my mystery kids

There was a really well developed, unique, autistic kid on the show I’m watching and it makes me so !!! happy
And the mom was super chill with him and let the kiddo stim and didn’t force him to act allistic and I’m just !!!!

a request!

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The best cartoons I've seen until now

They are sorted alphabetically :3

-American Dragon

-Avatar the last airbender

-Ben 10

-Chip and dale rescue rangers

-Code Lyoko

-Codename Kids next door

-Courage the Cowardly Dog

-Danny phantom


-Foster home for imaginary friends

-Gravity falls

-Hey Arnold

-House of Mouse

-Jackie chan adventures

-Kim Possible

-Martin Mystery

-Miraculous Ladybug

-Moster Allergy 

-My life as a teenage robot

-Proud Family


-Secret Saturdays

-Steven Universe

-Teen titans

-The adventures of Jimmy Neutron 

-Xiaolin Shouwdown


my mc for the arcana game!! the art is SO GOOD the bgs are so pretty and also i cry every time i see asra

desmondmlles  asked:

"and he stood there, wondering how on earth this happened"

Coran hadn’t meant to start another food fight. He just choked accidentally on Hunk’s new dish (it tasted weird, okay, Altea didn’t have flavors like that) and spit it out before he could stop himself. It landed on Hunk’s face. The paladins blinked at him for a moment, mouths opened in dismay, and Coran feared that he had deeply insulted their culture somehow.

But Lance stood up in excitement, waving his spoonful of what Hunk had called “tapioca pudding,” and yelled, “FOOD FIGHT!” at the top of his lungs.

And now Coran just stood there in the middle of the battlefield, wondering how on Earth, or Altea, this had happened.

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sorry guys i’ve been super busy but here have a v v gay thing i made 4 u

it’s 4 am 


Today at ACEN, a tiny kid on his dad’s shoulders, dressed up like a perfect Ash Ketchum, suddenly pointed at me and yelled “I CHOOSE YOU!”
His parents started cheering and said “He chose you! That means you get to keep this!” and then he handed me a tiny pokéball! I felt super honored, it was so cute. ;-;
When I finally got time to open it, there was a little Caterpie and some stickers inside!
Definitely one of the highlights of the con, it totally made my day!