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Witchy About Me

I was tagged by @daughter-of-hekate - thank you for tagging me, and sorry for my delay in doing this!

Name: My real name is irrelevant, y’all call me Richtor anyway, lol
Sun/Moon/Rising: Virgo sun, Gemini moon, Gemini ascendant - a child of Mercury through and through
Aura Color: I don’t know personally, but my friend @sigilathenaeum did an amazing energy reading painting for me, and it had a lot of blues and deep purples with little bits of green, and it’s hanging on my wall and I love it~
Deities: None, currently
Witch Type: Eclectic, chaos / sigil, energy worker
Element: Air, followed by water
Favorite tools: Sigils, straight up pure energy, and herbs are fun
Familiar: None at the moment, but hopefully soon!
Favorite flower: Uhhh. Lilac?
Favorite herb: I use a shit ton of salt in like everything, does that count? 
Favorite crystal/stone: Tiger’s eye, and my wonderful piece of tangerine aura quartz <3
Describe your perfect candle: Color changing >:D
Top 3 Favorited Witchy Emoji: I can’t use emojis or emoji spells, I’m trapped on a Blackberry and can’t see them :c
Daily witchy ritual: D’ahh. I guess the only thing i have going on daily right now is that sigil to make time go by faster at work?
Divination method: Tarot cards
Favorite lunar phase: Night time, lol. Idk, I don’t really do anything in correspondence with moon phases, I always forget. Hells, my mom is better at remembering to put her crystals out to cleanse in the full moon than I am
Favorite weather: Partially cloudy, cool autumn days
Favorite Sabbat (if you celebrate): I mean, if we went by favorite holidays it’d have to be Samhain because i love Halloween, but I don’t really practice sabbats, and i definitely don’t do spirit or ancestral work, so my love for Samhain is purely aesthetical
Favorite magical beast: Do vampires seriously count? Otherwise dragons, griffins, selkies
Favorite tea: Earl Gray ^^

I tag anyone who sees this that wants to do it! Seriously I’m too lazy to tag people, and if y’all wanna do it just say I tagged you, I’d love to see other people’s answers ^^ 

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tyde i rebooted my pokemon moon game and named my character joey and dressed them up like joey claire...

i was gonna tell you to catch a sawsbuck and name it dammek but you can only get them. by trading…. sad….

anyways, have fun with your play through! at least theres lots of aliens in alola to write home to jude about


she had the world || panic! at the disco


N°4 in the 2017 birthday spam for Fi who wished for “Dark Side of the Moon” edits - SN: 5x16


McHanzo Week Day 6: Mangetsu and Coyote Sangriento

I got carried away drawing this. I had SO much fun swapping ults/clothes and also redesigning them! I hope you like it! :D