my mum is the WORST about it

Lance: I’m glad you all could be here to commemorate the worst day of my life.

Shiro: No, I thought the worst day of your life was when you didn’t get pulled on stage at that AC/DC concert. 

Hunk: Or when your mum substitute taught our sex-ed class.

Pidge: What about the day when we made you stop wearing your visor upside down?

Keith: I thought the worst day was the day you got that haircut that you currently have right now.

Lance: Remember that time when I got my shirt caught–wait a minute, why am I participating in this?!


Oh my gods! I’m the worst! I’m so sorry to you guys who are waiting for the drabbles and those who’ve sent in requests!!! But I got really stressed out with my results day approaching that I was just a nightmare. 😅

But it seems I had nothing to worry about. Finally! I did much better than I thought I would and now, I’m done with the IB!😁 I can even go to the University I wanted to go to!😊 The best bit was seeing the smile on my mum’s face when I told her! She got me that cute little dog plushie to celebrate, which I have named Bran😄

I’m in such a good mood right now! I’m going to get to work and get those drabbles up and those Imagine requests posted! 😀
Thank you all for your patience and support!

~ Admin Maisie
(Imagine Requests: Open
Drabble Requests: Closed)

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Can I just say that you are legit one of my biggest inspirations? You're such a strong, talented,admirable, and passionate person. I just know you are going to push through everything in life in order to achieve your goals. You are my motivation ale♡

ngl i legit smiled for a minute while reading this and my mum was like ‘ale what are you doing who are you talking to’ wow
no but dude thank you so much this actually motivates me a whole lot because i’m the Worst when it comes to getting things done in the present so i sometimes fear that my future plans are going to go the same way but now i realised that i’ve talked about them so passionately that you actually sent a message telling me i’m your inspiration??? holy crap


I have no words to express how relieved I am to have found this site. I only discovered about MDD recently, and it’s like everything has just fallen into place. 

My big obsession’s always been with anime. I do have my own personal characters, but I phase in and out of obsessing about them. I’ve tried explaining to my parents why I can spend upwards of four hours a day walking back and forth, but they don’t seem to think it’s anything serious. And I don’t blame them, ‘obsessive daydreaming’ sounds exactly like the sort of excuse a teenager would come up with. For my mum it probably does look as if I do nothing but walk around with my music too loud. 

But I’m beginning to consider it a serious problem, and one that I need to know how to deal with. At my worst I’ve spent nearly 36 hours straight pacing around the house, and I can waste anywhere between two to six hours a day daydreaming instead of study. I’ve looked into so many things trying to find the cause of my fixation; ocd, anxiety, music addiction. Nothing ever seemed to describe exactly what it was, nor give any good advice.

But in one day I’ve read more stories that I can actually relate to than in years of searching websites. I’m sitting here in shock reading through experiences that I understand so completely, right down to those who have the same pacing and constant music obsession as me, that no one’s ever been able to get in my life so far. Honestly, it’s been such a relief, and I’m glad to have finally found a place that knows what this is. 

The picture above is me while giving my speech a few days ago. Yeaps, I’ve face my fears to talk in front of more than a thousand of people, although it was only a few minutes, I’m still proud the achievement. This is not from myself, but God who strengthen my being at that time. 

I go through a lot of things these few days after the speech. I was so insecure with myself because I thought I was not good enough compare to the other contestant. I was so depressed because I thought that I’d give the worst speech in the entire universe. I cried at night after my speech, praying to God everyone would forget my speech. I texted mum about how I did, and even told my sister about how my roommates aren’t that supportive after I did my speech (they don’t even get excited when I came in the room, I don’t blame them because they got a lot of homework to do, and it was school day the next day). 

My sister told me, 

“I’m so proud of you that you came out from your comfort zone. It’s okay if they’re not supportive, us who are at home are supporting you.”

I cried the whole night. 

I was homesick remembering everytime I join any kind of activities or competition in school, my mum would be there helping me to prepare, give me motivation when I needed it the most. Even my annoying sister would be there cheer me up, so I would forgot how nervous I am. 

The next day, 

It was school day although it was Saturday, we have substitute class thingy and  I thought I was go die. When I was entering the lecture hall, I pretended that no one knew who I was. Well, it went well. And I try to forget about my problem the whole day with busy-ness and stress from doing Physics lab report. 

Despite of the sadness I was feeling that day, I still send messages to everyone to viral out my manifesto. That day went fine. 

It’s Sunday today, I didn’t go to church because I feel so sick and sad and tired. Je suis malade! I studied the whole day, but at the same time too, still promoting and viral out my manifesto. I, also, at that time, got an idea to “make a campaign” through social media. But, I think the idea is not good because I feel like I was forcing people to force a picture of me and them together and yeah, and well I think that idea it’s kind of rude. I don’t what to do. I gave up and sadly, I relapsed. 

But anyways, I have my poster now! I’m not expecting myself to win the election. But hey, at least I learn something through these kind of experience yeah? :’)

Election will be on Tuesday morning till evening. I still have other things to focus on, I have Biology quiz on Tuesday and Chemistry on Wednesday. I have Chemistry lab report to work on. And more Physics lab report to expect. And I have to catch up with Physics because I still don’t understand how to do the questions, sadly. 

Hwaiting Rhoda! Souhaite moi bonne chance! 

Have a good day everyone x

Oh and by the way, if you lived far away from home and need motivation from your beloved ones, don’t hesitate to call. They will always be there for you. Promise. 

June in Instagrams + this last month…

  • The ‘This week’ updates, once again, really died a death in June.
  • June was essentially made up of four components: Exams, Coldplay, Brexit/Politics, and Botticelli.
  • Post-exams I’ve already finished 3 books and having so much reading time is pure bliss.
  • Work is still chaos though, but that’s not a new thing or a surprise.
  • I’ve had the most horrendous weekend which consisted of: the worst flare up in recent history, my Mum’s birthday dinner (which I missed because of aforementioned flare up), and a funeral.
  • Selfridges have Shakespeare themed windows so expect nothing but pictures of them for the rest of the month.
  • I still can’t formulate my thoughts on Brexit into a short and coherent argument, it’s still more like an endless rant. Though one thing I’ll never understand is why the general public were trusted with such an important decision. Experts should be making these decisions, educated people who know what they’re talking about, who’ve done their research. Also I’d like to give a shoutout to @aloofheroine for her endless patience with my ranting and fantastic + insightful conversation 🙌🏻 If you’re not following her, you’re missing out.
  • Check out Clara’s routine for some ✨inspiration✨.
  • Highlight of the month: breathing the same air as Emma Thompson.
merlin-emrys replied to your post:just saw a post that said aro/ace people shouldn’t…

Sadly, I’ve been seeing that a looooot recently. It is the worst.

ughh it just made me so upset? i can understand there’s a difference between straight ace/aro and lgbt ace/aro but still i had more trouble coming out to my mum about being ace than i did about being bi. it was a far more terrifying experience and i still have to explain it to her every time i see her. also i’m not scared to tell people i’m bi but i go out of my way not to tell people i’m ace. 

it’s just so upsetting. lgbt is meant to be a safe space for queer people and i can’t see how a sexuality that’s so ridiculed can be sort of ‘classed out’ of that just because some people see themselves as heterosexual + ace. idk

I literally had a nightmare that Trump and his wife were moving into my house last night? It was the worst thing ever, my mum got into a really intense argument with them over reality TV (the Trump sofa was in front of ours for some reason) at which point I walked out and then when I regrouped with dad in the kitchen we were talking in hushed voices abt finding a new home? Like we were hostages or something and had to be sneaky about escape?? Glad this never happened

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here you have some, loser: 46, 55, 56, 70, 80, 133, 143, 154

46:  If I were drunk & can’t stand, who’s taking care of me?

it used to be ex boyfriend but now its my mum again sigh.

55:  What is something I disliked about today?

naan bread is taking too long to make wtf

56:  If I could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be?

i honestly dont have like serious celebrity crushes so im gonna say everybody from euro trash i wish i could meet you all.

70:  What was the worst injury I’ve ever had?

ok so i have this dent in my skull thats getting wider and wider with each month and no doctor can figure out what it is and it hurts when i touch it lol im gonna die.

80:  What is my favorite word?

plum and chum

133:  Broken a mirror?


143:  Favourite pizza toping?

pepperoni and lots and lots of mushrooms oh yeAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH never pineapple though thats disgusting.

154:  Something I fantasise about

having an actual good orgasm again like wtf its been over three months i need sex!!1 any kind of sex is ok

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Epi!! Don’t copy me!!!! ….love u tho
Long post so sorry at my followers who don’t care but I’m on mobile so can’t add a read more :(

1.What is their worst fear?:
Losing Hanin, losing her clan, being killed by Templars (like her mum was), being responsible for others suffering

2.Does your OC have a temper?:
Yeeeeeah, she’s generally quite chill and happy but with certain people/situations she’s only a second away from yelling and/or fighting. especially @ Templars, nobles, people who say anything rude about elves or mages, general horrible people ect

3.Religious beliefs?:
She did believe in the elven gods reasonably strongly, some doubts throughout inquisition but her time between inquisition and trespasser (spent largely with her clan) reassured her faith. Trespasser kinda fucked that whole thing up tho…

About 5'nothing?? I mean elves are slightly shorter than humans in general but she’s quite average/short for an elf I think?

About 200 pounds ???? Probably??? I constantly change my mind about her weight lol

6.What is something that they really regret?:
She doesn’t have too many regrets? She’s a fan of the past is the past, move on! But things like letting Hanin go ahead to the conclave while she held back she regrets because it obviously results in hanin getting the mark and stuff isn’t really the past?

7.Something they’re proud of?:
Despite only realising she had magic later than the other two Mages in her clan (they starting showing signs at 6 and 8 but she didn’t until she was 13) she quickly caught up and in some areas over took them despite her skipping as much of the training that she could get away with

8.What is something they really hate?:
Cruelty, unfairness, disrespect (to herself or anyone else)

9.Now something they really love?:
Kindness, softness, laughter, Hanin !

10.How does your OC react when they’re embarrassed?:
She’s the sort who just keeps doing what’s embarrassed them? Like carries playing along like she isn’t embarrassed and then cringing thoroughly later on and possibly refusing to ever be in that situation again (ie “I am NEVER going to orlais EVER AGAIN!!’ After the winter palace but she quickly gets over it (but then sometimes will remember something embarrassing from years ago and repeat the whole refusal thing all over again)

I…don’t know what this means? Like ? When her birthday is???? If so she was born 9:19 dragon but I have zero idea how the months/seasons/whatever work so um….wintery/cold time of the year lol

12.Are they a morning person or a night owl?:
Night owl 100% ! once she is awake she is ultra awake but only if it’s after about 10:30. Before that she just complains a lot. But she loves staying up rly rly late and and the only way you could get her ready and awake before 11 is if she hadn’t been to sleep in the first place

13.Is there anything you would have changed about your OC?:
Not really because like she’s my OC so if I wanted to change smth I just…would change it?? I mean…I’d like her to be able to be with Hanin and just happier in general in canon but it’s fine because I’ve sold my soul to inquisition AUs at the point lmao

14.If you could compare your OC to an animal what would that be?:
Those tiny monkeys with massive slightly freaky eyes that everyone finds adorable lol

15.Give me a description of their family:
Her growing up family is her clan. Biologically she has her father who is kind but comes off as slightly too stern and over protective. After alatarial’s mother was killed by Templars while visiting a near by human town he doesn’t like aly straying too far. But in her clan there’s also her keeper, again kind and well intended but also a bit of a grump who rly is tired of putting up with an over excited Alatarial 😂 there’s multiple adults and fewer children, something the clan worries about but it also means all the children are doted upon! And despite her having a biological father the entire clan would raise kids, easily passing responsibility from one to another and coming together to make serious decisions. Clan lavellan also traded easily with humans and regularly gained city elves or absorbed smaller clans which made them quite large by the time Aly and Hanin left to go to the conclave.

16.Are they good with technology?:
Not really applicable in dragon age but in a modern au she would suck! She would like need help to even think of turning off and on again

17.Describe some of their hobbies!:
She LOVES collecting things!! Rocks, plants, fabrics, anything rly she just loves collecting cool looking things! She also loves to paint and do art in general and she likes sewing but isn’t actually that good at them lol she always just makes a mess and never finishes things

18.Describe their sleeping habits:
Kinda already described it but basically she sleeps in as much as she can and goes to sleep late as she can 😂 she’s a fan of napping as well, especially out in the sun, to make up for lack of sleep at night.

19.What are some of their strengths:
She’s good at ice magic and shape shifting, she’s compassionate, forgiving, generally just a nice person!

20.What are some of their weaknesses:
Physically super weak like can’t even open jars weak, has a short temper, very defensive, super talkative and can rly annoy people with it, the friend who can’t whisper

21.Do they suffer any mental disorders? (PTSD/Depression etc):
She has depression

22:Do they have any physical impairments (Blind/Deaf/Loss of a limb):
Nothing serious no, just a scar here or there

I put sun cream on and now I’m so itchy and my sink feels heavy and yucky and I don’t like it!!

My mum is in the worst mood ever and didn’t realise I was in the garden and could hear every word she said about my earlier… Good job I don’t take anything to heart really.

On the bus to Harrogate now and feel physically so weak and I don’t know- but hopefully a cold drink and ice lolly will help!!!