my mum will be mad by you know its my money


Something amazing happened to me today.

If you have never been bottom-of-the-barrel broke for a decent length of time then you cannot truly understand that horrible feeling when the cashier tells you that you can’t use your loyalty points because the server is down. That sick sinking feeling that happens as you come to the realization that you have to pay full price when you were counting on having the extra $5 the points would have saved you to buy the meat for dinner. That if you want to eat now you won’t later or if you want to eat later you can’t eat now.

I experienced this feeling again today at the coffee shop. I only ordered a small coffee and a ham and cheese croissant. It’s all I could afford if I used the points I’d saved up to pay for the coffee. My total was only $10.90 but I had been counting on using my points to bring it down to $6. Then she told me the system was down.

Everything stopped. My heart sank and suddenly began racing 100ks an hour at the same time and I started shaking. In the space of about four seconds I thought several things at once.

“Do I say leave the coffee? The food is more vital than the caffeine”

“Do I just leave both? I need to buy the stuff for dinner tonight and I have to get to therapy tomorrow”

“Maybe I can borrow from Mum to do dinner and therapy”

“Oh god! They probably think I’m just angling for free stuff!”

“Fuck Georgia! Just pay by card and pray you make it to next week on what’s left”

“I’m going to throw up”

“Tell them it’s fine and pass your card over for fucks sake!”

So I take out my card and start to hand it over. I’m trying to put on a brave face but clearly I didn’t do much of a job of it. The cashier looks like a deer in headlights. She doesn’t know how to handle this kind of thing. She immediately tries to reassure me.

Then it happens.

I hear a gruff voice behind me ask,

“How much does she need?”

I turn and see the older lady who came in behind me and let me go ahead of her in the queue opening her wallet and looking at the cashier.

I’m still desperately trying to convince both women that it’s fine and I’ll pay but they don’t seem to hear me. By now I’m shaking and also crying. I can tell both women are uncomfortable so I desperately try to get myself under control. It’s not working. In the madness the cashier puts through the point discount and the Gruff Older Lady pays for my order. Now not only do I still have the $5 I was counting on from my points I have the other $6 I would have paid for my coffee too.

I move off to the side still loosing my shit and crying (embarrassingly) in a coffee shop, as the cashier takes Gruff Older Lady’s order and she pays and we all wait for our orders.

The whole shop has been watching this and not said a word. I think (it’s something of a blur) I may have hugged her. And I think it made her even more uncomfortable. Anyway, I’m still trying to get myself under control. Another patron comes over and asks if I’m ok and I tell her what’s just happened and she smiles and calmly chats to me till I’m calm and her order is called. She wishes me well and leaves.

My order is then called at the same time as Gruff Older Lady. I can barely look her in the eye. I’m so embarrassed. But I’m also so incredibly grateful so I look up and give a wobbly smile and thank her again as we put the lids on our coffees. She asks if I’m short of money and I admit that I am but I’m mostly coping without looking up from the counter.
Next thing I know she is opening her wallet again and pushing the last of her cash, $30, into my hands. I try to refuse and tell her she doesn’t have to do that, I’m ok. Again the tears threaten.

“Don’t you cry again!”

She tells me in that same gruff voice she used at the counter.

“You’ll set me off! Just take it! I know what it’s like to be where you are. I’ve been there myself. I’m a bit flush this week so I can afford to do this.”

I can do nothing but stare at my shaking hand now holding $30 and thank her profusely while trying not to cry on her. She simply gives me a small smile and murmurs,

“I’ve done my kind thing for the day.”

And leaves before I can say another word.

It’s taken me an hour to write this and I’m still shaken and overwhelmed.

This woman was so kind. It wasn’t the stereotypical warm, beneficent old woman with a big hug and a cheery smile. She was real and my gratitude seemed to make her uncomfortable. Like she hadn’t realized how big of an impact she would have when she decided to do what she did. She was gruff and awkward and that is the only thing that has me convinced that this really happened and I didn’t dream it.

Well, that and the lasting embarrassment from having had such a major breakdown in a public place.

I have now had breakfast and I’ll use the extra $30 for food. And it’s all thanks to that incredibly kind Gruff Older Lady.

I don’t know how to end this except to say again even though I am sure she’ll never see this…

Thank you. Paying for my breakfast the way you did has had a far bigger impact than I think you will ever know.

Parental Instinct

Jiyong lifts your daughter, pulling her up to rest on his hip, her eyes scanning the shelf of candy in front of her.

‘Which ones do you want, princess?’ He asks her, swaying her backwards and forwards.  

‘How many can I have?’ She casts her round, almond eyes at him, blinking her butterfly eyelashes.

‘As many as you want.’ He chuckles, his lips dusting her forehead.

‘No, Ji…,’ You warn him sternly, your hand coming to rest gently on his bicep. ‘She will make you buy the whole shelf.’ He shrugs ambivalently at you, a single eyebrow dancing upwards.

‘Yeobo, let me spoil her, huh? I haven’t spent time with her in two weeks…’ You shake your head, knowing that not matter what you said, your daughter would get what she wanted from her father. Her four year old self was the apple of his eye.

‘I want that one.’ Your daughter points to a coffee chocolate bar, and Jiyong reaches for it, slightly taken aback.

‘You picked this one? Do you know what it is, Jaeeun?’ His asks curiously as his hand wraps around it, bringing it closer to her face.

‘Yes. It’s coffee and chocolate together.’ She replies with confidence. Jiyong’s eyes furrow in confusion.

‘But Jaeeun, you don’t eat coffee, huh?’ The bar hovers in front of her.

‘I know. But I thought about Mummy. You didn’t say you would buy her one, and I wanted to get her that one because it is her favourite.’ She blinks at him as if her decision was the most obvious thing in the world. Your husband nods in knowing, a pleased smile spreading on his face, mimicking the pleasant feeling inside your heart.

‘Ahhh, my daughter.’ He sighs contently, pressing his lips against her cheek. ‘You have such a kind heart.’ She squiggles against his kiss.

‘Not you. You forgot Mum.’ If there was one thing your daughter had inherited from your husband, it was his confidence. She was never one to let her voice go unheard.

‘I didn’t forget.,’ Jiyong states calmly. ‘I was helping you pick first.’

‘But Mummy needs help too, and sometimes you don’t help her… like when she asks you to wash the dishes.’

‘Jaeeun, pick some candy, huh? We’re going to be late to see Uncle Youngbae.’ You press her into a decision, and she picks another candy bar, wrapped delicately in a pink wrapper. Jiyong reaches for it, clutching it in his hand.

‘That one is for Uncle Bae. He likes strawberries. And Dad, you can have… the same one as me.’ She pauses, contemplating the choices, before pointing to Jiyong’s favourite - a mint chocolate bar. He adds two of them quickly to his now stretched fist.

‘Good choice, Jaeeun!’ He nods in pleasure, before dropping her slowly down from his hip, handing her two of the candy bars to carry. She toddles straight to the counter, her balance perfect as her hands wave the candy bars excitedly. Jiyong had picked her outfit today - black skinny jeans tucked into her miniature doc marten boots and a blue and white striped t shirt peeking out from under a green army coat. The coat waggled after her, and you noted the content look on your husbands face, satisfied with his wardrobe decision. You both followed her to the counter, Jiyong taking it upon himself to lift her up so she was able to place the chocolate on top of it. He adds his two, smiling at the old woman behind the counter.

‘How many are there?’ He asks her, his English twinged thickly with an accent. Despite his lack of complete fluency, Jiyong made every effort to immerse your daughter in English. It was something you were both trying to do - talk to her in English, so she became bilingual quickly. Her Korean had inexplicably developed far more rapidly than you’d expected, and she was sometimes still mixing her words when she spoke in English. As your parents only spoke English, it was important to you that she became fluent in your native language as well. Her face furrowed in concentration as she counted.

‘One, two, three… sa!’ She giggled in glee, knowing the annoyance the Korean would bring to her father.

‘Yah, Jaeeun… Am I speaking Korean?’ He presses gently, tickling her in a non-aggressive fashion.

‘Dad, I want to give the lady the money…’ She switches back to Korean, holding her hand open, palm flat for Jiyong to place money in. He reached into his back pocket, balancing your daughter carefully on his hip.

‘Okay, Okay. Wait a minute, huh, princess.’

‘Oh, wow. Your Korean is very good!’ The woman behind the counter comments happily as she begins scanning the items, the smile on her face crinkling her eyes. You can see Jiyong’s body tense instinctively, his movement for his wallet pausing in a split second.

‘Of course it is.,’ Your daughter comments confidently. ‘I’m Korean.’ Her statement is one of fact. Jiyong continues to withdraw his wallet, his movement strained slightly.

‘No you aren’t.’ The woman replies, her tone equally as confident. Jiyong’s head, which had been tilted slightly towards your daughter, snaps forward to look at the woman. If there is one thing he was sensitive about, it was the perception other Koreans had about his daughters race.

‘I am… I’m Korean.,’ Your daughters brow furrows slightly, confusion flooding her face. ‘My daddy always says…’

‘Look at your Mum. Look at you… You can’t be Korean.’ Despite her pleasant tone, her voice was becoming more forceful. Your daughters eyes begin to fill with tears, her face turning as they pooled in her wide set eyes.

‘Dad, am I Korean?’ She questions, her voice unsteady.

‘Of course you are, Jaeeun. This woman doesn’t know what she is talking about.’ He cuts in sharply.

‘Ji, let’s just go, huh? Youngbae is going to be waiting for us…’ You knew what was coming. The tension leaching from Jiyong’s body was becoming palpable. Your hands reach for your daughter, and Jiyong passes her to you willingly. Her face burrows into your scarf as you pull her into a hug, her wet tears mixing into the wool.

‘My daughter’s Korean isn’t good - it’s great, because its her first language.,’ His voice has become louder and more blusterous with anger, and your daughter retreats further into you, her tiny arms climbing inside your coat. You cradle her, turning away from Jiyong and the woman. ‘You, though, have an extremely narrow minded view of the world. Of course my daughter is Korean. She has lived here her entire life and has only left the country twice.’

‘But…’ The woman, taken aback by Jiyong’s confrontation, opens her mouth in an attempted rebuttal.

‘No buts. She is Korean. Who the hell are you to say she isn’t and upset her?,’ He opens his wallet, removing a few bills of cash. You catch them out of the corner of your eye, a handful of hundred thousand weon notes. ‘Keep the change. Use it to buy some damn empathy, huh?’ He flicks the notes onto the counter roughly, his fist in an easy swoop, before turning to stalk out of the store. You follow him, your daughter still clinging to you, her face not showing. You coo gently in an attempt to encourage her out.

‘Jaeeun? Are you okay?’ You switch to Korean in an effort to console her, your voice nervously stumbling over the syllables you could usually pronounce without effort. Her head shakes a negative response. Jiyong continues his rapid pace, his long, thin legs carrying him quicker than you could keep step with. He stops abruptly, his body coming to a halt just in front of you. You pause, approaching him. ‘Ji, slow down, huh? I can’t keep up.’ He turns, his head shaking is disbelief, collecting a deep breath.

‘Sorry, I’m just…,’ He huffs, unable to articulate his words correctly. Your head nods down to your daughter, to draw his attention to her distress. His eyes close, his face crinkling to draw inner strength.

‘Jaeeun-ah.,’ He steps forward, his voice low in comfort. ‘Daddy’s not mad at you, huh? You know that right?’ Her small head peaks out from the grooves of your scarf, eyeing Jiyong suspiciously.

‘I don’t know.,’ She replies honestly. ‘I’m confused.’ Jiyong lets out a lengthy sigh, before offering his arms to your daughter. She twists, shifting her weight into him so he was able to swing her onto the ground, allowing her to come to a standing position. She turns to face him, and he bends on his knees to crouch down to her level. His hands clutch her shoulders gently.

‘I’m not angry with you at all. I’m angry at that woman. You did nothing wrong, okay?,’ His hands smooth down her arms, coming to clutch her tiny hands. ‘She was being very rude to you, and when someone is rude to you that makes me angry. No one should be allowed to make you feel bad by being rude to you. Ever. Do you understand that?’ Your daughter blinks her wet lashes at her father, a small nod coming from her head.

‘Why did she say that I’m not Korean? You always told me that I am Korean.’ Her brows furrow, confusion threaded over her face. You can’t bare to look at her, so your eyes flick to Jiyong. To his credit, his face remains staunchly calm.

‘Some people think that if your Mum or Dad is from a different country, you can’t be Korean.,’ He responds. ‘But those people are just stupid. When they say that you aren’t Korean, you have to tell them they’re stupid, okay? In your biggest, loudest voice.’ His fingers reach up to nip her cheek in a pinch, and she giggles excitedly.

‘I can call them stupid?’ Both her eyebrows arch in surprise.

‘You can. I’m going to let you say that to them, but only them okay? I don’t want to hear you calling anyone else stupid.’ She nods her head in understanding, her little secret agreement between her father and her bringing a widening grin to her face.

‘I won’t. I promise. But she was stupid!’ She shakes her hands, unable to calm her physical excitement at saying the world. A deep chuckle rumbles from Jiyong’s throat.

‘Who loves you?’ Jiyong asks, kissing his palm and balling his hand, holding his clenched fist out for Jaeeun. She leans forward, and he opens his palm, pressing it into her exposed, plump cheek. His fingers burst into movement, dancing down her neck to tickle her. It was their secret greeting. You’d had no idea where it had originated from, but they both adored it.

‘You do.’ She giggles happily, her shoulders shrugging up to avoid his fingers.

‘I do.,’ He pauses, looking at her, his hand cradling her face. ‘Come give me a hug, my Korean princess.’ She moves quickly into him, slotting easily between his crouched knees as her hands reached up to wrap around his neck. He pulls her close, lifting her feet slightly off the ground with the power of his hug. He holds her, longer than usual, the emotion he was feeling seeping through him. He settles her down again, his arms still holding her, but loosening slightly to allow her to step back.

‘Are you sad, Daddy?’ She questions as she studies his face.

‘A little bit.,’ He answers truthfully. ‘I don’t like it when people make you upset or when you cry.’ Her hands reach up to his face, squishing his cheeks to purse his lips. She leans forward, mushing her lips into his happily, planting a loving kiss on them.

‘I’m not sad anymore, Dad.,’ She says simply. ‘That lady was just stupid.’ She pushes his cheeks once more, before letting him go.

‘Ahh, my smart Jaeeun.’ He replies with a smile. She wiggles out of his arms, taking his hand.

‘Uncle Bae is waiting for us. Let’s hurry.’ She chugs him into motion, her legs thundering on the path as they break into a run. Jiyong stalls, his eyes flicking back to you to ensure you were following, hand reaching out to clasp yours excitedly, and you take it, running after them both.

A heavy sigh leaves his lips as he removes his t shirt, discarding it neatly into the wicker washing basket at the end of the bed. His head folds down, his hands running through his hair, haphazardly spraying the black strands in multiple directions. Despite his resolve in front of Jaeeun, it was obvious his mind was still lingering on the incident earlier in the day. You place your kindle on the beside table, peeking at him over the rim of your reading glasses. Jiyong had put Jaeeun to sleep hours ago. You’d watched him lay her onto the bed, the new stuffed unicorn from Youngbae taking up most of the space. He’d kissed her goodnight and told her she was beautiful, staying to let her hug his arm until she’d fallen asleep. He’d disappeared into the study shortly after and you hadn’t seen him since.

‘Do you want to talk about it?’ You press lightly, eyes scanning him. His frame sinks lower, head bobbing further still.

‘No.,’ His answer is short and simple. He stands, deep in contemplation, and you throw back the covers, swinging your feed over the edge of the high bed frame. You pad your way to him, your silk sleep dress swishing against you lightly. You approach Jiyong, your arms wrapping warmly around his sunken body, your head coming to lay on his wide shoulder blades across the top of his back. ‘Do you think I scared her? I mean, she has never really seen me angry before.’

‘You didn’t scare her at all, Ji. She was just a bit confused. You didn’t do anything wrong.’ You murmur the words into his back, a kiss pressing against the bare skin of his tattooed neck, your lips tracing the lines of ink. Another sigh leaves him, and he sinks into your embrace. Throughout your relationship, you’d learned very early that Jiyong was much more sensitive than he let on. It was one of the most endearing traits about him. However, you understood how hard it was for him to grapple with the copious amounts of empathy he felt for others. He’d often wear their struggles longer than they would. ‘You saw her with Youngbae… She was over the moon. I doubt she is even going to remember it tomorrow.’

‘I know she seemed okay… I just got so angry about it I couldn’t control myself. I can’t stop thinking about how easily that woman shot her down. I want her to have confidence and we’ve both worked so hard to surround her with positive influences. It’s upsetting that in one second someone can say something so casually and it can have such a big impact on her. How could she say that to our child?’ You cradle him, rocking gently back and forward, your head resting on him.

‘We can’t protect her forever.’ Your response seems simple, and he chuckles slightly at your words.

‘You mean I can’t lock her in a tower away from the rest of the world?,’ He shifts your arms gently, his palms pressing to open your hands. He turns, coming to face you, his arms connecting around your body. He meets your eyes, carefully considering your face. ‘It’s not that I want to do that. It’s just I know people are going to see her as less of a person because she’s only half Korean. I know what the lady meant when she was saying she wasn’t Korean. She was saying she wasn’t good enough to be Korean. It made me upset… It made me really, really angry that someone could say that to my daughter. If people say things like that to her, she is going to start doubting herself.’ Your hand reaches up to cup his face, drawing it close to you for a sweet, lingering kiss. The amount of love Jiyong had for your daughter was boundless, and it was something you found intensely attractive.

‘I know, Ji. I know it’s hard. I didn’t know what to say when it happened because I was angry too. It’s difficult, and her life will be difficult. I can’t deny that. But we’re teaching Jaeeun to be a strong, thoughtful, caring person. That’s all we can do. Maybe she won’t get angry about this kind of stuff, but simply feel sorry for people who were taught such a narrow minded view.,’ You kiss his lips again, the fluffy cushion pressing against you with more vigour. ‘I know she has an amazing father that is going to fight for her whenever she needs it. I know she is going to be just as sympathetic and have the same amount of empathy as he does. I can already see it in her, Ji. We don’t have to worry about her.’

‘You’re right.,’ He nods, his gaze shifting off you. ‘You’re totally right. I just hate seeing her upset.’ He shakes his head to snap out of his daze.

‘You wouldn’t be a good father if you didn’t, and it’s one of the reasons she loves you and trusts you as much as she does.,’ Your hand reaches to his face, cupping his cheek to stroke your thumb across it. ‘And one of the reasons I love you as much as I do, too.’ He leans forward, enveloping you in a long, drawn out kiss. His lips rub softly against yours, his tongue exploring your mouth. His hands slip low over your hips, coming to cradle the rounded cheeks of your bum. His kiss continues, building in passion.

‘Daddy… Mummy…’ Your daughters voice shatters the moment, calling from behind the closed door. Jiyong breaks apart, his shoulders sagging in disappointment.

‘Damn it… that was going somewhere.,’ He let’s out a low sigh, breaking from your hug. ‘Yes, princess?’ He calls.

‘Daddy?’ She calls again. Jiyong walks quickly to the door, peeling it open.

‘What is it, Jaeeun? You’re meant to be sleeping…’ His voice trails off when he sees her, her own face quivering as their eyes meet, her wet cheeks flooding with more tears.

‘I… I had… I had… a dream… and the… unicorn… died.’ Jiyong sweeps her up in his arms, her wet cheeks burying against his skin.

‘It’s alright, Jaeeun. It’s still there in your bed, huh?’ He coos to comfort her.

‘Daddy… I’m scared.’ She manages to splutter out. Jiyong bumps her gently up and down, shifting to the bed as he attempted to ease her worry.

‘That’s okay, princess. You can sleep here with us.’ You couldn’t fault his suggestion. Your daughter was rarely scared, and for the most part slept through the night. For her to be this upset was unusual. With his free hand, he threw back the covers, before gently laying her down between the crisp whiteness of the Egyptian cotton sheets. She let out a groan, holding her arms out to desperately to Jiyong as he let her go.

‘Daddy, no… You have to stay.’

‘I know, Princess. I’m just getting into bed.,’ He climbs next to her, snuggling himself up to her, and she accepts his hug gratefully. ‘Do you want Mummy to join us too?’ He suggested, his fingers sweeping over Jaeeun’s face to wipe the tears off her eyes. Your daughter nods eagerly, sitting up slightly to encourage you into the bed.

‘Come on, Mummy.’ Her voice is still croaky from her tears. You oblige her request, walking to the other side of the bed. You adjust the covers over both your daughter and husband, pulling them up to their necks, before peeling back the corner of your own side of the bed. It was spacious enough, and Jaeeun was small enough, that her presence made no difference to your comfort. However, you found Jiyong shifting closer to you and sandwiching your daughter between you. She rotates slightly, her sleepy head curling into your shoulder while her arm reaches back to touch her father. Her face is full of innocence and you again can’t help but think how a complete stranger could have been so forceful with her today.

‘Good night, Princess.’ You whisper to her. She leans forward, her lips pressing into yours in a goodnight kiss.

‘Goodnight, Mummy. I love you.’ 

The Foxhole Court, Chapter 5 – Fun Moving Time, Fun Drama Time

In which we meet Matt, Neil’s torso makes me break out in Deadpool quotes, super-secret safes are bought to contain super-secret journals, and Kevin has a choking kink.

Sounds good? Then it’s time for Nicki to read The Foxhole Court.

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Dina’s Fun Aunt Holiday Bonus Part 2 (Trixya) – Ellen Thwoorp

Summary – Their first day at the resort is a rollercoaster. There’s ups and downs but they come out of it wobbly but happy. Katya makes friends, some she wants, some she doesn’t. But no matter what happens shes happy to end the night with Trixie.

A/N: I’m sorry this is late but I thought I’d finished it, reread it and hated it so it’s had some work done. I hope you enjoy it. Did somebody say 1/3 smut? Because that is factually accurate.

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Will Solace Australian AU

-He doesn’t love the heat. He’s just use to hotter climates than what the camp gets to “it’s not that bad?? I remember one time my friend cooked an egg on the road it was so hot??? This is nothing”

-Will loves the beaches from home and goes to the beach at camp when ever he can because it reminds him of home and of simpler times.

-“yeah nah” “nah yeah”

-He doesn’t really say ‘mate’ unless he’s mad and yelling at someone but he does occasionally use it to describe friends as well.

-He deliberately says stereotypically Australian words to confuse people and or to make fun of stereotypes “nah yeah just give us a second to throw me tracks dacks and thongs on before we head to maccas will yah” “yeah I’m a bit peckish, I’ll probably just grab a sanga before I head off”

-1300655506 ffs (why is this a thing for gods sake. I’ve been brainwashed to remember this I swear)

-Will always making himself fairy bread on his birthday because that’s what his mum use to do back when they didn’t have too much money, making and eating it always brings him good childhood memories.

-Will sitting with Nico on the beach leaning in to kiss Nico before whispering “ "kiss me ketut” and making himself double over in laughter at Nico’s very confused expression.

- Having to try not to finish his sentences in “aye”.

-Will always saying “fizzy” or “soft drink” rather than pop or soda

-Will never being scared of bugs and spiders in camp because the cheeky shits are bigger and scarier in Australia (also because his mum was a complete wimp and made Will get rid of bugs for her), the Athena cabin normally make him get rid of and spiders or bugs in their cabin but he doesn’t really mind.

-He would most defiantly have said this at one point in his life “I bring a whole new meaning to golden gay time” *flips hair*

-Will makes jokes about why he moved to America but never really answers
“The bastards didn’t ship my merch to Australia, obviously that was not acceptable” “my pet kangaroo Joey took me on an adventure to America, I never left”

-In reality Wills mum and him moved for two reasons: to further her music career and because his step dad died. Their family home had too many memories for Naomi to bare so she packed them both up and moved to the only other place they had family.

-They both move to a tiny house in the country so it would feel a little more like home rather than in a big city

-He has regular disagreements with Athena kids who get annoyed at him for spelling things like “colour” and “mum” differently.

-Will always gets super excited about Christmas in America because in Australia it would always be so hot and humid, white Christmases were always beautiful to him.

-Let’s be real Will totally ignores Americas drinking age law all together “do I look like I give any shits? I’m 18, a legal adult in my home country. I know the affects of alcohol and what amount I should drink. I’ve put up with a lot of crap over these past 18 years. If I want to have a beer I’ll bloody well have a damn beer”

-thongs… I’m sure he made a lot of people either blush or laugh by calling his “flip flops” the Australian term “thongs”.

-Will tries his hardest to be nice but sometimes he slips up and forgets that people think he’s being rude when he says Australian terms of endearment. “Oh yeah, Greg is a right old dick head” “well I mean, I thought he was pretty cool actually…” “No no i mean-”

-“oh please that mintour is nothing compared to the spiders back home. Have you seen those things? They could eat a horse if they tried hard enough”

-Will always being asked weird questions about Australia “no I don’t own a boomerang…why would I own a bloody boomerang? Wtf?” “No? I mean I’ve seen a few kangaroos and maybe like one koala? It’s not like they run around our streets??”

-Will defending vegemite to the death because it tastes good “no no! They hate it cause they’re eating it wrong! Put it on toast omfg stop, guys stop its great if you eat it right!”

-Will sometimes just randomly humming theme songs from back when he was little like 'Blinky Bill’ and 'Around the twist’. Most of the time he does it while he’s organising things in the clinic storeroom

-Will telling Nico all about Australia and them both sharing stories about their old homes, Nico shares what he can remember about his home and Will shares all the good times from his childhood.

I just really like the idea of Will genuinely loving America and all of the people but always missing the small differences of home.
I want a Will Solace that remembers late nights camping on empty beaches, and bright sunny days with surfing and cpr lessons. A Will that loves the smell of salt water on sunny afternoons and eucalyptus oil wiped over clean benches, a young Will that would look up at the sun on ridiculously hot days and silently beg his dad to make it hot enough for the teachers to send him and all the other students home from school early because of the heat. I want a Will who grew up with so many cultures and so many different types of people good and bad with a wide knowledge of people and situations. I want a Will who makes jokes about himself and his home country never being afraid to joke around with people and a Will who misses his old friends and the old traditions that are not at all like what people do in America. I just really want a smart ass Australian Will Solace who is proud of his roots and who always wants to have a laugh with people no matter who they are or where they are from. I just really like Australian Will.

See You Tomorrow Night

TITLE OF STORY: See You Tomorrow Night


AUTHOR: delusionsofnostalgia


GENRE: Angst, Drama, 

FIC SUMMARY: You and Tom have been in a committed relationship for years now. He’s returned to London from filming but you realise he hasn’t been quite the same with you. A co-worker stumbles across an article, with pretty convincing photos, that Tom has been cheating on you and you confront him, hoping that it isn’t true. What will he say? (Tom x Reader)


AUTHORS NOTES: Hey guys, this is a little angsty, heart breaking kinda piece. I just got inspired and had to write it. It could be more than a one shot depending on feedback but I think it’s good as a stand alone. Hope you guys enjoy it! Feedback and comments always welcome! :) xx

See you tomorrow night love. xx

You sighed, pulling, in a terribly self-aware manner, at the hem of your dress. It was his favourite dress on you; oxblood, tight, with a zipper all the way down the back for easy removal. You fidget remembering the first time he had slipped a hand around your waist when you had worn this dress, his long, elegant fingers digging softly into the fleshy area of your hip; an area you had once been very conscious of.  You hadn’t seen him in months, he had come home for the occasional visit but never stayed more than three nights and god you had missed him. He was as dedicated to his work as ever but this time you had missed him more than usual, accepting that his career was skyrocketing and he just couldn’t skype as much due to pure exhaustion.

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So I’ve been thinking about Derek Malik Nurse and how much i love him anyway here’s some headcanons regarding race + percieved chillness. TW: internalized racism, full on white people racism, bullying. 

Derek Nurse was chill. He’d been chill for as long as he could remember. If you traced his life backwards, stopping at certain people whose lives he’d touched, and asked about “derek nurse” they would tell you “oh yeah, he’s chill, dude” and leave it at that.

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Missing Ring.

Oh crap. Oh crap crap crap. I’m so stupid.

That was all I could think to myself as I searched high and low for this little ring. In reality, it wasn’t little at all. That small band with the large diamond attached could be seen a good distance away but right now it was as if I couldn’t spot it even from point blank range.

I had looked through our bedroom. I had looked in the laundry where I just was. I had looked around the couches and between the sheets of the children’s beds. It was nowhere to be found.

I huffed a frustrated sigh as I got off of my knees and stood up, my hands on my hips. If I didn’t find it soon, my husband was going to kill me.


I closed my eyes and winced as I heard the front door of our home open, indicating that Eden had just arrived home. “In here,” I reluctantly called out. I could get away with him not knowing I had lost the ring…somehow.

An oblivious smile was on his face as he walked in, dropping his bag to the ground and immediately finding a way into my arms, resting his head on my shoulder as he wrapped his arms tightly around my waist. I laughed. “Long day?”

“Very long. Baby me,” he said in a childish tone.

“I am not babying you!”

“Well just hold me as I fall asleep on your shoulder.”

I giggled and shrugged out of his hold, realizing I had a lot of sneaky searching to do instead of cuddling my husband until he fell asleep. “I have to go pick up Leo and Yanis. I don’t have time.” Really, that was just an excuse for me to get away and try and find this damn ring.

“Fine. Treat your poor husband like he’s nothing and toss me to the side,” he said dramatically as he fell onto the couch, his eyes immediately closing as he propped his leg up on a cushion and got comfortable.

“I love you,” I sang out as I bent down to where he lay, kissing his lips. “I’ll be back.” I rushed up the steps of our home and back to our bedroom to try and continue my search. I realized I had yet to check the bathroom so I decided to visit there first. I rummaged around the sink which was empty aside from Yanis’s toothbrush he had left in our bathroom instead of his own yet again and the various hand soaps and lotions.

No ring.

The chime of the doorbell made my search stop as I curiously headed back downstairs. As I inched closer to the door, I quickly recognized my co-worker Nate smiling in the doorway while my husband didn’t hold such a delight in his face.

“Nate, what are you doing here?” I continued to move closer until I was right by Eden’s side.

“Well I found this on my couch and I figured it was yours.” He reached into his pocket and opened his palm, that familiar, shiny diamond ring glistening as the sun beamed down on it. My eyes widened and the first emotion I felt was thankfulness.

“Oh my God! You found it.” I reached out and grabbed for the ring in his hand, quickly replacing it onto its normal spot on my finger. “Thank you so much. I was looking all over for this.”

“I figured,” he chuckled. “I’m glad I could find it before it got lost in my couch cushions or something.”

“Right,” I laughed, at least able to find amusement in the thought now that I had the ring back in my possession. “Thank you.”

“No problem. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He gave me a smile and another smile to Eden who stood silently at my side before he was on his way back down the steps and towards his car in the driveway. I shut the door behind him.

“You lost your ring?” Eden’s tone was cold as I expected it to be and I turned to look at him, an apologetic half-smile on my face.

“But I found it now. See?” I held up my finger to show the ring in its rightful place. Eden continued on anyways.

“On top of that, you lost it at another man’s house on his couch,” he emphasized.

“To be clear, it was for work. I wasn’t just at his home for my own personal reasons.”

“You go to homes for business now?” That look of skepticism in his eyes showed me so far my story wasn’t believable though it was the truth.

“He’s my co-worker. We had to look over some documents and instead of doing it at the office, we just met at his place.”

“Okay.” That was all he said before he walked over to the bag he had thrown on the floor earlier, unzipped it, and pulled out a jacket. “I’m going to go pick up the boys.”

“Eden,” I whined.

“I’ll be back.” He slipped into the jacket, grabbing his keys from the stand nearby and walking past me and out of the door.


There was no way he was forgiving me for losing my ring. No way. I groaned like a hormonal teenager throwing a tantrum and collapsed on the couch, allowing my eyes to close as my hands lay over them. I lay like that for quite some time before I got up and reached for my phone nearby, dialing the number of the only person I knew who could help me solve this.

“Hello,” the familiar voice chimed.

“Mum. I need your help.”

“With what? Getting Eden to stop being mad at you?”

My head drew back in surprise as my facial expression scrunched in confusion. “How did you know about that?”

“He called me ranting and raving just before you called me, saying you had lost your wedding ring and not only that but at another man’s home. He also said that you tried to hide it from him and make him look like an idiot while some douche-y looking man got to rub it in his face. Those were his exact words.”

I should have known my husband would call my mother first just as I had done. “He’s pissed at me, huh?”

“Yup,” she stated matter-of-factly.

“How can I get him to stop being mad?”

“Oh, sweetie. You know him better than I do. You’re going to have to get a little creative and figure it out.”

I guess she was right.

I quickly pulled the fresh batch of peanut butter and Nutella cookies out of the oven, reveling in the pleasant smell of the dessert. It was the only thing I could think of that would maybe get Eden on my side. He loved all of my desserts but especially these cookies. He had once made me feed them to him one by one as he lay in bed.

Needless to say, he woke up not feeling so great.

Mourinho wasn’t happy.

They had to be the solution for this too or at least I had my fingers crossed they were. I heard the door open and the fast, running steps of who I assumed to be Yanis who quickly appeared in the kitchen. “Cookies! Cool!”

I smiled at the wide and excited eyes of the boy. “Wash your hands first.”

He needed no further instruction before he was running out of the kitchen and upstairs to his room. His father’s steps seemed to trace his as he appeared in the kitchen doorway next, holding a sleeping Leo in his arms.

“I made you cookies.”

“I don’t need them.”

“Oh, come on Eden! How long are you going to stay mad at me? What happened to wanting me to baby you and have you fall asleep on my shoulder?”

I could tell he was fighting a smile. Eden was the type that could never stay mad too long especially when he was faced with humor. “I changed my mind when I realized my wife lost her wedding ring. How did it get off your finger anyway? I paid good money to have that band especially fitted to your finger.”

“I know, I know! I kept messing with it and I guess that just moved it from the normal place its usually at and it slipped off. I would have told you I lost it.”


“After I found it.” I began to break into a small smile which caused Eden to chuckle, that lighthearted personality beginning to peak its way through.

“Figures. You know I’m only talking to you because you made these cookies right?” He walked further in the kitchen and grabbed for one of the cookies, immediately popping one in his mouth.

“Those are still hot, babe.”

“I realize,” he said as he spoke with remnants of the cookie still in his mouth and on his tongue. I chuckled, shaking my head some to myself and inching closer towards him, pecking his lips once slowly and then landing another peck to his lips in a quicker manner.

“Stop kissing me,” he remarked through a half-smile.

“Make me,” I taunted.

“Alright fine. I’ll let you keep doing it.” He instead put a kiss to my lips now, unable to keep on being angry. That was my husband.


(aka the best friends to lovers fic that ate my soul)

Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: If anyone has any feedback, esp on the ending, that would be great

Warnings: Swearing/It’s really long? Might not make sense as a cohesive unit? Weirdly balanced sections? Is the brainchild of a week in which I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep?

Word Count: 3,692

Your name: submit What is this?


You’re lying with your head at the foot of your bed, staring peaceably up at the glow in the dark stars you put on your ceiling when you were younger. The sound of rustling fabric comes from your phone, indicating Peter’s return on the other end of the line.

“So what’s the verdict? Is the old takeout in the back of the fridge actually too old?” you ask, lips tugging upwards into an amused smile, even though your best friend isn’t actually there to see it.

“Ugh,” Peter’s laugh comes through the speakerphone as a burst of static “Yeah definitely. I threw that shit out. I was worried it’d grow legs if I didn’t put it out of its misery”

“Wise decision, buddy. I’m pretty sure that Chow Mein was there like, a month ago, or something.”

“I’m pretty sure you’re right. Don’t know what I’m gonna do for dinner though,” He remarks, sighing. There’s a momentary lull in the conversation, but the silence is an easy one.

“You could come over and eat the old takeout from my fridge. Or even new takeout. Mum and Dad left money for dinner before they headed upstate for the weekend, so I’m feeling pizza,” you suggest idly.

“Have I ever told you you’re the best?” Peter asks gratefully, and you snicker.

“Not often enough. If I put a Dominos order in now, it should get here not long after you do. I assume you’re cool with my usual?”

“For sure. I mean, I’d probably eat anything, as long as I didn’t have to cook it myself.” He sounds sheepish and you supress a laugh, remembering a few of the highly memorable times Peter tried to cook.

“Yeah, you not cooking is probably best for like, the world at large, not to mention the sake of your kitchen and your own health.” You agree, reaching blindly over the end of your bed to pull out your laptop. “I’ll order drinks with the pizza and put on the Lord of the Rings.”

“You’re the best. I’ll see you soon”

You smile up at your ceiling, tracing nonsense patterns into your quilt cover with your fingertips. “I’ll see you soon, Peter.”

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Red - George Weasley imagine

“Hi! Maybe you could try a George imagine were the reader is blind/deaf/mute? And he’s really nervous about it and Always sats the wrong thing, bur y/n just think it’s sweet?”

I’m having such a mind block… But I was feeling so bad for not posting anything these past few days… I hope the anon who sent me this don’t get mad as I pictured George and Y/N as being kids. I needed something kinda fluffy on my life… Desperately.


“How’s ‘red’, Georgie?”

The toddler looked at the little girl with bright green eyes next to him.

“What, Y/N?”

“How ‘red’ looks like?”

“Hm, I don’t know… I’m not quite sure…” little George gazed at his friend’s static beautiful eyes “Why?”

“Sooner this morning mum said to daddy that search for your daddy was easy. As he had a red-flaming head”.

“We all, actually” he laughs “Its a Weasley thing”.

“I do know what ‘flaming’ is” she laughs, squeezing his hand with excitement.

“Do you?” George sounds genuinely curious, watching her carefully while walking at the Burrow’s garden.

“Yeah, I burned my finger once when I touched a candle” she laughs, and he laughs with her, gazing at the empty space on her mouth without a teeth.

“Y/N, do you want to hear something curious?”.

“What, Georgie?”

“Muggles believe that fairies exchange your teeth for money!”

“Really?” she widen her static eyes, truly impressed.

“What a stupid thing” he shakes his head “Dad loves muggles. But sometimes they can be so dumb. Why would a fairy give you money if she can exchange your tooth for some candy to ruin the rest of your teeth?”.

“You’re brilliant, Georgie” the six-year-old smiles and George blush “But Georgie… How ‘red’ looks like?”.

“Well, just like my hair” he laughs, but then he cover his mouth with his hand, shocked.

“Georgie?” she frowned, worried about his silence.

“I’m sorry, Y/N…” he mumbles, full of regret “I didn’t mean to…”

“To what?” she stops, turning her head to the direction from where she listened to George’s words.

“Mum said to… Well, nothing” he sighs, gazing at your static green eyes “Did you know your dress is red?”

“Really?” she’s’ truly amazed, touching the fabric with her small chubby fingers “How it looks like?”

“Well… It’s, uh, red… “ he began to regret it “And full of dots…”

“How full of dots?”

“Hm, like this…” he starts to poke her arm multiple times, but in a gentle way, making her smile and laugh.

“I feel tickles!”

George laughs, hugging her and kissing the top of her head. He blushed and for a second he feel relieved by the fact that she can’t see him, but then a feeling of guilt engulfs the little seven-year-old boy.



“Charlie went to Hogwarts too?”


“With Bill”.

“Oh, yes, he went”. he frowned, taking care for her little friend not stumble on some roots at the garden.

“When you go there with Fred.. Would you write to me?”

“How are going read it?” he said abruptly, blushing violently as he paralyzed with shame “Y/N…”

“It’s okay” she smiled, squeezing his hand “Mum can read it to me”.

“I didn’t mean to…”

“You need to write about everything, okay?”

“Okay…” an instantaneous sorrow made his eyes filled with bitter tears “Y/N…”


“How… How will us manage to do this?”

“What, Georgie?”

“For you… to go Hogwarts too” he stared her at length, analyzing any change of her expressions. The only thing that George saw was an amused smile.

“I won’t, Georgie” she shrugged, laughing “Mum and dad will teach me at home”.

“But we need to do something, this is not fair! It’s not because you’re blind… Oh, Y/N… “ he cried with regret “I don’t…”

“You’re cute, Georgie” suddenly, she froze in place moving her free hand in the air, until he clasped them together “Promise me that when you grow older you’ll teach me everything you learnt at Hogwarts”

“I do!” he swore wholeheartedly “Everything!”.

“But Georgie…”

“What, Y/N?”

“How’s ‘red’?” she asked with a laugh, hearing him sigh.

“Annoying creature” he smiled, biting his lip, nervous “I… I don’t know how to explain it to you… as you can’t… sorry”

“Can I touch your hair?”

“Uh? Oh, sure” he leaned a bit, and her chubby fingers grabbed, softly, a lock of his red and slightly dry hair.



“That was how red looks like?”

“What do you mean?”

“Thorny” she giggled, amused.

“Nice one” he was blushing, watching her touching the fabric of her dress “A different red”.

“It’s nice to have red hair?”

“Yeah, it is” he shrugged.

“I wish I could know…”


“How red looks like”.

“Why are you so obsessed about it?”.

“Because mum told me it’s your mark and your family’s. She said it’s not quite common… Seems special”.

“It is…”

“You’re a clever boy, Georgie, can’t you… can’t you tell me?” her green clouded  eyes seemed suddenly full of life, like there was something working behind the stalled iris. George felt a punch at his gut.

Biting his lip and taking a deep breath, he leaned to her, kissing her cheek gently. He was sure his face was burning red, like hers.

“Well, It’s how ‘red’… Uh, feels like…”

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ziam number 6

Hiya anon (and other anon who asked for 6 or 7)

So this is another of the first sentence prompts things.  I’m going with number 6. 

Some of the inspiration for this came from the film The Proposal but most of it is just me being me.  Hope you like it. 

All from Liam’s POV.  Its just over 3k so I’ve had to put in the Keep reading thing. Sorry but I couldn’t leave it where it was.


“Explain it to me again - why do we need to pretend to be married?”

Liam glances to the man sat next to him.   The only surprise about the question is why he left it till now, till they’re taxi-ing up the runway.  

He holds up a finger signaling for Zayn to wait.  And that’s when it dawns on him, when he sees Zayn’s smirk and its suddenly no surprise at all that Zayn left it till now, they’ve flown together on business before often enough that he’d know that this was Liam’s favourite part of flying. 

He knew he should’ve asked Andy.   Or anyone basically, just not him.

Zayn sighs dramatically but says nothing else mercifully, he lets Liam enjoy the feeling as the plane speeds up and then lifts off from the runway, and as they rise higher, he feels his ears pop and he sighs contentedly.    He doesn’t even know why he loves it so much.  Flying that is.  Perhaps it’s the novelty, the appreciation that he didn’t get to do all this when he was a kid.  And now he does it so regularly, he even has frequent flyer miles, even gets upgraded sometimes when he’s not already in business class of course.

Zayn’s loud put upon sigh interrupts his thoughts.  ‘Li, not being funny but this flight isn’t even a long one and soon we’ll be getting ready for landing and you’ll be clapping your hands like an excited seal at that point so any chance you could maybe explain to me why we need to pretend to be married?’

Liam wants to protest at the description of him being like an excited seal, but in all honesty he realises it’s very accurate and if he did protest, Zayn will probably murder him so instead he shifts in his seat a little to face him.

‘Mate, we’re not pretending we’re married, it’s just an engagement’ even to his own ears it still sounds mental.  Even though he says ‘just’ he knows its way more than ‘just’ and he’s expecting Zayn to refuse to go through with it at any time.

And yet here he is.  Still.

‘But why do we even have to pretend?’

And Liam’s been through all this before, though come to think of it, that was probably just in his head, so he rakes a hand through his hair,  fingers lingering at the top and he can almost hear his mum’s sigh and the smack of her hand to tell him to stop ‘otherwise you’ll go bald Liam’ and he explains.

‘They were dead accepting of me when I came out to them Zayn, they were and I think the girls having fellas and then Nic having children took the pressure off, but it’s been 3 birthdays now, 3 birthdays and 2 Christmases for Mum since I took someone home and this time round, she didn’t even ask, she just sounded so resigned and I wanted her to be proud of me, to fe-‘

‘You’re Head of a Division Liam’  Zayn interrupts him and he sounds gob smacked to be honest ‘Not only that, you’ve got a load of friends, you’ve won countless awards for innovation and you’re smart, and yet despite all that you’ve never stepped on anyone to make it to where you are, you’re you, surely that’s enough?’

He’s aware of opening and closing his mouth several times and no words coming out, that doesn’t happen to Liam.  He’s always had an answer for everything, able to get himself out of anything, well except this situation, but it surprises him okay?  

He didn’t know Zayn from Adam before he’d walked in the meeting room for the interview 3 years ago and yet even before he’d sat down, Liam had put the tick in the box.  

And they’d had drinks after work to celebrate deals that had been done, stuff that Zayn had designed had won awards and he’d been there to toast that success, and they’d got drunk together, them and Andy and all the team that he’d known since he walked in that building as a fresh faced and far too eager 21 year old 6 years ago, and yet they’d never actually properly talked.

On the one hand he knows that what Zayn says isn’t huge, it’s not ground-breaking, it’s actually just something throwaway to say about someone you work with but he said it with something approximating real sincerity, and the corners of his lips tilt upwards, no more smirking and the hand that briefly touched his arm as he did returns to his arm again now, albeit this time matched by a look of concern.

And he realises he hasn’t replied.  ‘They’re proud Zayn, they’re so proud, it’s just that when I said I had someone and I don’t even know why I did so yeah I’m an idiot, but when I said that I did, and that I was bringing someone, she sounded prouder than I’ve heard her, relieved and so happy and I just got carried away then and well, here we are?’  He’s blushing and he feels like an idiot ‘Listen, I’ll pay for you to get a flight straight back home and I’ll explain everything to Mum and Dad, it’ll be fine’

It won’t, he can almost see her face fall with disappointment now, and the attempts to cover it up and it won’t be because she’s mad, it’s just that she doesn’t want him to be alone, she doesn’t want him to be consumed by this job, ‘married to it’ and the thing is neither does he.

But Zayn’s shaking his head when he turns back to him, and before he can say anything else, the seatbelt sign goes on again and he realises he didn’t even take his off and the pilot announces ‘Cabin crew, take your seats for landing’ and then Zayn says it, it’s ever so faint but he says it nevertheless.

‘You never asked me why I said yes’


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Walk Home Part 1 - Requested (Ashton)

Requested by Anon (can you write one where like you move from LA to Australia and you babysit for Ashton’s mom because she’s going to pick Ashton up from the airport and Ashton like walks you home because you live right down the street and then he sees you like the next day and asks if you want to hang out with him and the guys) I kinda went off track a little so sorry about that,….ENJOY!!!

‘Hey (Y/N) does this look okay?’ You look away from the sheet you have been helping Harry with and up to Lauren who is holding up a roll of what you hope is old white wall paper. In black letter the words 'We Missed You, Finally Home’ you smile nodding. Harry has stopped working to look too.

'You spelt main finally wrong’ he tell her, looking back down to his work. You nudge his arm as she looks down panicked. 'You haven’t ’ you reassure her as you stand. 'You want help hanging it?’ You ask, she nods glaring at Harry who is paying no attention.

'Where do you wanna put it?’ You ask as you take the blue tac from her. 'Across the banister’ she tells you, you nod agreeing and she turn heading back out of the kitchen. You hang the banner and both moves back to make sure it looks straight. The banister being the idea place as it’s the first thing you see when you enter the house.

Twenty minutes later you’re sitting in the lounge with Harry and Lauren. Harry has had you playing Fifa while Lauren has been having a half-hearted conversation with you while texting someone. You heard a scratchy noise and hush the two of them. All of you identifying the sound as the car pulling up on the pebbles on the drive.

Lauren’s eyes widen as she rushed out of the room. 'Come on’ she calls when neither you or Harry follow. 'Yeah, yeah, I’m coming’ Harry grumbles, quickly turnings the PS4. 'Not gonna be playing this in a while’ he moans making you smile. 'How come you ask as he follows you out of the room.

'Ashton doesn’t play, cause he is shot at losing’ he grumbles making you smile but you vote it down. 'Your mum will kill you if she hears you swearing’ you remind him and he laughs. 'Good job you’re not mum then’ you shake your head. 'I’m gonna go get the dishes done’ you tell them. Not wanting to intrude on their reunion.

Your standing, hands in the sink when the back door next to the sink opens your eyes widen when you see Ashton. You shake your head, quickly bringing your pointy finger to your lips. 'They are waiting at the front door’ you tell him. His eyes widen as his mouth forms an 'O’ he backs out of the door, pushing Anna out with him and you laugh quietly.

Holy shit he was a lot hotter in person, you knew you would be meeting Ashton Irwin tonight but you had hoped after babysitting for his siblings you wouldn’t be overly effected. What shit you had told yourself, you were fighting the temptation to grab your phone and call your best friend from back in LA.


'Thank you so much for tonight again’ Anna speaks, her hand ducking into her bag and pulling out her purse. 'Anna I told you I didn’t want any money’ you remind her, she ignores you. 'Well why don’t you get a taxi home, it’s late, I want to know your safely back’ she offers but you shake your head laughing and notice Ashton and Lauran both smirking at their mum.

'I live ten minutes away’ you remind her and she sighs, giving you a blank look as she pulls out a £20 note. 'Well then, you paid for the pizza, that this’ she holds out her hand. 'Pizza was my treat, you can pay next time’ you laugh tucking your phone into your back pocket.

'Harry I will see you after school tomorrow’ you remind him of your tutor session and he nods. 'Yep, I’ll come straight yours’ he agrees making you smile. 'Jezz I’ve never seen him so happy about work’ Ashton jokes ruffling little brothers hair.

'What can I say, I’m just that good’ you joke, Lauren comes over giving you a quick hug 'Can you find out about Sunday?’ She asks and you nod, 'Yeah, I will call in tomorrow and check then text you’ you reassure her. 'What’s that?’ Anna asks.

’(Y/N) said she will take me to get my shoes for school’ Lauren fills her in, Anna cooing automatically 'that’s go nice (Y/N)’ causing you to laugh.

'Right I’m gonna go, see you soon’ you smile to Anna, 'Nice to finally meet you Ashton’ you give him a small nod but he shakes his head. 'I’ll walk for you, put her mind at rest’ he winks to Anna who glares slightly making for the four of the laugh before you wave again and leave through the door Ashton is holding open for you and he follows you out.

'I’ve heard a lot about you, Harry seems smitten’ Ashton speaks before you have even reached the end of the drive. You chuckles slightly, imagining Harry talking about you. 'He’s funny’ you tell him. 'Mum said his grades have really gone up since you turned up’ he continues and you nod.

'I’d like to take credit but he’s a really smart kid, a little too smart for his own good sometimes’ you add and this time it’s Ashton’s turn to laugh. 'You got that right. It’s not just Harry though, it’s Lauran too, even my mum, you seem to have really brighten the place up’ he explains bit his words confuse you slightly. They all seemed perfectly 'bright’ when you arrived.

'Lauran finds it really hard to get in with people, you’ve kinda took on like a sister role with her and its so nice to see he comfortable with someone’ he explain making you smile as you imagine the young girl you have taken the time to understand.

'And my mum…I mean, she’s so much less stressed, she used to call me worried about Harry not having me around or Lauran having no one to talk to but you’ve kinda….I dunno replaced me I guess’

'What! No, don’t be stupid, those three fucking love you to pieces Ashton, I have honestly never known a family so close. It’s really nice.’ You explain. He looks to you, you stop and turn to him, and he freezes too and stares for a second. You hold his gaze. Before a small almost appreciative smile toga his lips. 'Thanks’.

'You know my house is just down here’ you tell him as you turn the corner for your street he nods, shoving his hands in his back jacket. 'Okay, well thanks for helping out tonight’ he nods you smile 'Nit a problem, see you round’ you set off down your street towards tote house and try to shake off the warm feeling in your belly.

You’re pouring the water from the kettle into your oversized tiger mug when your phone buzzes on your back pocket.

- Hey it’s Ash, got your number from my mum, are you free tomorrow? It would be nice to get to know the girl spending so much time with my family :-) -


'How come you moved here then?’ Ashton asks, you’ve been playing twenty questions for the last fifteen minutes. And you’re almost positive you went way past twenty questions as you have been sitting in a cafe in the shopping centre.

'Honestly, I just finished college, I had a shitty short term job in a warehouse and my parents said they were gonna move here, they have always said as soon as me and my brothers were old enough they would move here. I guess it was time for them, both my brothers are older; I had a flat with a friend for a year. I wanted to apply for a few different Universities and I thought why not try Sydney, in all honestly I forgot I applied but then I got an interviewer I didn’t over skype and got an acceptance letter a month later’ you explain the whole situation. 'And I thought, what do I have to lose, so I moved with my parents, found my own place with my savings and here I am’ you finish, throwing your arms up with a smile.

He shakes his head, smiling to you like he had been all morning. 'That mad, brave, but mad’ he laughs a little. 'I kinda wish I had gone to uni, I mean o don’t regret it of course, how could I, this is my dream but I kinda wish I had experienced it’ he explain, got nod understanding.

'Okay, soooo…'you him as you rack your brain for your next question. 'I get it’ he cuts you off, you frown looking to him. His jaw line covered in stubble and his hair falling into its new place from the cut he had before flying home.

'I get why they like you so much, you just….normal’ he tells you, you feel your mouth form an 'O’ looking wide eyed. 'Wow, way to make a girl feel special’ you mutter faking offence. 'What…no, I me..’ You bust out laughing at Ashton’s panicked tone.

'You little shit’ he mutters making you laugh harder. 'That was horrible’ he adds, taking his drink in his hand 'I take it back, I don’t understand it at all’ he huffs.

'Come on…that was funny’ you wiggle your eyebrows but he only shakes his head. 'Your trouble’  

Part 2

Part 3

From Chelsea

It’s All About You - A Caspar Lee Imagine

Hello lovely humans! I found the youtube boyband song again and tbh I haven’t listened to anything other than that the last few days. But I was feeling inspired so I wrote this! It isn’t the best but I hope you guys like it! 

Originally posted by colourlessharriestwins

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OVER THE GARDEN WALL sentence starters pt 1 ;;

EPISODE 1 the old grist mill.

“ where are we ? “ 
“ we’re walking home. “ 
“ i can leave a trail of candy from my pants ! “ 
“ i think we’re lost. “ 
“ you’re gonna get us in trouble again ! “ 
“ no, we should not ask him for help. “ 
“ shoot. you think we should have asked him for help ? “ 
“ don’t you know the beast is afoot here ? “ 
“ welcome to the unknown. “ 
“ everyone has a torch to burn … “ 
“ bad plan. forget it, bad plan. “ 
*throws candy in the air*
“ am i supposed to throw something ? “ 

EPISODE 2 hard times at the huskin’ bee. 

“ wow ! i get a wish ? “ 
“ i’m not magical, i’ll just do you a good turn. “ 
“ you are a lost kid with no purpose in life, right ? “ 
“ who cares ? “ 
“ aahh ! i stepped on a pumpkin ! “ 
“ let’s re-join society. “ 
“ see anybody ? “ 
“you hear that ? “ 
“ pumpkins can’t move on their own … can they ? “ 
“ you find this place as creepy as i do, right ? “ 
“ you’re in denial, that’s fine. “ 
“ let’s leave immediately ! “ 
“ i don’t want your help ! “ 
“ you’ll join us someday. “ 

EPISODE 3 schooltown follies. 

“ nobody is singing anything anymore. “ 
“ … just a pathetic pushover who relies on others to make his/her decisions. “ 
“ see ? no will-power whatsoever. “ 
“ the world is a miserable place, ________ . life isn’t fun. “ 
“ we need to make our part to make the world a better place ! “ 
“ school ? psht. not today. “ 
“ he doesn’t have a brain, he can’t learn anything. “ 
“ i’m too busy doing what i’m told. “ 
“ oh, ________ ! why did you have to leave me so ? “ 
“ good. i’m glad you feel that way. “ 
“ play something like this ! *smashes hands on piano keys* “ 
“ deep down in your heart you’re a stubborn jerk ! “
“ when are you going to give this up ? “ 
“ maybe never. maybe i’ll never give this up. “ 
“ i think he’s asleep … let’s go steal his stuff. “ 

EPISODE 4 songs of the dark lantern.

“ you know how to make eggs from a duck ? i’m hungry. “ 
“ let’s go to this creepy tavern and ask for some directions. “ 
“ you’ll die one day and i will laugh. LAUGH. “
“ are you wearing lipstick ? “ 
“ what kind of person talks to a horse ? “ 
“ hey, lover ! sing us your love song ! “ 
“ we’re related ‘case my mum re-married and then gave birth to him with my step-dad. “ 
“ you don’t need directions, you follow that compass in your heart. “ 
“ er … no, i think we need directions. “ 
“ that’s all well and good but you were supposed to get directions. “ 
“ nice to horse your acquaintance. “ 

EPISODE 5 mad love.

“ why are you pretending i’m your nephew/niece ? “
“ we need money. “
“ we already stole a horse. “
“ i wanna steal. “ 
“ you are bonkers. “ 
“ it’s too big, get a grip. “ 
“ i fell in love with a ghost. “ 
“ let’s try not to break any more - *breaks something* AGH ! “
“ ghosts are just floaty things. “
“ it’s stuck. well, guess we’ll have to spend some quality time together. “ 
“ how about you tell me your dark secrets instead ? “ 
“ i secretly whisper poetry to myself in my room at night. “ 
“ should i not know that kind of stuff ? “ 
“ do you know what this filthy hands did for that money ? “ 
“ i’ll never steal again ! i’ll get an honest job ! “ 

anonymous asked:

It disturbs me that Louis KNOWS how much people have been hurt by this stunt (the Larries, let's say -- their biggest champions for their freedom), and how painful it will be for the antis, particularly the Freddies, when this inevitably ends. It's so unlike all we know of him to participate in inflicting pain. Doing the minimum is one thing, actively deceiving is another. When it appeared to be the work of his shitty team we said "what would you expect." Him participating now is hard to see.

I know that you’re upset, and I don’t want to invalidate your feelings, but the “I cannot believe that Louis is doing this to me/us/them” attitude is one that will probably continue to make you very angry and is one that he doesn’t deserve. 

Louis isn’t some Regina George character who’s set out to personally victimise as many people as possible. I’ve spoken in depth about the way in which it is possible to be emotionally (and in my case physically) abused by your boss. Simon Cowell fits the profile for this kind of emotionally manipulative and abusive person given the extensive research I have done on him. As I said before, I asked myself if I was just projecting my own experience onto this situation but after reading more about Simon I can honestly say that he is much worse than the man who hit me in the face in my own office. It really doesn’t take a lot of digging to figure this out.

There is absolutely no way for us to know the degree of emotional abuse any of these boys have gone through. I realised that my own boss was a psychopath when he was basically training me to be his mini me and told me how it was that he got people to do what he wanted them to do. In order to control people you have to know what drives people. Louis was put in the leadership position of this band and he was clearly someone driven by providing for his mum and family given that even at 18 he was sending home half of his X Factor paycheques to help them. 

If you were trying to get 18 year-old Louis to do something you would paint a picture of how much easier and better his family’s lives could be if he were to become rich and famous. If you were trying to hurt 24 year-old Louis you would probably threaten to expose information about his family, threaten his wealth and means of providing for them, and you would also probably try and paint him in a light that compares him to the one person he would never want to be compared to - his biological father. Which is heartbreaking, because that’s exactly what is happening in regards to his public image.  

Personally I am driven by freedom to do whatever I want and when I said that it was harder for me than I’d like to admit to walk away from the man who had not only emotionally beaten me down to the point where I thought everything he was ever mad about was my fault, but also beat me to the point where I had to file a police report, I wasn’t kidding. Before I filed that report my boss told me how much I would be letting the people who worked for me down if I left and that he would leave so that I could run the office myself (he was the CEO we had a lot of offices) and it was the realisation that no matter what I did within that company I would never really be free from him. That is what made me walk away and refuse a pretty sizeable bribe not to leave. I was also 24…but I didn’t have anyone else relying on me besides the people in the office who weren’t my friends or family and none of whom came to the police station with me as witnesses (of which there were 30). I don’t blame them because I wasn’t the only one being manipulated by my boss. He was somehow able to convince the woman standing next to me when it happened to agree that I had provoked him, because people like this are very charismatic and manipulative. To the point where my initial reaction to being hit in the face was, “Oh my God how am I going to apologise for making him so mad?”

I cannot honestly say that as a 24 year-old I would be able to stand up to someone like Simon Cowell if he were threatening everyone I love in my life. I don’t know if that’s definitely the case, but if I were to bet on what it is that keeps Louis involved but looking like he’d rather put a campfire out with his face than be anywhere near these stunts, I would put money on the fact that Simon has something that he is threatening Louis with. 

People like Simon Cowell and my boss get away with things because they have money. An entire corporation turned their back on me, the police told me that they couldn’t arrest him because what he’d done was considered “harassment” and it took talking to two lawyers before anyone told me what had happened was actually in some way punishable by law. I really hope that mystery man Louis was spotted with is a lawyer because Lord knows he needs all the help he can get to get away from this mess. 

What he does not need is people asking him how he could do this to anyone. 

Reunited - Matt Espinosa Imagine.

Let’s just imagine magcon still exists at this time, well ‘old magcon’

*3 years ago*

“so you’re actually moving then?” I look at my best friend Matt who is moving from Virginia to California because his dad got a better job offer “Yeah, but if it helps we’re coming back in the summer, and I don’t leave until Saturday”.

Okay so how the hell and I suppose to cope, I have a crush on this boy, yeah clichéd “best friend leave, other has crush blah” but mine and Matt’s friendship is different. I can talk to him like he is a girl, about crushes, even down to my period.

*few days later*

It’s Sunday, Matt is gone and he never even said goodbye, I tried calling him but nothing. I don’t get it, his mom came and said goodbye to me and when I asked where Matt was and why he hasn’t said goodbye to me she just said “well, we’ll see you in the summer” and then they were gone. 

I never saw them that summer I was up to my eyeballs in college applications and when I texted Matt he never answered but he was updating his Twitter like mad and when I mentioned him in a tweet I don’t think he looked at it.

*present time*

Since Matt left I have found he just erased me out of his like, he un-followed me from Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. I tried face timing him but he just ignores it all the time and he even had the nerve to put on his Twitter “anyone want to ft, send me numbers :p” I cried and cried.

But now I was sat at my friend’s house and she came running into her bedroom holding her laptop and when she opened the screen it was on a website about MagCon, I was scrolling through who was going to be there and suddenly stopped and turned to my best friend “Y/F/N why are you showing me this?”.

“Well they’re in Cali, and my mum booked the tickets for the show and plane we leave tomorrow. Also your mum knows and she agreed to let you go” I squeaked and my phone started to ring.

I looked down and saw my mum left a missed call and sent me a message. 'Come home, you need to pack’. “Y/F/N my mum said I need to come home to pack but I will see you tomorrow’, I gave her a hug and left.

When I arrived home my passport, plane ticket and a white envelope on the kitchen counter.

"Mum, what’s in the envelope?” I shouted to wait for a response.

“Some money cause you are going for a few days, me and your father chipped in” she gave me a hug and I walked upstairs and pulled my suitcase out from my closet.

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On The Horizon - Part 1

Hey everyone! So this is my new multi chapter fic. Thanks you guys so much for reading! You all are so amazing and I love all of you. 

Rae and Izzy run Izzy’s mum’s book shop, Lancaster Books and Finn and Chop want to buy the property to build a development. Lots of drama, but I promise there will be a happy ending :D

Part 1:

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I have a prompt for you if you're interested: Based on today's "get out of my life," Aaron wakes up tomorrow knowing he messed up, that he shouldn't have lashed out. So he goes to Vic's to talk to Robert, only to find Robert's taken his words to heart, and he's gone. (I know it's mean, but I need to see Aaron really regret what he's done, and the only way I can see that happening is if he doesn't get the chance to rectify his mistake)

First of all thank you for thinking of me to write something! I wrote this super quickly as I got ready for work so I apologise if it’s rubbish. If anyone likes it I might pop it on my AO3, otherwise here you go 😘

Aaron opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling. He’d barely slept; tossing and turning all night until eventually giving up and accepting that he wasn’t sleeping. He got up slowly and sat on the edge of the bed; gripping the sheets and staring at the floor.
“Get out of my house and get out of my life.”
The words made him wince. The ball of anger in his chest replaced by guilt, shame, regret. He rubbed his face and reached for his phone. He scrolled down the contacts until he landed on Robert’s name; his thumb over the name for a few moments before he changed his mind. He couldn’t do it over the phone. He had to face him. He climbed from the bed and pulled his clothes on, already going over what he would say,
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. I don’t want you gone I was just angry. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. I was stressed, I was scared. I can’t do this without you. I can’t lose you. I love you.”
He pulled his hoodie on and headed downstairs.
He stopped at Charity’s voice,
She looked sheepishly at him,
“About yesterday…I didn’t mean-”
He held a hand up,
“It’s fine. I’m gonna sort it.”
She nodded,
“Okay then.”
Aaron zipped his hoodie up and headed out; walking quickly to Vic’s, his mind already running through what would happen. Robert would be mad; he expected that. He expected yelling, he expected sadness, confusion, tears. He knew he could make it stop, explain himself, make Robert see that he was wrong. That he didn’t mean it, that he loved him. He walked up to the door, clearing his throat and preparing himself for what was to come. He lifted his hand and knocked.

He was met with silence and he knocked again before pressing the doorbell. He huffed in annoyance; he must have gone to work early. He pulled his phone out and dialled his number, kicking himself for not just calling him the night before. The phone rang out. He frowned and dialled again; the phone rang out once more and Aaron groaned in frustration. Hanging up, he shoved the phone in his pocket and headed to the cafe. He’d get him a coffee and go up to the yard. Call it a peace offering. He could almost see the smile on Robert’s face, the idea of hugging him playing in his mind as he walked into the cafe. He looked over and saw Victoria on the sofa, Adam stroking her back as she wiped her eyes,
“Hey. You guys seen Robert anywhere?”
Vic looked up at him; her eyes red and suddenly filled with anger,
She jumped up and pushed him hard,
“What are you doing?”
She pulled her arm free from Adam’s sudden grip and pushed Aaron again,
“Vic. Stop!”
“Guys. Take it outside.”
Aaron looked over at Brenda quickly then back at Victoria,
She stormed past them and out of the door; Aaron looked at Adam in confusion and he sighed,
“He’s gone mate. Left last night.”
Aaron felt his heart drop; he opened his mouth then closed it again, unable to say anything. Adam rubbed his arm and followed Victoria out. Aaron clenched his hand into a fist and looked around at everyone watching him,
He stormed out of the cafe and froze for a moment before heading back to the pub.

He could hear Chas and Liv laughing about something and he paused; resting his head against the wood of the door before taking a breath and walking in.
He nodded and Chas glanced at Liv,
“Go on you, bus.”
Liv huffed and grabbed her stuff as she walked out; stopping to look at Aaron,
“You okay?”
She looked at Chas and sighed before leaving them alone. Chas waited a moment then walked over to Aaron,
“Love? You okay?”
Aaron shook his head,
Chas touched his arm,
“What’s happened?”
He met her eye, immediately regretting it as it was all it took to fall apart,
“I ruined it. My big mouth…why didn’t I just let him talk? I just…I ruined everything.”
Chas frowned,
He gasped slightly,
“I’ve lost him.”
Chas pulled him into a hug as he sobbed,
“It’s okay. It’s okay.”
He pushed her back,
“It’s not okay. I didn’t…I didn’t mean it when I said it I was just angry but he’s gone.”
He wiped his eyes angrily,
“He’s gone and it’s my fault.”
Chas took his arms,
“Aaron. I need more explanation here.”
Aaron took a breath,
“I heard him and Charity last night. Talking about this money…I lashed out and I told him to get out. I dumped him and-”
He sniffed; taking another shaky breath,
“He left last night. I don’t even…I don’t know where he is. Vic hates me. He won’t answer his phone…mum what have I done? I can’t-I can’t do this without him. I can’t…I need him here. I need him with me. Mum..”
Chas clicked her tongue and pulled him into another hug,
“I love him. I love him and I did that. I lost him.”
He buried his face in Chas’s shoulder and gave in to the waves of tears.