my mum told me i was a terrible person for laughing so hard

“Have some empathy“

(A/N): Hello party people. I apologise in advance, my mood has been demolished during the progress of proofreading this  x 

Words: 2,245

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You aren‘t very fond of kids to begin with, but being the friendly person, that you are, you agreed to take care of your neighbour‘s son. Within the first ten minutes of babysitting the little obnoxious boy, you quickly start to regret that decision. The preschooler is making your attempt at being a good neighbour harder than you‘ve imagined. He‘s really talkative, especially when it comes to asking questions including ‘how‘ or ‘why‘. His imagination is evenly extremely active, judging by how he naturally told you about his imaginary friend. He‘s fully capable of fulfilling most of his needs, but chooses not to because he prefers to boss you around in a quiet disrespectful tone. The kid seems to be very spoiled by his parents and used to get everything he wants, which in your opinion sounds like terrible way to raise a child. Going after their wishes every now and then is totally acceptable, but acting like their personal assistant is not. They need to start learning their boundaries within their first years.

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Two Steps - Part 9

Hey everyone! Here’s part 9. I hope you guys have a great weekend. Planning on posting the next part pretty soon. Usually in this fic, the past part comes before the present, but I switched it this time. If you recall, the last part of the present ended with Rae and Finn hanging out with Finn’s dad, Gary, out of town. 

Part 9:

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prompt: have you ever thought of a sprace fake dating au??

It occurred to me after I wrote this that it’s not what either of you had in mind but this is what I came up with so thought I’d share it anyway

Spot had no idea why he’d agreed to this. Well actually he knew exactly why he’d agreed – because Race had asked (and then persuaded by other means when simple words proved ineffective) – but that didn’t mean Spot had to be happy about it. Prom was supposed to be this big rite of passage thing and even though he’d told everyone he was only begrudgingly going because everyone else was and they’d spent days trying to talk him into it so he’d agreed just to shut them up, he actually did want to go. He wanted to spike the punch and dance inappropriately with Race to annoy the chaperones. He wanted to sneak out of the gym into the main school building so he could kiss Race in the middle of the empty classroom where they’d been called fags, just to prove a point. What he didn’t want was to be sat in Race’s garden, watching his boyfriend kiss someone else.

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Word count: 13.8k

Summary: based off this song. You were red and you liked me because I was blue.’ Dan is an artist who sees people as colours and Phil needs money.

Warnings: mentions of depression and antidepressives

AN: Thank you to the fabulous emejig16 for editing this and sorting out my shit. I love this song so have been working on this for a while so i hope it’s good

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Must be willing to be drawn nude. Any gender or physique but must be interesting. Must be 20-30 years old. Will pay £50 per session or hours. Discuss in person. Model must be available after 8pm. Preferable long term commitment.

Contact number: 07913362736

Dan Howell

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Everything Will Be Okay

Summary: Dan and Phil have a bond that allows them to feel things the other feels. So when Dan starts to get abused, Phil can feel every punch and scratch. He worries about the boy with the brown eyes that he’s only ever seen in his dreams; the boy that was made for him, that the universe had created just for him to be his perfect match, his soulmate.

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut, Soulmate AU

Word Count: 7929

Warnings: Homophobia, Physical Abuse (nothing too explicit), Hospitals (there’s a scene set in a hospital)

Author’s Note: The first part of this fic took literal ages for me to write because I’d never written a fic as massive as this before, not just in word count but also the idea and concept behind it were hard to fully grasp and form. But once the first part was finished, the second part basically wrote itself. Shoutout, as always, to @chocolatesaucelester for encouraging me to write this! Also please note that in this universe, Phil was born on January 30, 1998 and Dan was born on June 11, 2000. So their ages are different in this fic than what they would be irl.

Read Part 1 Here!

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Love is Blind

a/n: what?? what do you mean i haven’t posted a fic in a month?? that’s wild™

Summary: It’s not often that Dan Howell stumbles across a crying man in the middle of the city and actually feels compelled to lend a hand. He quickly learns that he shouldn’t always turn a blind eye to such situations, as in some instances he gets more than what he’s bargained for (in the best of ways). 

Words: 4,289

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Home, Chapter 7

AUTHOR: Losille2000
GENRE: Romance/Drama
FIC SUMMARY: Tom returns home grouchy and exhausted from a cramped flight after four months on the road for work. Unfortunately, there’s already someone sleeping in his bed.
RATING: M (sex, language)
AUTHORS NOTES: I am late, late, late as always. I am profusely sorry for the wait. But the hiatus I took was good so I could focus on some personal things. I hope, above all hopes, to have another new chapter up soon now that life is returning to a new normal. Thank you for sticking around, even with all the craziness that has become this fandom of late.

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Maybe - Michael Clifford Smut

Summary: Michael and you are childhood friends who grew apart but that doesn’t mean that you forgot about each other.

Word count: 4K

“What are you doing here?” Michael asked with his eyebrows risen, looking me up and down before unpausing his video game and concentrating on the screen in front of him again.

“It’s not by choice. I’m grounded and mum was coming over to see your mum and she thought I’d sneak out, so here I am.”

Michael snickered as I sat down next to him on his bed.

“It’s not funny. I should be at a party but instead I get to spend my Friday night with you and your video games!”

I pushed his shoulder, making his concentration on his game waver momentarily. His eyebrows furrowed together as he tried to concentrate on his game once again.

“You should feel lucky that you’re even in my room you dick!” He quipped.

I scoffed as I stood up wandering around his room. It’s not changed too much in the past few years. I use to be in here all the time, our mum’s were pretty close so most of our time was spent together as kids but once we reached puberty we kind of drifted apart. I started to rebel against my mum, doing anything and everything that I shouldn’t be doing and Michael didn’t. He kept to himself, still playing his video games and stuff but we didn’t mix in the same circles really. Meaning that now I only see him once in a blue moon when our mum’s somehow drag us along to meet each other.

“You have so much shit in your room Mikey” I ran my finger along the wall which was littered with band posters. Michael didn’t even respond, he just kept his eyes on the screen. His tall body hunched over with his grey hoodie and sweats on. His hood was up and his bright red hair poked out the front of it, framing his porcelain white face. His lips matched his hair now, his lips were always so red looking, like they’ve been bitten. He had his headset on too, talking to whoever he was playing with about their strategy. I wandered over to the top of his drawers, seeing a few old pictures in their frames, smiling when I saw a big family one that I was in too. I spotted a ceramic dish next to his bed with some money in it and a few condoms too. I grabbed one out the bowl and walked back over to him blocking his view of the TV.

“Now what does precious Mikey need condoms for, hmm?” I waved the packet in front of his face, trying to taunt him but he just tried to look around me.

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Companions react to Sole suddenly having to wear big dorky glasses.

Thanks for the ask! As someone who is supposed to wear glasses but keeps em off as often as possible this is an entertaining one for me ;) Here ya go anon! Hope you enjoy it!

( I stuck to the companions for this one. Because I’m not sure to which extent there’s interest in the others? If any non-companions should be added, feel free to ask! )

Sole had been cursing under their breath every time they misaimed at a monster. They’d brushed any comment off as ‘just having an off day’, but when an off day turned into an off week they decided they had to get their eyes checked out. The verdict: astigmatism. The punishment; big dorky glasses. Sole hated it already. They kept them hidden for a day, but eventually decided they needed them to stay alive and put them on, right before their companion turned around to see them. “Whatcha think?” Sole asked with a hopeful look in their seemingly magnified eyes.

Curie was surprised but delighted. “Tu es très distinguée.” Sole frowned as they tried to figure out what that meant. “Did you just call me a dork or something?” Curie smiled. “I said you look very elegant and smart.” Sole smiled. They’d presume it was a quip if it hadn’t been gentle Curie saying it. “Thanks Curie.” At least that was one person who considered these an improvement. “I zhink it will help. With zhe aiming.”


Cait started laughing out loud. She waved her hand and closed her eyes for a second, as a means to stop laughing, but it only lasted that long.” I think a look like a twat.” She managed to bring out. “Wow… thanks Cait.” “Well ya asked my opinion. If ya wanted me to lie ya shoulda told me. But now ya won’t be completely useless anymore when shootin’. That’s a good start.” 

Piper looked at Sole as if she’d just found out that Dogmeat had gotten puppies. “You are so cute!” She said with a massive smile on her face. Sole rolled their eyes “Cause every gun-wielding vigilante wants to look ‘cute’.” Piper just came a bit closer and inspected them.  “Well you do look cute, Blue.” Her smile proved to be highly infectious. “ Adorable-cute or cute-cute.” Piper tilted her head “Don’t push it, Blue.”

His dark eyes widened as he noticed Sole’s new look. He turned his head a bit, as if he was measuring them up. “Not the most flattering look but hey if it does the trick, not bad.” Sole sighed. “So you’re letting me down easy?” Hancock grinned ‘Nothing shocks me. Besides, next to me you’ll always look like beautiful, beautiful.” Hancock decides to start wearing glasses too, just to be supportive of Sole. He figures that if anyone can make it a trend, it’d be him. And he ends up being right, with goodneigbor’s citizens wearing them as a fashion statement.

Codsworth was always the go-to person if Sole was in dire need of an ego boost. “Wow! You look great, mum/sir. That look surely suits you!” Sole knew better than to take this as the one and only truth. “You don’t need to spare my feelings Codsworth. I want you opinion.” “ I am appaled by the thought you would presume I would lie to you! I won’t deny that you look fantastic without them but they make you look even more intelligent. These glasses will have you shooting the bullseye every time!”

Nick Valentine:

Nick couldn’t care less about Sole’s personal style and accessories. “ Don’t you think it’s more important that you can shoot decently again? You sure as hell look better with those glasses than half dead because you couldn’t hit the mark.” He tossed a gun at Sole. “Here, in case your good looks fail you.” He turned around and left Sole feeling a little bit ashamed for being so vain. “For what it’s worth, if you’re a knockout like you are, it’s hard to make you look bad. Even with those.”

MacCready and Preston:

Sole could always count on these boys to give ‘em their brutally honest opinion. “Terrible.” MacCready shook his head with a small smile, while Preston straight-out bursted out laughing. “Look at you!” When seeing Sole’s dissapointed look Preston composed himself. “*ahum* Sorry general. It’s really not that bad, just takes some getting used to, I’m sure.” MacCready looked at him with a look of disbelief. “He’s just trying to spare your feelings. But at least now you’ll be capable of being half as good a shot as me again. Which makes you one of the best shots in the commonwealth again.”

X6 had travelled with Sole long enough to know this wasn’t a question about the hightened efficiency these glasses would offer Sole. And that not all answers were equally desirable. “Did you hear that?” “Don’t try to distract me X6 ,I asked you a question. As the future leader of the institute, I command you to answer.” X6 sighed. “I take my orders directly from Father until further notice. But these will ensure that you no longer accidentally shoot me in the leg.” Sole mumbled ‘I told you I was sorry about that.”

Naturally, he has to try them on. He steals them off of Sole and starts to squint. “This is a terrible disguise. You do realise you’re supposed to be able to spy on people when sneaking up on ‘em right? How do you see through these?” Sole was holding back laughter as a result of the funny faces he made. “Well only one of us wears these as a disguise.” Deacon handed them back to Sole. “Aah, I see. Got it? See?”

Danse barely reacts to the new glasses, focussing on their efficiency rather than their beauty. He had encouraged Sole to go get their eyes checked out, even. “Ah, I see you’ve finally gotten a solution for your damaged eye sight. Good call, soldier. Our eyes are what keep us alive in the field.” Sole sighed, hoping for an actual opinion. “What about the ehm esthetics. Does it look okay?” “ I don’t understand what you mean. If you are asking me if you still look attractive. that’s barely of any importance in battle. But yes, you still look attractive.”

“Good! Better eyes makes human help Strong find milk faster!”

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Dogmeat examined his master, noticing something was different. He sniffed around for a second and wagged his tail. Nope, still his master. No problems there.

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Who's That Boy? - Part 2!

Summary: Dan Howell is the shy, loser kid who nobody notices unless they’re picking on him. Nobody cares about him until they find out that he’s dating a mystery older boy on a motorbike, named Phil Lester. 

Genre: AU, Fluff

Word Count: 2,525

Warnings: Phil swears but that’s about it

Part 1 of Who’s That Boy

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Summary: Punk looking Phil Lester moves to town and attends a school full of cliques. He doesn’t see his life going anywhere until he somehow manages to befriend the mute kid in school. Now he’s beginning to learn that life can take you anywhere, and is full of friends in unlikely places. But in the wake of a tragedy, Phil must learn to understand not just words, but actions. Because sometimes, the loudest cry for help can be soundless.

Warnings: Idk nothing major

Word Count: 2,028

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Oh, look. It’s another post of Soundless :D Honestly, if it weren’t for all of you telling me and reblogging my Soundless posts, I probably wouldn’t have come back to it. Let me know if you like this chapter and want more. I’ve mostly been working on my other fic, Loving Can Hurt, so check that out if you like! It’s going to have PLENTY of fluff!

Chapter 5

Phil Lester skipped school for two days. He told his mum he was sick and not feeling up to it, which, was believable enough, considering Phil very rarely skipped school. He didn’t like going by any means, but he saw no point in skipping. 

He was still trying to process this past weekend’s events, and so far, he wasn’t doing a very good job. Dan’s secret was eating him alive. There were times Phil didn’t think he could keep it. He burned the evidence of what Dan had said, but his heart and mind knew the truth. Dan was protecting someone. Someone Phil might know, or so Phil concluded. 

By Wednesday, Phil decided to stop being a wimp and go back to school. He didn’t want to deal with Luke and Scott. Dan wasn’t so bad since he didn’t talk, but he could still show emotion and even write what he was thinking. Dan was easier to avoid. The other two, not so much. 

At breakfast, Phil’s mum made him a bowl of cereal and sat down across from Phil. She looked him over before saying, “Dan is that mute boy, isn’t he?”

Phil stopped mid-chew. “Yeah,” he said with his mouth full. He swallowed hard. “Why do you ask?”

“I remember you saying someone you talked to on your first day didn’t talk, but I had forgotten his name. Then he was over twice this week, and I only ever heard words from your mouth. Not once did I hear his voice.”

Oh, God. Just what did his mum hear? Phil hoped it was nothing important or major. He didn’t want to have to explain it away. “Yeah, Dan is the mute guy. He’s not shy,” Phil added in, remembering what his mum thought the other day. 

She nodded in understanding. “I’m glad you’re treating him like you would any other friend.”

Phil rolled his eyes. “Mum, I’m not in the mood to get all sappy. Please, stop.”

She put up her hands in surrender. “I was only saying. Hurry up or be late. Again.” She let all conversation of Dan fly out the window, and for that, Phil was thankful. 

He shoveled the rest of the cereal in his mouth and threw the bowl in the sink before racing out the door and down the street. He already missed two days. he might as well not be late on the third.


Phil ended up being late. It’s not that he didn’t make it into the school building on time, because he did, but it was what was happening in the back bathroom that made him late.

“Stop hanging around Phil,” Scott’s voice seethed through the walls. “I don’t care if you want him to be your friend. You need to leave him the hell alone!”

Who is he talking to? Phil wondered. Based off the lack of response, it had to have been Dan. Phil only hung around two people, which were Luke and Dan. And Luke talked. Dan did not. 

“I mean it. We can be friends. We were once before, we could do it again.” Scott didn’t sound too sure about that. “If I see Phil Lester hanging around you one more time other than English class, there will be hell to pay. Understood?” 

Phil wanted to laugh. Why does Scott get to control everything here? What was his problem with Dan? Something happened on that night years ago. Phil just couldn’t figure out what. They quit being close friends for a reason, and Phil had suspected it had to do with what Dan said about protecting his friend. Was he talking about Scott? 

As much as Phil wanted to charge in the bathroom and demand answers, he didn’t. Whatever was going on between Scott and Dan now was none of his concern. Even if he did care about Dan’s feelings a little. He had to let Dan stand up for himself. At some point, he was going to have to. And Phil had no doubt that he would snap sometime soon. Dan could take care of himself. 

Phil heard the two boys shuffle closer to the door, so he jumped around the corner and pressed his body against the wall. Hopefully neither of them spotted him, as he didn’t want to deal with Scott’s bull shit and Dan’s quizzical looks. Once he was sure they were gone, he peered around the corner to find an empty hallway. He needed to get to his first lesson. So that’s exactly what he did.


Up until English, the only thing on Phil’s mind was the conversation he overheard that morning in the bathroom. Why didn’t Scott want Dan to be friends with Phil? It’s not like Phil had done anything terrible to either of them. Maybe Scott was jealous. If he couldn’t be friends with Dan, then no one could. But that didn’t seem rational. They hadn’t been friends in years from the sound of it.

“Look who decided to come back to school,” Scott’s voice rang out as Phil entered the English room. Phil rolled his eyes. “To chicken to come back and see me?” 

Ah, so he’s referring to the incident in the woods. “No. I’ve been sick.” Which was a huge lie. He didn’t go to school for two days so he had time to process what Dan had told him this past weekend. He needed time to think only about that and nothing else. 

“I find that hard to believe,” Scott snorted. 

“Well, as it turns out, standing in the cold rain covered in mud in the middle of the woods isn’t exactly good for your health,” Phil said. It could be believable enough to someone stupid. So yeah, Scott would believe it. 

Scott smirked. “Well, maybe next time you shouldn’t hang out in the rain.”

“Same goes for you,” Phil fired back.

“And what would happen if I did? Hmm?” Scott challenged. 

Phil was seconds away from going off on Scott when an arm clamped down on his shoulder. Phil’s eyes locked with Dan’s. He was shaking his head ever so slightly at Phil. This is what he wants, Dan seemed to say. Though Phil wouldn’t actually know. But he backed off anyway, letting Scott win this round. He was being the bigger person, he supposed. Something his mum always wanted him to be.

Scott grinned evilly, knowing he had won. “If all it takes it Dan to shut you up, maybe he should hang around you more often.”

“Except you already told him not to,” Phil spat, not thinking about his words before saying them. 

Scott’s grin immediately vanished, his face flooding with pure anger. “And how would you know what I said to him?” Scott looked over at Dan. 

“Because I heard you this morning,” Phil said, trying his best to drag Dan out of Scott’s path. Dan hadn’t said anything. Phil heard it all that morning.

Scott leaned over the back of his chair, coming dangerously close to Phil’s face. “Eavesdrop on me again, and I will make sure you never hear another word in your life,” Scott threatened lowly.

At that, Dan shot up in his desk, his face full of … fear? Phil wasn’t sure. He was too busy processing Scott’s threat to pay attention.

“You three!” the teacher called from the front of the room. “Is there a problem I need to address?” 

Dan and Phil stayed silent, and thankfully, Scott was the one who answered. “No, ma’am. Just a bit of miscommunication. All is well now. Sorry for the interruption.”

How did he do that? One minute he’s cocky and so sure of himself, then he’s angered, and then he’s polite and apologetic. He had some serious issues that needed working on.

The teacher went back to talking, and Dan, Phil, and Scott all sat in a staring match. Finally, Scott turned back in his seat. 

Luke looked over his shoulder at Phil, who looked away, not wanting to dwell on it. Phil could feel Dan’s eyes on him for the rest of the lesson, and refused to look at him until lunch. 

This day could only get worse from here. 


Dan spent the whole lunch period trying to communicate with Phil. Sure, Phil was being a huge douche bag to Dan–someone who couldn’t talk. But he didn’t want to talk about it. Dan had tried giving Phil notes, which Phil would reply by crumpling up the paper before even reading it. Then Dan tried using his small white board, which Phil refused to have any part of. Dan also tried giving notes to Luke to say aloud to Phil, but Luke had refused since he didn’t want to “get in the middle of their drama.” 

By the end of the day, Phil was tired. All he wanted to do was go home and lock himself in his room as he usually did, but he didn’t even make it off the school campus before Dan had miraculously stepped in front of his path. 

“Seriously, Dan? I just want to go home.” 

Dan held up his white board, already prepared for Phil’s sentence. 

Not until you listen to me, the board read.

“I don’t want to listen to you,” Phil huffed. “In case you didn’t get the memo at lunch.”

Dan glared. He erased his previous message and wrote, This is a matter of life and death.

Doubtful,” Phil said. “Look, I’ll talk to you about this tomorrow or something. I Really just want to go home.”

Dan ignored Phil’s request, and kept on writing. Scott is serious.

Phil laughed. “Serious about what?” 

Making sure you never hear again. 

Phil rolled his eyes. “Dan, I’m sure it was just some empty threat in attempts to scare me. Well, it didn’t work. I’m not scared of Scott and his bullshit.” Phil went to push past Dan, but Dan nearly knocked him to the ground. “Dan, what the–”

Phil’s sentence was cut short when he saw what Dan had written on his board. He only caught the glimpse of it before going back to read the whole thing. 

I know he’s serious because he threatened me the same way, only with my voice. 

Phil thought his heart stopped. Scott was the reason why Dan didn’t talk? “What are you saying?” Phil whispered. Surely it wasn’t true. How could it be?

Dan wrote so quickly, Phil could barely make out the words. He told me he would make sure I never spoke again if I told anyone what happened. 

“I thought you didn’t tell anyone what happened. That’s why you were quiet?” Phil was lost. Dan had just told him the reason he didn’t speak was because he was afraid of slipping up and telling on his friend. He was trying to protect him.

That’s partially true, Dan wrote.

“Then what is the truth, Dan? I’m so tired of this. Please, either tell me now, or never tell me at all. Because frankly, I don’t know how much longer I can deal with all of this.” Phil hated drama with a passion. And to have all of this going on two weeks living in his new town …well, it wasn’t good. His parents claimed they weren’t moving again, so that meant he would have to stay in this town for a long time. And that was a long time to go with so much drama. 

After a few long minutes of silence, Dan revealed the new writing on his board. I don’t talk because Scott already punished me once for speaking. A warning, he would say. Next time I talk, it’s my tongue.

You don’t actually believe that, do you?” Phil sounded incredulous. Scott wouldn’t cut out Dan’s tongue. There’s no way. Scott was a bit of a psycho, Phil would say, but not that kind of psycho. 

I do. 


As Dan wrote, Phil swore time stood still. It wasn’t until Dan revealed his next set of words that Phil believed time had actually stopped, and he had died. 

Because his warning is written all over my back. 

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HI! Could you make one of the bidders being jealous over Mc and her brother? ( They think that her brother is an affair or something like that) thank you!

I can i can!! here goes!! 

Eisuke: Who did you think you were making Eisuke wait? He paged you over 15 minutes ago, at first he was worried but Ota had said you were in the lobby talking, to another man. So now he was downright angry and slightly jealous, but he wouldn’t say that part out loud. He stood and straightened out his suit jacket, fastening the button as he marched his way over to the elevator to confront you and show this other guy just WHO you belonged to. He arrived in the lobby and sought you out in the crowd, there you were, bold as brass chatting to a tall guy with golden hair and quite a chiseled chin, if he wassnt so pissed off he would admire how good looking this guy was. He made his way over to you and you saw him. “Eisuke!” You said with a smile “I want..” You were stopped by him grabbing you and lifting you from the ground and kissing you passionately, he could feel you go limp in his arms and smiled into the kiss, slowly placing you back on the ground. It took you a minute to get your breath back. “errmm..” You stuttered. “Sorry about that Beau.” You said to the guy, after a kiss like that and your attention was still on blondie? “Beau? who names their son after a duke boy?” Eisuke scoffs in his usual cocky manner. “Mine” You pipe up looking at him astonished for being so rude. “Eisuke this is my BROTHER Beau.” You say and his cheeks flare up. “Oh, right, hi.” He holds his hand out.# and Beau shakes it. “Sorry about that, i am quite protective of your sister.” He apologizes. “Its fine, Eisuke? was it?” He nods and places an arm around you as  silent apology. “Its nice to see my sister is looked after.” He says smiling. “How about we go to the penthouse for a drink, Beau?” “Sure thing, Bro.” Beau says laughing. “I loved dukes of hazard as a kid.” You hear Eisuke say making you laugh. 

True story, my older brother Beau was named after Beau Duke.

 Soryu: You were having a nice day at the beach together, Soryu had managed to keep you away from the other guys pervy stares for most of the day asnd he was quite proud of himself, but he couldn’t hide you forever and now you were engrossed in a very competitive game of volleyball with the others and you happened to be teamed up with Ota and Baba. He did like this scantily clad jumping, Then it happened, Your face lit up like when he comes home from an extra long mission and you started to run to him, He smiled, he knew where your loyalties lied, with him. He held his arms out to catch you as you neard and then you ran… straight.past.him? What? Ota laughed so hard he almost fell over. He turned and saw you jump into the arms of another guy, so hard the guy almost lost his balance and fell over as he wrapped his arms around you. Soryu saw red, steam almost coming from his ears.The others had gathered now, Soryu’s hands white after being balled into fists so tightly. “No Guns Sor, were in public.” Warned Mamoru, Like he cared? Who was this guy. Eisuke put a hand on his Shoulder. “Clam down.” He said seriously. “Its only a hug.” After what felt like forever, he heard you giggle about a thousand times, you smiled and dragged the guy over to them all. “HEY GUYS!” You say excitedly. “I want you to meet someone.” the smile literally can not be wiped from your face and it makes Soryu so mad. “This my little brother, Jackson.” You say with a smile. Soryu instantly feels ridiculous. and the others all laugh hysterically. “Whats so funny?” You ask Baba starts to talk but a glare from Soryu shuts him up. “Nothing, something Ota said earlier.” Soryu says stepping forward. “Nice to meet you Jackson” Soryu says holding out his hand. “I am Soryu Oh, I am dating your sister. I want you to know theres no need to worry about her, i would die to protect her and keep her happy.” Jackson takes his hand and shakes it vigorously. “Nice to meet you Sor, Call me Jax.” Soryu smiles and you beam at watching your brother and boyfriend finally meet. 

 Baba: You were having a great day out shopping together, Baba had spoiled you all day, like normal, and now He wanted to take you to dinner. “Where would you like to eat today princess?” He asked you and you thought about it, he loved seeing your concentration face, the way your eyebrows furrowed and you bottom lip stuck out a little, so cute. “Oh i know i wanna take you to this new place, there #s a fabulous waiter i want you to meet!” You scurried off a little dragging Baba, you wanted him to meet a waiter? He felt jealous straight away, had you been going here without him to see this waiter? Well, he was going to get a piece of his mind! You finally arrived at the quaint little cafe on the corner of the station, this place wasn’t all that. Baba had been here before and loved it but still he was pissed and he was determined to enjoy it. “Oh there he is!” You pointed and waved over at the waiter, as much as he hated to admit it he was handsome, Baba felt rage against this man he had never met, what the hell was wrong with him? get a grip man you are an adult, most of the time. “Baba, this is Dexter.” You said. “Dex, this is Baba.” Dex? You had nicknames! fuming. Baba reluctantly shook his hand. “Nice to meet you, _____ has told me so much about you, nice to out a face to the name.” “Well thats funny because ____ has never mentioned  you, not once.” Baba said cockily, it was childish but he felt outraged for no good reason. “BABA!!” You squeal in such a high pitch he thought he could hear dogs gathering. “I talk about Dexter all the time! I am very proud of my little brother and you know it!” Dexter, your little brother, its true you did always talk about him, he just let his jealousy get the better of him and he didnt put 2 and 2 together. what. an. idiot. “OOOHH!1 THAT DEXTER!” Baba said with a huge grin on his face. “Sorry Dex its been a long day, i am not with it.” He smiles and hugs you. “Nice to meet you, care to join us for lunch.” Baba says gesturing to a table. 

Ota: He was late to meet you, oh god he was always late, he ran through the streets with a slight panic, he was almost half an hour late, had you been stood on that corner at night all alone waiting for him, what if something had happened? he wouldn’t forgive himself, He ran around the corner to your meeting spot and searched for you in the crowd, the panic he felt was gone and filled with rage and jealously. He was only 30 minutes late, 30 minutes! and you had found solace in the arms of another man? really Koro? Really? He wasn’t going to stand for this, he marched over quickly. “Well hello.” He said with his angel smile on his face. “Ota! hi!” You say with a smile, standing to hug him. “Oh no don’t interrupt your little date because of me.” Ota says sarcastically. “Ota?” You question but he cuts you off. “I was only half an hour late this time, is this some kind of twisted punishment.” At this point the guy you were with stands up. “I think you got the wrong end of the stick here Ota.” He says standing in front of you. “Really? well then it doesn’t look like i have. I come round the corner to find MY girlfriend  sat next to another man her hand on his arm? what am i meant to think?” He says going a little crazy now. “Ota this is my Brother, Fox.” You say not taking his rampage anymore. The color drains from his face. “Oh.” He says. “I am sorry ___ its been a terrible day and then it got worse because i thought something might happen to you while i kept you waiting, again. I am sorry Fox, i must look like a crazy person, but i love your sister.” He says sheepishly and Fox eyes him up carefully. “No worries mate, i am glad my sister has someone in her life that loves her this much, someones gotta.” He says and playfully punches you in the arm. “Hey!” You say hitting him back. “Mum said you got to big to hit me anymore.” Ota watches as you and your brother have sibling banter together and smiles, he is just happy your brother doesn’t think hes a psycho. 

Mamoru: He was at home, waiting for you like normal, he was far to lazy after his long day to make his own Soba noodles, that honor went to you. You were running late though today, he was a little worried, where were you, he called you and you said you were still at the shop buying food for dinner, He said he would meet you there because it was getting dark and you agreed to wit for him. “Stupid kid making me worry all the time, and now i gotta go out again.” He mumbled as he put his coat on. He made his way to the store and true to your word you waited for him, but not alone, who was this guy you were talking to so friendly? You were obviously close to him with all the arm touching and head patting that was going on. Mamoru watched but the more he saw the more jealous he got. He puffed out his chest and broadly walked over to the two of you. “Well sweetheart, i am here to take you home, Don’t want ya walking home in the dark alone do i?” He says over passionately placing an arm around you and kissing your temple. That ought to get the message across, you were HIS. “Mamoru don’t embarrass me in front of Ross.” You say shrugging his arm off your shoulder. He was mad now, Ross? who was this guy really? “Awww i think its sweet.” Ross says teasing you and pinching your nose. “Quit it dude.” You say. “You heard her, don’t touch her, douche bag,” Mamoru says making Ross laugh. and you soon join in. “Aww is Mamo well jel?” Ross says and you howl with laughter. “Mamo, this is my BROTHER!” You manage to choke out in between laughs. His cheeks go red and Ross pats him hard on the back. “No worries dude, i would have been the same if it was my girl with some dude i didn’t know.” He says. Mamorus cheeks stay red for a little while the 2 of you laugh it out. “Yeah yeah alright, it aint that funny.” He says. “You’re right come on lets go home and get dinner.” You say “You coming Ross?” You ask as you take Mamos hand in yours and head home, your brother walking along side you, Mamorus cheeks still tinted pink. He enjoyed the night though, he loved hearing all about you as a kid, even though now you were his Kid. 

FUN FACT! I used 5 of my brothers real names in this! Sorry Rome you didn’t make the cut haha. I will use you in my next one that involves brothers. haha. Anyway i hope you enjoyed it! Love Coral. xxx

Just Tell Me.

This is from a open prompt from @mallyallyandra :

The Prompt is:

I was thinking the other night that I don’t remember reading a fic of where chloe tells Rae she sent the love letter and asks Rae if she liked anyone. So I was thinking does someone fancy writing it was Rae didn’t lie n she said she like someone and either did or didn’t tell chloe who it was??

So this is what I came up with…


Did he just kiss my cheek?! Good?! Bad?! Oh god I have no idea… I’ve been friend zoned officially now… Great! Seriously why did I ever think that Finn would ever like me… Oh, Danny’s taxi is here.

Rae went to Danny, held his hand and walked him to the taxi. It was too much for Danny last night, she should have known he would have an ‘episode’ as they call it. He hadn’t mentioned Churchill in a long time. He got in to the taxi without any argument, Rae warned the taxi driver he might seem a bit strange but he would be fine. The taxi drove away.

Rae walked back to the front door where Chloe stood waiting for Rae to come back and they waved Danny off. Rae could see he didn’t notice, he was in his head again. Never a good place to be for him. “Rae can I tell you something?” oh great who did you get off with this time Chloe? How many did you get off with?

“Yeah.” Rae mumbled back knowing that she was going to have to sit through the next half hour looking happy for Chloe because she got off with some fit lad from the party. OMG what if it was Finn? She took him to my mum’s room… oh god… Then she said something Rae wasn’t expecting at all.

“I sent the letter to Finn!” Chloe looked so happy with herself. Rae’s heart dropped to her feet. Chloe had once again upped her on something that Rae loved. Rae had finally become friends with Finn and now Chloe was stealing her thunder, because of course Finn would find out about who sent the letter. Hell he probably already knew! They did go up to Rae’s mums room, she probably told him then and they were shagging all night! Fucking Finn! Fucking Chloe! Angry tears came to Rae’s eyes. She stomped in to her house and sat on the sofa. Sadness enveloped Rae. She knew before there was no chance she would get with Finn, but at least no one else seemed interested, which meant Finn could still be close to Rae, even if it wasn’t as close as she would like. But now she knew Chloe was interested, Rae would be shadowed by Chloe.

 Chloe could tell something was up with Rae. She looked so sad. And angry. She didn’t like angry Rae.

“It’s just the more time I spend with him this week, I dunno, there’s something about him ya know? And after Steven I needed to feel normal, to be involved with something normal. Does that make sense?” Rae looked up at Chloe and she could see tears in Rae’s eyes. “No.” Oh God, Rae likes Finn. Shit! Should I back off? Rae deserves someone like Finn. He’s so sweet and kind. I just need her to be honest with me. If she tells me she likes him, ill back off. “ Do you like anyone at the minute Rae?” Come on Rae, tell me.

Rae was having an internal battle. She hated lying to Chloe. But this was something so personal and Rae couldn’t handle her heart being broken again. But what if I tell her and she leaves Finn alone? Yeah right Rae like that’s going to happen! You don’t know that? Just tell her! Rae took a deep breath. This would unload more bullshit from her backpack, she was determined to be more honest. It’s a test Rae, just do it! “Yeah Chloe I do.” Chloe smiled at Rae. She was happy Rae was being honest with her. Chloe made a vow, I will leave Finn alone now. I know she likes him, I’m a bitch but I’m not going to break my best friend’s heart. “Oh really? Who is it then?” With Chloe smiling at her Rae couldn’t resist cracking a smile back. She could see the pride in her friend’s eyes. Does she know I mean Finn? Maybe me telling her wasn’t a terrible idea… “You know…” Chloe nodded her head, “Still want to hear it Rae.” Chloe gave Rae a mischievous smile. “Fine! It’s Finn ok!” Rae huffed and sunk further in to the sofa. Chloe laughed at Rae’s childlike behaviour. She went over to Rae and hugged her hard. “God Rae you are such a knob sometimes! Why didn’t you just tell me? I’m your best mate, I’m not going to go after Finn when I know you like him! Your my best mate, I wouldn’t do that!” Rae hugged her friend back. Moments like this is what makes Rae realise why Chloe is her best mate.

“But, you like him too Chlo, it’s not fair if you back off for me and I don’t for you…” Rae felt a bit shit now. Chloe was being amazing and leaving Finn alone for her, but it didn’t even cross Rae’s mind to do that for Chloe. “Look Rae, I just think Finns fit really. He’s sweet and absolutely gorgeous. But seriously, what would we talk about? He is so opposite from me, it would never work.” Chloe winked at Rae. Well it was true what Chloe said, they would have nothing to talk about. Finn is basically another Rae. Even though Chloe and Rae could talk and be best friends, her and Finn really didn’t make sense.

“Look Rae I’m going to shoot cause I stink and I need sleep, so don’t worry, he’s all yours.” Chloe winked at Rae again, grabbed her bag and sauntered off out the door. Before it closed, Chloe shouted, “Love you!” over her shoulder. Rae sat on her sofa, contact and so damn happy her best friend was Chloe Gemmel.


They were at the pub when shit really hit the fan. They were all a bit pissed so no one had control over what they were saying apparently. Rae was sat with Finn and he was ghosting his finger over her leg making comments at Chop’s (true) story. They consisted of Finn writing L-I-E and T-W-A-T on her leg a few times. She was deliriously happy, he just wouldn’t stop touching her. If it weren’t his finger against her thigh it would be his leg lying against hers.

Chloe kept staring at Finn and Rae with a smile on her face. They would share a secret look and a laugh and they both looked so happy. She hadn’t seen Finn smile this much in one night the whole time she knew him. He was happy too. Then she did it. She had a few too many Alco pops and just couldn’t filter between her brain and her mouth. Chop was still telling his story when Chloe interrupted. “… so apparently his head was like half chopped off…” “Oh you pair are such a cute couple! Just tell each other how you feel, god!” Oh shit!

Everyone stopped. There was complete blanket of silence over the gang. Everyone knew who she was talking about because apparently she was pointing. When did my hand do that?  Rae was staring wide eyed at Chloe with a slight shake to her head. Rae silently begged her to stop. Chloe lowered her hand from her mouth and whispered, “ I’m so sorry Rae, I didn’t… Shit I’m just pissed, ignore me!” Rae turned her head to see Finn frowning at Chloe. “What you talking about Chlo? Rae?”

Rae couldn’t be there anymore. The look of confusion on Finn’s face making her realise that he only saw her as his mate. Like it wouldn’t cross his mind to think of her that way. She grabbed her coat and left the pub as quick as her legs could take her. She could hear the shouts of Chloe behind her but she couldn’t look. Couldn’t see his face again. Oh god, he doesn’t even think about me like that, of course he doesn’t! Now he knows I like him, oh god… She heard someone following but didn’t stop until she felt a hand on her arm. “Rae will you just stop a second and tell me what the hell that was about please?!” Finn turned Rae round and she couldn’t look in his eyes, couldn’t see the disgust she knew would be waiting for her in his eyes. “Rae… will you just look at me?”

Rae raised her eyes to see that confusion again. She couldn’t take it. Tears sprang to her eyes and trailed down her cheeks. “Finn I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you like that.” She began to turn around again but Finn still had his grip on her arm. “No… Rae. You didn’t embarrass me. I want to know what she meant. Just tell me.”

Rae let all her frustration of the last week seep out in a blur of speech. The damn was broken now and it all came gushing out. “Fine Finn, you want to know? Ok I’ll tell you. I like you ok? Actually if I’m being honest I think I’m sort of be in love with you and I know you will never think of me like that but…” Rae couldn’t finish. Finn had crashed his lips against hers. His hands were on her waist holding tight as he deepened the kiss. Rae fell in to the it without thinking and revelled in every touch and graze of his lips. Finally she broke away for some much needed oxygen. “Ok…” Rae gasped “Well that was unexpected.”

Finns eyes were glowing. He finally had her. He was feeling so much in the past week he could barely contain himself. He touched her at every available opportunity because he felt lost when he couldn’t feel her beneath his fingers of her leg against his. “Jesus, I’ve waited ages to do that.” Finn chuckled looking shyly at Rae. Rae’s couldn’t contain her face splitting grin. Finn still hadn’t taken his hands off Rae’s hips. He was holding them in a tight grip, never wanting to let her go. He placed his forehead against hers. “I kind of think I love you too Rae. Actually I don’t think I do. I really do.”

It was Rae’s turn to kiss Finn. It was all tongues and teeth and absolutely amazing in Rae’s standards. She had never felt so much emotion in one time. It was pure happiness.

The gang were watching from outside the pub. Chop being Chop started whooping and cheering, making the rest of the gang join in. Finn and Rae separated and smiled at each other. Finn reaching for Rae’s hand leading them back to the gang. Finn had a dopey love sick grin on his face and Rae’s eyes were sparkling. They went back in to the pub for celebratory drinks. “Well, I think you two should buy me a drink because if it wasn’t for my big mouth you two wouldn’t be sat there with love sick grins on your faces!” Chloe thought even though she had fucked up initially, her drunken mouth had proved to be one step ahead and knew what had to happen. Finn got up to get Chloe another drink and Rae went over to Chloe to give her a vice tight hug. “Thanks Chlo!”. “You’re very welcome!”.

“Right, Chop you owe me 20 quid!” Archie piped up demanding his money. “What you talking about?” Finn had returned with Chloe’s drink along with one for Rae. “ Well I bet Chop that it would take you two a week since the party to get together, Chop bet two weeks, so I win!” Archie seemed proud of himself. The gang fell about laughing.

The guys were still going strong late in to the night and the gang pretended to not notice when Rae and Finn snuck off.  


Hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think :)

Overwatch Modern AU: Mi Casa

Another bit from my Modern Roommates Au “Coexisting”

Thank you to the anon who suggested it and to @quantummeganics for the commission!

“Hey Amelie your phone has been buzzing nonstop for like 10 minutes”

“Who’s calling?”

Lena paused a moment, swiping the vibrating phone before it shimmied off the desk and flipped it over in her grasp to read the name. She froze.

“…..uh…your Mum?”

“Shove it under a pillow or something, what I normally do” and like that, the hair dryer clicked back on.

She watched the the screen change, letting out one last long buzz before the call was long gone.

8 Missed calls from Mother

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a/n- it only took me 84 years to type this on my phone. No biggie. Fucking shit ass touchscreens.

He’s got two baggies in his back pocket at all times now.

One has her name on it, one has his and they are both filled with little pieces of paper (although, hers is fuller than his at this point). It was a bright idea he had one night when he couldn’t sleep because at first he didn’t mind not talking but then he did. He couldn’t fill in the blanks of her minds by himself and she wasn’t offering any assistance and he had to do something or he would go mad trying to figure everything out.

She tries to kiss him the next morning and he pulls away. “We need to talk.”

A coy grin, a hand at the bottom of his tee. “This is better than talking, right?”

He had never meant to imply that the physical aspect of their relationship was better than the emotional (they were tied so closely together, he couldn’t tell them apart, to be honest) but his words were biting him on the arse now. “No, it’s not.”

It was a simple game, simple rules. At that time, he just had a baggie with her name and questions he had slaved over until his dad found him slumped across his desk. If she kissed him first, he got to ask one questions. Fingering and oral, that got him 3 questions. Buy her a drink? One question (but two if she were drunk and he could sneak the extra in).

“You’re ridiculous.” But she had smiled and kissed him and he got to ask his first question, hand fishing in the bag, praying it was something good.

“Alright. Questions is: who do you miss the most and why?” He almost throws the question down, almost calls the whole thing off, when her eyes start to well. “We don’t have to do this.” He tells her. “It were a dumb idea anyway.”

“No, no. I just… thought it’d be like… what’s your middle name?”

“I know your middle name.”

She narrows her eyes. “How?”

“I have my ways.”

They are quiet after that. He figures the game is over before it really started (and maybe he shouldn’t do things at 2 in the morning because his brain was clearly full of half-cocked ideas) and he’s not about to press her into talking about something that has fouled her mood so completely he doesn’t think a tub of tea could make it better.

“Remember how I told you I were in the hospital for a while?” She waits for him to nod, her knuckles turning white around the mug. “Well, when I was in there… I met this girl named Tix and we sort of became best mates. Worst match ever, really. She didn’t eat much and when she did, she’d make herself sick. Always counting calories… always moving. We sort of looked after each other, you know?” There’s a tremble in her hands and when he tries to touch her, she moves away. “Used to call her Fatty like it was funny nickname but now I wonder if I just played into her trap. The worse she could make herself feel, the easier it was to hurt herself. That’s how I used to operate, too. And then… I…”

She closes her eyes and shakes her head as if all of this is too painful to think about and Finn has a right mind to tell her just to stop. He had just gotten her back, more than gotten her back, and he didn’t want to risk pushing her too far or too hard because his curiosity was getting the best of him.

“Rae, you don’t have to-“

“I forgot about her, Finn.” There are tears leaking from the corners of her eyes and she sniffs. He takes her cup away when her trembles worsen and tea sloshes over the sides, and this time she lets him hold her, her face pressed against his chest. “I forgot her for a rave that ended up being a complete disaster. I were supposed to have dinner with her… and I was so caught up in being mad at my mum and being mad at Chloe for sending you that letter that I forgot the one person who never made me feel like shit. And she died. Because of me. Because I wreck everything.”
She was falling back into the dangerous pattern of thinking, the one Linda had whispered about when he was waiting on Rae to come downstairs one night. It was a warning- watch out. Keep her safe from herself. Because beyond all the people who would do her harm, Rae was the one most likely to hurt herself.

“I don’t think you can blame yourself for that, Rae. People die. It’s just a-“

“Part of life,” she finishes. “Everyone keeps saying that but she was 15. Kester said they found her on the floor. Had a heart attack because she had pushed herself too far. Having a heart attack at 15… people want to believe that’s natural?”

“You couldn’t have know that she was going to…” he can’t say the word. “It wasn’t your fault.”

“That’s the whole problem. Maybe me showing up wouldn’t have made a difference… but maybe it would have. It’s the not knowing that hurts so bad.”

She doesn’t go to college that day and Finn stays with her until he has to go to work and he’s still thinking of scraping the game when he catches up with the gang at the pub and she passes him a baggie with his name on it, full of questions. “Hold on to that, yeah? I’m hopeless at keeping up with stuff.”

That night, he kisses her twice and she kisses him once. The question he pulls out is dumb (“Why do you hate Spaceman, dickhead?”) and she tells him it’s a horrible, terrible song that she doesn’t hate as much as she used to because it was sort of, well, their song. He groans a bit and shakes his head. “I thought I was being clever and clearly it has backfired on me.”

Her first question makes him blush. “What’s your full name?”

“Oh, come on, now.”

“No, it’s only fair. Archie refused to tell me and it’s not fair because you know mine.”

He mumbles it under his breath and she laughs, pets his cheek. “Cute.”

“Shut up. Get on with the next one.”

She pulls it out and her grin fades. “We don’t have to play this.”

“No, go ahead.”

Rae shifts nervously. “Where’s your mum at?”

He figures this is one of those tit for tat moments the universe was always playing him with. He had asked her a question that made her cry and now he was sucking back nerves on this one. “Um, she’s in Canada.”

She can tell by the tone of his voice, the set of his mouth and the way he leans away from her that this is one of those deeply personal topics that maybe neither of them was ready for. They don’t say much until he’s dropping her off and then he’s turning the car off and clearing his throat. “I, um, I was 8 when she left. She met someone at her office and I reckon they fell in love. Wouldn’t have hurt so bad but she just… sort of took off. Told me she’d come back for me when they got settled but she never did. S’pose it doesn’t matter much. Me and Dad tick along just fine together. Still… would be nice if she called a bit.”

It hurts her heart because she had done much of the same to him. She kisses him first and he doesn’t keep tally on their game because for once, he just needs to be comforted.

It doesn’t take them long to burn through their questions. Some of them are funny and stupid (“My dad said you came by one day and then lit out. Why?” “I saw your bum.” “WHAT?”)but a few of them… a few of them make him late for work because he can’t just leave her when she’s crying. There’s one that comes out (“What’s your biggest regret?”) and when she tells him about Liam, his gut clenches and he sees red. She’s afraid she’s told too much, afraid that he wouldn’t look at her the same but she’s relieved when he blurts out, “I can’t believe… he said you weren’t an oil painting? Has he ever… what the fuck is wrong with him?” (His anger at such a dumb comment is so endearing to her that he finds himself staring at her bedroom ceiling, biting his lip to keep from moaning too loud.)

There’s no more questions in his bag and one left in hers. He skirts around it because he knows what it is and they’ve learned so much about each other, learned how to communicate without the questions that he isn’t sure this last one is even necessary anymore. Isn’t sure he wants to know. But she fishes the bag out of his jeans late one night (he wonders if Linda ever hears him sneak in) and hands it to him. “Go on.”

He doesn’t have to look at it. “Why’d you break up with me?” He follows it with, “You don’t have to tell me.”

“It’s a bit complicated, I guess. I mean, it makes more sense to me now than it did back then. I just… I didn’t like myself and I couldn’t see how you could like me either. And I didn’t think it was fair that you… you deserved a normal relationship, you understand? I didn’t think I could give that you. I couldn’t get undressed in front of myself let alone some else. Especially you.”

“It’s not about sex at all, Rae.” He’s not sure why it stings. He knew she hadn’t liked herself much, had figured that out on his way to Leeds but why would she ever think what he felt for her had anything to do with sex? “I just wanted to be with you.”

“You say that now but what if I was still really mental and never wanted to have sex?”

“Well, that’s why I have hands, I suppose.”

She laughs so hard that he has to clamp a hand over her mouth and whisper, “Your mum, your mum” as a reminder but he’s laughing, too.

“You’re so vulgar,” she tells him.

“You like it.”

“But no, really. What would you have done?”

Finn’s always been the honest sort and he cups her face in his hands and she knows by the set of his mouth that he’s serious. “I would have gotten used to it because nothing is worth losing you. Believe that.”

And she does.

Preference #28: Newborns (Mashton)

**I’m going back to school Wednesday, so my preferences will all be queued from them on. This was originally meant to be posted in October, but something parent-y was request so hope you guys like it! **

I am also sorry that Michael’s is like half the length of Ashton’s is wasn’t meant to be like that i just couldn’t stop writing.


It all seemed to happen so fast. One day you were telling Michael you were pregnant and it seemed like no time at all that you were fully dilated and ready to push.

“You’re doing so great baby,” Michael forced himself to tell you, kissing your forehead gently. You were honestly trying not to laugh. You were in so much pain, but Michael, well he looked like he was going to faint any minute. You silently prayed that he wouldn’t. You could barely think with all the pain, and if Michael wasn’t there you thought you would loose it.

“Nearly there,” Michael muttered, to himself rather than you. He didn’t dare look further down that your head. He knew that he would collapse. But the didn’t thank fuck. Because he heard a little wail that could only come from a newborn baby and within moments there was a tiny little boy laying on your chest and you were crying and Michael was cutting the umbilical cord still in a daze.

“We just had a baby,” he whispered when it finally hit him.

“I know,” you whispered at at little thing. He was small then you thought he would be, his eyes were clamped shut and he was still red and his hair was gooey. He smelled like lavender and soap, even though he was just born. A white towel was placed over your little one for warmth.

You and Michael just stood starting at each other, smiling with tears in your eyes, unable to say anything. It was so weird. You were parents now. You had your own precious little baby boy. He was taken off you, to be weighed and checked up so Michael came over to you and kissed you gently.

“I’m so proud of you,” Michael held you close, being very gentle that he didn’t hurt you. He stroked your hair as you waited for your tiny baby to come back.

Your baby, who you hadn’t even thought of a name for yet, was brought back to you and you were told that he weighed 5 pounds 6 ounces and was healthy. You were handed him back for more skin to skin contact and you fed him for this first time. You were so relieved that everything was okay with him, and you were so overwhelmed by how perfect he was. You never wanted to let anything hurt him. He was so tiny and fragile.

“Okay y/n. Are you feeling okay?” your midwife asked you, glancing at you with your tiny baby.

“Ok, I suppose,” you smiled. You felt like shit honestly, but you had a baby now so you really didn’t care.

“Well we’ll need to stitch you up now, how about you give the baby to Dad for a cuddle,” she told you. Michael’s eyes widened and you handed your son into his shaking arms.

“Hi baby,” he whispered to his little son, so amazed my him. “I’m Michael, your Daddy.”

“Open you’re shirt and put him on your chest. I’ll help you dress him in a minute,” a nurse smiled. Michael opened his button down flannel and placed the little one on his chest, smiling brightly to himself.

“I love you so much already. I’ll never let anything happen to you,” Michael kissed his fluffy hair, breathing in his sent. You never pegged Michael as a sentimental, sappy Dad, but there he was - crying as he held his less than an hour old son for the first time.


An hour later and your son is smelling like baby powder and is swaddled in a baby blue blanket after Michael finally managed to get his tiny little swashed up limbs into the clothing. He’s asleep but you don’t want to leave him but you really have to pee so you hand him over to Michael who happily cuddles his baby son, who doesn’t have a name yet. But right now you must worry about getting to the toilet, which seems near impossible because your sore and the epidural hasn’t 100% worn off yet.

“Don’t baby,” Michael tells you. He gives your son to a nearby nurse and ends up carrying you to the bathroom.

“I actually can’t believe I’m a dad!” Michael is literally giggling and he just wants to skip around the hospital, throwing his hands in the air and scream “I’M A DADDY!” but he doesn’t because it’s 4 am and he doesn’t want to get throw out for waking people up - he wouldn’t usually mind but he really wanted to spend time with his family.

“That’s great Micahel but I’m on the toilet right now, so it would be wonderful if you could at least turn around,” you chuckle. Michael does as you wish but continues talking.

“I just feel so proud! I know I didn’t even do much just stick my dick in you! But I dunno I just wanna play Lego with him and teach him guitar, but he’s too tiny,” Michael told you, talking excitedly like he was still a little kid himself.

“Well you can do that eventually but right now the little guy doesn’t even have a name,” you reminded him.

“I told you before y/n, I wanna name him Pizza. But if you’re really against this I like either Ryan or Alex?” Michael suggested.

“I like Alex. Alex Michael Clifford,” you repeated, smiling. You stepped off (more like slid tbh) the toilet and Michael picked you up with ease.

“I just can’t wait to tell him that you decided on his name while sitting on the toilet,” Michael said, making you laugh. “Let’s get him back now! Maybe we can convince the nurse to put his tiny footprints in that baby book my Mum got us.”


“We’re home Buddy,” Michael carefully unstrapped his sons carseat and lifted it from the car and into your house for the very first time. Looking around, you smiled. It was such a relief to have him here at last, but you didn’t know what to do.

“So what do we do now?” Michael asked up, unbuckling Alex from the seat. He kissed his soft tufts of blonde hair, smelling like baby oil. He was dressed in a cute little blue and white striped sleepsuit with a little puppy on the front, and it had a matching hat with little ears which was almost to big for his little head.

You looked at him puzzled. You were sure all you wanted to do was nap for the rest of your life not sure about him.

“Let’s show him around!” Michael smiled, holding your son close and began to introduce him to each room in the house, telling him about what would go on here. You laughed at him and announced that you were gonna take a shower. Michael smiled and made Alex wave you off with his tiny hand. Michael placed his son on the kitchen table, not really thinking much of it and ordered a pizza keeping a close eye on sleeping 3 day old baby.

They day was going fine until 12 in the morning when suddenly Alex started crying and Michael told you that he would sort him out. He rocked him a bit, that usually doing the trick but he kept crying. He changed his diaper even though it wasn’t wet but the crying didn’t cease. He screamed for you and you fed him, and he eased down for a while before going back into full force screeching everything, making Michael almost tear his baby blue hair out. You tried everything you could, you called a bunch of people and even Googled what you should do, but nothing worked. To be straight forward, Alex wouldn’t shut the fuck up and if Michael didn’t love him that much he probably would of throw him out the window right there and then.

Two hours later, Alex finally fell asleep with uncle Luke playing guitar and singing softy while Michael paced around the room rocking Alex while patting his padded little bum rhythmically. You were long passed out on the couch at this stage, with Luke’s son Drew cuddled into your side.

Michael carried you to bed, knowing you already had a headache from what was going on, while Luke cradled Alex.

“Thanks mate,” Michael slapped Luke’s shoulder and took his baby boy from him, kissed his forehead.

“S'okay. It’s only 2am,” Luke laughed.

“I’m sorry,” Michael mumbled sheepishly. Luke was the only other person in the band to know how hard but rewarding it was to have a baby.

“No seriously. Anytime. Remember all the nights on the tour bus?” Luke asked. Michael nodded, thinking of all the nights the lads, and especially him would feed/change/rock baby Andrew if Luke or his girlfriend were particularly tired.

Michael was eventually able to bring his newborn son up the stairs to bed with him and he was so, so tired. It was such a stressful night for you and him and he knew that the next few weeks and months would be terribly long. But he also knew that it would be worth it as he looked down at Alex, curled up in the fetal position on Michael’s bare chest.

“I love you so much,” he whispered, stroking his sons fluffy hair like he was a kitten. “And I can’t wait until I can die your hair, but for right now I’m so glad that your seeping.” Alex looked so like Michael did when he was a baby, except he had your lips. “I’m so lucky to have you,” he whispered, as he fell asleep. Little did he know, the next 18 years would be much more eventful then he ever imagined.



“Okay so, guys Amelia and Harry are just about to meet their baby sister for the first time,” Daddy Ashton whispered into the camera, one of the nurses checking something with the baby giving him a strange look. Ashton wanted to capture this special family moment.

“You told me you weren’t going to show the fans,” you mumbled from the hospital.

“No. I told you I wouldn’t show them the labor and delivery video. Now which would you prefer?” Ashton giggled. Ashton wasn’t really telling the truth. He recorded the delivery of little Sophie Irwin. He also made a keek of you swearing at him because he wouldn’t get you coffee (you were almost fully dilated, so he was told not too) and now over a million fans had seen it. Oops?!

“This one,” you sighed, laughing at him. He smiled but now felt guilty. Oh well.

“This is Sophie guys,” Ashton zoomed in on the little bundle of joy wrapped in a pink blanket, who was resting in your arms. “Isn’t she beautiful? She was born at 7:52 am this morning so she is only 10 hours old.”

A few minutes later your 7 year old daughter Amelia walked in, holding on to her 3 year old brother’s hand, Calum and Wife(who was babysitting) wave them off telling you that they’ll be back in a little while.

“Mummy!” Amelia ran to you, flinging her skinny little arms around your neck. Her dirty blonde hair was pulled back into a dutch braid and she smelled like the perfume Sienna Hood always wears. She took a step back looking at the baby in your arms.

“I have a sister?” The little girls face lit up with joy and her grin was almost as big as Ashton’s when he found out he was having another girl a few months ago.

“A sister?” Harry piped up. “I wanted a brother.” Harry’s lips turn into a pout. “I want a brother.”

“But it’s okay because you wanted a sister too, yeah?” Ashton interrupted.

“No,” Harry shook his head and ran to his Daddy, hugging his leg.

“S'okay bud. You’ll just have to put up with it,” Ashton put the camera down monetarily before scooping his toddler son into his arms. Ashton bit his lip to hold in a giggle and picked the camera up again. “Do wanna hold her Lia?” Ashton asked his eldest daughter.

“Can I?” her eyes lit up again. Ashton nodded.

“Sit down on the bed next to Mummy,” he told her. Amelia hoisted herself up on the hospital bed beside you and smoothed down her navy floral sundress and you put Sophie into her big sisters arms. She stared in amazement at her. She wasn’t all gooey and squashed anymore. Her hair was dark and fluff and her skin was soft. Her dark blue eyes were open and her little starfish hands were reaching out to hold onto something. She had tiny little button nose and her skin was still red like a newborns. She looked just like Lia had as a baby.

“She’s so tiny,” Amelia whispered, shocked. She new babies were really small, but wow!

“We’ll you were half as tiny, Lia,” Ashton giggled, remembering how tiny his first daughter was, weighing less than 5 pounds when she was born.

“Yeah you were my little doll Lia. Do you remember how small Haz was? He was tinier too,” You reminder her. Amelia did remember when Harry was born, but anything about Harry had slipped her mind that day. Somehow she made everything about her, even on the day her poor brother was born. Anyway, she ended up not going to live with uncle Michael and a new puppy as well as a brother. But she was 7 now, and she knew that this day was all about her little sister, who she had been so excited to meet since you told her you were pregnant. So she decided that changing the subject would be a good idea.

“What’s her name?” Amelia looked up at you.

“Sophie,” you told her. “Sophie Anne-Marie Irwin.”

Ashton, having but down the camera a little while ago, whispered to his sulking son, “Do you wanna hold her, mate. You might feel better then.” Harry didn’t say anything but he picked his son up and put him onto your lap and you wrapped your arms around him.

“I missed you Haz,” You kissed your sons head, breathing in his powdery scent. Lia had grown up so much recently, but Harry as still your baby boy.

“I miss you too Mummy,” Harry whispered, right before his little sister was placed in his arms. He started at her, taking in all of her features. He feelings about his sister were rapidly changing. She was only a baby after all. He had really wanted a brother, but a sister wasn’t that bad.

“She’s pretty,” Harry mumbled uncertainly, as Sophie reached out and took Harry’s chubby toddler finger into her hand.

“Give her a kiss,” you urged him and he bent down to place a sloppy kiss on her soft baby skin.

“I like her,” Harry smiled. You and Ashton smiled at each other. One happy family at last. Suddenly, Harry got fed up of his new sister. “Can we go swimming now Dad?”

“Good morning pretty girl!” Ashton cooed at his baby girl, lifting her from her crib. “You’re going to Europe today, Sophie. Madrid. It’s great there,” Ashton told Sophie. Sophie wasn’t even two weeks old but she was embarking on a journey around he world, a 5 Second of Summer World Tour. The boys very much enjoyed their stage lives, performing in front of screaming girls and constantly recognized and idolized but they had their families now too. They were family men, they were dads and it hurt them so much to be away from their loved ones. Sophie Irwin was a surprise and Ashton was over the moon to have another baby, but she came at a very awkward time. She was meant to arrive a month before their world tour, but she had been over two weeks late and your family had no time to settle down before they were off across the world. Leaving for tour had always been a bittersweet time for the boys, they got to travel around the world but they had to leave their families. Of course they got to visit and although they would all like too, it wasn’t possible to have everyone on tour with them at once. There was usually no more than 6 people allowed to visit, with a maximum of 8. The boys just had to put up with it. They would see their family for 2-3 weeks and then wait for a week before another boys family would fly out and so on. But one thing all the boys agreed on was that none of them would ever be able to bear leaving their wife/girlfriend at home with a newborn on their own. So they planned their lives carefully, planning babies so that they could be at least there for the first few months of their little ones lives. It didn’t always go to plan. Shit happened, unexpected tour dates popped up and there was unplanned pregnancies. So the lads made an agreement when Luke’s girlfriend fell pregnant with his first baby that if you someone had a baby/was pregnant while on tour that their whole family came on tour with until the end of it, no ifs or buts about it. Sure it was hard for the other guys, because it meant that their family couldn’t come as often and most of the time they couldn’t come together. But they knew what it was like to have a new baby and the whole lot of them were determined not to let the touring tear the families apart.

Excitement was buzzing through the house as you double checked everything, because Ashton was being a big kid and chasing Lia and Harry around the house. The 5 of you were sporting “5sos world tour 2k31” shirts with black skinny jeans (somethings never changed) even little Sophie, but with black leggings instead. It seemed like forever by the time you got to the airport, where you ended up getting mobbed.It was worse than you had ever seen it before. Every one wanted to get glimpse of newborn Sophie Irwin, only ever seeing a one video of her before, but Sophie clearly wasn’t having this as she cried into your chest as you held her as tight as possible sticking to Ashton’s side, not wanting to loose them. He had Harry (who found this really amusing and waved to fans with the hand that wasn’t on his dad’s head) perched high on his shoulders holding onto his little legs with a strong grip with one had, the other wrapped around your waist. Ashton had hired a body guard just for Amelia and other kids if they need it, just for situations like this after her getting literally swashed by fans and scared half to death back when she was barely 3. She hated the mobbing almost as much as you did.

You finally got through to where the fans didn’t have access, but for the other lads in the band, this was the hard part. They had to say goodbye. Looking around the room Ashton felt his heart stiffen, reminded of all the times he had to leave you. His three bandmates were all crying, even though they would insist they weren’t later on.

5 year old Lila Clifford was clung to Michael, her head in his neck and her eyes were so puffy and she could barely breath. He could here her crying “Please don’t go Daddy!” from the other side of the room and Ashton found himself almost crying at her broken heart. Michael himself was talking to his preteen sons who were too proud to cry but both looked heart broken. They were nodding and Ryan was pressing his hips hard together, something he did when he was fighting tears. His wife was looking dreadful, eyeliner running down her pretty face. Michael enveloped her in a giant bear hug and stayed like that for God knows how long. He knew all too well that he wouldn’t see his kids for at least another 6-8 weeks when they would fly out to London to stay with him, but he didn’t know how long it would be before he saw his wife again.

Calum was bawling his little puppy eyes out, he had his whole family in a group hug. His family were his pride and joy. Thankfully, his nine year old princess Sienna Hood was going to be coming with him for 3 weeks, but he knew how she would miss her mum. What would he do without his son? His four year old little soccer star who completes his whole world. His cheeky monkey who was too badass to have cuddles with his Daddy in public, but most nights would end up tottering into his Dad’s bed, curing up in his arms. He would miss his lil’ dude so much. And his beautiful wife. He would miss her so much like he always did. Who would make sure he fed Sienna proper food? Who would make sure that the two of them don’t stay up all night watching Disney? There would be no one there to kiss him, no one to say “I love you,” in a non daddy way. He wouldn’t have his cuddle buddy and even worse - no sex. The four of their bodies were shaking as they sobbed, clutching on to each other for dear life.

Then there was Luke. He had tears streaming down his face but he was begging his family not to cry. His wife looked like she was either going to explode or else drown in her own tears. Her eldest son (who was coming with Luke) had a hand on her shoulder. He had always been a Mummy’s boy and hated to see her cry. He was trying to stay strong but there was tears forming in his crystal blue eyes. Luke’s youngest, 7 year old Cody was hanging onto his Dad’s waist, protesting that he wasn’t ever going to let go. Aria Hemmings, who never ever cried was being kissed on the head by Luke, her body wracked with sobs the eyeliner that everyone insisted that she was young for now stained on her face. Ashton had never seen everyone so upset, and it was heartbreaking.

The final good byes were said and everyone had either left the airport in tears or boarded the private jet sent for this boys. A silence hung in the air, and it looked like poor other boys were going to burst into tears again any minute. Sophie looked terrified, Amelia was bored, Harry was restless and Ashton was wrecked, this was going to be a hell of a long 24 hour flight.

Ashton sat between you who was breastfeeding Sophie, as you had been instructed to do during take off and landing. Harry was resting on his lap, his jittery leg never stopping its movement and he was having a conversation with Calum about something neither of them cared about. Amelia and Sienna were playing with Sienna’s iPad, headphones in, laughing at something every so often. Ashton smiled fondly remembering 2 year old Lia and 4 year old Sienna clinging to their Daddy’s every time the plane took off, shutting their eyes tight to keep in tears. Now it was like being in a car to them. Drew didn’t even make an effort to be social, he threw a blanket over his head and curled up next to his dad. Michael was the worst, he threw his head in Mikey’s lap and everyone knew he was crying but no one said anything, but Luke played with his hair, he hoped his friend would fall asleep, he knew what it was like to miss his three babies so much.

Soon everyone got very bored, and you were so thankful that it was a private jet with lots of space so at least you could walk around a bit. Sienna and Lia decided to make up a dance

“Look at them dancing Sophie. You going to be able to dance like that sooner than you think.” Ashton thought it was necessary to give a running comentery to Sophie, driving everyone half mad. “Harry’s joining in now-HAZ WE DO NOT PUSH OUR SISTER AND THEN GIGGLE!” “Look at uncle Calum chasing Harry, isn’t he funny?” “That’s your cousin Andrew. He’s even more awkward then uncle Luke, say hi Soph!”

“I’m gonna take a nap,” you told him handing Sophie to him. Pulling the duvet up over your head, you tried to block out the sound of screaming children.

“Get out of the way Harry!” Lia pushed his brother over.

“Shut up!” Harry pushed her back, making her cry even though it was obvious it didn’t hurt.

“DADDY HE PUSHED ME!” Amelia yelled, loud enough to wake the dead.

“Harry say sorry,” was all that Ashton could mumble.

“Nope!” Harry giggled before running around the room like a lunatic.

“YOU’RE A MEANIE PANTS HARRY!” Amelia told her brother.

“I know parents are meant to love their children any different. But right now I’m sure I like you a lot more,” Ashton kissed Sophie’s little head, cuddling into the soft couch. He really needed to sleep, but the sound of kids, who happened to be his but he really didn’t have the energy to deal with, echoed the room. Right since the two hours the plane took off, the sound of annoying but cute little buggers didn’t bother her, and she didn’t cry much. She was such a happy baby, who only cried when she needed something. It was a great change from Harry and Lia who had kept you both up all night for no apparent reason.

“I wanna play a game!” Sienna insisted, her voice louder than the rest.

“Let’s play a game called shut the fuck up!” Michael whined from the couch on the far side of the room, making Sienna and Lia’s screams turn into giggles. Ashton didn’t even have the engery to tell Michael off for swearing in front of his kids. “Come cuddle Uncle Mikey,” he outstretched his arms and three kids came running throwing themselves onto one of their favourite uncles. Finally. Silence.


A quiet cry awoke Ashton from his peaceful slumber, Sophie throwing her arms out and a newborn cry escaping his lips. Ashton didn’t know long he had been asleep, he guessed it had been hours because even though he was still a little sleepy, he felt much better. It was dark and everyone else seemed to be snoring.

“You hungry baby?” Ashton asked rocking his little girl back and forth. He stood up taking his princess with him, taking a bottle of your pumped milk from the fridge in the other room, he warmed it up and fed his princess, she drinking it with a half and a heart, gulping it down. “Oh you were hungry,” Ashton giggled, patting Sophie on the back to maker her belch. He changed her diaper and swaddled her again. He took out his phone, thinking he was goanna take a quick photo of her, but ended up making a keek.

“Hey guys!” Ashton whispered not to wake the others. “We’re on a plane right now on the way to Madrid and look how cute Sophie is?” Ashton zoomed in on Sophie who was looking up and him, pouting her lip a little. “You’re so cute baby girl. Daddy loves you. It worries me how cute you are because some day, a guy is gonna think you’re as cute as I do and he might break your heart. I’m never gonna let any guy hurt you I promise!” Ashton promised Sophie, tears stinging her eyes. She was so perfect and Ashton wanted her to stay the little baby in his arms forever, but he knew that she would be all grown up all too soon.

“You’re such a great dad,” You sneaked your arms around Ashton’s waist and kissed his shoulder, making him jump.

“I didn’t hear you come in,” Ashton giggled, turning around to kiss you with Sophie still in your arms. You laid your head on his shoulder smiling.

“I think our little family is finally complete!” you smiled. You had thought it was complete when you gave birth to Lia, and again when you had Harry, but now you were sure you had everything you ever wanted.

“Yeah,” Ashton agreed. “She’s so perfect isn’t she. She’s such a good baby and she’s so beautiful! Look at her tiny little button nose!” Ashton giggled.

“She looks just like you,” you murmured.

“No she’s gonna be a stunner like her mum,” Ashton kissed his baby girl, and then you. Little did he know that years later he would be thinking back over this moment, saying that he was completely right.




Do you guys think I should do Cake??

davetennant  asked:

ten x rose, 9 please! :) i wish i could prompt all of them to you... you're so talented!! xoxo

#11 The One With Online Dating

2000 words, Teen, #9 - Meeting Online AU

This is so cracky and dumb, I can only apologize in advance. I am so sorry. Thank you gallifreyslostson for helping me with it. Share in the blame. You have to.

Something weird was going on.

Halfway through the day, the Doctor started receiving a lot of messages.

Odd… ones.

He scrolled through his inbox, perplexed. As he read each one, he became increasingly alarmed.

so how much bigger is it on the inside?

I think I need to work on my anatomy, Doc ;) ;)

Hi biggerontheinside, great username! Care to show me in person?

“What the hell?”

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picara93  asked:

Hi! sterek prompt over here :) some kind of online relationship, where either they don't know each other irl or they do but they don't know it's them who they are talking to (and crushing on) online! I hope you're still doing this, if not, sorry to bother!

Thank you for the prompt, love! Sorry it took so long.

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lonewolfhell (4:23): I have been up all night re-reading the first DeVoid book in preparation for the first chapter of the third one and RED I FORGOT HOW GOOD IT IS.

voidridinghood (4:24): Wolf, stop. You flatter me. Well you’ll be pleased to know I have been up all night finessing the first chapter before I post it on the 12th…or tomorrow. OMG WOLF THE 12TH IS TOMORROW, I AM SO STRESSED.

lonewolfhell (4:27): We are both terrible. We both have work in the morning. Red, don’t stress! I bet it’s amazing, I know it’s amazing.

voidridinghood (4:30): Speaking of work, how’s the new job going? You said it was with the emergency services, right? That’s amazing man. You don’t know that, Wolf. What if it’s shit? I don’t want to disappoint you.

lonewolfhell (4:32): It’s good, thank you. Yep, got me a brand new job in my tiny home town’s fire department. Luckily it’s just training tomorrow, so me being tired for tomorrow won’t be too life threatening. It is NOT going to be shit, stop it. Red, you could never disappoint me, you know that.

voidridinghood (4:36): Don’t you DARE joke about that, you know I worry about you enough as it is without your new dangerous job and adding tiredness to the mix. GO TO SLEEP, WOLF. Everything will still be here in the morning. You’re cute. I’ll try not to stress, but it’s hard. I’ve been perfecting this chapter for months, months, Wolf. Normally my chapters are written in days, I get so caught up in it and editing normally takes a day, like one, singular. Do you know how long it’s taken me this time? Two weeks. What if I’ve over thought it and should have stuck with my gut, the first draft I did, that’s what I’ve always done before and that’s worked out well enough. The chapter has completely changed since that first draft. Oh god, oh god.

lonewolfhell (4:43): Red, I’m fine, don’t worry about me. Why would I go to sleep when I could talk to you instead? I’m not cute, I’m a big manly man, grr. Can we forget I said that? I bet it’s hard *wink wink* oh god, ignore me. Lack of sleep is making me delusional. If you have altered the chapter, it’s because you thought it needed to be done. It’s your story, so you know what is best for the book. You got this Red.

voidridinghood (4:47): I’ll always worry about you, what am I supposed to do without my #1 fan? That is just beyond cute, stop with your flattery. I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS, THIS IS GOLD, WOLF ARE YOU HIGH? WHAT IS HAPPENING? THIS IS MY FAVOURITE. You’re the best at making me feel better.

lonewolfhell (4:48): I hate you.

voidridinghood (4:48): Shut up, you love me.

lonewolfhell (4:49): Maybe I do. Goodnight, little Red. Sleep well.

voidridinghood (4:49): Goodnight, Big Bad. Sweet dreams.

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Prompt Gone Wild

A/N: So, I got a prompt that I didn’t know what to do with. (It was also the same prompt raegearl had gotten and started a story about, so it felt weird to get it two days later.) But it made me start thinking about a conversation I’d like Rae and Finn to have (as unlikely as this scenario is). So here’s a little moment I imagined. 

I have a fluffier fic than this in the works that I hope will make up for the angst of this one.

* * *

The question has been plaguing her for days. Well, since the first time they kissed, and the first time they walked into school together, and the first time she trusted him to touch her under her long-sleeved layers. The question is always there, at the back of her brain. But she never dares utter it, because she has this idea that if she changes anything or upsets the equilibrium, he’ll wake up and push off. She can’t upset the delicate balance of the universe.

“Rae, what’re you thinkin’ about?” He smiles lazily as he asks her, his head twisting to look at her profile. She tips her head back instinctively, to keep the line of her chin and throat smooth and undoubled. She wonders for a moment if she has ever answered this question honestly. He asks it all the time, whenever she gets quiet and broody. She can’t say “Nothing.” He’ll know she’s lying.

“I’m thinkin’ …” She smiles, remembering how she told him he had B.O. the first time he asked this. And how he was so good-natured about it. Laughing and asking for personal hygiene tips. “… about how I’m not ready for my A levels.”

Finn laughs. “Those aren’t for yonks! No use worryin’ about ‘em yet.” 

How well she knew that. It was no use worrying about ANY of the things that swirled around her brain, but it was all her brain knew how to do. Fret and focus and panic and stew. She’s always brewing up a big pot of stew in her mind pot. Exams and war and people in the street calling her names. Twats at school slagging her off and famine and her mum getting into an accident. They’re all primary ingredients flavoring her stew. But the base, the broth, the thing that everything else marinates in, was her weight.

That was the question: “Should I lose weight?” 

She knows her answer, but she never dares ask Finn, though … If he said yes, she’d be worried that if she didn’t lose it he’d get mad and chuck her. If he said no, then she’d worry about HIS mental state and figure that he was hours away from waking up and chucking her.

But underneath it all, she has a sneaking suspicion that she never does anything about her weight because she needs it. She needs it to be the reason he leaves and not anything else. If he leaves her because she’s fat, then everyone will blame him and not her. It is a literal security blanket against calamity. That and …

This body is all she knows. She’s been chubby her whole life. She’s gotten taller, but the basic dimensions have always been the same. She has another idea that being thinner won’t actually make her any happier, but everyone will expect her to be happier and then she’ll just disappoint everyone in a new way.

Finn asks her what she’s thinking all the time, but if he ever actually knew … it would be disaster.

* * *

Her big mouth betrays her while she’s asleep. She and Finn regularly nap together after college. Rae never gets enough sleep at night, what with her brain whirring away like a top, and Finn can sleep at the drop of a hat. (And he’s read somewhere that you can only grow if you get enough sleep and he’s hoping for another inch or two … just to be on Rae’s level.)

When she awakes one afternoon, Finn is staring at her. His eyes are soft, but he’s not smiling. She rubs her eye and stretches, trying to elongate everything, streamline herself, trying not to think what she must look like when she’s not conscious enough to care. This is automatic now; she doesn’t even think about it. Finn is still looking at her when she’s done and she raises an eyebrow.

“What’re you thinkin’ about, Finley?” she sing-songs it at him, hoping her humor will diffuse the tension in the air.

“You.” He says it simply, but she can sense there’s more.

“That’s as it should be, right?”

“You talk in your sleep, did you know that?” 

Her face goes slack and her mouth goes dry. Oh shit, she thinks. What did I say?

“No one’s ever mentioned it, but I don’t usually have an audience when I’m asleep … well, I never used to.” Jokes, jokes, jokes. Keep joking and he’ll forget what he was going to say.

“You were having a conversation with … I guess yourself, but …” He finally looks away and Rae blinks rapidly, willing the tears threatening to spill back behind her eyes.

“My mum always used to say that talkin’ to yourself didn’t make you mad, it was only if you answered yourself …” Rae chuckles, a small part of herself still wildly hoping they can avoid this, but she can see the trajectory. It’s already out of her hands … this is happening in slow motion, like a car crash.

Finn shakes his head at her comment. “Rae …” he says her name soft and slow.

Rae sighs. Fine. She’ll expedite the proceedings. “Alright, what was I talkin’ about?”

Finn breathes deep. “You asked … ‘Should I lose weight?’”

“Well, that’d be a yes,” Rae keeps quipping, despite knowing Finn hates it.

“And then you answered yourself by saying, ‘It wouldn’t matter.’” Rae looks at Finn, startled, and sees his eyes are shining with tears, just like hers. “‘It wouldn’t matter because I’ll always be a blob, no matter what shape I am.’ That’s what you said.” 

“Oh, Finn …” Rae puts her hand out to touch his face, but he turns his head. 

“I don’t get it, Rae,” he exhales.

“What’s there to get?” Rae asks, voice small, brain already busy going over it’s pre-programmed script of terrible thoughts.

“How you can care about me, but you can’t care about yourself. How you want me to be happy, but can’t see that the only thing that makes me happy is YOU being happy.” He sniffs and turns back to face Rae. “If you think losing weight will make you happier, I’ll help you however I can. But you wouldn’t be doing it for me. Because I love you the way you are.”

Rae makes a fist and punches it into the bed, muttering, “Stupid gob.” 

Finn grabs her fist and holds it tight. “No, Rae! Stop. Just stop. I’m glad you talked in your sleep. Now we’re finally talkin’ about this! It’s been between us from the beginning, and I don’t want anythin’ between us.”

Rae looks down at her stomach and has to physically stop herself from saying it’s that that is coming between them. The words burble up her windpipe and she has to swallow hard to keep them from tumbling out. Finn sees her hesitation. “I love your sense of humor, Rae, but when you use it on yourself, I hate it. So I’m glad you didn’t.”

Rae wonders if they’ll ever say the things they need to say to each other. If it’s up to her, she won’t. But Finn has this sixth sense about her, and sometimes seems to instinctively know what they need to talk about. 

“Rae. I love you. How you feel, how you look, but most of all how you ARE. Most of the time, that is, when you’re not slagging yourself off. What I love most about you isn’t going to change if you decide you want to lose weight.” 

Oops. All those tears she tried to dam inside her come flooding out. 

Before she can react, Finn is wrapping her in an embrace and tracing a heart on her shoulder. And she thinks, for a split second, “Is this the dream?” But then Finn is kissing her neck, her cheek, her lips, and her dreams never feel so real as this.