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Joker x Reader-Clubbing

All I could hear was the clicking of my gold heels as I walked towards my love’s velvet red booth. There was loud music along with people dancing, screaming and laughing like lunatics. All I could hear though was click click click until I had him in my sights-then everything went quiet. His silver grill revealed by a smile dazzled in front of me, his chest partly exposed marked by tattoos, muscles and scars. My heart danced a little he had been gone from home all day because of work-The only downside of being the king he had to constantly tend to his thrown. 

I pushed past his cronies and business partners smiling wide and hugging him around the shoulders. “I missed you kitten” I whispered softly in his ear. He purred at the tone of my voice casting an icy blue glance at me smiling lazily. “Oh I missed you too Doll” He took me on his lap he arms holding me tightly. My head swam at his scent, it was godly. “Have you been good today?” I shook my head no adding a mischievous smile. He laughed loudly stroking my hair. “That’s my girl” he said happily  

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The most visceral and moving episode of MBMBAM was probably this one, which was the first episode I listened to after the election and like everything sucked on ice and my dad didn’t give a shit that I was scared and the first time I felt stuff was anywhere near alright was listening to a recorded message by Travis on twitter. I just remember driving to work listening to this and laugh/sobbing so hard that I had to pull off to the side of the road because the muscle control in my arms was just gone.


part 2 of my art trade with @helpercameron

part 1:


Since I had so much fun doing the Section 17 comic for Secret Santa, I thought I’d try my hand at another Fitzsimmons comic. So here’s the reunion scene from the end of episode 4x07! This was so much fun to do; it stretched my artistic muscles in directions they haven’t gone before. Hope you guys enjoy! I’d love to do more of these in the future.



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It just hit me that Taylor’s been with me for over ten years. I can’t believe how much I’ve grown in those years and how much I owe to her.
I was eight when “Taylor Swift” came out. I had just started school, and I was happy, as most eight year olds would be. I listened to it so much even though I couldn’t relate to many songs at all. I loved Our Song. I would always put on the southern accent whenever I would sing it, I loved that song SO much. I would listen to “Taylor Swift” on repeat for days on end.
I was ten when “Fearless” was released. I bought it the weekend after it came out. I remember loving The Best Day soo much. I think that would have to be the first song I ever really connected to. I was bullied in primary school (elementary for you Americans) and the only person who helped me through it was my mum. She always made me happy, especially after coming home from school everyday. The Best Day and Change were my anthems all through school. No matter what I went through, I felt for the first that Taylor was with me through it all.
“Speak Now” came out when I was twelve. I was in my final year of primary school. I was probably the happiest I had ever been. I was a school leader, I moved up to a higher level in my dance classes and I had more friends than ever. My life was really starting to look up, so I thought. I felt so connected with Taylor that year too. I would have “Speak Now” on repeat what seemed like every day after school. Mine, Sparks Fly and Speak Now were my anthems for a good year. Not because I was dating anyone, but because they were happy, like me.
When I was thirteen, I started high school. I went from knowing everyone by name to knowing no-one. None of my primary school friends went to the same high school as I did. I went from a school with a total of 200 kids to a school with over 1,000. It was hard. It was stressful. It was awful. I was relentlessly bullied that year. I didn’t fit in with many people in my year at all. I went from having over 15 friends at school to only being able to count them all on one hand. I wasn’t popular, I wasn’t cool and I wasn’t missed when I’d miss a day. That year was hard for me. I went from being happy to being so distressed all the time. Taylor would always make me happy. I discovered a new side to me that year. I listened to Dear John every day after school. It worked for me, it was a good song for me to cry too. I also rediscovered “Fearless” that year. Change became my favourite song. It spoke to me on a level I’d never be able to explain. I also loved Long Live. In 2011 I had already loved Taylor for five years, which seems like a long time when you’re thirteen! I promised Taylor I would never leave her, because she’d never left me.
In 2012 the album I needed more than I knew came out. “Red” was the thing I needed to keep going. To push on. I was fourteen and life was awful that year. The bullying got so out of hand that I had to move schools. The only good thing that happened that year was that I rekindled with my old primary school friends at my new school.
I didn’t think at fifteen that life could get any worse. In early 2013 I became really ill. It seemed as though I was sick every week, which as a result made me fall behind in my school work and miss regular classes. The doctor finally did a blood and discovered I had CMV. Basically, it’s the same thing as glandular fever. I was constantly tired, and my muscles ached really bad non-stop for three months. It was so bad that I couldn’t continue my studies for a whole term at school. I had CMV on and off for over eight months.
In August 2013, after most of my symptoms had gone I continued experiencing chronic fatigue and achey muscles. The doctor referred me onto a pain specialist who diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. It means chronic fatigue plus pain everywhere. I had a slightly different case to most people as my pain is a constant 9.5/10. No matter what I did nothing made the pain worse… or better.
I thought about giving up on more times than not, but Taylor saved me, Red saved me. I’ve never been so low in my life but I got through it all thanks to my best friend Taylor and Red. They both got me through so much.
I had missed so much school that I had to be pulled out and study at home via distance education. That was the start of it all.
On December 14th 2013 I attended my first Taylor Swift concert. After eight years of loving her I couldn’t conprehend how lucky I was to be able to see her live for the first time. My older sister took me (even though she’s told me repeatedly she doesn’t like Taylor. How?!?!) In the bathrooms before the show started I had a breakdown. I’m absolutely terrified of guns and bombs and was petrified of something happening during the show. Once Taylor came out, all my worries/anxieties/problems disappeared. Literally. The next two hours were the best two hours of my life. I didn’t stop dancing or singing or screaming out of happiness until the show ended. Even after the show ended I was soo happy and filled with so much adrenaline. I hardly slept that night because I couldn’t believe I just witnessed the girl I’ve loved since I was eight, live on stage doing what she loves.
From that day forward I promised myself I would never stop loving Taylor, because she’s given me so much happiness of which I wish to give back to her as many times as I can.
The following October, “1989” was released. I don’t think I had ever been that excited for an album ever, apart from Red because that was announced and released at the perfect time. The day “1989” came out I was at a very important dance competition, so despite trying, I couldn’t miss it and stay home and just soak in all of “1989.”
My dad has always loved Taylor. He loves that she makes me happy and loves how much I love her, he also knows how great a role model she is. As I was travelling to the competition the “1989” album release day, despite me already having preordered multiple copies of it, he offered to go down to the local CD store as soon as they opened to buy me another copy of it. He was at the store before they opened, and when they opened he was the first customer in the store. He knew straight away where to find it and bought the very first copy of 1989 that store sold.
When I got home from the competition (we placed second in two items in case you’re interested, one of which I had a featured role in) I went straight to my room where all my brand new 1989 cd’s were and put one on straight away. I spent the rest of the day listening to it non stop for over six hours. Just over a year later I began the greatest weekend of my life to date. I was lucky enough to get tickets to the final two shows of the 1989 World Tour, in Melbourne. Even though I didn’t have tickets to the first Melbourne show, I decided to go in anyway as my friends were there and I really wanted to see them all get so hyped before the show. We had a little picnic and heard Taylor sound check Red. (at this point you should know how much that means to me)
The next day I went in early whilst my sister was at school so I could be closer to my favourite people in the world. My friends and Taylor.
Later that afternoon my aunty and sister arrived for the show.
I’ve never been as happy as I was in that moment. I’ve never been able to describe it but Taylor’s Clean speech that night really resonated with me. She has this magical power that makes you feel like it’s just you and her there. Like it’s just you two talking as friends rather than in a stadium full of 30,000 people. I did not stop screaming and crying and dancing that whole night. Then she played “Fifteen” for her surprise song. I screamed so loud because it took me back to 2013, when I was fifteen. It’s actually magical because when I went to the Red Tour she played it, I was fifteen and then at 1989 when she played it my sister was fifteen.
The second night was even better. (I didn’t know it was possible) My sister and I had seats in section D on the floor directly in front of the catwalk. That night was much like the first in the sense that I didn’t stop crying or dancing the entire night. That Clean speech resonated with me so much as well, just because of the point I was at in my life. Then it was time for the “surprise” song if you will. From the first guitar chord she played I knew it was Long Live. I immediately dropped to the floor and started crying like I’ve never cried before. I screamed every single word of it SO loud, because that’s our anthem. I’ve never ever been that happy, ever. I haven’t been anywhere near that happy since then, and I never will until I meet Taylor one day.
That next January everything went down hill again. I had to stop my dance classes and stop studying via distance even. My pain and fatigue had never been more dominant and I was constantly in a world of pain.
Nothing at all has changed since then. My stamina has severely declined and I can no longer go on shopping trips with friends or even go take a walk with my dog at the local park.
I had my 19th birthday just under a month ago and I spent the day watching Journey to Fearless and the Speak Now World Tour live with one of my closest friends then had a night out with my family for dinner. That birthday means so much to me because I was surrounded by (most of) the people I love the most.
Today I’m barely getting by. I’ve never been lower emotionally and never been in so much pain or so tired. I’m so emotionally and physically drained and I’m struggling to find things that make me smile everyday. I’ve never needed Taylor more than I do today which also makes me more thankful for her each and every day. She’s probably the only reason I’m still here today and I’ll never be able to ever thank her enough for that. She’s my best friend, my life, my love and I hope more than anything that one day I get to meet her in person. I hope so much I get to thank her for absolutely everything. Tied Together With A Smile from her debut album “Taylor Swift” is the only song I’ve had on repeat recently in my head recently. Because that’s my life.
There’s this quote I’ve had as my lock screen the past year, “one day someone is going to hug you so tight that all of your broken pieces will stick back together.”
Everything in me believes that will be the case when I meet Taylor, because I feel like she’s the only person who’s always been there for me, no matter what.
As I had to leave school, I eventually drifted away from all my friends there. I don’t speak to any of them anymore. The only friends I have now are those I’ve met online because of Taylor. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here today which is yet another thing I have Taylor to thank for. Taylor Swift is the only reason I am still here today, and I really hope I get to thank her and hug her in person someday. @taylorswift

Scorpio Pt 9

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Warnings: SMUT SMUT Swearing.

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I walked slowly over to his masculine presence pulled at the towel around his neck and pulled him into a passionate kiss; he grabbed me and dug his fingers into my waist. I felt myself burning up everything in the room felt like it just melted away. I was thrown out of my bliss by him pulling his mouth away from mine and growled as he grabbed my ass and lifted me up; I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist, we smiled at each other for a second before he turned round and stepped back and sat on the chair. With me now straddling him and him tracing my outline so delicately “feeling better yet” I asked cheekily holding the back of his head with both my hands. “Not quite yet doll” he smiled as he grabbed my blouse and ripped it open sending the buttons flying over the floor “this is better” he remarked as he undone the clasp on my bra with one hand and pulled the back of my hair hard with the other; after I gasped I felt myself get wet; the lust this man brought out in me was overwhelming. I started to grind my hips into his area when his cock twitched beneath the towel he frowned and lifted me up and launched me on the bed.

He moved himself up to my level with a devilish grin before sitting back up and slowly pulling of my underwear before chucking it behind him. My turn now; with all my strength I pushed him onto his back; I quickly got on top of him and pinned his arms above his head. I could tell he was surprised at my strength but also aroused as I felt him get hard beneath me; before he could say anything  I went to kiss him but bit his lip instead he growled as he twisted his hands free and yanked my hair to which I let out a gasp. “My you are a strong kitten” he snarled but he just smiled and rested both of his hands on my hips; I was definitely going to take advantage of this. As much as I’m currently in control it’s an illusion as I know full well if he wanted it different it would be. I lifted myself up slightly and undone the towel at his waist and freed his erection before guiding it inside me, he let out a low growl as I leaned back to feel his full length. I rested one hand behind on the bed and the other I rested on his now heaving chest. He was clearly enjoying the view, he moved his hands to my breasts and squeezed them tightly before moving his hands back down to my hips and controlled the speed of my movement as I started to move my hips in a circular motion. Each movement hit my spot exactly; I started to moan and let out breaths as I tried to move faster but was not allowed, he sat up as much as he could and stopped me moving and ran his pale hands down into the small of my back. Before I knew it he’d lifted me and I was laying on my back breathing heavy and felt just how wet I was as he pulled out of me and got of the bed and went to a the bedside draw on his side. He pulled out the familiar satin blindfold and sat beside me. I was filled with excitement; what would happen this time? “Do you trust me” he asked seriously.

“Not in the slightest” I laughed back in reply as I sat up willing him to continue “Good” he smirked as once again he removed one of my senses.

“Lie on your back arms out” He demanded, I smiled and did as I was told. The sensation of something soft was being tied around my wrists; I tried to pull at them, there was not a lot of give. I was excited at the thought of these under the bed restraints. I felt him walk away and a door opened and closed, the air in the room was still, I was alone and once again left feeling exposed and fragile for what seemed like an age. The door opened and closed again and something was placed on the table beside me; I really hoped it was J or this could be embarrassing. “The best thing about having power over people is that you’ll always win, even if they resist it just makes it more fun more fun to me to watch them break” as he spoke these words I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a tiny bit worried about what was coming “But you doll you’re too irresistible for me to break and I have much more fun building you up” he continued as he ran both his hands slowly up my legs before pulling them apart and climbing on top of me. A blast of a cold sensation on my lips shot through my heightened senses to make me shiver as an ice cube slowly made its way from my lips to my neck; I could feel his hair slip onto the side of my face. I gently pulled on the satin restraints as the trail of ice ventured round the front of my body, I could feel the ice cube melting and cold water was trickling down my sides made my muscles twitch. “Having fun kitten” he asked, I could picture his smirking face and this implored me to not want to give him the satisfaction “A little” I lied. In response he quickly put his lips to my ear “How about now” he whispered as a shock bolted through me; my clit was completed overwhelmed by the ice cube which was being held directly on it. I gasped and yanked at my restraints as I arched my back. I breathed out deeply as the ice was moved. My body still in shock I felt him sit up dragging his cold hands down my body before my legs either side of him.

My whole area was sensitive as the ice cold water was running down from my clit; this was soon soothed by the warm press of his tongue, when it reached my clit he gently sucked it into his mouth before letting go and pressing the tip of his tongue and running it down and pressing  the it into me; I let out a low moan and pressed into him as much as I could be he pulled away and softly ran the tip of his nose up my stomach and lightly kissed my breast before thrusting two fingers inside me “Fuck” I gasped “ That’s what I like to hear kitten” he purred. Everything with him is just so much more intense that anything I’ve experienced before. I bit my lip as his fingers started to move in and out of my wetness; with each movement he bit down my body leaving a trail of red marks until he was massaging my throbbing clit with his tongue again in small circles. Everything was in perfect rhythm. My breathing was increasing and so was his I was trying to push into him with my hips but his free hand was pressing down into my hip. He’d taken control back.

As the pleasure was building I pulled harder on the satin binding me leading to him to quicken his rhythm; my moaning was getting louder with each thrust of his fingers and with each passing second he was bringing me closer. As I was on the verge I curled my toes into the bed and tensed my muscles he completely stopped and all the tension was gone. I called my breathing feeling slightly annoyed. “You’ve been a bad girl for daddy and I don’t think you deserve to cum”

“What? I haven’t done anything” I said exasperated.

“Oh but you have babydoll you’ve had pleasure that wasn’t mine and daddy doesn’t like to share” He growled. How on earth did he know about that; stupid question I told myself as he removed the blindfold. “I’d normally just go and dispose of her but I’m feeling nice and I thought I’d have way more fun making you beg for daddy to satisfy you” his smile was mischievous but his eyes were deadly serious. I was relieved yet anxious at how long this man was going to torment me and bring me to the brink; this was going to be a battle of wills.

He leaned down nuzzled my head to the side and breathed lightly on my neck and he made damn sure that his hard cock was pressed against  my clit; I tilted my hips to glide against him as I dug my head into the bed and let out a sigh “How badly do you need me inside you kitten?” As he grabbed his cock and teased my entrance; this was agonising I needed him inside me but I wasn’t going to let him win “A bit” I lied again. He smiled completely seeing through me “Well I’ll have to work a bit harder for you then won’t I” He started to trace his fingers down in between my breasts and down the centre of my body and just brushed over my clit and slowly eased his fingers into me; I moaned and pushed into him. I could tell he was enjoying every little reaction and movement I made. His fingers glided in and out of me with ease and I could feel myself get wetter and wetter “You’re so ready for me” He breathed heavily as his fingers left me.

He sat back and pulled my legs up slightly and grabbed a pillow and placed it under my lower back so my hips were slightly tilted. As if he couldn’t resist anymore he pulled my legs slightly apart and aligned himself and slowly pressed his length into me; we both exhaled deeply. He began thrusting which quickly had us both panting; his thumb started caressing my clit in circle, I pulled hard on my restraints as the pleasure surged through my body. He completely knew my body in such a short space of time; just before my muscles built to completely release he stopped all movement. I threw my head back in frustration as he smiled cruelly and looked down at me with those ocean blue eyes of his. “Has kitten learned her lesson that she’s mine?”

“Yes daddy” I cried

“Tell me what you want” he demanded. He wants me to beg and right now I don’t care I give in, I’ve been edged enough.

“Please make me cum daddy I’m yours” I begged.

“That’s better” He smiled wickedly as he started flexing his hips vigorously and applying pressure to my clit; his low growl was drowned out completely by my cries of pleasure. My arms began to ache from all the straining; the muscles in the lower half of my body also began to ache and tense. Again he stopped. “Fuck” I cried. He smiled as I frowned; I tried to calm myself by slowly breathing out through my nose. He leaned down and kissed me with such passion I couldn’t help but moan into him as his tongue explored my mine. “I didn’t quite believe you princess” he said sternly; he leaned into me again and I bit his lip and made him bleed and screamed a look rage and desperation at him. “Hmm that’ll do” he slowly sucked the blood away from his bottom lip. He leaned back up and started slamming himself into me full pace; the muscles in his core dancing, his chest heaving, he threw his head back and grunted. As soon as he started rubbing my clit I completely exploded around him, my muscles convulsed violently making me scream his name. The pleasure ripped through me as there was still pressure applied to my clit which was adding power to each contraction. He carried on thrusting into me overwhelming me until he quickly found his release with a deep growl.

I was spent, I didn’t even care I was still bound, my body felt so heavy I felt like I had no strength. He pulled away and leaned and kissed me softly while releasing me. My wrists were sore and red; I managed to roll on my side speechless. He laid behind me and gently ran his fingertips down my side. “Babydoll as much as you blow me away we must actually do some work tomorrow” he tucked my hair behind my ear as I turned my head slightly to him “I guess so” I mustered tired and exhausted. I’m not sure how much we are ever going to get done seeing as we are so magnetic to one another.

Soulmate: Young!Remus x Reader AU

Request: Could I please request young Remus lupin au oneshot thing please? Like maybe you get the same bruises scars etc that your soulmate gets. So like Remus is constantly getting scratched etc with the full moon and once a month the reader wakes up to all these fresh scrapes and is constantly wondering what her soulmate is doing? Maybe she’s close with another marauder and they introduce the pair and something happens that hurts one and they realize & she explains getting really apologetic etc please?..

Warnings: none

Word Count: 2027


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A blinding flash of light, one that does not exist except for behind my eyelids, ensnares me as the searing pain racks my body, waking me from my slumber. I choke back the scream that desperately wants to be released, to maybe alleviate some of the pain. But in a few moments, the stretching, tearing feeling in my muscles is gone. I sit in my bed, my covers thrown haphazardly to the side, and I gasp for breath, wondering what new scars will appear on me in the morning. I lie back down, begging for sleep to find me again, and I gaze out of my window at the full moon.

When I awake again, I feel the sting of fresh wounds across my shoulder blades and the rest of my body, as I expected. I stand up carefully, knowing that I may have lost blood last night, and I don’t want to pass out. I cross to the bathroom, and remove my shirt, and see an enormous gash cutting across my upper back.

“Good Godric,” I mutter, looking at the wound. Tears begin to well in my eyes, partly because of the pain, but mostly out of sheer frustration. It had been nine years since this started happening. Every month or so, I was cursed to wake up with cuts and bruises all over my body, even though I have always been the most careful of people. I never get injured. And still, I am covered in scars.

I quickly bandage the wound on my back, and another one on my side that’s not quite as bad, but still worse than the rest. And I leave the other scratches, not big enough to worry about.

I carefully dress, making sure not to wake the rest of the girls in my dormitory. I’ve been able to hide the phenomena that is my curse for over five years already, and that is not about to change. Once I am dressed, I reach for my bag, and my hand stops short. The strap of my bag would have to drape across my back and that sounds like a nightmare. I grab my books, and stuff a quill and a pot of ink into the pockets of my robes, and head out of my common room and to the Great Hall.

I’m one of the first students there. My eyes fall on the Gryffindor table where a lone girl sits, a head of dark red hair draped over her shoulders.

“Morning, Lily.” I say as I walk over to her, placing my books down across from her.

“Good morning,” she says, smiling up at me.

“Mind if I sit here?”

“Not at all, maybe you’ll protect me from Potter,” she scoffs through her smile.

“I don’t think anything could protect you from James. Not when he’s on a mission,” I laugh. “That boy never gives up on anything.”

She sighs dramatically.

“Couldn’t you talk to him? Ask him to just give me some space?”

“If I thought it would make a difference, Lily, you know I would.”

She sighs, resigning herself to her breakfast. James and I had been friends ever since we were born. His mum was very close with my grandparents back when they went to Hogwarts. But of course, he knew nothing of my condition. And whenever he saw a new injury, I’d make an excuse about where it came from.

“If it isn’t my two favorite young witches in the world!” I hear his voice from behind me.

“You be careful, James Potter, or I’ll tell your mother you said that,” I quip.

“Oh please, my mother isn’t ‘young’ by any sense of the word,” he laughs, reaching out and squeezing my shoulders.

I let out a yelp and hiss in pain, his thumbs pressing into the wound on my back. He retracts his hands immediately, his eyes full of concern looking at me through his glasses, and Lily’s look matching his.

“Are you alright?” he asks urgently.

I brush it off like it’s nothing, “Yeah–yeah, I’m fine.”

“That didn’t sound like you were fine,” Lily says. “Are you hurt?”

“Guys, I’m fine, seriously,” I say grabbing my books and leaving the table. The Great Hall is so empty, that I still hear every word as I race from the room.

“I–I’m going to talk to her,” James says.

“Don’t you think you’ve done enough, Potter?” Lily snaps back, before scrambling after me.

I make it to the base of the stairs before I feel her hand wrap around my wrist, yanking me to a stop.

“(Y/N), what’s wrong?” she asks, searching my eyes.

“Lily, seriously, I’m alright.” I say, as convincingly as possible.

She doesn’t buy it. “Did someone hurt you?”

“No, no one hurt me.” I hear footsteps coming down the stairs behind me, and turn to see James’s friend, Sirius, and the two others that I don’t know.

“(Y/L/N)! Evans!” Sirius calls, raising his arms in greeting.

“Hi, Sirius,” I reply, as Lily scoffs at him. He passes by winking at both of us.

“Good morning, Lily,” one of the other boys says, genuinely kindly, as he pauses, a prefect’s badge shining on his chest.

“Good morning, Remus,” she replies, smiling at the boy. He then turns and smiles at me kindly, and I smile back, feeling the slightest of warmth rising to my cheeks under his gaze. He turns and follows after the other boys, and I notice him a little bit too much as he walks away.

Lily spins back to face me, her arms crossed. The subject was not dropped. “Tell me what happened.”

I sigh dramatically, and grab her arm, leading her to the bathroom.

She doesn’t question it, but just follows. Once we’re in the girls’ bathroom, I set my books down on a sink, and pull off my robes, sweater, tie, and then shirt, leaving myself only in my bra, and she gasps when she sees my bandaged back and side.

“Who did this to you?” she asks, horror in her eyes.

I look up at her. “It’s a really long story, Lily.”

She takes my hands in hers, “You can tell me, (Y/N).” My panic rises a little as I look into her eyes. I know I can trust her, but this is… a huge thing.

“You’re sure?” I ask.


“Alright then,” I say, as I reach for my shirt, and begin dressing myself again, before I begin the story.

“I was seven years old when it began. I woke up one night, screaming from the pain that was running through my body. It felt like there was fire racing through my blood. My mum, she ran into the room, and found me still screaming my head off. She thought I was possessed. After about ten minutes of me just screaming in pain, I lost my voice. And then I was just sobbing. Silently. Still in too much pain to stop. And it didn’t go away that night. My mum took me to a healer, but they said nothing was wrong with me. They didn’t find any poison in me. I got used to that pain after a few days.

“About a month later, I woke up again screaming in the night, but the pain went away much quicker. It felt like my limbs were being stretched by some medieval torture device, but of course they weren’t, I was fine. I fell asleep again after a few minutes. But when I woke up again, I felt my entire body stinging. I had little scratches and bruises and cuts all over my body, and it hurt so badly, that I just started crying again.

“My mum was terrified when she saw the scratches and bruises and the gash across my cheek.” I show her the scar in the same place, from that first injury. “She took me to see a seer the next day. And the woman told me about my curse. That I was linked to my soulmate. Whatever hurt one of us would hurt the other. So whatever’s happening to him happens to me. And vice versa.

“I doubt he’s even noticed. I don’t let myself get hurt, you see. Because I know what it would do to him. I’m very careful. Whoever he is, he doesn’t need anymore pain in his life.”

I look back up at Lily, and see the tears filling her eyes. “You’ve lived with this for nine years? And you have no idea who he is?”

I shrug slightly, and wince at the fabric rubbing against the gash on my shoulders. “He could be anyone, couldn’t he? I mean. We’d have the same scars, but other than that…”

“Yeah,” she says, and then looking back up at me. “Does James know about this?”

“Don’t you mean ‘Potter’?” I tease, and she gives me a look. “No, James does not know about any of this. I don’t want to scare him. He’d treat me like a fragile porcelain doll. He just thinks I’m a clutz.”

She nods, unable to hold eye contact with me. “I guess we need to find this soulmate of yours, don’t we?”

I laugh, “Eventually, yeah. I don’t want to push anything. I probably should go apologize to James for freaking him out though.”

“I’ll come with. I should apologize for snapping at him.”

I smirk at her, and she rolls her eyes, “Shut up.”

“I didn’t say anything,” I say, grabbing my books from the sink.

When we get back to the Great Hall, it’s filled up quite a bit, and we make our way back to the Gryffindor table.

Lily leads the way back to the group of boys, pausing just behind James, who is making some joke to the others. Until the boy next to him, the one I don’t know, hits his arm, gesturing to us behind him. James turns, and haphazardly pushes his glass back onto his face, which almost fell off him in shock. “E-Evans!”

Smooth, James, I think, rolling my eyes at him.

“Potter. Sorry I yelled, that wasn’t fair of me,” she says, sincerely, but not overly so.

“Er, it’s–it’s alright. Don’t worry about it,” he says, desperately trying to keep his cool. He then turns to me. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah. Sorry for freaking you out earlier.”

“Don’t sweat it,” he says, reaching out and squeezing my hand, a little too tightly, and it hurts just a bit. Just then I notice the boy across from him, the one with the prefects badge, curl and uncurl his fingers on the table. “You wanna join us?” James asks, looking back and forth between Lily and I.

“Sure,” I reply, taking my hand back from him and crossing to the other side to sit across from him, forcing the seat next to him to be left for Lily. I look up at her expectantly, and she sighs in defeat, taking the seat.

I place my books down next to another stack on the table. I feel a jolt as I accidentally bump into the boy next to me when I crawl across the bench into the seat.

“Sorry,” I say.

“It’s alright,” he replies, offering me a small, kind smile. I return it again, my eyes locking onto his, and I can feel my heartbeat speeding up inexplicably.

“I’m (Y/N), by the way,” I say.

“Yeah, we know. James talks about you all the time,” he says nodding at James across the table, who’s absentmindedly staring at Lily. “I’m Remus.”

“Nice to meet you,” I say. And then gesture to the books next to mine. “These yours?”

“Yeah,” he replies, blushing a bit. “I hurt my back yesterday, so my bag wasn’t very comfortable. What’s your excuse?”

“The same actually,” I laugh. I glance up and see Lily staring at me.

“You alright, Lil?”

She drags a finger across her cheek, as her eyes flicker between the two of us. “Your scars.”

I turn back to look at the boy I just met. And see the light scars on my face mirrored on his.

AN: Thank you for reading!! Check out Part Two and let me know what you think!

What he sees in you

Title: What he sees in you (alternatively: Sympathy for the devil)

Pairing: Castiel x fem!Reader, Casifer

Word Count: ~2000

Warning: angsty, dark in the beginning (no one gets hurt tough), pretty open end, Cas is not really in this (sorry! - his vessel is tough)

Summary: When Cas turns up at the readers flat, she soon realises that the man who is looking like her mate is nothing like him. Meeting Lucifer for the first time, she also learns that he is not what you would expect of the devil.

(A/n: Please don’t be disappointed, but Cas is not actually in this. I’m not even sure what I tried to write. Alternative title would be something like ‘Sympathy for the Devil’)

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

“Lucifer” You hissed, voice rough from yelling “I want my mate back.”

“Sorry, doll” He smirked. It looked so alien on the familiar face, you were startled for a second. “He’s almost gone. This vessel is mine now.”

“No. I won’t believe your lies.” Your eyes felt with tears. Cas couldn’t be truly gone.

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I never have a problem if the nerds maximize their body by doing part time as online trainer, competing in Ninja Warrior or even a model. I seriously don’t mind. But, you surely know what I’m capable of when they prioritize those “part-time” rather than their team and the achievement that this college can achieve. I already warned Liam for his super busy schedule as model, by at first making him back to his previous physical ability, damn he can’t even lift 10 kilos barbell without sweating like river Nile in its peak. Due to that, his body definitely lose its definition, but he’s very stubborn and still taking job even though the schedule clashed with his training. So now here I am, behind the camera, possessing his photographer, and giving him the ultimatum
“Boy, keep skipping your training and now with two flash, all your muscle could be gone,” I said with my voice from this photographer’s body
His face stunned and dumbfounded and now it’s all on you, should I click this button or not?
Woops, I already clicked one, capturing his face and that hair he used to has now sprouted back
Now, should I click once again?

Today I bought a pencil skirt in a size that actually fits me now.

Not the arbitrary tiny size I used to convince myself I could never buy clothes above.

Not the too small size that I used to wear which was uncomfortable and cut into my stomach.

Maybe I’ve gone up a size because my thighs are bigger due to muscle gain? Maybe I’ve gone up a size because women’s sizes are not universal across all shops? Maybe I’ve gone up a size because I’ve gained weight?

Who cares?

Going up a clothes size is a small price to pay for how much my mental and physical health has improved since I decided to focus on looking after my body.

Astral Projection

My chest has been aching for weeks.
My eyes have been stinging for days.
My muscles have gone dormant.
My head is fatigued.
My skin is on fire.
My bones are frozen, threatening to shatter.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have the oxygen I need here.
Maybe it’s because there is no water here.
Maybe it’s because I have no reason to voluntarily move, considering I’m in a black hole’s gravitational field.
Maybe it’s because I can’t sleep when the stars look this beautiful up close.
Maybe it’s because I’m drifting too close to the sun.
Maybe it’s because I spent too much time on Neptune yesterday.

I have recently put weight into these explanations.
You see,
I prefer being lost in space
Than being lost in my own head

I’m Not Letting You Go Now

Pairing: Phan

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Angry sex, swearing

Description: When Phil gets a date, Dan becomes jealous. 

A/N: this was one of my earlier fics and there are mistakes and it’s quite cringey in my opinion, so you have been warned.

“Fucking die you piece of shit!” I screamed at the TV, throwing my controller angrily onto the floor. I swore under my breath, why did I even think video games could calme me down?

An even better question: Why did I need calming down?

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Weight in first pic: around 185
Weight in second pic: around 173
I went to a weight loss (fat) camp last summer for seven and a half weeks. I lost around 10 pounds there and it changed my life. I have since gained weight but the transformation my body has gone through is insane. Muscle is so important!!! I weight only a few pounds less than the first picture but I don’t look even close to that. Keep going, it’s worth it