrual cycle and sexuality, there is this period when women are ready to get pregnant and that’s when you only want sex. For the past few months I’ve been trying to convince myself that I just want Carl because of this annoying period and he’s the only interesting boy around. ​

Sometimes I have this feeling that our friendship has changed in a certain way. I think it’s because of the hormones, but we’re touchier and even occasionally flirty. He has this habit of holding the back of my neck whenever we hug each other, or when I’m mad at something he rubs my shoulder or my back, he plays with my hair brushing his long and cold fingers against my ears and neck and sometimes he whispers something to me and I can’t stand that. The hot breath, that amazing voice, the way he says my name. Oh, man! I was losing it. ​

I felt ridiculous every time Carl popped in my head or whenever I decided to touch myself he would always wind up in my dirty little thoughts.

​“(Y/N), you can go. It’s my shift now.” I hear Spencer say.

​“Okay, thanks.”

​“Oh and uh… Carol asked me to tell you she’s taking lunch to Rick’s place.” ​

I nodded and left. Great, I’m having one of those crazy moments and I’m heading straight to the danger. You can do this. I took a deep breath and knocked. I heard laughs from inside and that made me happy because we were doing fine here, we were adapting at last. ​

Carl opened the door while holding Judith and gave me a smile.

​“Come in, (Y/N)” Oh please Carl not today don’t say my name. ​

The smell of whatever Carol cooked was amazing and she was sitting next to Daryl and they were gazing each other with such warmth, in a cozy and even romantic way. I wanted them to be together but right now it just made me want to turn around and look in Carl’s eye. ​

We sat down, ate and talked about the most random things. We talked about things we did before the apocalypse, we laughed at things that happened to us and we just enjoyed each other’s company. Don’t think that’s gonna happen again in anytime soon tough. ​

Then I felt a hand touch my thigh lightly, I closed my eyes trying to keep it together because from where it was coming it had to be Carl’s. I looked at him and he was still paying attention to Glenn, who was telling something very newsworthy because Carl and a few other people in the table were concentrated. He caressed my thigh going down my knee and squeezed a bit and took his hand off. Like doing that was only a reflex, part of a routine. I don’t know if he hadn’t noticed or if he was just pretending to make me confuse. ​

Later in the same day he did that terrible/delicious massage in my sore shoulders. We offered to wash the dishes, so after lunch everybody went back to their normal activities, and when we were done I made a stupid joke about the amount of plates and forks and sighed. He must’ve gotten that as a complaint because he said “relax” and then came behind the chair I was sitting and pushed my hair aside. His hands were soft and steady, it felt great but I couldn’t let him carry on with this. I placed my hands on top of his and turned my head around. ​

“Does it bother you?” If he only knew what it actually does to me.

​“It’s not that. I just – I should probably get going.” I stood up and he held my arm. I don’t know why, honestly I do know, but when he did that I instantly approached him, looking at his lips. I was unsure if I wanted him to notice or not. If I wanted him to do something about it or just ignore the fact that I was staring at his lips wanting them so badly I couldn’t take my eyes off of them.

​“Stay. We can go upstairs and read comics if you like.” ​

I can’t, not anymore. “I don’t wanna read comics, Carl.” I tried my best to make the sentence self explanatory and bit my lip. ​

“Do you – uh, wanna go upstairs then?” He clearly wasn’t expecting my reaction but he didn’t step back. ​

“Yes. Yes, I do.” ​

He was obviously holding a grin but I didn’t care. He grabbed my hand and led me to his room. The walk was kind of awkward and very silent. When we finally got to his room he closed the door and came towards me. He cupped my face and kissed me tenderly, he was nervous, I could tell. I placed one hand in his chest and the other one in his hair, it was so soft. The kiss was a little sloppy because this was our first kiss ever, I guess. It was amazing though, I just wasn’t sure of what to do so I followed my gut and I believe so did he. ​

He lowered his hands to my waist and gripped it. I let out a needy sigh and I feel my cheeks hot in embarrassment. I took the hem of his shirt in my hands and lift it, breaking the kiss. ​

“Are you sure about this?” ​

“Yeah.” ​

I ripped his shirt off and then my own. Carl looked at my breasts like they were a masterpiece, probably because he had never seen breasts before but it made me feel great anyways. I searched for his lips once again and this time he was more confident so his tongue was more demanding. He caressed my back lightly with the tip of his fingers making me shiver. I pull him closer to get some friction and I finally feel his boner and this time I moan in both pleasure and excitement. ​

Carl lays me down on the bed and kneels between my legs. He kissed my lower abdomen and came up, kissing my breasts still covered by the bra and my collarbone. When he got to my neck he gave me a hickey, probably wanting to mark me down as his and that turned me on so much I wanted to mark him too. He unclasped my bra and pulled it out so fast I didn’t even see what happened to it. Now he was finally looking to my breasts and he blinked a couple of times and said “Is it okay if I…?” ​

"Go for it.” ​

He grinned and caught one of them in his hand and massaged it. I had no idea that I was going to like Carl sucking my breast so much, when I felt his mouth on my nipple I was already in heaven, but when he sucked it was something else entirely. I wasn’t able to restrain my moans this time, they were a little loud. ​

Desperate for a kiss I pulled his hair to bring his head up, he moaned this time and I smiled in the kiss. I took off his belt and once I moved to the zipper his hand shakes a little while I brushed my hand in his arousal more than the necessary to open a zipper on purpose. Carl helped me with the jeans, picked a little package – probably a condom – and looked back at me only in his underwear and I couldn’t help but to look. I must’ve done something pretty greedy and ridiculously embarrassing because he had a huge smirk in his face. ​

"Shut up.” I said and the smirk became wider. ​

He took my shorts off and just stood there staring at me like I was his muse or something. I can’t say that I didn’t like it because I loved it but I felt a little uncomfortable. I am confident but suddenly realization of what we were doing and how I was in front of him hit me and I blushed. That didn’t stop me though, my cheeks were burning but so was the wetness between my thighs and I thought that was more important so I wiggled my hips against Carl’s to wake him up and it worked out exactly like I was expecting. ​

Carl touched the waistband of my underwear and looked at me again asking permission, I guess. Then I lifted my butt of the mattress so he could take the underwear easily and he did. ​

Carl gazed at my entire body and sighed and mumbled to himself “Finally we’re doing this.” ​

I felt butterflies in my belly and I smile, like an innocent virgin girl – which I am. I wasn’t the only one after all. ​

Carl did a trail of kisses from my neck to my lips and rubbed his thumb against my folds; I moaned and rolled my hips against his hand wanting more of that new contact. He smiled in the kiss, and I loved it. Actually I was loving every single moment of it. Carl slipped a finger inside me and curled it and took it off. Then he tried again, this time with two fingers. “Ah, Carl…” I groaned and mellow. My hands were gripping his shoulders for balance or control, I’m not sure, I just thought that if I let go I would fall. His hand were all over me making me shiver, his kisses weren’t sloppy anymore, and knowing that he wanted this too just made me feel better, maybe wetter too but that’s another case and he won’t be hearing about it. ​

He positioned himself to my entrance and gave me the look again, I nodded biting my bottom lip. Carl grabbed my thighs and spread them. He glanced to my core and licked his lips. That was so delicious to watch, it was kind of porn but it turned me on so much. He picked the condom and put it on. He pulled me down and I felt his tip in my entrance and rolled my hips to it. I wanted him to know how badly I wanted this, how horny he made me. ​

"Tell me if it hurts too much, okay?” So thoughtful, so gorgeous. I closed my eyes and nodded. Then I felt it inside me and I couldn’t hold back the almost musical moan. It feels so good, so right. He kept going slowly and suddenly I started to feel this strange ardency and I let out a painful moan, it wasn’t exactly hurting but the surprise and the little burning sensation were enough to make Carl gaze at me worried. ​

"It’s okay, you can carry on. Just keep the pace. I’ll be fine.” ​

He pushed a bit more and the feeling was still there but I tried to ignore it and Carl helped me a lot with that. His thumb came back to my clit, just up and down movements and he kissed me passionately while he pushed more. I was feeling the ardency but it didn’t matter because Carl was touching me so much, giving me so much, paying so much attention to me I couldn’t even process the pain. Carl was all over me, literally. In my mind, in my body, everywhere. ​

Once he was completely inside me with his eye closed and he sighed, he stopped and looked right in my eyes, he didn’t take his hand off my clit. The bad sensation was almost gone by now. “Are you okay?” ​

I grinned at him “Never better.” ​

He smirked and pulled it back slowly. It was a torture for him I could see in his eye all the effort he was putting into this, the self control and I smiled like an idiot. His thrusts were still slow and I think he was shaking a little. Just a little but he was. ​

I wasn’t completely comfortable yet but I was ready for this and his pace was making me impatient, I get that he was being nice and I love him for it but he could make this good for himself. So I rolled my hips a bit so he would understand that it was okay for him to go faster and maybe, just maybe, harder. ​

He picked up a good pace. It was faster but not too fast yet and it was so intense, it could be only me although his expression was showing that he was loving it as much as I was. His thrusts were getting faster and I was getting there, finally I was taking it all. This was so good, the pleasure was so intense and overwhelming. His sweaty body and his heavy sighs were giving it the best background ever. I think I’ve never seen such a sight. I let out a loud and full of joy and pleasure moan. He smirked at me because this was likely the most inappropriate moan ever. ​

I couldn’t stop them now, they just kept coming loud and awkward and hot, apparently. I decided to do something different for a change, I rolled my hips and caressed my body going down my clit and touched it for him to see it. ​

"Fuck, (Y/N)! That’s so hot.” ​

I smiled widely and arched my back feeling a delicious ache in my lower abdomen and feeling like there was not enough air in my lungs and the strength was leaving my body and I needed desperately to grip something – that something were Carl’s shoulders again – then I felt like I was falling apart and pleasure and relief hitting me like a truck. ​

"Oh God, Carl!” That was almost a scream, thank God we were alone in the house. ​

My orgasm show was enough to bring Carl his own, and again was an amazing scene to watch. He moaned loudly and let his elbows clench a little, falling on top of me. He was breathing heavily and he was all sweaty and that was so hot. I felt his heart beating so fast in his chest and I grinned satisfied. He threw himself in the bed and took a deep breath. ​

He seemed so tired but he was smiling so hard it was creepy. Us smiling wasn’t something easy to see. That made me even happier because I made him smile, I was smiling, we were satisfied and that’s all we need. ​

"That was fucking awesome!” ​I laughed at his excitement. I turned to face him and his eye was piercing. He was so handsome I couldn’t think properly sometimes, like now.

​“We can do this again sometime, if you want to.” I said a little scared but mostly confident that he would want to. ​

"Can ‘sometime’ be now?” he said with a smug smirk on his face and I laughed again. ​

"Okay, loverboy, just give me a few minutes and we’re back on.”

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Carol Therese Potter, you were named for two of the raddest lesbians in the history of love stories

Hedwig Arol Potter, you were named for two owls. No reason behind it

Bedknob Broomstick Potter, you were named for a rad ass magical movie

Glinda Goodwitch Potter, I owed the land of Oz a favor after Dorothy lent me her shoes to fix the mess you made in your fourth year

Cursed Child Potter, you were named after one of the biggest mistakes in expanded continuity

Willy Wonka Potter, your god-uncle owns a dope-ass candy factory so it only fits I name you for him

Thranduil Galadriel Potter, you were named for two of the most fabulous characters in fantasy literature

Hagrid Minerva Potter, you were named for the two people who actually gave a damn about me as a person and not an object or a means to an end

Fabian Frank Potter, you were named for two of the bravest men who ever lived

Buckbeak Dobby Potter, you were named for two of the gnarliest magical creatures I knew

Mary Poppins Potter, you were named for the greatest witch who ever lived, and could’ve beaten Voldemort with her eyes closed but she didn’t want to embarrass me

David Cameron Potter, you were named for a pig-fucker, which is honestly less offensive than my original idea

Albus Severus Potter, you were named after two Hogwarts professors I happened to know. One was a complete douche canoe, not only to me, but also to my friends, causing trauma and strife and pain. The other used me as a tool to defeat the dark lord and never told me jack

Paperclip Rockstop Potter, you were named after two random objects

Slash Fanfiction Potter, you were named for what everyone will be doing once the Cursed Child plotline is widely known

Frodo Baggins Potter, you were named for the last ring bearer of The One Ring, to Rule Them All, One Ring to Find Them, and in the Darkness, Bind Them

Widow Tracer Potter, you were named for my favorite Overwatch ship that I fell into and is now sailing away with me at top speed to open sea. Good luck with your life or whatever

So, funny story..

My dad and I were having a conversation about John Wayne Gacy(a serial killer in the 70s who was also a clown). Anyways, while he was doing this he was married to this lady named Carole. Well, I turned to my dad and said “Why would you even marry a clown?!” And my dad says “Why would you marry a serial killer?!” And I just mumbled, “Depends on the serial killer…” like wHAT HAS JIM MORIARTY DONE TO ME TO MAKE ME THIS WAY

Simon. (The Walking Dead)

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When they found her, they thought she was on the verge of dying. They thought she had had enough and couldn’t go on any longer. They didn’t realize she had too much fight in her to die. So much so, that she had almost attacked Daryl and she might’ve killed him had the baby not started kicking. Maggie got her to sit down on a nearby rotting log, she told her to breath and asked what her name was.

“Y/N.” she said. The girl was about 16 years old, younger than Beth, and nine months pregnant. The baby’s father had brutalized her and left her for dead in the forest.

Pity overcame them all and Rick found himself asking her to come with them. “We’ll keep you safe.” he reassured her after she had said no. “The weather isn’t looking good. It’s going to rain. You could die.”

“I’ve made it this far. I’m sure I’ll be okay.” Y/N said, standing up the awkward way a pregnant woman does. Carol felt her heartbreak as the girl stood with determination and defiance. Y/N was much stronger than she had ever been herself.

“Let us take care of you, sweetie. This isn’t the type of world a girl like you should be alone in.” Carol begged. Y/N shook her head and there was a sudden crack of thunder followed by a drizzle of rain.

Everyone looked at Rick and he motioned them to follow him. Carl placed his hat over Judith and that was when the baby caught Y/N’s eye. Michonne noticed and quickly spoke up. “The mother didn’t make it.” she told Y/N. “But Maggie delivered her. Her name is Judith.”

“We’ve gotta move.” Rick called to the women around Y/N. They were trying to convince her to come with them, to let them help. They understood this girl had little to no trust in people, but they couldn’t just leave her out here in this storm. “Come with us, please.” Maggie took the girl’s hand and Y/N found herself following the group to a barn in which they all settled in until the storm passed.

It was getting dark and Y/N started to regret coming the more these people looked at her. A man with a crossbow would glance at her every now and then making her feel uneasy. Their leader, the man with a wild beard and wilder blue eyes stared at her for long periods of time. She didn’t think these men were like the man in the forest that night, but she couldn’t be sure. The man in the forest looked just as normal as these men, just as trustworthy. And look where trusting him had gotten her. She would’ve been fine on her own. She didn’t need these people. Just as she had made up her mind about leaving, the baby began to kick again and she gasped. Carol, Maggie and Michonne rushed to her side and Y/N felt crowed. “I’m fine!” she exclaimed standing up and walking towards the door.

“Where’re you going?” Michonne asked, following her.

“I don’t want to be here.” she said, wincing as the baby kicked harder now. “Ah!” she hunched over in pain and Rick caught her just before she fell on the hard ground. “Let me go!” she cried in pain, gasping as she felt her water break.

“She’s going into labor.” Michonne took Rick’s spot and Carol and Maggie hurried over with worried and scared expressions. “Do we have anything to wrap the baby in?”

Glenn hurried forward with his jacket. Maggie took the jacket while Michonne and Carol got Y/N in position to deliver the baby. “Honey, you need to breath, okay?” Carol instructed Y/N who was fighting against Michonne.

“I don’t want to have the baby here. Not now.” she cried, struggling to get out of Michonne’s grip. “Not right now. I’m not ready.”

Everyone else had crowded on the opposite side of the women, watching with apprehension as Y/N refused to have her baby. Y/N didn’t feel ready to be a mother. She didn’t want her baby to be born in this world. She didn’t want the baby to suffer like she has. That’s not the life she wanted for her child.

“I can’t do it!” she gasped, the baby was trying to come out now. The pain was unbearable. “I can’t!” she grabbed onto Michonne’s arm, crying as Carol and Maggie were preparing for the baby to come out.

Maggie was watching Y/N, this young girl, having to go through this kind of pain way before it was her time. Unprepared and scared. What kind of monster would do this to a girl who was perhaps too kind to not help or too innocent to realize not everyone was a good person. Who would take this girl’s childhood for their own sick pleasure?

Y/N’s baby came by dawn. A healthy baby boy with the same eyes as his mother. Y/N hadn’t slept since he arrived, she held him all through the storm, comforting him when he cried and holding tightly him while he slept. Daryl had given her a rag to clean him with when everything had calmed down. Y/N gave him an appreciative nod and returned to her own little world with her son.

“Thank you.” Y/N mumbled to Maggie who had placed a bucket of water next to her. “For everything.”

“You’re welcome, sweetheart.” Maggie smiled. “Will you stay with us? We’ll take care of you. Both of you.”

“It’s the best thing to do for your baby.” Carol piped up as she approached them. “It’s too risky to live out there with a newborn.”

Y/N nodded as she looked down at her son. She had promised him safety and shelter. These people were about as safe as anything in this world could be. “If you’ll have me, I’ll stay.” She told them.

“Gladly.” Michonne joined them. “We’d love nothing more than to have you.” Y/N smiled and caressed her son’s cheek lightly.

“Does he have a name?” Carol asked.

“Simon. After my father.”

Requested: Reader is a young girl nine months pregnant whom Team Family run into after Terminus. Reader goes into labor and Carol, Michonne, and Maggie help deliver her baby. Hope you like it! Thanks for requesting! xx

A Nightmare on Maple Street

Written for The Writers Guild 80′s Movie Day! 

1, 2, Freddy’s Coming for You

Bright flames lick up the walls of Castle Byers, and Jonathan feels himself stumble toward the structure. Will knows he’s not supposed to use any sort of lighter in there, and it’s never been a problem before.

“Will? Will? Where are you?” Jonathan reaches for cloth that makes up the door to the fort, miraculously fire-resistant at the moment, praying that this is just a freak accident and that Will is over at the Wheelers or just anywhere safe.

 “Jonathan!” Will’s shout comes from behind him, and he drops the cloth with a relieved swear. Except when he turns around, Will isn’t there. There’s a swipe of silver that he just manages to just back from in time, the edge of his shirt shredded cleanly through.

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hi guys, my name is carol and i am new (???) in the community! tbh i’ve been here for a while now but never said anything for no reason, i am just exceptionally lazy. i’m a 18 y/o girl from brazil and my goal in life, for now, is to become an animator. or maybe a cartoonist or a character designer, or at least work in a set. the point is, i want to work with art!!! and also travel. my favorite subject is history, geo-politic and languages. i am currently learning french.

the reason i am finally announcing myself is because tomorrow (feb 01) i’ll be starting uni (computer graphics) and i am absolutely out of mood. i just finished high school and it was awful and i’m still trying to recover my brain and now i’m going back to ‘school’ again. i know college is waaay different than hs but i guess you got my point. and the worst part is it’s almost in the corner of my old hs. if i take a bus there will be kids in uniforms and if i cross the street i will see more of them, like if i they were chasing me or something. i’m lowering my standards as hard as i can so i can’t get disappointed in the end of the day, maybe i like college, idk. i have 2 long years of this. this whole ‘study/get a job/get a future/get a life’ makes me anxious a lot. + i’m out of makeup

sorry i said too much but hey! here’s a quick what’s-in-my-bag? and the boring clothes i’m wearing for the first day. 

i want to do one of those ‘testimonials’ pages about myself but I just want it to be 300 screenshots of people saying “carol……….” because that describes How I Am better than anything else


Oh God! How long have I done these little “animations” of my OC? It was a frustrating and at the same time gratifying attempt to experience a lively animation in color, for at this time, I was beginning to be interested in this work. Obviously I did not give continuity for lack of materials and insomniac, but my dream is to be equal to these guys from Disney and Pixar Studio.

Since now I’ve been inspiring a lot in our dear Walt Disney, I intend to improve this soon, very soon.

This is my OC, Serena Turner. One of the most complex characters I’ve ever created and still, until today, I’m developing an identity for her. She is a girl of a hundred years old and unusual in appearance because of the color of her hair and her bright eyes, being able to become a giant blue-sky wolf, naturally. Its supports origin is Irish, but in the adult age she lives in London and falls in love by a cardio-surgeon.

Of course you’re missing the signature, but it was when I still found an identity for myself. How would I call? By my real name or fictitious name? I had many: Kyarorian-chan (my name in Japanese), Serena Lille (the first name of my OC), then Serena Moretti (the second name of my OC). Currently, I accept for using my own name as a signature: Carol G.