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Stretch Marks!

I forgot to add this IMPORTANT product I used to fade my dark stretch marks on my upper thighs and bum. Back when I used to have a Beauty IG page, I was sent a couple of PR products from Body Merry ages ago.

I was sent the Scars and Stretch Marks Cream by Body Merry. It’s all natural ingredients—from shea to cocoa butter and a bunch of other great ingredients.I used it for three months with a use of a dermaroller from Amazon. My stretch marks are so faded that it practically blends with my natural skin tone, you can barely see them unless you have a microscope. 

At first I wasn’t expecting anything because I’ve used Bio Oil, Palmers Cocoa Butter, and every drug store option for stretch marks.

THIS STRETCH MARK CREAM THEY SENT ME ACTUALLY WORKS. I SWEAR ON GOD’S NAME my stretch marks practically diminished after three months of consistent use with a dermaroller! 

Stretch marks can be a real confidence killer for people, which is why I wanted to share my success with this product. I wouldn’t ever recommend anything that I haven’t used and saw great results. You can buy it off eBay or Amazon last I checked! But like I said it takes some time because it’s all natural unlike other chemical or steroid based creams.

Check out the reviews on Youtube and Amazon for all the positive reviews and photos from customers! 

  • Diego: Listen up, faces. In order to save us all some time, I will call all the males "Mark" and all the females "Mary" from now on.
  • Mark: Mark is actually my name.
  • Diego: Then, out of fairness to the others, you will be Slagathor.
  • Mark: [is visible disappointed]
  • Diego: Marks, Marys, Slagathor, I will be in my office. If you need anything, feel free to bother Jaime.

Okay, but what if, okay listen, listen…

I had this for a couple of days now and I had to draw it myself to get it to leave my brain (it didn’t really work and now there’s a story to this)

Here we have Wilford Warfstache (of course) and Clifford (my iplier OC I guess, kinda???)

I’m not gonna be round much today (gotta super D&D session lads) but like for a starter of some sort at some point! If you’re a multimuse blog could you please be a doll and specify a character for me please!


two sides of the same coin

Multiple people asked for it, so here it is! Soulren Marks part 2!

3 months later—-

I strolled down the street, a wide grin spread across my face. I was going to meet with my four new favorite people, to discuss ‘Soulren Marks’ and who they may be.

I still found their clueless thoughts quite amusing, seeing as they all were extremely intelligent. I was going to wait for the perfect moment to tell them who I am. But, I was scared honestly. Women weren’t exactly expected to be writers. They want us to all be submissive wife’s who clean their house and bear their children.

I intend on being successful, which is why I haven’t let any man court me yet. I need to make my path clear as Soulren Marks. I am just grateful that one of my best friends’s husband is the owner of the largest newspaper in New York. He respects me and publishes my writings under my pen name. 

I saw the boys sitting outside of the tea shop soon enough, and I waved softly.

Alexander waved me over swiftly, holding up one of my newest articles. The rest of the boys just watched me, warm smiles on their faces.

I took a step forward, only to feel a strong hand catch around my wrist. I turned my head slightly to see a member of the English army, red coat and all, clasping my wrist. I stood up straight, making my body seem as large as possible, even though this man was maybe five inches taller than me.

The four boys I had grown close too stiffened, and Lafayette rose to his feet slowly.

“Um, can I help you sir?”

“You can help me by coming to spend some time with me.”

“I’m afraid that is not necessary sir. Could you please leave me alone?”

“I see no ring on your finger. And to not be married at your age, I presume early 20′s, you must be a prostitute.”

This man did not just call me a prostitute. He may be a member of that damned king’s army, but he must at least have some morals.

“Let go of my arm right now you Lobster Back.” I sneered, keeping my face forward. Suddenly, the British soldier had my face in one of his hands, and turned my head sharply to look at him.

“You are a woman. You have no right to speak to me that way.”

“I have all the rights in heaven and hell to speak to you that way you bastard.” I snarled back, yanking my head away from his grasp.

A hand connected with my face, the impact throwing me onto the ground. My satchel flew to my right, and my soft grey dress fanned out underneath me.

In an instant, Alexander, Hercules, John, and Lafayette were at my side. John and Lafayette helped me to my feet, while Alexander and Hercules screamed in the soldiers face. 

All eyes were on us, as we were in the middle of the street, starting this argument. I stood in between John and Lafayette, rubbing my cheek and watching as Alexander backed the soldier into a wall.

They yelled back and forth, until one sentence caught me off guard.

“So she is a prostitute! That is the only way she can have so many men rush to her aid! Stupid whore!”

That was it. I had enough.

“If you knew who I truly was, you would be trembling in your boots along with the rest of your ignorant battalion!” I shouted, stepping forward. 

I was enraged by what this man was saying. He was a disrespect to any soldier of any army, and was just a scum of mankind.

“Stop speaking like Soulren Marks you whore! You’re stupid revolutionary writer is not going to back some prostitute!” He yelled back, rising to his feet and pushing Alexander to the ground. 

“What if I told you I was Soulren Marks! Would you believe me, or call me a stupid woman like you have been for the past few minutes?” I shouted, catching the attention of everyone on the street with the name of my writer persona.

“Y-You’re Soulren Marks?” A man asked, taking a step towards the commotion. 

I nodded, my eyes connecting with the mans. I watched his eyes dilate, realization striking through him. He stormed forward, grabbing the soldier by the collar.

“How dare you disrespect Soulren Marks!” He shouted, causing the street to erupt into a roar. People stormed out of the shops, getting closer.

“How can you believe this woman? Women don’t write! Women are inferior!”

“Lies! (Y/N) is an honestly girl. The entirety of New York knows this! We believe her!” A lawyer who operated down the street from my house shouted, throwing a smile my way.

The four of my friends pulled me away from the commotion, allowing the townspeople to handle the soldier.

“Is it true Mon Ami? Are you really Soulren Marks?” Lafayette asked, staring down at me.

I nodded softly, looking up to meet for pairs of excited eyes. Alexander suddenly pulled me into a hug, babbling about how he adored my writing.

John pulled me away from Alexander’s grasp, taking one of my hands in his own.

“I’m-We’re sorry for not stepping in sooner (Y/N). I mean, we know you can handle yourself, but that was a British soldier. What if more showed up? It was Hercules who finally decided when it was time to step in.” John said, looking down.

I squeezed his hand softly, smiling up at him.

“You boys couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you all so much.” I beamed, leaning up to kiss each boys cheek. They obviously enjoyed it, cause a blush dusted each of their faces soon afterwards

“So, should we go sit down? You have a lot to explain (Y/N).” Hercules said, holding out his arm. I took it gingerly, allowing him to lead me over to a table.


Due to an incident that occurs a few days ago, my true identity has come to light. 

My name is not Soulren Marks, but is actually (Y/N) (L/N). 

Yes, I am a woman. 

No, that doesn’t mean you need to stop this strong uprising for the revolution. I will still be one of your catalysts. Woman or man, Soulren Marks is a collective mind, not just one of my own. Marks’s name is tied to each and every man and woman who understand how important this revolution is.

I will continue to write my articles long into the revolution, and I strongly encourage men to sign up for the Continental Army. Our nation needs the largest and strongest army as possible to win this war.

Keeps your heads high, and your hearts strong dearests, for the revolution has begun, and may we show England what consequences it has to disrupt our lives. 

140624 GOT7 Mark Twitter Q&A Event (part 1):


we are going to start now^^ RT @codenameBEA: #GOT7COMEBACK @GOT7Official when are you going to start???

my favorite song on this album is Forever Young~~ did you listen to it yet?? RT @llStarDustll: What’s your fav. song on the new album

he is the same in person.. just WILD! RT @Alli_CUBE: #GOT7COMEBACK @GOT7Official @mtuan93 What can you say about your Roommate Jackson???

im alright… but are you okay??^^ RT @tikah1105: @GOT7Official Did you hurt when you fallen from heaven? #GOT7COMEBACK

sometimes… lol how about you?? RT @LLYY2511: #GOT7COMEBACK @GOT7Official Do you watch your flips on tv and go like"woah i did that?“ xD

dad what do think?? @linbea945 RT @haeyon0908: I would like to be papa tuan’s daughter-in-law. What should i do?? #GOT7COMEBACK

2 points for 닉.인.비. !! RT @chegyul_ee: Hey Mark! Who do you think have the most awkward acting in the teaser?? @GOT7Official #GOT7COMEBACK

A~ come with me! RT @asistiqlal: @GOT7Official hi mark! Do you know that my name is actually "A”?Thanks ㅎㅎㅎ #GOT7COMEBACK #A

i would want to be able to fly!!^^ RT @excusemewang: If you could have a super power, what would it be? @GOT7Official #GOT7COMEBACK

hello roxanne!^^ RT @roxanneIsLOVE: when can I get a ‘hello’ from you, Mark? =] @GOT7Official #GOT7COMEBACK

why? you dont like it..? :( RT @ppJLb_: @GOT7Official #GOT7COMEBACK oppa What do you think about your hairstyle now.

why are you so perfect?? ^^ RT @marktuan_jyp: @GOT7Official #GOT7Comeback Mark why are you so perfect?

then do you have wings behind your back??? RT @Awandaaa_: why in your back haven’t the wings?angel have a wings in their back #GOT7COMEBACK

Mark's Twitter Q&A Event

Fan: What’s your fav. song on the new album
Mark: my favorite song on this album is Forever Young~~ did you listen to it yet??

Fan: What can you say about your Roommate Jackson???
Mark: he is the same in person.. just WILD!

Fan: Did you hurt when you fallen from heaven?
Mark: im alright… but are you okay??^^

Fan: 영어로 해여 답장 해주는거에요…? 영어못하는데 흐아구구규ㅠㅠ … (Are you suppose to reply back in English…? I can’t speak English well huhu ㅠㅠ…)
Mark: 예진아 안녕!^^ (Hello Yejin!^^)

Fan: 마크야~~~~~~~~~ 오늘 밥 뭐먹었어??????? (Mark ~~~~~~~~~ What did you eat today ???????)
Mark: 소고기도시락 먹었어요!! 누나는요?? (I had a beef lunch!! What about you, noona??)

Fan: 마크오빠 갓세븐에서 젤 날아다니는데 반대로 젤 날아다니지 못하는 사람은 누구예요⁇ (Mark is the GOT7 member who can fly the best, then who is the member who is the worst??)
Mark: 닉.인.비. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ*

Fan: 에이~ 나 어때?? (A~ How do I look?)
에이~~ 알잖아요.. ♡ (A~~ You know.. ♡)

Fan:Do you watch your flips on tv and go like”woah i did that?” xD
Mark: sometimes… lol how about you??

Fan: I would like to be papa tuan’s daughter-in-law. What should i do??
Mark: dad what do think?? @linbea945

Fan: Hey Mark! Who do you think have the most awkward acting in the teaser??
Mark: 2 points for 닉.인.비. !! *

Fan: hi mark! Do you know that my name is actually “A”?Thanks ❤️ ㅎㅎㅎ
Mark: A~ come with me!

Fan: 오빠영어공부열심히할께요..곧시험일세나에게파워를줘요 (Oppa, I will study hard on English.. I have an exam soon, wish me luck?)
Mark: 세나 화이팅!!^^ 시험 잘 봐! (SaeNa, hwaiting!!!^^ Do well on the exam!)

Fan: If you could have a super power, what would it be?
Mark: i would want to be able to fly!!^^

Fan: 오빠 이거끝나고 뭐할꺼예요!!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ(Oppa, what are you going to do after this is done!!!! kekekekekeke)
Mark: 은정아 영화 보러 가자^^ ㅋㅋㅋ(Eunjung-ah, let’s go watch a movie together^^ kekeke)

Fan: 오빠 점 하나만 찍어주세여……(간절) (Oppa, it’s okay even if you reply to me with one dot ……(desperate))
Mark: 점 하나…ㅋㅋㅋ (One dot… kekeke)

Fan: when can I get a ‘hello’ from you, Mark? =]
Mark: hello roxanne!^^

Fan: oppa What do you think about your hairstyle now.
Mark: why? you dont like it..? :(

Fan: 갓.인.비** 마크오빠!!!저요즘 잠이잘안와여ㅜㅜ근데오빠가 잘자라고해주면 잠잘수있을꺼같아용…❤️ (Got.In.Bi ** Mark Oppa!!! I haven’t been able to sleep latelyㅜㅜ If you say goodnight, I feel like I would be able to sleep…❤️ )
Mark: 잘자 미연아!^^ (Goodnight, Miyeon-ah!^^)

Fan: Mark why are you so perfect?
Mark: why are you so perfect?? ^^

Fan: 오빠 저는 ❤️ 하나만 보내줘도 되요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ제 트윗 보이긴 한가요?!!!! (Oppa, you can just send me oneㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Do you really look at my tweet?!!!!)
Mark:  ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️^^

Fan: 마크야 8월9일날 jyp네이션 콘서트 준비 잘되가??????그날 우리 만나쟈 ㅎㅎ널보러갈게 ❤️❤️ (Mark, how are preparations for the JYP Nation Concert on August 9?????? Let’s meet on that date hehe I’ll visit you then ❤️❤️)
Mark: 지현누나 기다리고 있을게요!^^ (I’ll be waiting, Jihyeon noona!^^)

Fan: why in your back haven’t the wings?angel have a wings in their back
Mark: then do you have wings behind your back???

Fan: 보고 싶다 마크야 (I miss you, Mark)
Mark: 저도보고싶어요!!^^ 잘자요! (I miss you too!!^^ Good night!)

Fan: 마크오빠 끝났으면 끝났다고 셀카올려주세요ㅠㅠ (Mark oppa,when you are done, post a picture/selfie that you are doneㅠㅠ)
Mark: 이제 끝!! 즐거웠어요 잘자요^^ (Now end!! I had fun, good night^^) (T/N Mark posted this selca with his reply)

*Youngjae’s nickname “Nich.In.Bi”= “Nichkhun certified visual"

** “Got.In.Bi” = GOT7 certified visual

trans by: fyeah-marktuan