my muse will kill me

i really, really want a plot where muse a is a naive, sweet, romantic, whimsical little thing with a whole lot of optimism and sunshine in their veins and muse b is the complete opposite; a total player who has someone new in their bed every weekend and hates responsibilities and just spends a lot of their time fucking around. somehow these two have been friends for a while, despite their differing personalities, and one day muse a ends up having to move out of their apartment due to a fire or an infestation or something and muse b is the one who offers to put them up for the time being. it’s all well and good except muse a has terrible nightmares constantly and one night muse b is sick and tired of it (and deep down a little concerned) so gets into bed with muse a until they stop crying and shaking and fall asleep in muse b’s arms instead. cue awkward muses sleeping in the same bed every night and it actually helping muse a a lot with the nightmares, and lots of cuddling and feelings ensue. muse b, being the player they are, are terrified of the idea of liking someone but muse a is pretty much already head over heels and ANGST !!


I’m holding The Phoenix in my hand.
This is so precious omg @walker-oliciter ! Thank you for the gift ❤️

Am I the only one who has been reduced to a squeeing, sighing puddle of hormones over every photo/gif that features The Grey Corduroy Suit?

(source:  Vanity Fair TIFF 2017 portrait)

I want to reblog every blessed pic & gif, my talented friends, but I simply cannot keep up!  If I’ve seen yours, know that I love it, and I may have to start a side-block dedicated to all things Benedict in the Grey Corduroy Suit of Unending Deliciousness & Desire, just so I have them forever at my fingertips.

And  I may even I’ll probably have to write a poem about the GCS… 😍 😍 😍

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tried out 4 the musical today; sang “i have confidence” in front of the guy i dated and didn’t falter Once. this feels like a giant middle finger to my anxiety

What made you fall hopelessly, helplessly, for The Man?

inspired by @mouseymodesty‘s tags on this post

So I got to thinking, what was the one thing–picture, performance, gif, interview, appearance, etc.–that made you say “game over, no turning back, I got it bad for the ‘Batch’? I’ll bet there’s some fascinating stories out there. 

This was the one done me in–I had just fallen hard for Benedict’s Sherlock, but was trying to play it cool & not cross over into crushing-on-the-actor-land. Like, dude, I was too old for this, been there done that already, I’m a grown-up now.  But I’d seen bits of things on tumblr, and was quickly getting the impression that The Man’s personal character was to be greatly admired; that he had an amazing sense of humor, and of course, talent off the charts.  Then one day this came across my dash

and I was breathless & gobsmacked, realizing I just couldn’t fight the inevitable anymore.  A blog that I had started to adore Supernatural/Castiel (still the sweetest badass to ever badass, imho)/Misha Collins quickly became a full-time can’t-get-enough of Cumberbatch blog–and I’ve haven’t regretted it for even a second, nor looked back and questioned my sanity (okay, well maybe a little on that one ;-) ).

Of course in the intervening years, I’ve been very lucky to have met a slew of amazing, talented, kind, funny people, whose dedication to The Man–and whose touches of happy insanity–equals mineso that when I tell friends in the real world “no, it’s not just me, we’re all like this!”, I can do so with utter conviction and confidence.

(Please do feel free to reblog with your story of how you became completely and happily Cumberbatched)