my name is demi and you can be my star


Hello, my name is Kara and I am here to make collage type things with LGBTQA+ type things. You can request anything like sexuality, gender, star signs and I can put something special together for you. If you just want somebody to talk to feel free to contact me and I will respond :). Thank you for coming to my page, I will do my best 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🖤

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name? Kendall :)

gender? Demi girl

star sign? Taurus


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what’s your middle name? Kay. It’s my mom’s name :D

put your iTunes on shuffle, what are the first 6 songs that popped up?

Cry- Carly Rae Jepsen 

Begin Again- Taylor Swift

U Don’t Get Me- gnash

Can’t Sleep Love- Pentatonix

Disappear- Dear Evan Hansen Original Broadway Cast

Je Veux Te Voir- Yelle

grab the book nearest you and turn to page 28. what’s the 17th line? There are no books near me at all. and Im too lazy to go to the other room to grab one

ever had a poem or song written about you? Yes I have

when was the last time you played air guitar? I don’t??? But I will tap to the beat on any and every surface near me.

who is your celebrity crush? Dianna Agron 100%

what’s a sound you hate? The sound dry erase markers make on white boards. and the sound the pen makes on smart boards.

sound you love? I love the way rain sounds. especially on windows

do you believe in ghosts or aliens? Both

do you drive? Im gay what do you think

what was the last book you read? I just read the Twilight graphic novel version if that counts

do you like the smell of gasoline? no its gross and gives me a headache

what was the last movie you saw? Just saw Happy Death Day with my brother. It was fucking awesome. 

what’s the worst injury you’ve ever had? Too many idk. If we’re going injury and not illness probably the time I was at the beach (which ew) but I got a cut on my ankle somehow (no clue how i got it) but it was about an inch long and an inch and a half deep into my ankle right on the bone. Had to go to the doctor to make sure it was clean/not gonna give me tetanus and my doctor shoved a huge as cotton swab into the wound and dug around in there and my god that fucking hurt 

do you have any obsessions right now? Um, no, what,,, what made you think that I-

Do you tend to hold onto grudges? If you fucked me over? no. If you fucking touched either of my brothers (especially my baby brother) then you can rot in the fiery pits of hell for all eternity while i eat popcorn and watch your sorry ass burn.

In a relationship? Yep. 

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Name: Liz

Nickname: uhh… liz…

Gender: non binary :0 (or demi-something idek anymore dude)

Height: 5’5” lmao

Star sign: gemini (oof)

Sexuality: pan

Hogwarts house: slytherin woot woot


Average sleep: 6-8 weeknights but 8-10+ weekends

Dog or cat: you can’t make me choose

Blankets I sleep with: 1 or 2 normally ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Dream job: bassist in a band !! or some kind of sucessful artist ig

When I created my blog: idek dude like 6 months ago?

Follower count: currently 640

Why I decided to have Tumblr: idk it seemed cool lmao

Reason for my URL: i really just sit down and find words that match for a url. nothing special. this one just happened to work out when i happened to be saying the word “insanely” like 5 times a day and i was like… that’d be a cool url

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