my mysterious past

i have a lot of feelings about pacifca tonight

  • pacifica wanting to run away after the events of Northwest Mansion Mystery
  • pacifica’s plan failing because she’s only a kid and still attached to materialistic wants and NEEDS. so she stays. forming a different plan thatll take years. her parents are always at parties anyways. she believes she can live with it and survive.
  • she grows. she learns. she lies a lot more to them. she takes notes of tactics she can use against her parents one of these days.
  • it takes her a long time. it sucks to deal with parents but she has the Pines to support her outside the Northwest mansion 
  • sometime over the years, Preston and his wife’s reputation are eventually falling apart. Someone’s tarnishing their rep and they cant figure out who. 
  • Pacifica’s still the heiress here. Her reputation is SPOTLESS and now that she’s older she knows how to pull some strings and do some dirty work. She learned only from the best. 
  • Once Pacifica takes over, those two. Are. Out. 
  • Her parents are begging for HER forgiveness this time. Oh how the tables have turned! she gives them a little hope at first, another shot for them to keep all their wealth and fame and greed  
  • then crushes it cruelly, just like theyve done to her ALL her life. Forgiveness? Pacifica doesnt owe them shit.
  • After all that conditioning with the bell, nothing will EVER redeem them.

we just keep our pumpkins inside at night and only let them out during the day.

I’m not saying Robin is Hades, I’m just saying that I don’t think I’ve ever seen Robin and Hades in the same room…


Here’s a quick run cycle I created of an original character named “Zero-Z.” I hope to use this guy in something… someday. Originally uploaded on February 27, 2013.

Fun fact: One of the reasons that anime characters often run with their arms swept backwards like this is that it allows the animators to use fewer frames for the run cycle.


I prefer line animation, but I can’t draw. In early 2012, this fact—combined with a growing burnout over incessant CG training—led to a full-blown morale collapse. Feeling defeated, I gave up on adding a new medium to my artistic repertoire, and returned exclusively to live-action film. This time my choice stuck.

Well… for a while. ;)

Since this is something of an intermission in my personal animation narrative, I think now is the time to post my best live-action work. Shot in February of 2008, I finally got around to uploading The Monster to YouTube in February of 2012. Here’s some background from the YouTube description:

“The Monster” is my Thesis film from the Savannah College of Art and Design. It’s about an unlucky woman trapped between two eras in horror. It was shot on Super 16mm, but the print quality isn’t the best. My crew did excellent work, but to our misfortune an irresponsible crew had demolished SCAD’s good camera just a few days before my Thesis was due to start shooting. In the end we got stuck with a relic so old that the DP had trouble seeing through the viewfinder! Nevertheless, it is dear to my heart and I hope you enjoy it.


Boy can I natter on! Fortunately I’m almost at the end of my “quick” background summary. After I finished Rendezvous I spent months dabbling in a bit of CG, live-action film and 2D animation. After my previous collapse, I approached the 2D stuff very carefully, and limited myself to very simple shots. “Lighter than Air,” which I uploaded in November of 2012, was an experiment with modifying photos into “painted” backgrounds using Photoshop, and a meticulously rotoscoped propeller animation.

Interestingly, my CG background is a tremendous asset for 2D work. I can model rough objects (like a propeller), and then use them as guides for vector art.


After my (shudder) car animation, I managed to tow the line and keep my thoughts focused entirely on live-action film for weeks. I wouldn’t even watch animated movies for fears I might have a “relapse.” Then one day… I was weak. So I went to the Blender forums and viewed a single short film someone had posted.

I was working on my own CG short by the end of the day.

It was like a dam had burst and released all of my repressed love of animation! I worked for thirty straight days, six to eight hours a day, and in the end uploaded Rendezvous on May 31st, 2012. It represents the high water mark of my CG animation, and despite it’s limited textures, I’m very proud of it.

For those who are interested, I went searching and actually managed to find the movie that had inspired me. It’s a ethereal little short named Fall by Adam Parker (here’s the link). It’s not one of the bigger Blender films (like Sintel), but it made me realize how animation’s strength lies in its ability to warp and stylize reality in ways that live-action cannot.


Astute observers will note that my wife appears in a lot of my footage. That’s because I’m not good at securing actors. Probably due to the fact that I’m unhappy with almost all of my live-action work (it’s hard to ask potential cast and crew to join up when you’ve begun to assume the end result will be disappointing).

This CG thing, however, had opened up a world of possibilities. With CG you can create anything, right? Maybe even the actors…

I wasn’t totally onboard yet, but the idea of pure animation had taken root. In February of 2011, I uploaded the following test. It was my first textured and rigged character; a guard from a dystopian mega-corp. The mesh is rough and the animation stiff, but it was still a significant milestone.