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matt age theory?

we know that pidge was just starting middle school in the flashback at the end of episode 2 of season 4 because she says that she has to go through middle school without Matt there (because he will be on the kerberos mission)

most middle schoolers start at age 11 (turning 12 during the year) meaning that in the flashback pidge would have been about 12 years old. in the pilot we learned it takes months to get all the way out to kerberos so that would have taken some time.

in the pilot we are shown pidge a year after the failed kerberos mission which would have been a year and some months after the flashback in season 4 allowing the time for the kerberos mission to launch, fail, and have a 1 year anniversary of that failure. therefor pidge would have been about 14 at the time of the pilot.

we also know that pidge is 15 now which means that in canon from the time of the flashback to season 4 pidge would have aged 3 years and matt would have aged 3 years as well.

with the assumptions that the garrison is a high school program, said high school program wouldn’t send a student who hasn’t completed the program on a mission, and that most high schoolers start at age 14 (turning 15 during the year) and graduate when they are 18, then when matt went on the kerberos mission he would have been at least 18 years old.

this is also supported by the fact that keith, hunk and lance are all 17/18 year olds and were still part of the program and keith was the top student in the class but still wasn’t chosen to go on a mission. none of them were. they were all still being trained in the pilot which leads to the idea that the garrison wouldn’t send people to space until they completed the program/graduated. so again matt would have been at LEAST 18.

if he was at least 18 when he went on the mission and 3 years have passed in canon since the flashback scene, that would mean that in season 4 matt would be at least 21 years old.







Imagine if the devil has a father that’s literally satan. Except he is hard on the devil and gets dissatisfied and upset if his son messes up.

its basically the aftermath after cuphead and mugman freed everyone from there contracts and inkwell is safe. Back at the casino while king dice is trying to get up after getting his ass kicked by the two brothers, he meets satan for the first time. Only satan is very angry at his son, the devil and walks over to him as he argues with the devil and why he lost to a bunch of cups (he watched the whole thing). as this goes on satan gets angrier and kills the devil and he is now staying in limbo (which is a waiting room).

Satan saw king dice and KD thought he was next until satan decided to choose King Dice as the new devil replacement for the casino. satan grabs a small dice and he gives it so much corrupted power in it that it turns black and red shade. king dice is afraid and can’t do it. but when satan tells him “you want revenge on that stupid cuphead…don’t you?”

This makes KD angry and decided to take the small dice, corrupting him and also changed him completely (even his appearance). And now he will have revenge on cuphead and mugman, and with his new friend, satan. Will cuphead and mugman save KD and stop the devil’s threatening and dangerous father, satan? (And will the devil ever get out of limbo?)

ALSO: in the AU there are new bosses under the influence of satan and shadow! king dice. Strawberrytop MIGHT be part of this AU.

Mooooore headcanon time! First run at all the de Rolo kids I had in mind. Five is a nice number, so that’s what we’re rolling with: older twins, a solo kid, and younger twins.

The older twins look put together, but they trained with Uncle Grog and Aunt Pike and can fist fight like no other. They actually like the diplomacy bit of being a noble in Whitestone, and they have FUN with it. It sometimes takes years for visitors to realize that the eldest child isn’t singular, because the oldest twins swap out. They take great pains to never be in the same room together when someone has come to call, revealing themselves at large parties to greet the confused guests.

The middle child is the one who drives the construction of a proper rookery, and when she’s older, an optical telegraph system that can spread across Tal’Dorei. She never could get the hang of magic, and she hates relying on others to do things that she can certainly find ways to do herself. The quietest and most reclusive of the kids, she tends to talk to the ravens and Trinket more than others.

The youngest twins are rangers through and through, but more adept at climbing and running across the walls and rooftops of a city than a forest. They court the idea of an animal companion, but at most, they have one for a few months to a year or two before letting the animal return to the forest. More of a… learning program about humans, than an actual companion like their mother and Trinket. They’re a bit frustrated that they need glasses and their older siblings do not, at least until they built they’re own spectacles with magnifying properties and can see for miles and miles when on the roof of the castle.

First version thoughts at least. We’ll see where I take them once I refresh my memory from the campaign guide and such. I’m rubbish at names, but the middle child is Evelyn and I’ve thought about her WAY too much already.

I feel the need to share the distinction between my Dark and the actual Darkiplier. I made my Darkiplier before A Date with Markiplier came out so I had a lot more freeform interpretation from the few silly appearances we had of Dark. But now we have a LOT more information on Dark and it’s clear he’s different from my own ideas of the character.

I love them both. They are quite an interesting breed of character that I’ll never stop exploring. As any of you who follow me know, I’m a huge fan of alternate universes. And in their own ways, they are alternate universes of eachother. So I’m going to keep to my Dark while maybe even drawing and speculating on Marks version of Dark. ;> just let me know if you had a specific one in mind from now on.


Update on Untitled, 2017 (GD cafe) and AC.III.T Bowling & Pub inside Shinhwa World Resort 💕