my muse was nagging at me

I seldom felt the need to add anything to a scene. In this case, I did. There were many things left unspoken, and my muse was nagging me to come up with something. I don’t say it’s perfect or that’s the way it should have been. I’m sharing my idea with you and hope you enjoy the addendum so that this scene wouldn’t feel like an unfinished symphony. Link: AO3

Two years ago when I jumped into The 100 fandom, John Murphy was the muse who appeared that I didn’t really want to write. He wouldn’t go away though. He kept annoying and nagging at my brain, and finally, I set up a blog just to see where it would take me, not expecting him to last very long. I’ve never been happier about getting sucked into a fandom and I’m so glad that I came to settle in writing Murphy as my main muse. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a little shit and sometimes I wish he’d fuck off, but he’s my little shit now, and I can honestly say I’ve never grown to identify with a muse as strongly as I do with him.

I’ve been very lucky to write Murphy across an array of different narratives, in different AUs, and with a multitude of other talented writers and their wonderfully crafted muses. Without those people, some of whom have been here from the start, I know I wouldn’t have the well-rounded character that I do today. Also, I’m so very grateful for those who stuck with me during breaks and hiatus, and were willing to pick back up where we left off when I returned. Your patience, kindness and loyalty means so much to me.

It’s been an emotional two years. I’ve grown a lot personally and I know that writing Murphy had something to do with that. Having a character who I relate to so much has, at times, helped me to see my own strengths and weakness, faults and merits, through a more objective lens. It’s enabled me to understand and change some fundamental negative qualities of my own and to fortify and acknowledge other positive traits I possess. Because yeah, I can be a little shit too.

Finally, I really want to show my appreciation for all my wonderful writing partners. My time here has been so enriched by all the amazing and friendly people I have met and continue to meet, as this roleplay fandom changes and grows. Below is an (alphabetical?) list of my partners, and I encourage you all to follow them and have as much fun as I do with them. I hope I haven’t missed anyone (and sorry to those I inevitably did). Please know I love and admire all of you!

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Thank you again and here’s to the next two years of writing John Murphy! 

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🍀 = Who is an important person in both the mun’s and muse’s life?

An important person? <I would say Red, Blue, and Vio, but I can only pick one…>

That would be my father.  Not only did he raise me on his own, he taught me everything I need to know as a knight and told me to never give up on my dreams.  He even took in Red, Blue, and Vio when we all appeared.

I just wish he didn’t nag me so much.  I forget to wash dishes one time…

[MUN: …I wish I was able to pick just one person, but I’d have to say all the friends who’ve stuck with me for so long.  The past few years were full of MANY emotional/psychological changes and at some points, I either lost contact with people or had to cut people off (racism, transphobia, views on mental illness, etc).

And yet through all that, not only have people stuck with me through it all, they’ve done their best to help out (calling me by my true name, providing comfort, etc.).  They’re all sorts of amazing and I can’t thank them enough for being in my life. <3]

Age differences

I’m honestly not trying to start shit. Just … this has been nagging at my brain ever since I got into the Flash-Arrow-Legends-CW tv universe. 

Barry/Len is super popular. I get it. I so get it. I’ve read some fics. I’ve enjoyed some fics. Hell I’m probably gonna write some fics at some point. I’ve even analyzed a few scenes for Academic Queercoding Musings, and trust me, I so get it. 

Are there any fics where Len finds out how young Barry is and gets freaked out? Or hell, Barry finds out how old Len is and freaks out? 

As of today, Wentworth Miller is 44 years old, and Grant Gustin is 26. There’s an eighteen year gap between them. They fail the “half your age plus seven” gap. Wentworth Miller is easily old enough to be Grant Gustin’s father. He is almost twice Barry’s age. 

Now I’m a little unclear on how old, exactly, Leonard Snart is supposed to be on the show. The age gap between himself and Lisa, figuring out when Lewis was in or out of jail, is a little tricky. I’m not entirely sure Leonard Snart is supposed to be 44 in continuity. Wentworth Miller could pass for a younger man if he wanted to. 

Regardless of the canonical age gap, it’s still significant. Since neither met when they were underage or in positions of power over the other (student/teacher, employee/boss, etc.) this doesn’t have to be a problem, but it is significant. I feel this should be touched on way more, this isn’t some little thing for these characters. They’d make references the other wouldn’t understand. They’d have significantly different relationship histories and backgrounds. They’d almost certainly have very radically different understandings of sexuality, terminologies, etc. 

Leonard Snart was a teenager during the height of the AIDS crisis in America, he was sitting in sex ed and health classes in school and juvie during a very scare-tactics-heavy time. Barry, meanwhile, grew up not only as a millennial with LGBTQ rights and progress being made all over (yes there are still big battles to be fought and huge problems, but he’s in a much better position than Len would have been as a kid), but in a world where his father’s boss is openly gay and the police force accepts this. Regardless of how you headcanon their sexualities for a fanfic, these things would absolutely have an impact on how they define themselves, how they came out, and who they choose to be out to, how they start relationships, all that.

tl;dr: age gaps can be troublesome and rife with abuse, but they can be interesting when explored in fanfic, also for heaven’s sake why does nobody use condoms in fanfics Len has been in and out of prison and survived shankings do the words “hepatitis C” ring any bells oh my gods … 


Camp NaNo Stats - Day 22

Target Word Count : 20,000
Suggested Daily Goal: 667
Personal Daily Goal: 0
Words Written Today: 601
Total Words Written: 20,741
Your Average Per Day: 942

Today was a little slow but no surprise there. Cuz first, I took most morning off (which is usually when I’m most productive) and I’ve been on Tumblr more than I should have. Second,  cuz my muse got a little annoying and distracted, wanting me to write a supergirl one-shot from a headcanon I have about Queen Rhea’s “Little gangly magnet” comment on Mon-El. Pure and absolute angst. In the end, I started writing that, but just as an outlet. Just to indulge my muse enough for stop nagging me about it, tomorrow I’ll continue the other fic. After I’m done with undisclosed desire, probably I’ll go back to that supergirl one-shot and finished it. Anyway, words are words and I’ve added a few today, so all good ;)

Favorite Lines Written Today: 

(This is from Supergirl one-shot, ‘cause I didn’t really write new material on UD, just added details, so…)

Royal Palace, Daxam. Many years ago…

The fluttering steps of His Royal Highness The Prince Mon-El echoed through the hallway. His moving shadow cast by the red sun went along with him as his governess hurried him up to the throne room where Their Majesties waited for their son. Young as he was, Mon-El was thrilled that his parents fancied to see him. That brought him happiness because those encounters were few and far between. He spent most of his days under the care of his governess and tutors, away from the King and Queen. 

At his five years old, Mon-El failed to understand why his father and mother didn’t want to be with him in the same way that he wanted to be with them. The thought that they didn’t care for him crossed his mind over and over again. All he could do was trying to be a good boy, and maybe thus he would win the love of his parents. Maybe if he behaved, then he’d allowed stay more time with them.

This Must Be My Dream (part 1)

Pairings: Dean x Reader (if you squint really hard), mentions of vague past Sam x Reader

Word Count: 5400-ish

Warnings: Swearing, so much swearing.

Summary: While on a routine hunt Sam and Dean run into an old family friend they haven’t seen in years. Dean hopes to not get her involved in whatever supernatural craziness they’re dealing with but she may be at the heart of it all. Can Sam and Dean handle the monster lurking in town, or did they accidentally just find a whole new issue to deal with?

A/N: So this is my first time posting any sort of fic in the Supernatural fandom. I’m super nervous about getting back out there, but I really want to share this story that’s been nagging me like crazy. I want to send a special thank you to @unadulteratedstorycollector for taking the time to listen to me ramble about my ideas and for guiding me along when my plot had a few holes in it. 

Tags: @bovaria  @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @ilostmyshoe-79 @balthazars-muse @winchesterenthusiast @winchesterfiesta @unadulteratedstorycollector @spnfanficpond

(If you’d like to be added to the tag list because you like what you see, let me know!)

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Sam’s probably knocked on a 100 doors by the time he reaches this one. He’s probably asked the same four questions a million times; “How long have you lived in the building?,” “Have you heard any strange noises recently, smelled anything weird that corresponds with said noises?,” “Have you seen anything out of the ordinary?,” and last but not least, “Do you mind if I use your bathroom?”

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There’s That Smile (Jerome Valeska/Reader)

Originally posted by elenathenerd

Imagine: Imagine Breaking Into The GCPD To Hold A Funeral For Jerome

Theme Song: Who Knew, Pink

Summary: If someone had told you that you, a Gotham street teen, would meet a lonely circus boy…would become his closest friend…would lose him just as quickly and unexpectedly…you would have never believed anyone. Who knew, right?

Warning: Mentions of abuse, mentions of violence

Author’s Notes: This is the 50th Follower Contest prize for violetxpurple! Hope you enjoy it!

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Fight Starter Sentences: Send one to Start an Argument, Fight, or Yelling Match with My Muse..

1. “You never listen to me!”

2. “Great! Look what you did now!”

3. “Do you even care that I am angry right now?!”

4. “Well thanks for Ruining my day!”

5. “Now see what you did?!”

6. “You are no better then ______!”

7. “I’m not happy with you! Stop touching me!”

8. “Of all the People to be stuck with, I end up with you!”

9. “You ruined everything!”

10. “Just get out of My way! You can’t do anything right!”

11. “What are you Nagging me for Now?”

12. “People like you are what makes problems for everyone else!”

13. “Maybe you should just learn to shut up!”

14. “How could you embaress me like that infront of _____?!”

15. “I think I need to rethink things with you..”

16. “Geuss where you are sleeping tonight!”

17. “I never asked you to do that!”

18. “Doors right there, get out!”


20. “Okay, what are you pissed about now?!”

Best Friends with Calum - Part 2

Authors Note: TO THE THIRSTY ANON WHO’S BEEN REQUESTING A PART 2 FOR AGES, I LOVE YOU. Thank you for constantly nagging me, i require more motivation than the average human being lol.

P.S. - Read Part 1 First!!


Calum POV

“What if your name was Clum. Or Clam. Or Calpal.” Anon muses, hanging upside down from my bed.

I chuckle, looking up from my phone for a minute to ask “Did my mum feed you something weird again? You’re acting high.”

“MAYBE I’M HIGH ON MY OWN HAPPINESS, OKAY CALPAL.” she announces, rolling back onto the covers as she laughs.

I smile, sitting up as I take her in. It’s been about a month since the whole Britney fiasco at the ice cream shop and I’m finding my feelings for her getting stronger by the day. But I haven’t said anything to her, because she’s sent no signals she feels anything besides friendship towards me and I would never want it to be awkward between us.

“What are you staring at Cal?” she asks, propping herself onto her elbows and looking at me expectantly.

“What? Nothing, just daydreaming. Hey, uh, Ashton invited us to a party at his place you want to go?” I offer, changing the subject.

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Tennessee Teacakes: Fifteen

I’ve been waiting for this chapter for a very long time and I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!!! <3

Sugar on the Asphalt & Previous chapters


somethin’ cherry coke float cupcake about to happen; may 8, 2019

Spring was alive and well with blue skies and the sweet smell of roses in the air. It was hard to be unhappy when the weather was like this, warm but not too warm with a breeze wading through the trees that carried the fragrance from the gardens through the park. The sun had been missing from my life for too long, and I intended to soak up every last second of it. Things changed around here at the drop of a hat. By afternoon, it could very well be cloudy and gray, so I wanted to enjoy the morning.

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     guys it’s that time again.. next year I will be reaching the one year with ianthina and during these short months of having this crazy nature loving child ; i’ve never been so happy to see her develop through the amazing threads and friend’s shes made throughout the 10 months of her existence .  I’ve created this innocent naive child and tossed her out to the roleplay world. I didn’t think she would hit it off to be honest but here she is.  Growing in character and its all thanks to the beautiful and amazing muses and muns she and i have come across.   today, this blog as hit the 450+ followers and i’m  just filled with bliss. I’m thankful to those that have stuck around and put up with her mod swings and odd nature and i’m excited to see her interact with the new followers.  while i am writing this, i want to thank those have been patient with replies that i have yet to do.  you guys are all real mvps and i mean it from the bottom of my heart

i just want to give a few thanks and let everyone know that ianthina and i seriously are always filled to join to see all the different characters and personalities that flood the dash. 

You’re all just so damn breathtakingly majestic and beautiful. 

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♢ (ecruteak-ghostmother, Eternal Armor AU) 

Send me a ‘♢’ and my muse will tell yours a pure lie.   

“Alright, I’ll get some more rest,” he said, reluctantly.

It had been a few days since the incident with the gengar… And thoughts of the Flower had been endlessly nagging at the back of his mind. It was still out there, in pieces that could still be salvaged, that could fall into the wrong hands and be used once more for who knows what terrible purpose… And here he was, still trying to recover from a gengar draining his life for two days straight. 

He tapped a pen idly at the surface of his desk. He promised he would get more rest before traveling to Geosenge… 

But he had other plans in mind. 

i don’t have to reply to our threads. i don’t have to get to you first. i don’t have to thread with you. i don’t have to talk to you at all.

my point is; if i feel like replying to only certain threads at the time, whether it’s just me or my muse is stronger for it – you should respect that. if you’re an impatient person who’ll nag me about replying, i will drop the thread and probably not talk to you ever again.

everyone needs to be patient and understand rping is not a job – no one has to reply to everything at once.

it’s okay to ask me if you don’t know why i’m replying to only certain threads; but if you get an answer – whether you like it or not – respect it.

Has it really been 1 year?

Time sure has flown, hasn’t it? I never would have dreamed that this blog would last a whole year when I reopened it. But thanks to all of you, it has, and it’s full of so many good memories. I thought that, to mark this occasion, I’d make a thank you post to everyone who helped me make it this far. It won’t be in any particular order. If I don’t mention your name- I apologise, as really there are so, so many of you. But please rest assured that you all mean so much to me, more than you’ll ever know. 

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We can never be together kiss


He…no, it kept smiling at her as if her tears were nothing. Like she was nothing. Her pain and cries were nothing but music and the sound of natural nature.

H-…IT wasn’t Natsu.

“Aww Lucy, save the tears for when we win~” It teased, licking sharp fangs as draconic wings shifted behind him. Horns rested on his head, deep crimson eyes regarding her in amusement.

END couldn’t be Natsu, there was no way…but it looked like him, knew his memories, his dreams too.

“Protect the future, huh? Protect what? Protect my inevitable revival? Protect the assured death of that overgrown lizard that this weakling called ‘Father’? How amusing.” It mused, black marks decorating his skin as he strolled closer to the blonde woman, taloned fingers brushing her moist cheek.

“Protect the girl he loves from facing the truth about him. Protect her from harm. Unfortunately, he is here with me, making sure to keep me on a tight leash. I’ll commend his mental strength…for with his nagging, I simply cannot harm you.”

Lucy held her breath as he stared at her with a devilish smirk that was so much like Natsu’s. “But…the sap cannot protect you from a broken soul and mind.”

The woman gasped as the monster pulled her close, biting her lip harshly before invading her mouth with his tongue, a low purr growing in its chest as she weakly pushed back.

When it pulled back, licking its lips mockingly, Lucy scowled and hissed, “Natsu is much stronger than you. I believe in him.”

END just smiled and leaned close, chuckling when she tried to lean back. “We will see, after what mental agony I can put you through without harming a pretty little hair on your head. Oh, and lover boy will be sitting in the front row…watching it all. Never going to be together with his nakama again.”

The threat hung in the air, and Lucy could only believe in her best friends strength.

No matter what happened next.