my name is demi

no one asked about my soulmate au but you’re gonna get it

  • so you can pry demi shiro from my cold dead hands
  • meaning the names (yes NAMES) on his body are smudged and faint
  • he hasnt met these people, he hasnt formed a connection, but he could
  • meanwhile matt’s soulmark (just the one) is under his collarbone, easy to hide with a casual t-shirt
  • the problem is he cant read it. his soulmate has horrible handwriting
  • and allura is in a cryopod, so she cant spend much time thinking about the strange scrawl on her hip
  • shiro and matt meet at the garrison and they just click together
  • slowly, the mark under shiros collar bone starts to darken and take shape
  • and its two years after they meet that shiro looks in the mirror and realizes holy crap not only is that matt’s name but its his HANDWRITING
  • he rushes to find matt and they happy hug because they’re soulmates!!
  • but shiro decides to just tell him now
  • “i have another name.”
  • he shows matt the indistinct grey blur on his right hip, and matt shrugs
  • “as long as you don’t leave me entirely, and we all communicate with each other, we can make this work”
  • shiro’s like “but you only have the one mark”
  • matt laughs and says “the universe must have decided we wouldn’t match”
  • bc matt is hella gay. he understands why he only has the one mark when shiro later introduces him to allura. he laughs and they get along great, the bestest of platonic buds
  • so matt and shiro go on the kerberos mission (imagine going to see a moon with your soulmate!) 
  • and the galra get them
  • and they get separated and shiro is back on earth and now that he knows what having matt by him at all sides is like hes not ready to give it up
  • so hell yah he gets in that weird lion thing and hell yah he flies to that alien planet and hell yah he helps that princess (who’s really pretty and why is his hip tingling every time he speaks to her?)
  • and allura is kind and smart and strong and resourceful and beautiful and powerful and sweet and wow shiro realizes shes pretty amazing
  • and then he looks in the mirror and her name is on his hip in bold black, in a pretty cursive, as dark and as valid as matts name
  • when he tells her she looks at him with wide eyes
  • “you have awful handwriting”
  • seriously shiros poor soulmates no one can read his handwriting
  • allura understands shiro has two soulmates (“it happened all the time on altea!”) but she only has one and matt only has one and honestly its fine
  • she helps him get matt back and shiro may cry a little when they rescue him
  • “matt, this is allura, my soulmate. allura, this is matt, my soulmate”
  • he introduces them to people like that a lot
  • so basically the rest of this au is fluffy nerds being nerds
  • matt/shiro/allura is Good and Awesome they are the dorkiest adults in the world
  • coran officiates the wedding
  • they are the space parents
  • poly space parents
  • some other Thoughts:
  • allura teaching them both Altean
  • Poly!! Parents!! Getting!! Kittens!!
  • allura and matt stage an intervention. shiro really does have awful handwriting. 

farewell to glee; favorite musical numbers
→ here comes the sun

I am going to regret this BUT OH WELL WHY NOT?

So I have completely fallen in love with the webcomic ‘Countdown to Countdown’ by @velocesmells (read it 3 times in 4 hours because I can’t get enough). Reading it + looking for hotels in the Alpine regions sparked my creativity. So here you have it, my demi-flora OC, named after an Alpine flower. Yes, the drawing is terrible, but I only had some pencils, paper and a shitty eraser at my disposal so I did the best I could (which is still very very very bad).

Some information about my OC:

Name: Linum Perenne Saphir (Mostly goes by Perenne Saphir)

Age: 20 (Date of birth: 28/06)

Gender/pronouns: Female (she/her)

Orientation: asexual

Personality:  She’s like the plant she’s named after: ‘moderately difficult to care for, requiring well-drained soil and full sun. Once in bloom though, it will self seed and grow to a large, cushion clump.’ This translates into: She can be cold and distant and you need a lot of time and effort to gain her trust, due to trust issues. Once she trusts you, though, she opens up and becomes a loyal friend. She’s calculated, determined and calm, but also suffers from agoraphobia.

Race: Kaukasian

Powers: Wind and ice 

Likes: Reading, poetry, nature

Dislikes: Parties, nicknames (Lin/Linny/Perry), lies, large crowds, people calling her small

So long story short Crunchyroll is good for two things: Legally streaming anime and reading manga. Enough with the stupid Ani Awards, they will “hopefully” learn from this and do better in 2017.


Here’s  TopAnimeWeekly January 1st 2017 video about their “2016 Anime Awards winners” and…this is exactly what I wanted. It includes the popular shows but also sequels (Ass Class 2, Haikyuu seasons 2-3, etc), underrated gems (Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, 91 Days, Aijnn etc.) and non TV anime (Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin, Kizumonogatari, Space Patrol Luluco, Pokemon Generations, etc). Plus their are way more categories (Best Sci Fi, Best Original story, Best Premiere/Pilot etc)  and there are about 20-30 shows that are spread out!

Wash away the filth by watching the nominees and the “winners”. Also bonus points for their split winners selection: one from the judge and one for the community.



If the Crunchyroll staff are reading this, then please TAKE NOTES!! This fan video feels more authentic than anything else I’ve seen from the past week!

Hiii, my name’s Demi, and I’m new to tumblr! Or rather the sims side of it. I’m looking for other maxis match simblrs to follow, so please drop a like or I guess just follow me.. if you like? and I’ll follow you. c:

I mostly just make sims and play legacies, I can’t build for shit lol


My name is Tobias (he/they pronouns). I am transgender/demiboy. Have not really figured it out yet. 🏳️‍🌈 ❤️
I love to craft(I made the above transgender and nonbinary flag keychains) and write.
Message me on my main blog @merciful-rainbow-overlord if you want to talk!! I will be posting more pictures of my keychains on @cutest-queerio soon! Thank you!

PS I have no idea why I always look in that direction.

Submit here or @ us!

“Bitch I don’t need introduction, follow my simple instruction….“

hey there my name is Demi Lovato and if you think you’re watching Disney channel I’ve got some very bad news for you pal because you’re looking at my mug shot right now. You probably know me or of me because I have a habit of not keeping my mouth shut and the media loves to have a hay day with that , what can I say? What they won’t tell you is that I’m really just a tattoo addicted , coffee dependent dog lover who can’t keep the same hair style for more than a month. But I guess you can’t make a headline out of that kind of thing. .

If for some strange reason you’re actually inclined to get to know me hmu at

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Pick my Squip! c: My name is Kai, though my birth name is Isabella. I identify as demi-girl (aka nonbinary), and I'm demiromantic, pansexual. I'm 15 and I'm normally quiet, but super hyper and excited around my friends. I like to draw cats and critters, even though I have a cartoony style and I also write some stuff sometimes. I really like attention (not in the narcissistic way). I also really love musical theater and sound design. My favorite animal is a ferret. That was info overload sorry

Phillipa Soo would be your Squip! -Mod J

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Name: Rachel

Nickname: I don’t know, untitled or my actual name

Star sign: Aries

Height: Around 5′3

Sexual orientation: Demi-pansexual :>

Hogwarts house: I’m not into Harry Potter but my friend says I would be a Ravenclaw

Favorite color: Dark blue

Favorite animal: A L L   O F   T H E M

Average hours of sleep: When it’s a school night, around 4-5 but now school’s over around 8-10+ hours of sleep

Number of blankets: 1

Favorite singer/band: I like BEAST, BTS, and Chet Faker

Dream trip: I want to go to Korea and visit my cousin.

Dream job: I wanna open my own bar and it’s gonna be classy as fuck!

When was your blog created: This year I think???? 

Current number of followers: 89!

What made you create your tumblr: To post my lame art, hoping someone will find it interesting. And I also wanted to meet some fandom peoples but turns out im too shy and awkward to initialte conversation. 

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i cant believe theres another ember whos demi, my (internet)name is ember/emb and i just figured out im demiflux and two days after i find another person named ember. wth. what is this sorcery. ((((sry if this is annoying/spam to u i was jus surprised/happy abt it u can delet me if u want))))

Hi!!! Mod ember here~

Ember is a fuckin cool name B) Helper Alex went by ember for a little bit and was demigender, as well, before I met him!!! But I’m actually genderfluid!!! :000 I’m considering demigender tho, or genderflux. I dunno wtf I am tbh.

I love you, other Ember!!!!! (ember is my alias as well dw i feel u)

vil-lain  asked:

7, 12 (xD), 21

7. Tried to make your simself? 

Yes, I have my simself in all Sims games I own. Her name is Catherine Demie.

12. Been drunk while playing Sims?

Yeah, several times when I was tipsy. But when I’m really drunk (it takes a lot of buzz) I prefer doing more risky things than playing Sims xD 

21. Created a piece of Sims CC? 

Yes, many times! I even have Downloads page in my blog. That’s actual thing I’m busy with currently.

Thank you for questions, my dear! ^__^

about me

my name is demi, but it’s been misheard so much that i have adopted the name debbie, short for deborah.

every time someone at starbucks mishears my name as debbie and write “debbY” on the cup i get ticked off because they didnt spell it like “debbIE.”

when i’m at work, absolutely no one calls me demi. even when my coworkers refer costumers to me, they tell them “debbie will take care of you.” when my coworkers first started calling me that, i had only been working there for a month and a half. those who hadnt met me or worked with me often actually began questioning whether my name was demi or debbie, including the general manager.

it has come to the point that whenever i scold myself, i say out loud “god dammit, deborah,” or “jesus, debbie.” it makes me sound like i’m a middle aged white mom scolding her fellow middle aged white mom colleague in the division below her for making a minor mistake in an email that was CCed to me.

anyway, it’s 2:15am and i felt the need to remind myself that calling myself debbie on a regular basis is really weird. i hope i look back at this in a few years, or maybe even a couple of months, and wonder where i went wrong in my life. i’ll probably look back and question if i had an identity crisis at 17 years old