my muse is a delicate flower

ten thousand saints (movie) sentence meme

feel free to change the pronouns and things to fit your muse! (

  • “i’m your dad, for crying out loud! i’ll be your dad forever!”
  • “my mom took off again.”
  • “you know my dad is an absolute fucking asshole!”
  • “no, i don’t have a boyfriend. and, if i did, he wouldn’t be a jock or a metalhead.”
  • “let me tell you something, she is no delicate flower.”
  • “are you just gonna sit here and be mad at the world?”
  • “you think she’s hot, don’t you?”
  • “something tells me you’re the sweet one.”
  • “it’s funny, you having a brother that’s completely opposite you.”
  • “these are tips that you need to learn on your way to manhood.”
  • “this is ______’s handwriting. where’d you get this?”
  • “money’s got a big mouth.”
  • “why would you say something so shitty to me? do you have any idea what i’m going through?”
  • “am i dead?”
  • “i’m fucking pregnant!”
  • “we’re in this together now. we’re a little family.”
  • “i happen to think you look really great.”
  • “_____! what are you thinking? you know i got a boatload of condoms at my pad!”
  • “i wanna protect him from everything.”
  • “i’m sorry that my entire existence has disappointed you.”
  • “i love how much he cares.”
  • “not even the dead get to be free.”
  • “i convinced them to go to ______’s, where she’ll be safe.”
  • “you’re how far along?”
  • “i just lost my brother. i don’t need to lose you too.”
  • “with that beautiful face? i’m pretty sure you’d have to beat the groupies away.”
  • “i think _____ has someone else.”
  • “i wanna be with you.”
  • “what makes you think i’m a virgin?”
  • “will you remember me as the most fucked up girl you ever knew?”
  • “he’s also ______’s dad.”
  • “i just want a family! that’s all i want!”
  • “i always thought he’d look like _____.”
  • “you think i’ll ever see him after this?”
Love and Silver Lilies

I hate my work schedule, but I did it. At last, I have produced something worthwhile.

Jehanparnasse Week, Day 1 (Discovery) - 1218w

Date night always came with a relative level of stress. Not because Jehan didn’t want to go, no, far from it. This was simply the one night they made a conscious effort not to offend Montparnasse’s delicate fashion sensibilities, especially when he said they were going somewhere nice.

“Nice” in that tone of voice meant fancy. Formal. Possibly black tie. The kind of place Jehan’s parents would want to see them in.

Hence the stress.

Jehan tossed another shirt onto the “rejected” pile on the bed. Too bright for this. Even without knowing where they were going, they were sure turquoise and pink would earn them a long-suffering look and a request to change.

“Maybe this?” Jehan pulled a vest free from their closet and held it up. Neutral tones, light tan and cream, just a little bit of lace around the edges. “With the bell sleeve white shirt and a scarf, yeah! What do you think, Armani?”

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