my musical rant

Why is it that on every theatre production on Youtube there’s always some little white girl in the 7th grade saying that she could’ve done a better performance.

No, Sarah Anne, you can’t. No matter how many years you’ve crammed your crusty toes into jazz shoes and screeched sharp notes through your undeveloped vocal cords, through lessons paid for by your wealthy parents with elbow wrinkles, you are not Broadway. You’re not even high school theatre.

Sit down and drink your apple juice.

“Musicals are never inappropriate.”

*Aggressively shoves Spring Awakening at you*

“Musicals are too happy”

*backflips and hands you the Next to Normal CD*

“Why do they randomly burst into song?”

*does magic trick to reveal Cabaret*

“Musicals have boring classical music”

*bursts into confetti that spells out RENT*

I’m sick of people telling me what I should and shouldn’t like.
I’m sick of people judging me, and laughing at at me for the things I do like.

Tom Holland makes me happy!
Musicals make me happy!
Marvel makes me happy!
Writing makes me happy!

Stop telling me that everything I like is crap! Because maybe I don’t like some of the things you do, but I’m not judging you for it!!!

Btw I’m not directing this toward any of my followers. It’s just people in my life that are bothering me.

I feel like I have to say this because I have so many Eliza feels:  

We’ve all read the infamous Laurens letter, we all saw all the face-touching between Lin and Anthony on stage, we’ve all had our full of all the homoerotic tension between A.Ham and Laurens, and we’ve all had that small voice whispering ‘gaaaaayyy’ in our head.

But that’s the thing: Alexander Hamilton was not gay. He was, in all likelihood, bisexual: there’s a huge case for him having loved John Laurens, and it’s clear that he loved Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, too, desperately. You can hear it in the letters he writes her, the worry he feels for her safety and health mixed with the longing from being so far away from her so often. He adored her, and every word he wrote to her is a testament to that fact. If he didn’t care about her, the attention and affection he lavishes on her in his written work makes absolutely no sense. Attempting to erase Ham’s feelings for Eliza in order to bolster the feelings he had for Laurens does all three of them a huge disservice AND erases Ham’s potential sexuality. Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton was so much more than a political move, and it drives me nuts to see her reduced to that. 

tl;dr: Best of Wives and Best of Women, guys. Not just a beard.

ok. wow.

let me just start by saying: deh deserved everything they just won. they really, really did. i know there’s a lot of haters out there, but honestly, this show has changed so many lives, including mine.

i’m so, so proud of the whole cast and crew for coming so far. i love each and every one of them, and i hope they know how much they mean to us. the music is gorgeous. the actors are amazing. the message is so important, and it resonates with high schoolers everywhere.

dear evan hansen made me feel like i could be found. because honestly? i feel like evan a lot of the time. a shit ton of anxiety, always feeling like i don’t fit anywhere, like i’ll never make a difference. and i think there are so many people who listen to this musical and relate to evan’s anxiety, jared’s insecurity, connor’s depression/anger issues, and alana’s high-functioning anxiety, and that’s why its so amazing. because its real. the characters are all so real, they’re all morally gray, and they’ve all got their own battles with mental illness to fight. and each and every mental illness was portrayed so perfectly. listening to it makes you feel like you matter, no matter what.

anyway, my point here is, i love this musical. you can hate deh all you want, but please don’t say they didn’t deserve to win. because oh my god, they did. <3

what i hated most about taking piano lessons was that my teacher expected perfection.

i used to go to a music school for weekend lessons, and she taught me, an 8 year old, music theory. i was eight! how was i supposed to be able to apply that to composition and sheet music?

when my teacher retired, i searched for a new one. my new teacher had a grand piano in her living room, but it was full of soft couches and she let me do my homework in the kitchen. she didn’t care as much about music theory, and when the structured books were too easy for me she recommended other classical pieces. she let me choose what i wanted to play and how i wanted to play it. it wasn’t perfect - i still don’t understand music theory or history. but it was better.

i went back to my old teacher, to see if i could pick up music theory again. i played für elise at the first lesson, as a diagnostic test of sorts. she told me i was playing all wrong - my fingering was wrong, and beethoven wanted it this way. i didn’t understand. beethoven was long dead - why would he care how a 14 year old from california played his pieces as long as it sounded good? sometimes the piece sounds angry, sometimes it’s longing and sad.

music should not be about perfection and playing it exactly the way the sheet music says. it should be about emotion.

if every pianist played für elise the same way, what would be the point of listening to classical music?

I’m really curious why some Great Comet fans feel the need to constantly bash on Dear Evan Hansen. Like, we get it, you think Great Comet is a better show. And everyone’s entitled to their opinion. However, that doesn’t mean everybody automatically HAS to agree with you, and it doesn’t give you the right to be so cruel about a show that’s helping so many people, and changing so many lives.

I’m in no way insinuating that all Great Comet fans do this. I know that there are plenty of very mature members of the GC fandom who don’t feel the need to put down other shows just to praise their favorite. But I’ve just seen so many people lately coming up with reasons why Dear Evan Hansen is bad, or “inferior” to Great Comet, and it seems like it’s always being posted by some Great Comet fan looking to prop up their favorite show by tearing another one down.

And this obviously goes for DEH fans who hate on Great Comet too. So far, I haven’t seen many DEH fans actually do that (the vast majority of the DEH fans that I’ve talked with are usually mature enough to enjoy both shows?? I know that sounds like a revolutionary concept to some people) but I’m sure there are some out there who are doing the same thing, and hating on Great Comet just because they prefer DEH. And that’s just wrong as well. Everyone’s allowed to have a favorite show, but there is absolutely no reason to let your love for that show make you hate on something that a lot of other people enjoy.

Because, at the end of the day, what does making hate posts about one show or the other really do for you? Does it increase your favorite show’s chances of winning a Tony? Nope. Does it make fans of the musical you’re hating on open to listening to your favorite musical? Nope. The only thing it does is upset people, and perpetrate unnecessary fighting between two fandoms that should be peacefully coexisting, and supporting each other. So instead of continuing to pit these two shows against each other in some dumb fan war, how about we stop this childish behavior and start promoting them for what they truly are: two high quality musicals that deserve praise and respect for spreading such positive messages, and for bringing happiness to so many people.

I hate when books describe someone’s hands as ‘pianist hands’ and go on to describe how the fingers are long and slender… like for the record, my hands fingers are actually pretty chubby and average in length and my palm is wide–

TLDR; pianist hands come in all shapes and sizes. Not all of our hands have these long and slender fingers!

Shout-out to all the music kids whose parents don't think its a suitable career choice

(Including, performance, education, therapy, theory, etc.) Lots of other careers are just as competitive if not more, and your value does not lie in whether or not you have a “Practical” career. Lord knows (if you believe in that) that all of us have had someone tell us we aren’t going to make it in the “real” world.

Smh I can’t believe all these fake ass bitches who say they looove Mozart now. If you only started liking him after Don Giovanni dropped in 1787 then you’re a FAKE FAN!! Where were you when opus 1: four sonatas for keyboard and violin came out huh? I didn’t see you queuing up to buy kv 6-9 in the 18th century when they came out. Honestly don’t even talk to me if you say you ‘like’ Mozart and you can’t even name 600 of his works. Disgusting.

AU idea where the walls between your neighbor’s and your apartments are thick enough excePT FOR THE WALL THAT IS BETWEEN YOUR BATHROOMS AND honestly this is your fault bc you started it when you were blasting broadway showtunes during your evening shower and singing along pretty loudly but now theyre taking their revenge by blasting their shitty rap music at too-fucking-early-o'clock before they go off to work and this is just one of those AU ideas (like coffeshops) that sound cute and hilarious in fic BUT IRL YOU JUST WANT TO MURDER YOUR NEIGHBORS

RebelCaptain Playlist – “Welcome Home”

Something Out of Nothing – North of Nine // I Love You Too Much – Diego Luna (Book of Life Soundtrack) // Take Me – The 3AM // Subtle Love – birthday // Magnetic – Canopy Climbers // Love’s On The Way – Sebastain Kole // Stay A Little Longer (Demo) – Brothers Osborne // Here With Me – Susie Suh, Robot Koch // In The Meantime – Randall Kent // Compass – Kyle & Devin // Here With You – Jake Nauta // Done with Bein’ Done – Daphne Willis // Everything’ll Be Alright – Time for Three // I Was Made For Loving You – Will Gittens, Jennifer Chung // Blue – Vocal Few // 10 Hours – Warren Barfield // Lego House – Ed Sheeran


Have you ever seen a band program that’s just a total mess? It’s a real downer, man. My high school’s marching band won a national title in the 80’s and years later the band didn’t compete whatsoever. That is insane! When I became drum major I wanted to start us on the path to getting back into competing. Change after change made that suuuper difficult though. I had four different band directors throughout high school and believe me when I say it’s hard to recover from director after director, especially when the school itself can’t support the band because it’s over 2 million dollars in debt (believe me, that is A TON of money for a small town school district). Our uniforms are (not joking) from the 70’s and we only have about 3 working school-owned instruments. I don’t know what the moral of this rant is???? I just gotta let it out. Feel free to add your experiences with sad bands I guess?