my name is heleena and i approve this message

So, I have a boyfriend as of last week c: It’s Dylan!!!!He’s such a sweet heart c:

And my birthday is tomorrow!!! Pretty sad it’s my last birthday as a minor though :c Buuuuut, I’m getting a tattoo in honer of meme and Aleeah tomorrow, and I’m getting my hair dyed back all brown. The tattoo is gonna be Of Mice & Men lyrics from the song Second And Sebring “I hope you smile when you look down on me”.

And i think I think I know what I want to get to cover up my first tattoo.

And I’m getting a Jeep Wrangler next year, and my brother and his best friend are gonna paint it pink c;

I think that’s all that’s gone on…mhm!

Btw, I love the few followers I have!!! Thank you so much for following me!