Tie dye nail art inspired by these nails I did a while back. I had a LOT of trouble doing those nails the first time and in my attempts I arrived at a pretty different series of steps that for me, made it a bit easier. I hope the same can be true for you with this tutorial!

1. Paint the nail with a white base.
2. Using your pink polish, make a swirl across the nail. You do not need to use a lot of polish or ensure full coverage with the polish. These first few steps (2-4) are for the purpose of mapping out where the colors will go. This helps make sure that all of the colored swirls fit on the nail and prevents a lot of struggles later on.
3. Behind the pink swirl, make an orange one up against it. Again, this doesn’t need to use a lot of polish.
4. Repeat steps 2-3 with the rest of your colors until all are used and all of the nail is filled.
5. Take your green polish (or whatever color is second to closest to the bottom edge) and cover the green swirl with a lot of polish. You will really want to glob it on here so you can drag it later (but not TOO much or else it will be a mess!). Note: for the remaining steps, you will not want to wait for each coat to dry! This works better when working swiftly so the colors don’t have time to dry up.
6-7. Using a needle, drag the green polish outwards to make the spikes. I sometimes added a bit of the polish to the tip of my needle to make this motion work better and to fill in some of the color gaps that will be created. 
8. Repeat steps 5-7 with your yellow polish. You will want to make these next lines in the same place as the green ones so they fit into each other.
9. Repeat with orange polish.
10. Repeat with pink polish. 
11. Repeat with blue polish.
12. Paint a layer of clear coat. Doing this will not only seal in your great work, but will also make some of your polish smudge into any gaps you may have created when doing the needle dragging. You can always go back and fill in those gaps with their respective colors if it is a big issue.

If you are looking for an easier alternative that still gets you that fun tie dye look, you can do steps 1-5 after painting straight lines with your polish. The result will look something like these.

I hope this tutorial was helpful and I can’t wait to see all of your nails!