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Useless  by Ministry

Tell me what I want what I need for all my sweating
Show me what I get what I earned and why
Keep me all yours, brain dead and useless
Take my cues when the crippled many
Must sit with you, corrupt, without pity
The slogan dreams on greed and lust and power
Feeble, missighted, without honor
The failing marriage slowly grinding into nothing
A bleeding union only left with trying offspring
Suffer, this simple nagging wound
This childish riddle, this dumb cartoon
Keep me all yours, brain dead and useless
Keep me all yours, brain dead and useless
These fucking dense, formless hands
Reaching for my throat, to coddle, and throttle, remove all hope
Try your best to choke the very meaning from my life
A callous whore, a cheating wife
Keep me all yours, brain dead and useless
(useless, fucking useless)

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◑ (from the-crow-prince)

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This is so totally his JAM!

“Okay, so today I’m giving when life gives you lemons tips. You find yourself without any power or the natural gas that you pay for goes out. But there’s this nagging in your stomach. Let’s face it, hunger has stuck you really bad. Like you can eat a whole pizza by yourself yet you still can’t shake it. Problem is, the stove doesn’t light or heat up at all. There’s only food in your house ( going outside and eating out is something only non-hipters would do so forget doing that ) that if you don’t cook it, will probably give you food poisoning. So that’s not desirable because you want to live for a long time. How do you then survive you ask? Just like Devil Survivor 1 & 2, you can use your Persona. ( the other word is omitted here for my mun’s convenience ) to help cook your food. Preferably one that has the agi type of skill. Bufu will make the food worse as it will be completely frozen and you can’t eat that shit. You’d break your teeth. Gotta keep that so you can fake out your enemies. Back on track here, I’d recommend just using the base spell. Agidyne just causes the whole place to burn down and will probably kill you too. Actually, try Agilo and see what happens. Maybe you can get arrested for arson or some good shit like that. Always nice to get a record for cooking with something so dangerous as magic”.

‘ Do you want to kill me yet, Goro-senpai?’

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♢ (ecruteak-ghostmother, Eternal Armor AU) 

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“Alright, I’ll get some more rest,” he said, reluctantly.

It had been a few days since the incident with the gengar… And thoughts of the Flower had been endlessly nagging at the back of his mind. It was still out there, in pieces that could still be salvaged, that could fall into the wrong hands and be used once more for who knows what terrible purpose… And here he was, still trying to recover from a gengar draining his life for two days straight. 

He tapped a pen idly at the surface of his desk. He promised he would get more rest before traveling to Geosenge… 

But he had other plans in mind.