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Never Take Your Eyes Off Me (a victuuri fansong)
  • Never Take Your Eyes Off Me (a victuuri fansong)
  • Julia Jones

After 3 failed attempts at writing a victuuri  fan song, I bring you ‘Never Take Your Eyes Off Me’. 

It’s from Yuuri’s perspective, about Victor. I wrote it after episode 9, because I couldn’t contain myself hahaha. Hope you guys like it! Sorry for the belty parts ;P (they’re not always on key whoops) I kinda went nuts about half way through, so keep listening!

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Here’s a song about the MCU’s Clint Barton! I started writing about Fraction’s Hawkeye but it was reeeallly not working, so I went to the movies. In Age of Ultron we got to see Clint Barton’s secret life. I thought this song might make Clint chuckle. <3 

As always, you can download the song for free here.

Regular Guy

I watch the world from way up high,
I regularly almost die
My BFF was a soviet spy
But really, I’m a regular guy!

I’ve got my wife, my kids and a farm out in the sticks
Doing DIY is how I get my kicks
I’ve got a different check shirt for every occasion
Remember to take out the trash before I save the nation


Out in the barn is where I keep my green John Deere
I’ve been growing my own vegetables for well over a year
I cook a mean lasagne, that dish is full of flavour
But when Captain America calls you know I’ll do that favour


When the sun goes down and the lights are low
There’s always some place that I’ll have to go
Aliens or robots, you never do know
Save the world with an arrow and bow!


  • The Murder Squash Song
  • Nina Ricciarelli

After months trying to record my rendition of The Murder Squash Song from @maggie-stiefvater‘s The Raven Cycle, I have finally succeeded in bringing the damn thing to life. So here it is! The Murder Squash Song written and performed by me (excuse my passably decent singing). Thank you so much to @storyranger for listening to me and helping me produce this track. It would not exist without her!

Faded For Her
  • Faded For Her
  • The Feral Lady

Loud! Please make sure volume is not at max!

WOW! And after months of leaving this, being too busy, picking at this dissatisfied, I finally sat down and finished it! The verses of elven at the beginning is my poor attempt at incorporating what the spirit says to Solas after you help her. Thanks to @spirrum‘s absolutely bewitching writing and @kallielef‘s magical art, I stayed inspired while doing this. Everyone please check out their blogs, they are beautiful and kind ladies.

Finally decided to redo Shut Me Down, and it’s a long time coming. It was one of my favorite songs from when I did fanmusic, and I’ve adapted it to fit any robot/cyborg fave, essentially. Full lyrics on bandcamp.

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I’ve been told what feelings are
And the ones to show
And do you think I have a soul?
I guess we’ll never know

So shut me down, take me out
Take these wires and burn them out
Code me to break you, tell me to die
Cut off my energy, let the sparks fly
Let my power run out
Strip my parts and shut me down


How far can a dog travel?


hi everyone! i’m lee, a nonbinary chicago based singer/songwriter/producer. i write music under the name lambia, and i used to write under the name eelz. i just published my first ep, and here’s the link.

two of the songs had previously existed on my bandcamp as singles, but i decided they fit quite nicely with the other two, so now they’re all together. like friends

everything was mixed and mastered and written and recorded by me, so in buying it you’d be entirely supporting a queer artist without profit division (other than what bandcamp takes). even reblogging this helps! 

if you don’t want to spend the money that’s ok too! you can still listen to it and if you really want you can msg me and i’ll send you the mp3 for free. thanks so much for listening to me and i hope your support can allow me to continue making music in the future!

So I finally sat down and recorded a new song! Sometimes you don’t feel like you’re good enough for someone and blame yourself for it.

You can buy/download it from Bandcamp

If I had the time
I would be good for you
If I had the patience
I would wait
But I’m so destroyed
By life it’s hard to believe
I could be good for you today 

If you enjoy my music, maybe buy me a coffee?


Made a song using nothing but sound effects from Super Mario 64 because hey