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quick drabble for the @rebelcaptainprompts theme “stardust” because my mind went here instead of something appropriately sentimental

“Change your password,” Cassian grouches, slumping into the seat opposite her in the U-Wing cockpit. Jyn doesn’t even look up from where she’s readying her blaster.


Cassian flicks the controls, slides his headphones on. “That thing gives you access to all our data files. It needs to be hard to guess.”

“Who says it’s not hard to guess?”

“Me. I guessed it.”

Jyn glares at him, though—and this may say something about their relationship—she doesn’t look all that surprised. “Are you serious? What the hell were you doing, trying to hack my account?”

Cassian shoves the headphones over his ears, turns to glare back at her. “Yes. If I can hack your account, anyone can hack your account.”

“Oh,” Jyn snarls, “so you were doing me a favor.”

“Yep.” Cassian sighs. “Jyn, your password can’t be stardust. It’s so transparent.”

“I added numbers.”

“Your birthday. That doesn’t help.”

Jyn props her feet up on the control panel, despite the fact that Cassian has told her not to do some fifty times now. He has to physically restrain himself from reaching over and swiping them off.

“I can remember it,” she shrugs.

Cassian groans. “That’s not the point.”

“It’s a lot of the point. Look, nobody’s going to guess it.”

“I guessed it!”

“Yeah, you.” She shrugs, frowning. “But you’re the only one on base who knows that name, so…”

This is enough of a surprise that Cassian has to glance over at her; that name—and all the weight associated with it—is so integral to the person she once was, to the person she’s become. It’s hard to imagine her without it.

Jyn’s looking studiously at the laces of her boots.

“Oh.” Cassian swallows. “Just me?”

The corner of her mouth twitches. “Yep.”

“Huh.” He pauses. He can read her well enough by now to know when not to press.

He clears his throat, switches tactics.

“You realize that means I can still hack your account though, right?”

“Yeah.” She waves a hand. “But it’s just you. What are you going to do?”

He huffs. “I could do plenty.”

“You already hacked my account. Did you do anything besides immediately log out and come yell at me to change my password?”

“No,” he glowers. “But next time, I might.”

She reaches over, and the way she pats his knee hovers somewhere between affectionate and condescending. She walks that line well.

“Sure,” she says. “Are we taking off any time soon, or what?”

Cassian rolls his eyes, shifts back to the control panel.

“Be patient,” he grumbles. “I’m working on it.”

When he glances back over at her, quick, he thinks he catches her smile.

“Go on, Gabriela, tell Tou-san your new word,” Jesse encourages the second Hanzo walks in the door. Their daughter rushes up to Hanzo and he crouches down to catch her.

“Howdy!” she greets.

“Why hello,” Hanzo replies.

“Howdy!” she says again, obviously pleased. McCree is too, judging from his grin.

“Very well done, little one,” Hanzo congratulates her. They were both enthusiastically supportive of their daughter but Hanzo was determined to never let her think that her efforts were ever lacking. He was never going to make her feel like he had growing up, desperate to prove his worth in everything he did.

“Ain’t she something,” Jesse says, coming close to kiss his husband. Between them, Gabriela continues to happily babble to herself, repeating her new word over and over.

“I do hope you did something other than speak this single word to her today,” Hanzo comments drily.

“Course I did, didn’t I, honeylamb?”

“Howdy!” Gabriela squeaks back. Jesse falters under Hanzo’s unimpressed look.

“C’mon, Gabriela, you learnt another word today, didn’t’cha?”

“Howdy! Howdy, howdy, howdy,” she babbles again, reaching up to poke at Hanzo’s piercings. Hanzo cannot help but throw his head back and laugh.

“Aww, babycakes, you’re making your Pa look real bad,” Jesse whines, but he’s smiling too.

“If she ends up calling her dragon Howdy because that’s her favourite word now, it is entirely your fault,” Hanzo warns.

Jesse grimaces. “That’s probably fair.”

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please do one with the Oncelers sunglasses

Your  awful wish is my command (Why must you bring this back??)

The Name of the Wind if written by Tamora Pierce

For @the-forest-library, great prompt :D 

  • Let’s face it, Kvothe is basically the fourth child of Geroge and Alanna. A red headed thief who jumps into danger without thinking, totally their kid. (it’s been a while since I read Trickster’s Choice, but he’s a bit like Aly, right?) 
  • There would be a lot more women. Like, a lot. 
  • And there would be more dialogue, less pondering and internal monologues. (I mean, there would be some) 
  • Also, we would know a lot more about the people in power. Like, what kind of system it, who is in charge, whet the relations are like between the other countries etc 
  • There would be more about the friendships and other relationships and less internal monologue. Also, so much backstory for the side characters as well. 
  • Kvothe would have a family still, very few families die in Tamora Pierce’s books. But family members do. I think only his dad would have died (again, more women around) 
  • There would be more swords 
  • Lots of action, more physcial fighting (personally, I think any protagonist from her books could beat up Kvothe) (Now I want to write a crossover fic where Alanna beats Kvothe in a sword fight) (Because it would be amazing) (my tiny impulsive redheads) 
  • There would be death at the end, but it would also be happy
  • Kvothe and Denna would have worked through their problems and started a happy relationship
  • Because First Girl Wins™ 
  • Denna might also be significantly older because Age Gaps (or would it be Kvothe… ) 

(let me know what you guys think and if I should do another one in the near future!) 


They’re older than dirt I swear
The both of them are mostly machine and have been living for hundreds of years, they live in a clock tower! 
They were totally around for technology evolving as far as computers and phones go, but Otchi is still?? so confused by it.
Seishi is good with it tho

The both of them are close as close can b e
They love each other and would do anything for the other!

Otchi is a bit more serious, but still has a lot of fun, he can be a bit judgmental at times and when he hates you oh bOY do you know it
He tends to care very much for his appearance and reputation.

Seishi is,,, n o t serious at all! haaa He has too much fun and can,, usually end up getting into a lot of trouble. He’s not really one to hate and is pretty loud
He’s always up for hugs and stuff my dudes
Because I know people will be curious

They shine the best when together! 

Also!! They both have time-related powers! 
Otchi’s is having the ability to put time at a halt, though him still being able to move about and such. 

and Seishi’s is being able to change most anyone’s age at the current time.
It’s temporary of course. At most it lasts a day, but he usually undoes it by then!
a silly power for a silly man i swear