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glad to see this blog is up and running again! take your time admins, we'll be waiting for all the other cool content :^)- sock anon

honestly how are u guys so nice are u not sick of me pls 

It’s been hectic and all of us admins are busy but we will try our hardest to come back!! I’m going to try really hard from now on to make more room for the blog bc god i havent written in so long and i miss all of u pls

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  • Name: anna
  • Nickname: i guess annas my nickname bc my first name would be anna luiza? idk
  • Gender: Female
  • Sign: virgo
  • Height: no idea lmao. somewhere between 165 and 175cm
  • Sexual orientation: gettin bi
  • Hogwarts house: ravenclaw
  • Favourite colour: red
  • Favourite animal: dogs and cats are angels
  • Time right now: 6:21pm
  • Average hours of sleep: god dont even remind me of this,, like 7-8?
  • Cat or dog person: cant pick but if i Had to cat
  • Favourite character from Harry Potter: remus or luna 
  • Number of blankets you sleep with: australia is literal hell but i cant sleep without one bc im scared the spiders will crawl on me so 1
  • Favourite singer or band: yall ,,,,,,,,,,, rn its varsity 
  • Dream trip: poland bc zee
  • Dream job: if i could make money of art id be happy my whole life lol
  • When was this blog created: well i started tumblr june 2015 i think but then i deleted my blog accidentally and made a new one last year
  • When did your blog reach its peak: i know a peak is supposed to be more than 1000 followers but when i first made it i gained like 300 followers in a month somehow
  • What made you decide to make a tumblr: i watched youtubers make tumblr challenges and tricked myself into thinking this wasnt gonna be the biggest mistake of my life :))

i kno ur supposed to tag 20 people but like,, i dont even know 20 words im just gonna tag the followers that seem to not hate my posts that much

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When someones tries to shorten your name for no reason

okay so I was going through some old stuff and I found this book from a series called “Amy Hodgepodge” that I bought around 2009 or 2010

and I vaguely remembered something special about it so I opened it up and

(it’s a bit hard to read, so here’s the part that I mainly want to focus on: “I laughed, knowing she was only kidding. Lola has a great sense of humor. She’s the one who came up with my nickname: Amy Hodgepodge. My real name is Amy Hodges. But when Lola found out that I’m African American, White, Japanese, and Korean, she said my name should be Amy Hodgepodge. Lola and her twin brother, Cole, are mixed-race, too. So are some of my other friends. But Lola says nobody is as mixed as me!”)

This girl is African American, white, Japanese, AND Korean.

I remembered how weird being both Vietnamese and white was for me when I was little. I didn’t know any other part Asian, part white kids (and I specify Asian because I did know one or two kids that were part black, but I didn’t talk with them that much), and I had never read about anyone like me in any of the books I had ever read… until these.

Curious to learn more about the series, I decided to Google it. This is the home page of

“Some kids were mean and teased me about looking different, which really made me sad.”

These kids books just briefly tackled racism without actually saying the word “racism” or “racist”.

Interested, I began to go through the website and went to the characters page:

The text is pretty small, so if for some reason if you can’t zoom in or anything like that, here’s what I want to emphasize:

  • Lola and Cole (twins) are part African American, part Irish-American.
  • Maya is pretty much white, but she’s Italian-American and Irish-American.
  • Pia’s mother is white and her father is Chinese-American.
  • Jesse is half Puerto Rican and half African American.
  • Rusty is Hispanic, Native American, and white.

The authors of these books didn’t put a single white child in the group (with the exception of Maya).

But apparently, racial diversity is too hard for people who are 100% white.


I got some free time tonight to squeeze in a couple of smoll doodles!
I drew a lot of humanized!silk XD (not the best at humans but again, i try)
If you cant read the sweatshirt it says “i love instant noodles” and then he’s eating a bowl of them XD
I also drew my other sans, Shark!(again im so creative with names) hes from an AU i co-own with @dawn-at-midnight
And i drew swap!papyrus cuz ye I felt like adding a paps to the paper Underswap by @popcornpr1nce


Have a new design of a persona for me. From now on, this is my persona. I wanted to draw this since last week, but I had 5 tests during the week so I couldn’t draw at all. qvq


Name: Iskra

Nickname: Kitty

Age: Only close friends know.

Likes: chocolate, art, sensei, senpais, calling, designing, anime, haikyuu, kuroo

Dislikes: people that hate on someone for no reason, spicy food, bullies, stress

Gender: Female

Requests: my motivation is bad, so no requests

Collabs: ya sure



Rebblogies are appricited qwq

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Nicknames: Sunny, Kade, Kay

Star sign: Gemini

Height: 5'4"

Time right now: 23 PM

Last thing you googled: Define Contradiction

Fave music artist: Tiësto

Song stuck in my head: None???

Last movie I watched: Dude, I have no idea

Last tv show I watched: The Crown

What I’m wearing right now: thermal pyjamas

When I created this blog: a couple of months ago???

The kind of stuff I post: undertale, vector art, shitposts, memes

Do I get asks very often?: Nah

Why did I choose my url: My nickname and my real name xD

Gender: Male, my bros

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Pokémon team: Instinct

Favorite colour?: Yellow, like bright yellow

Average hours of sleep: 2-3

Lucky number: 5

Favorite characters: Papyrus (Undertale), Jyushimatsu (Osomatsu-san), Toriel (Undertale), Lúcio (Overwatch)

Dream job: Criminologist

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1

I tag @lazycb @shirai-akira @chronictale and @pointless-pencil xD

! important update !

hi guys! 

so recently I found a post, and as you guys may or may not know, I am 100% Thai, though I’m adopted and live in the USA, this post made me a little sad because I realized how distant I am from my own culture, and I would really like to be closer to my culture. So, I’ve decided to change from my birth name to a nickname which I feel would help me accomplish that and be one step closer.

So, I would appreciate it if you guys could address me as Maew from now on! Thank you, I love you all.