my name is not


d-0 to seventeen’s anniversary

a love letter to seventeen:

thank you for always making me laugh and for being my healing when life gets difficult. with you fantastic 13 balls of sunshine, these past two years have been much more than just very nice. i’m so proud that i’ve been able to see all of you grow, and just thinking about it causes tears to well up. but, i’ll try to hold these tears in because i don’t wanna cry

seventeen, i’m glad we’ve made it this far, and i’ll continue to adore u for years to come. let’s keep on walking on this flower path.

happy 2nd year anniversary!

tygermama  asked:

but as pre-teen to teenage Mandalorians, wouldn't the Clones run the risk of thinking Anakin's poetry is good? I remember how angsty I was at that age and well....

HAHAHAHA oh GOD so the 501st ends up FRICKING LOVING Anakin’s shitty, dramatic teenage poems and they’re straight-up genuinely grateful to Obi-Wan for sending them the link. He emails it to them all and every reply back is like “These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing, General Kenobi!” “brb guys tears General Skywalker these are so good???? omg” “u put the words OF MY SOUL on the page general ilu” “THIS IS WHY I’D FOLLOW YOU INTO ANY BATTLE YOU ARE AN ARTIST WITH A PURE SOUL”. Rex gets a tattoo one of one of the lines from a particularly angsty poem on his arm. 


Playing around with color palettes, which one looks better?

Also any names? I’m very tempted to straight on naming her ‘Hel’ as the design is greatly inspired in the mythological character as you can see ^^’. ‘Herla’ was an option but I dont think it really fits, so I though ‘Helsa’ as well but with that name I can see the Frozen jokes coming as she might too have ice powers.

In a world of magic and bloodlines, where the strongest families surpass ‘witch’ and call themselves ‘Artists’ instead, where marriage is considered paramount to the survival of the Arts, where a magical pilgrimage is about to begin and another civil war is brewing, sometimes a (found) family is

a southern girl with an Art of the Mind, raised by her mother’s non-magic best friend, stubborn and so not prepared to be the Mom Friend or all this bullshit about how romantic love is ‘the most powerful kind of magic’,

a happy-go-lucky Japanese boy who seems to be on this pilgrimage purely by accident, or maybe he was just in the right place at the right time (funny, that keeps happening),

a necromancer, heir to one of the most powerful families in the nation and very traditional except oops he might have accidentally just magic-married someone he really shouldn’t have,

another necromancer who would much rather just work with plants, thanks, and also seems to be on the run from either a cult or her mother, 

a blind black girl who can sing magic and is either the strongest witch anyone has ever seen or is growing her own Art, something that’s supposed to be impossible but she’s doing it anyways,

and a dancing witch who is just trying to keep up.