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Miami Prepping…

At ‘Slay Doll’ getting ready for our vacay to Miami this weekend! I haven’t had a vacation in a while so it’ll be nice to see Omari and spend some time with my girls. @aysiiax blessed my hair and my boo Reign fleeked my nails, I don’t know how to act right now!! Leena and I are headed back to my place to finish packing, I’m sooo last minute and our flight leaves tomorrow afternoon. I just can’t wait to see my baby tho….

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It’s Arrow day...

… I’m nervous. 

No matter how many spoilers I get I’m still at the edge of my seat and bitting my nails…

Oliver is a mess and in a mess right now. We know it… he’s going to find out today.

Felicity is a mess and she’s going further into a mess right now. We know it… she’s not going to know it untill further on.

Diggle knows where he is. We don’t, legit have no idea where Diggle is or what he’s doing… don’t think we will find out today.

Prometheus knows where he is. We know he has the upper hand on Oliver and the Team… there’s going to be a lot of episodes yet for us and Oliver to know exactly how much of a upper hand he has.

Talia knows exacty where she is. We don’t know jack about where she is or what she planned… don’t think we will get full disclosure, ever, but definitly not going to have it today. (I’m really hoping Talia is around for Season 6).

One thing I am sure, I’m excited, feelling all kind of feels and, if you ask pretty much anyone, that’s a really good thing to feel before any episode of any show.

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it’s midnight! happy star wars day! I’ve got some of my glitter for carrie ready to go for the morning, though I’ll also be wearing a sparkly top and trying to find some way to incorporate some loose craft glitter I got for lack of actual sparkly makeup (who knew kroger didn’t sell face glitter? I miss the ‘90s/early ‘00s.)

Prompt List

Summary: We made this prompt list because there’s no requests what so ever. We would appreciate requests but if you can’t think of send a prompt! Please take the time do this for us. Send in a prompt and character!

Fandoms: Marvel, Supernatural, Teen Wolf and the actors.

1. Why are we at a strip club?

2. I’m sorry…you said what to the teacher?!

3. You hit my car? I don’t care if you’re (insert superhero), I’m close to ripping your throat out.

4. Am I dead?

5. Damn you are a kinky motherfucker….I like it.

6. Pfft…it’s just a scratch…

7. I killed a guy…quickly so don’t be upset!

8. It’s not an OBSESSION, it’s a collection.

9. Excuse me? That’s my side of the bed.

10. I’m feeling very…stabby right now…

11. Oh my god…that’s nail polish! You thought I was bleeding?!

12. “Okay…so our daughter…she’s saying she got her period…but it’s nail polish” and “did you touch it?” and “NO!”

13. You will treat this child like royalty or I will kill you.

14. Okay, so I kissed you to get a girl off my back but it turns out I can’t stop thinking about you

15. Well this is awkward…blueberry?

16. That’s not where I would hide the body.

17. Damnit, I told you not to fall for me.

18. Just promise me you’ll come back to us.

19. I love sex, so sue me? Or you could screw me?

20. Let’s have a some fun. A little truth or dare never hurt anyone.

21. You almost gave me a heart attack! Why are you wearing just a bow?

22. Did you just say you love me?

23. Why did you invite him? No I’m not jealous. Okay, maybe a little.

24. It’s always been you. You and only you.

25. “Mom! Dad is scaring my date again.”

26. Wait, where are my clothes?

27. You couldn’t let me be content just hating you, you had to make me love you.

28. I wasn’t listening to you. I was undressing you with my eyes.

29. You know, thongs aren’t so uncomfortable after all.

30. If you loved me, you’d fight. If you loved me, you’d stay. If you loved me, you’d show it. Do you even know what love is?

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Literati Headcanon Scene

Scene: Jess had just finished reading the part of Rory’s novel that was about him…


Jess set the last piece of paper down and tried to swallow but his throat was dry. Without answering, he pushed away from the table and went to the fridge. “Want a drink? Beer or water?” he asked, turning his back on Rory while he gathered his thoughts.

“Water please.”

He grabbed a bottle of water and a beer and took them over to the table, setting the former in front of her. Then he opened his beer and sat down.

“You’re being eerily quiet,” Rory said with a nervous catch in her voice. “If I were a cartoon character, I’d be chewing on my nails right about now.”

Jess stared at his drink, his mind still racing with everything he’d just read. The writing itself was technically perfect—this was Rory after all—but it was what she’d revealed that had him so troubled. “I’m… processing.”

“If it’s too personal, I’ll change it,” Rory said. “Or if you want, I can omit—”

“No,” he said, his head snapping up. He blew out a breath, trying to remain calm. “Don’t take me out of your story.”

She nodded. “I didn’t mean take you out entirely. I meant just omit the part about your parents.”

“Oh.” He wasn’t that insecure boy anymore; at least, he didn’t think so. Still, a part of him had been so sure she’d have no qualms about erasing him from the book and, in turn, from history.

She flashed him a sad sort of smile. “Jess, if I took you out, my story would be woefully incomplete.”

— “Time After Time” by June Gray (available on wattpad).

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Different anon but omg this election!! I turned my tv on for the first time in months tonight just so I can have cbc on instead of refreshing a page constantly (side note: half my friends didn't vote and I'm actually furious)

I’m watching it on global right now, I’m biting my nails with nervousness! Ah, that’s so frustrating to hear that your friends didn’t vote! I’m glad you did, though!!

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Okay, first Alice Cooper! I love mama Cooper! I mean, yes she makes stupid decisions but the scene where she barged in Thornhill and was like "I will have my daughter right now and if you opened your mouth, my nails are so sharp they could cut a bitch!" One of my favorite scenes so far!!! -Minnie

I AGREE, GREAT SCENE  like shes lowkey crazy but she’d good crazy like she’s trying to protect her kids she’s a badass and I love her too. Thank god she got Polly out in time. ALSO POLLY WAS NOT THAT SHOOK when she found out the incest stuff