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Let me start off by saying: my father is abusive, and this post will (hopefully) be the only way for me to get out of my abusive household.

I’ll explain to you guys a few things so that you can understand my current situation:

My father is the father of all control freaks. 

I am 19 years of age - legally an adult in Canada. However, he will not allow me to be independent, such as having my own cat or my own vehicle in my name, and he also uses these things as a form of blackmail to keep me in the house.

He controls how much time I spend on the internet, and who I talk to; he went as far as illegally running background checks on my former partners. 
I have little to no privacy, he periodically rummages through my room to find something to yell at me about, and if he doesn’t, he yells at me for the mess *he* left.

Moreover, he has denied me medical treatment multiple times, even for serious injuries (e.g. a dislocated elbow).

Starting in high-school up until now, I have suffered from several mental illnesses, including depression, extreme anxiety, panic attacks, and PTSD caused by severe trauma that lasted 5 years of my childhood and has left massive gaps in my memory. All of these mental illnesses have had a huge impact on my life, not just at home, but in my school work as well, and my day-to-day life.

However, my father does not believe any of my trauma is real, says it’s my fault if I was traumatised, constantly belittles me for my mental health problems, and says I’m making everything up for attention.

On top of that, he is abusive to my siblings too; one of them is older and already moved out, and the other one is only 14 years old.

Finally, my father told me that if I do not do what he wants and go to school, I will be kicked out onto the street, family ties cut, and *everything* I own taken from me. My cat, will not only be taken away but “gotten rid of” by their words which could mean a number of things.

However, if I graduate a program in college I can leave the house and bring my cat, Molly, with me. This is her!:

(She isn’t actually mad her face just looks like that)
And I also get to keep my vehicle. Both of these things are not in my name even though currently I pay for them both, and take care of them completely by myself. The car is relatively unimportant to me as I don’t consider it an essential but Molly must come with me.

I currently have no money saved up for post secondary education, due to my mental health disintegrating thanks to a disability in the middle of my first year of nursing, and me losing the capability to witness deaths in the hospital placement. And all of this wasting all the funds I had saved. On top of this, he has said that he expects me to go back to school in January, which as of right now is not financially possible. He has said that if I do not go back to school by January then I am to be kicked out. However, if I can reason with my mother then I can possibly push this back to September of 2018, which will most likely give me enough time to gather the funds.  

So as I said, I need to get out of my abusive household as soon as possible, because it’s extremely detrimental to my already fragile mental health. This is why I am opening the doors for commissions of any and all kinds to help save money for this plan.

I am not asking for donations, and I am not asking for hand-outs, because I honestly hate asking for help and I don’t like just taking people’s money without giving something in return. If you are unable to or do not wish to help by commissioning then all I ask is that you reblog this post so that it can be seen.

Here is the plan:

My father, of course, said he refuses to help me in the slightest if I wanted to move, so, I don’t get even a bit of help from my family. That’s why I need to save more money to get in and finish a ONE YEAR program so that I can seal the devil’s deal and get the hell out of dodge as soon as possible (the shortest college programs run for one year). Right now, I work a part-time job that only earns me minimum wage, and still have bills to pay on top of that. I am unable to get a second job as my disability doesn’t allow for it, and because of this I am not making enough money to save for school in time for January. I  am not going to be depending solely on commissions to save the money, as I AM working, it’s just that extra push to get things done.

I’m sure, however, that you’re wondering why I don’t just leave. And believe me, I have tried to. Here is a short list of examples of what my father is like and why I cannot leave of my own free will:

1.  Once, I ran away in the middle of the night after a massive fight, he called the police on me and told them I had drugs in my possession (obviously, a lie) to get me searched and arrested. There is a great possibility of this happening again if I tried to get away even though I am an adult, he’d do anything to try and get me arrested.

2. I tried to leave to a friend’s house for refuge during a massive fight over laundry, which led to my father furiously chasing me down the driveway to my car. There, I sat with the doors locked and windows rolled up while he banged on them and tried to rip open the door for a good 20 minutes. He then said if I left the driveway *in the car that is actually mine*, he would call the police and tell them I had stolen it to get me arrested again.

3. While he is not physically abusive, he has tried to hit me. During yet another fight, which involved him coming into my bedroom while I was sleeping in the middle of the night to yell at me for something minor I can’t even remember, he attempted to grab my face and hit me. I have without a doubt that he will make some kind of physical attempt at keeping me from leaving the house.

I have tried to fight fire with fire so many times, and every time it has just ended with more violence and abuse. For the past several years I have tried to escape or find ways out, and have failed. Getting through the next year or two with my head low, doing what he says and taking the punches as they come is the only way out.

Thank-you, for reading through this to the end. If you are interested in helping and want a commission please message me, or send me an ask if you have questions, and we can work out details and prices. If you still wish to help but cannot commission all I ask is that you re-blog this post.

I will be posting some recent drawings Ive been working on for examples.

The Bold Ones [Part 1]

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: Hi there! This is my first piece of writing on here ever, so I am super nervous and excited. This is gonna be a 5 part-ish story that involves some cute couple stuff, political scandal, and some freakin’ violence. I hope you enjoy. I am sorry if this is kinda rough :-) Please, give me feedback, if you feel comfortable!

Warnings: Swearing and saying God’s name in vain sometimes (sorry if this offends you)

(Not my photo)

Part 1-

Deionization. Electrical Conductivity. Sodium. Calcium. Iron. Copp-

God! Can this kid just shut up already?

It was the 4th day of the new school year at Midtown High  and your chemistry class was already in the middle of summer project presentations. Every head in the room relied on their elbow and hand to keep from falling into a noticeable slumber, revealing to the teacher that surprisingly, New York’s brightest science students did not care one bit about their own, and especially, someone else’s Chemistry project. You could feel your eyelids getting heavier and heavier, your head drifting downwards, and your back muscles relaxing until-

“[Y/N]!” Your eyes shot open to the noise of a sharp whisper, and you playfully glared at the beautiful, petite blonde that was sitting next to you. Your best friend, Betty Brant. You rubbed your eyes and started to tie up all of your hair into a ponytail, giving Betty a sleepy grin.

“What?” you mouthed to her, becoming fully aware of the silence in the classroom. You were pleased to notice that the monotone and pretentious classmate was finally done with his presentation, and none of the students in the class bothered to clap or give any acknowledgement to his work. “I told you to never wake me up from my naps! Unless, it’s an emergency,” you joked in a low whisper.

Betty leaned closer to you with a huge smirk on her face. “I know! That’s why I did the evil deed.” She tapped your arm with her pencil eraser and darted her eyes towards the front of the room. You gave her a curious look and followed the direction of her eyes. Standing in front of the room was the next presenter, Peter Parker.

You could feel your heart beating faster and faster as you listened to him talk about Thermodynamics and observed the blooming grin on his face as he got deeper into his presentation. It was clear he was passionate about this topic. He was in love with Chemistry, and that’s why you swooned over him. His enthusiasm and excitement was just adorable. Not to mention that he was adorable himself. His perfect, shiny teeth could blind onlookers, his messy, curly brown hair fell perfectly, and his muscles. God, his muscles.

“Ow!” you shot under your breath. You turned to face Betty and glared at her once more, but this time it wasn’t playful. She broke you out of your Peter trance. “What did you do that for?” Grasping your arm, you realized that she had pinched you. Hard.

“Could you be more obvious, [Y/N]? You were practically drooling during his whole presentation. Not to mention, you were the only one, may I repeat, the only one who laughed at his Chemistry puns. You gotta learn how to be more secretive. Jeez.” She finished with a low chuckle and gathered all of her books and pencils. “Try to behave yourself while I’m gone. I’ll see you at lunch” And as if on cue, the bell rang and she got up from her seat while giving you a wink.

You let out a long sigh and threw your backpack over your shoulder, getting up from your lab table and heading to your next class. Luckily for you, your next class was your favorite- American Government and Politics. This is what you lived for. Your father was a very popular campaign manager and ever since you were little, you were heavily involved in politics. In fact, the reason why you lived in Queens, NY was because a political underdog, Brenton Phillips, hired your father to be his campaign manager for the upcoming Senatorial election. Ever since your Junior year, you worked along side your father and the whole Phillips campaign, hoping for his success. But you knew that with your father’s guidance, Phillips would not fail. However, moving to Queens and starting a brand new high school Junior year was not easy for you in the beginning. It wasn’t until you signed up for Midtown’s school news team you found someone you could rely on. Betty. She was your saving grace. She introduced you to all of her friends and they gladly accepted you into their group, but you and Betty had a very special connection that could not be matched with the others.

You had your girl friends. You had your guy friends. But, you didn’t have a boyfriend. This didn’t bother you one bit. When you first moved to Queens, you didn’t find any of the boys attractive and intelligent enough. But then, summer of Junior year happened.

You landed a job at the local library and one of the daily customers caught your eye. He was beautiful. You watched him as he always strolled past the Fiction section and headed straight towards the Science section. He gathered books on Computer Programming, Engineering, and different types of chemical mixtures, and he would always return the books the next day, completely read. As you checked out his books for him, you could feel him looking at you. This made you turn a shade of deep red, so you made sure to keep your head down toward the book’s barcodes, attempting to hide your color from his melty, brown eyes. You two never made long conversation. You both were too nervous, but when you gave him all of his newly checked-out books, he gave you a shaky smile and offered you gummy worms. Of course, you would smile back and always pick out two red and blue worms. Sometimes, your hands would touch or brush up against each other when you reached. Every time this happened, you could have sworn you felt sparks.

Yes, this boy was Peter Parker.

“Oh! Hey there, Penis Parker! Are those books too heavy for you? They are? Well, let me give you a hand!” Flash Thompson, the school’s biggest asshole, glared at Peter and completely punched all of the books out of Peter’s arms. He let out an evil snicker and walked on, kicking one of Peter’s textbooks on the way.

“Motherfucker,” you whispered under your breath as you quickly made your way towards Peter. As you bent down, you almost fell forward because of the heavy weight of your backpack, but you caught yourself and got your hands on two of Peter’s books. You both started to straighten up at the same time and Peter began to turn his face towards you.

“Thank you so muc-” Peter stood there frozen, like a deer in headlights. It’s her! It’s her! He thought to himself. Be cool, Peter. Be cool. Don’t mess this up. Come on, it’s your senior year be a little more courageous for once. He opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Oh, shit. SHIT! He panicked in his mind. Why am I not working?

As he stood there frozen, you could see he was not okay. To save him from his internal conflict he was clearly having, you decided to break the silence.

“Hi, Peter!” Giving him your sweetest smile, you held out his Engineering textbook and waited for him to take it. “I loved your Chemistry presentation today.”

Peter gulped. “Y-you know my name?” With his viciously shaking right hand, he gently took his textbook from you and softly tucked it underneath his armpit. In a nervous manner, he ran his fingers through his curly hair and could feel his sweat. Oh, hell! He quickly pulled his hand away from his hair and very secretly, wiped his wet hand onto his pants.

Mesmerized by his actions and handsome self, you slowly cocked your head to the side and a soft smile crossed your face. “Of course I do.” You began to hug his other textbook. “Do you know my name?” you asked, giving him a playfully curious look.

Peter pulled his Engineering textbook to his chest with a grin and began to hug it as well. There was something about you, your personality and beautiful smile, that made Peter serene in that very moment. All of his nerves suddenly flooded away and he said: “Of course, [Y/N].” As another smile began to grow on his face, he bit his bottom lip.

Your eyes popped out of your head and you looked down at the ground in disappointment. “Oh… well, uh… actually… my name is Molly”. When you looked up, all you could see was the look of horror on Peter’s face. His rosy, pink color was completely flushed and was replaced with the color of a ghost. He began to rapidly shake his head in disapproval of himself. “I am SO sor-”

“Peter, I was just kidding! You were correct the first time.” You let out a small laugh and playfully shoved his textbook you were holding into his chest. Peter’s look of horror was immediately replaced with a look of relief. As he slightly stumbled backwards from your shove, he grasped the textbook and let out a chuckle.

“That would have been so awkward. Do me a favor and never do that to me again, okay? I almost had a heart attack.” You smiled at his reply, nodded, and nudged your head forward, giving him the signal to walk through the halls with you.

Peter couldn’t believe he was interacting with you. Every day over the summer, he would go to the library just to see you and dream of talking to you for more than 2 seconds. While you worked, he observed the way your beautiful hair would fall towards your face and how you quickly tucked it behind your ear. He observed the way you would bite your lip every time there was an error on the computer. He wanted to touch your face, your hair, your lips. Peter didn’t even read the books he checked out half of the time, he just wanted to check you out.

“I think you’re really pretty,” Peter blurted out as you both were walking. But since he was slurring his words in nervousness, it just sounded like “Itankyouralopolty.” In addition, you asked him a question at the same time, making his sentence even more incomprehensible. You turned around to face him and let out a giggle. “What did you just say?” you asked, tugging on your backpack straps.

“N-nothing! What did you just say?”

Here it was. The big question.

“W-well. I was wondering if you would be interested in…”

Peter could feel his ears burning up. Is she going to ask me out?

“Working for Brenton Phillips?”

Of course not! Peter thought. There’s no way a guy like me can be with a girl like her. You’re silly for even thinking that, Peter!

“I see your photos in the Daily Bugle all the time, and they’re absolutely amazing! My dad is looking for an intern to take photos of Phillips that boost his image, you know? He really needs more support! We would go to all the events and-”

“We?” Peter asked, like that was the most important part of your speech.

“Yes! I work for him as well, and I kind of just do whatever my Dad wants me to. I go to all the events and even write articles sometimes. I know you’re so busy with the Stark internship but-”

“I’ll do it!” he shouted with a huge smile. Getting to spend time with you? Hell ya, he’ll do it! “I’ll do it!” he repeated once more, running his fingers through his hair. A gigantic grin blossomed on your face and you reached for his hand, gently squeezing it in excitement once you got ahold.

“Oh, that’s amazing!” you squealed. “Tonight, we are having a volunteer event at the Ronald McDonald House on 3rd Avenue. Come and bring your camera!” You finally reached your destination, so you gave one last smile and hand-squeeze to Peter, leaving him alone in the hallway.

You were ecstatic. This meant you and Peter were going to spend over 2 hours a day with each other outside of school. This was a dream come true. On the other hand, Peter just realized what he committed to. Another job? Oh, God. How could he possibly do this and protect all of the citizens of  New York? Well, he had to figure something out. There was no way he was going to give up this opportunity: getting closer to you and the chance to impress your father. A one way ticket to a relationship, right? He looked down at his hand that you squeezed and could still feel your warmth on his skin. He smiled once more and longed for your hands to be touching again. As the bell rang, he panicked when he realized he was standing in the middle of a hallway and no where near his next class, but then, another frightening thought crossed his mind:

He doesn’t know shit about politics.

Molly’s Type

Well, I’ve been writing intoxicated!lock so much, I thought Molly deserved a turn.

Sherlock stepped into the pub just as a rousing cheer went up among the patrons. Ignoring them, he glanced around the small seating area of the ignominiously named ‘Fox and Hound’. Not finding the face he was seeking, a frown furrowed his brow with a duel bout of annoyance and concern.

“There you are.”

That was not the voice he’d expected, but it was familiar, and Sherlock looked down into the face of the Indian woman who was Molly’s particular friend. “Ah. Hello, um…”

She huffed. “Meena? We’ve met like eight times, for fuck’s sake. I just texted you.”

“Right. Sorry,” Sherlock said. He really hadn’t read the signature on the text instructing him to come to the pub. “Molly’s in the loo, then?”

“Molly,” Meena said, pointing at the clump of rowdy patrons, “is over there.” She hefted her purse strap higher on her shoulder. “Right, I’m off. I only stayed to make sure that Molly didn’t go home with Olaf Petersen. She’s just drunk enough to do something that stupid.”

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For the new drabble challenge: #82. I have fans. More fans than you, to be exact. and/or #132. I have reasons. You wouldn’t get it. Thank you so much!


“Huh,” Molly said, looking at the letter in front of her.

“Hmm?”  Sherlock was sprawled in the chair in the corner of her postage-stamp office, head tipped back against the wall, hands folded over his stomach, long legs reaching almost to the door.  He was napping while waiting for… something, whatever, to finish, which he would deny with his dying breath.

“Got a letter.  BBC Four wants to do a day-in-the-life-of documentary about me.”

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George Weasley x Reader: Family Matters

AN: Thank you for the patience <3 Here is some George for you tonight, and hopefully I will have more fics out this week

Warnings: There’s a playful NSFW part, but nothing explicit 

Requested by: @resurrectedskeleton

Ice rolled through Y/N’s veins, and it felt like someone was air popping corn kernels in her stomach. She fussed with everything, fluffing her hair and making sure her clothes were pressed precisely. A spot of perfume but not too much, and any blemishes were covered up to make a good impression. Y/N charmed her shoes to dispel any water or mud, thinking she’d just die if she got the carpet in the Weasley household dirty.

Not the best way to be introduced to the parents of Y/N’s boyfriend.

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Look at my love. ♥

Sherlock’s parents are absolutely lovely. Just absolutely lovely! 

I think Sherlock forgot to tell them we were coming because they came home from Cardiff and looked absolutely shocked to see him there. Then they seemed doubly shocked to see ME there. And then further shocked still when they learned who I was. Not my name, they knew my name, of course (I don’t know why that surprised me, but it did). They were surprised to have Sherlock introducing me as.. 

“This is Molly Hooper. My… you know.” 

After an uncomfortable moment of Sherlock looking vaguely digestively-disturbed, myself smiling far too large with awful red cheeks, and his mum and dad exchanging flummoxed looks, his mum finally verbally nudged him. “You know…?”

He looked fully digestively-uncomfortable by then and quickly spat out, “Oh, you know what. My girlfriend!”

And before he could stick around to see the truly baffled expressions on their faces, he grabbed up Basil’s leash, announced “Walkies” and he and the puppy tore out, with the door slamming behind them. Before it fully closed, however, he told us to “talk amongst yourselves… or whatever, you know.”

For a moment after, I watched Sherlock’s mum and dad stare at each other in bewilderment before they both seemed to come to life at once. “A girlfriend!” His mum exclaimed before I was pinned to her chest in a surprisingly tight hug.

It turns out, we didn’t need Sherlock there to get on just fine! We let him walk off his relationship anxiety while we chatted just like old mates. His mum made tea and his dad opened a box of biscuits and we tucked into that at the old kitchen table. By the time Sherlock came home, I was knee deep in photo albums with them in the living room and before he could fully roll his eyes to Surrey and back, his mom had him trapped in a hug as well. “My booooy!” She said first, before she whispered, “We like her.”

“Well of course you like her. She’s Molly Hooper!” he said in annoyance, like she ought to have known. Thankfully though, he was less tense now and eventually joined us to look at “Oh, good. Embarrassing pictures of Mycroft.”

I’ve got to say.. this was just about the best day I’ve ever had.

- Molly

anonymous asked:

17 with Chanyeol 😃

17. “What are you talking about? I am very mature.”

“I swear, you better stop that right now young man oh my god. I cannot even express how immature you look right now.”

“What are you talking about? I am very mature.” Chanyeol stares at you bewildered, his mouth agape. His eyes widen and his brows furrow, giving him a rather monkey-like look.

“Chanyeol, stop that. You look absolutely ridiculous,” you hiss, rapidly looking around for anyone who may be staring at the two of you in confusion. Or maybe in concern. Mostly for Chanyeol, you hope.

“My face? Or this?”

He whips out the doll from the shelf again, shoving it in your face. “Hi, my name is Molly and I’m five years old!” You nearly burst out laughing from the way his voice changed from his usual deep one to a high-pitched, child-like voice. “I really like playing dress up! Just look at all my clothes!”

“Oh my god, Chanyeol!” You hit his arm and he lowers the doll. “Put that back, we’re disturbing other customers.”

“What other customers?” Chanyeol smirks as he shoves the doll back on the shelf. “There’s no one else here.”


His arm slips around your waist.


“Sh, you’re going to attract attention.”


His lips are suddenly pressed against yours, and you’re immediately caught under a trance. Although the kiss is gone as quick as it came, you’re left stuttering and fumbling for words as always.

“Ch-Chanyeol, why-”

“I’ve kissed you how many times, and you’re still like this?” Chanyeol laughs. “Who’s the immature one now?”

Last night at a Once Upon a Time viewing party everyone was asking what story they got the name Gideon from and without thinking I blurted out “Gideon Prewett from Harry Potter” and they all stared at me blankly so I was all “Molly Weasley’s brothers? Gideon and Fabian? Harry wears the Prewett family watch?”

And my best friend dead ass looked me in the face as if she realized how obsessed I really am and said “wow that’s a really fucking obscure fact.”

I didn’t know how to tell her the truth that’s it’s my lifestyle to know any and all facts given about the marauders era because my second job is writing fanfiction for jily lovers so I just laughed awkwardly and changed the subject quickly.

‘The Science of Courtships’ Part 2

the 2nd installment for @potterlockianegalitarian928′s prompt!

Read Part 1 Here: (x)

thanks again to @strangelock221b for beta reading!

Sherlock Holmes waited outside of the door. He had called upon his brother, Mycroft, to find out where Doctor Hooper resided. Apparently, her parents had both passed when she was only sixteen, hence why there was never a coming out party for her. She had been residing with her cousin, Meena, and her husband, Gideon Wadsworth.

“Ah, hello, Mrs. Wadsworth, is Doctor Hooper available?” Sherlock asked.

“Are you that Holmes fellow?” Meena asked. “Because if you are, I’m afraid you are not welcome and will not be invited inside.”

“Well, good news then, I do not wish to enter; I only wish to ask if Molly would take a stroll with me. I need to explain,” Sherlock informed her. “I need to apologize.” He paused a moment. “Please, Mrs. Wadsworth; I misworded some things and it might quite possibly kill me if I cannot do anything to make up for it.”

“I’ll let her know,” Meena said. “If you would be so kind to wait in the sitting room.”

“Thank you,” Sherlock nodded. He waited as was asked of him. Mere seconds passed when he heard Molly’s voice down the hall.

“If you think I am going to give that infuriating man one more second of my time, you are mistaken!” she huffed, stopping short when her eyes landed on the very man she was disgusted with.

“I am sorry to have wasted your time, Mrs. Wadsworth,” Sherlock spoke solemnly. “Good day to you, Doctor Hooper. I apologize for my behaviour earlier.” He began to walk towards the door in defeat, his heart breaking with every step he took. Upon grabbing the door knob, he felt a small hand on his arm.

“Thirty minutes; that is all the time I am giving you to make things right, Mister Holmes,” Molly spoke firmly.

“That is all the time I need, Doctor Hooper,” Sherlock replied. Molly noticed the way his eyes lit up. She slid her arm through his and allowed him to lead her out of the door.

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meeting new people

It was a rather sunny morning as Bow the little demon wolf looked out the window of the crowded bus to his destination. Little Happy Town was the name he’d heard from his parents so much during their tours around the country. It seemed to be quite a fond place to his parents, this made bow excited to see the town for the first time. Most of the six year old’s life they were traveling on the road on tours for daddy’s dancing show and he’d never been in one place for more than a week but papa said that he’d be spending the summer in little happy town with some old friends of theirs until daddy’s last tour was done.

He smiled happily as he grabbed his bag from the holder from above him as the bus came to a stop. Bow happily got out of his seat and squeezed his little body out of the crowded bus on to dirt path. Catching a deep breath of the sweet country  air as the bus speed off. He looked to the small map his papa had for him as he started walking through town. He seemed wonder around for awhile as some of papa’s markers were moved or no longer there, this worried little bow as he hadnt even found the mouse he was suppose to be staying with.

Bow sighed sitting on a bench as he folded up the hand made map and put in his front pocket and frowned. He hadn’t even noticed all the glares he was receiving from some people walking past until a white poodle sat beside him. 

“hello there little demon what brings you here?” The poodle asked with a soft smile as Bow turned towards her. She smelled every nice like the ladies who’d bring him back to his parents when he got lost after a show. He nervously shifted to pull a letter out of his bag to look at the name on the letter.

“i-i’m looking for a mouse named molly"bow said stuttering a little bit as he looked into the poodles eyes. they seemed to fill a emotion he’d seen on fans of his parents shows when they said they weren’t doing what the fans asked, but the poodle still had a smile on her face,“d-do y-you know where i could find her?”

“oh of course i do sweet heart I’ll show you to her uncle’s shop it’s not to far here” She said softly as she got and waved for him to follow. Bow smiled nervously as he got up to follow her, the two walked down the street slowly as Bow stumbled forward. 

“My names Bow” the kid said softly as they walked across the street, he was a bit uneasy about her angry eyes but calm body language. He’d heard about a woman like that from daddy and things didn’t go well in the end. She made both his parents very upset and daddy said if bow ever met her not to make her mad.

“hi bow my names Abella” the poodle said kindly as they stopped in front of the shop she bent down to his eye level and smiled,“ Mr. Ched in the store is Molly’s uncle just tell him you need to talk to her and maybe buy something you’ll be fine if you need anything I’m staying at the hotel on 4th in avenue in room 27 ok? I’ll see you later bow”

With that the poodle left him in front of the little shop, and bow dug into his bag for a minute looking for some of the money papa had packed for him. He knew Mr.ched liked money from what papa told him about the man’s price for bone cookies are or at least were. Bow took a 50 out of his bag and walked into the store as he saw the tall buff mouse reading a newspaper. He looked around the small store finding it a bit cozy as he looked to the price bone cookies and the soda. Grabbing a soda bottle and a bone cookie Bow walked back to the check out and put them on the counter and put the 50 on the counter.

“you can keep the change if you tell me where Ms.Molly is I got a letter for her from my parents” Bow said as the man lowered his newspaper. Bow met his stare as he looked at the 50.

“is this real money? I dont see people come in here 50 dollar bills to often"The mouse said studying the bill.

"I hope so my Papa has never given me fake money before and he told me your bone cookies were 20 dollars each"bow said in a sassy tone,"you really over price them I’ve seen bone cookies sold for  5 dollars a doze”

“And who would your father be little demon? your lucky im not kicking you out "the mouse hissed.

"My papa’s name is Boris! He’s a honest wolf and I think he’d be ashamed that you think he’d give me fake money!” Bow said hissing right back at the mouse whose face went white,“but if you dont want my business I’ll just go get my cookie and soda somewhere else !”

“wait did you say you were uncle Boris’s son?” A female mouse said peaking in from the back room. Bow nodded as he stood his ground with Ched who rung up the boy’s items,“I’m Molly what brings you here?”

“Oh um I have a letter for you from parents that explains everything"Bow said as he hands the letter over to her. He smiled happily as her eyes lite up opening it and squeaked. She came over and hugged the six year old.

"welcome to town bow!” She said happily spinning him around

Aww!! That’s really neat! X3 @mikethenightguard1

That Bitch - Alec Lightwood Imagine

REQUESTED: Yup, by anon <3

Hi! I love your writing alot❤ Can u write an imagine about alec x femreader where there is this girl from another institute(her name is up to you) and she visit ny institute bcs she want to know how shadowhunters at there practice n this girl is also good at archery just like alec n she always training with alec and he doesnt hv enaf time to spend with her girlfriend and the rest and ofc as his gf , the reader is so jealous n give him a silent treatment and the rest is up to you . Thanku! xoxo:*

WARNINGS: None ayy

SUMMARY: Idris has sent over a girl named Mollie to see how Shadowhunters train. When she arrives, she is immediately taken by Alec’s skills. Being his girlfriend, however, you’re not too keen on this girl.

NOTES: I am sorry if you take offence to the name, I’ve only come up with it because there’s a bitchy girl at my school with that name. IT DOESN’T MEAN ANYONE CALLED MOLLIE IS A BITCH OKOK

Also I had my maths Calc exam today and I think it went well ahh

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Breaking Magic Bonds (A Medieval Fantasy AU): Chapter 1

(This alternate universe work is dedicated to you, readers, for taking the plunge in clicking on this.

For once, I don’t have much to say on this, at least things that might not hint at a sequence of events. So, I’ll close this note for now, and hope you all enjoy!)


Wade’s dark oak eyes pierced the starless sky, fighting to hold back yet another wave of suffocation in his throat. Even the stars must have fled to mourn in solitude.

No, of course not. No one, not even his family, ever paid him heed. In this so-called ‘prosperous kingdom’, even the weakest of commoners were pushed into a battle of survival. Not one went through a day without great pain and torment crashing onto the people, darkening the world around them.

Wade Barnes had willingly entered that battle at a young age. He would muster up all of his energy, taking the absolute advantage of it in order to understand the world around him. He cherished the games he played with the boys who would glare at him in annoyance, he listened and spoke with the men and women, boys and girls within the town. They may have not had a heart for him, yet, he would be the good soul to show them kindness, in spite they should not have deserved it.

If only he realized it would all be in vain. Suppose he understood that peace and solace was a mere illusion, he could’ve saved his mother and father, his brother from being bankrupt of their last few bits of savings, and all of them stolen from him that night.

When Wade was abruptly pulled out of his sleep by that silent, hooded figure in black, he would shortly have the images of dancing fire, and the sounds of crackles, jeers, and screams, etched into his mind, scarring his spirit and stabbing his once brilliant optimism.

That mysterious man took the people and needs Wade once savored, on that night. Did the people hate him so much, as well? To the point where they would sneer at the agonized, blazing dancers that were his family?

Almost certainly, combining that with how they spat at Wade as the young man ran out of the city by himself, nothing to lose or gain in his hands. Not even the guards towering over the gate looked to him, or bid him farewell.

Here he was now, laying on a lush, green hill near a forest. He did not dare to come in contact with the kingdom of Hongor, etched miles behind him. It was better to leave what he had once called home, rather than revolt against the people. Fighting fire with fire could only hurt himself.

Now, he was with the world outside of that ‘home’, awaiting even the most uncertain of possibilities. The world around him was now a void; every other creature at least had something to fight for.

Wade did not. No one was coming to change that, either.  

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  • Pathologist: *enters the morgue*
  • Sherlock: *examining a body*
  • Pathologist: *rolls his eyes* Excuse me, sir, this area is out of bounds to-
  • Sherlock: *still looking at the body* It's okay.
  • Pathologist: *sighs* If you don't leave, I'll have to call security.
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* I said it's fine.
  • Pathologist: *frowns* Why is it fine?
  • Sherlock: *smirks* I'm sleeping with the boss.
  • Pathologist: ...
  • Pathologist: *confused* You're sleeping with Stamford?
  • Sherlock: *looks up; annoyed* The other boss.
  • Molly: *enters the morgue, carrying coffees; irritated* Here's your bloody coffee, you git. Have you finished now so I can do my job?
  • Sherlock: *steps aside; takes the coffee, grinning* Yes, boss.
  • Pathologist: ...
Trap Door (Part 2)

[Part 1 here]


I didn’t see Fred and George again after their first visit. The person who knocked on the door of Honeydukes, causing them to leave so soon, was the Minister of Magic, coming to all of the shops in Hogsmead to tell us that there would be no more Hogwarts trips to our shops, as the school is on lock down while hunting for Sirius Black. My heart sunk a little, thinking about how the twins wouldn’t be able to come and see me like Fred promised. The Minister said that he also came into the shop for another reason, giving me an appointment to see him in the Ministry of Magic.

After a few more weeks at the new job, it was time to head home for the holidays. Even though I didn’t see or hear from Fred or George, I had the best time of my life in Honeydukes. When I’m not at work, I’m with Tonks and her partner, Remus. Even though I should feel like a bit of a third wheel living with them, I could not have asked for a more gracious welcome. Now that it was Christmas, they were taking me with them to have Christmas with “The Order”. I’m not meant to ask questions, but I’ve been assured that there will be plenty of people my age to hang around with.


“We’re here” Tonks nudged at my side and pointed to a tall and cozy looking house. “There’s the ol’ Burrow” Remus smiled, looking up at this phenomenal house with all sorts of magic surrounding it, from gnomes running around to a hexed lawn mower and– was that a firework I heard?  

We walked in and I was introduced to about 15 adults, all smiling at me lovingly. “Everyone, this is my new baby sis, Y/N”. They all came over to welcome me and shake hands, introducing themselves all at once. I had never seen so many happy and loving people in one confined space, and this really does feel like a home to me already.  

“Hello dear, I’m Molly” a short stout woman introduced herself to me. “We’re so happy to finally meet you. The kids are all up stairs if you’d rather be with people your own age!” She chuckled a bright and warm laughter, welcoming a smile upon anyone’s face. I turned around to go up the stairs to meet some more people when I was faced with a very familiar pair of redheads. “Oh Fred, George, this is Tonks’ sister I was telling you about, her name is–” “Y/N!” Fred interrupted. I presume my face looked as stunned as theirs, eyes wide and mouth hanging open in surprise. Molly looked at us with a puzzled expression,  looking now to me expecting an explanation of some sort, but I was in a trance, my eyes locked with Fred’s, and his locked with mine. “We’ll take care of her, don’t worry Mum” George spoke up, tugging Fred by the arm in an attempt to get him up the stairs already.

We chatted for a while, where they explained to me that they could’ve faced expulsion if they were caught off school grounds. We caught up with everything on what was happening, from who this Sirius Black was, the last few weeks at Honeydukes, and the Minister wanting to have a meeting with me after the break. The boys both found this to be out of character for the Minister to personally enquire to meet up with a teenager for a conference. Their younger siblings, Ron and Ginny and their friend Harry and Hermione all agreed that it was odd.


“Well?” Fred and George pestered me from the moment Arthur and I got back from the Ministry of Magic. “I can’t work at Honeydukes anymore” I spilled. “What? Why? You’ve only been working there for a few weeks and you’ve been brilliant!” They said in union. “They said it would interfere with my schooling,” they looked at me with equally puzzling expressions. “Would the two of you come with me to Diagon Ally to buy my new robes and books for Hogwarts?”



The Personal Blog of Molly Hooper

“I want to ask you something…on your blog, you mentioned- last night, and I…well, you said it was…boring. Molly, if I’m failing to please-”

“Sherlock, I was joking…come on, I know you read it. I’m hardly going to say my new secret lover rocks my world and makes me forget my own name when we’re together. You…are the best…I’ve ever, and will ever, have.”

9:13pm January 12th 2014

I cannot believe the evening I’ve had! Firstly, Mr. Sexy Self-Proclaimed Sociopath demanded my full attention yet again (honestly, it’s like he doesn’t want me to meet anyone.) Anyway, on my way home, I went to my local chippie…bloody drunk started grabbing at me and pulled me into an alleyway. Luckily, Allan saw and shooed him off – it’s times like this I wish I knew self-defence! Can you imagine that? Molly Hooper, shy little morgue mouse, fighting her own battles? It’s a thought…

“SHERLOCK HOLMES!” The consulting detective groaned loudly when he heard the small and angry steps on the stairs leading to flat B; Molly was terrifying when she was angry – he desperately glanced around the flat, searching for something to make him look busy. Giving up, he threw himself on the sofa as the door flew open, “what the hell is this?”

Molly threw the newspaper across his sprawled body, effectively bringing his attention to the headline: MAN FOUND BADLY BEATEN IN ALLEY OUTSIDE CHIP SHOP.

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