my mummy says i'm a miracle

and so you think you’re A-ble to survive this mess by B-ing a prince or a princess, you will soon C there’s no escaping trage-D. and E-ven if you put in heaps of F-ort, you’re just wasting ener-G ‘cause your life as you know it is H-ient history. I have suffered in this J-ail, i’ve been trapped inside this K-ge for ages, this living ’-L, but if i try i can rem-M-ber back before my life had N-ded, before my happy days were O-ver, before i first heard the P-ling of the bells. like you i was Q-rious, so innocent i R-sked a thousand questions, but unl-S you want to suffer listen up and i will T-ch you a thing or two. U listen here my dear, you’ll be punished se-V-rely if you step out of line, and if you cry it will be W should stay out of trouble, and remember to be X-tremely careful. Y? Why? Did you hear what he said? just you wait for phy-Z!