my mum is also pretty cool

As a transboy I am perfectly comfortable with showing my binder. It’s fucking hot out. You’re allowed to wear tank tops and jean vests and stuff even if your binder shows.

I would totally wear stuff like that outside but the only reason I don’t is because my Mum thinks showing my binder is pretty much the same as a bra showing (which is also completely fine).

So, to all transboys/people who wear binders: you go out wearing that tank top or crop top or whatever you want. Don’t let others stop you from feeling good and staying cool during the summer.

Okay so I’m 15 (16 in less than a month) and i am also 34 weeks pregnant tomorrow.
All the people in my town are really lame and so basically I’m really lonely and would like to make some new friends.
And the best thing about the internet is you can’t tell how awkward I really am irl.
I’d really like to make friends with some people. Boys, girls, flying manta rays, transsexual buses. Literally anyone.

It would also be pretty cool if someone around my age talked to me I guess. Like, even if you’re in a similar situation as I am and have some questions id be more than happy to answer them. Although I guess you guys don’t really know my situation. You could always ask. Seems like an interesting conversation starter maybe.
Anyway, I’m looking for friends. Other teen mums, teen mums to be, or even people a bit older than teenager.

Basically, notice me so I don’t feel so insignificant PLEASE.

Things My Family (And I) Have Said Since My Coming Out
  • Mum: You've never been with a girl, you don't know how you feel.
  • 💜
  • Nan: I promise, I won't tell anyone, until you've ready.
  • Also, Nan: *2 hours later* *tells my mum, aunties (2) and cousins (3)
  • 💜
  • Aunty: You're too young to understand how you feel.
  • 💜
  • Cousin: That's cool, you love who you love, can't change that, right. As long as you don't support Theresa May, we're all good.
  • 💜
  • *watching TV with my mum, Gal Gadot comes on screen*
  • Mum: *looks at me* Do you fancy her?
  • Me: She's pretty, yeah, I guess.
  • Mum: *scoffs* See, you don't even know you feel?
  • 💜
  • Mum: I don't want you inviting (my best friend) over anymore.
  • Me: Why not?
  • Mum: I don't trust you to be in the same room as her, alone, anymore.
  • Me: You do realise I've been queer for a while, right? It didn't just happen overnight. And, she's straight, you know that, too, right?
  • 💜
  • Aunty: Why can't you be more like (cousin's name)?
  • Me: I am like him.
  • Aunty: *scoffs* How?
  • Me: We both like girls.
  • Aunty: Well, at least, he has the decency to only like one gender, don't be so fucking greedy.
  • 💜
  • Aunty: You can't be, I've known you all your life, I'd be able to tell.
  • 💜
  • Mum: I support gay people, they have the right to love who they want, and know how they feel.
  • Also, Mum: You're not gay, I know my daughter.
  • 💜
  • Mum: Everyone deserves the right to express their opinion.
  • Mum: Being gay is the same thing as bestiality, because being gay used to be against the law, it's the same thing.
  • Me: I don't agree with that.
  • Also, Mum: You're wrong. It's the same, fucking, thing.
  • 💜
  • Aunty: Tell me that again when you're dating a girl, maybe then I'll believe you.
  • 💜
  • Cousin: *to mum, nan and aunty* What's the big deal if she likes both?
  • Mum: The big deal is, (cousin's name), that I know my daughter, if she was gay I would have known before her.
  • 💜
  • There are so many more, but if I mentioned them, this post would be way too long, let me know what you think and if you have any advice or anything. Also, I might do this for "things my friends have said since my coming out", although they were/are much more supportive.

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Crowley? For the character thing?


(yes i miss u very much come back daddy)

Originally posted by sooper-dee-dooper-natural

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: he is so sassy and so fucking swift and badass and wowowow, and him sacrificing himself for the winchesters and saving cas and actually showing love and feelings???? how?/??/????
worst quality: be a little sweeter on the winchesters at first, but also be a little less ‘I have to be Cool and The King’. 
ship them with: Sam, Dean, Dick, Bobby
brotp them with: his queen witch mum, cas
needs to stay away from: lucifer ffs
misc. thoughts: DADDY PLS COME BACK

(send me a character!)

Highlights from the Falsettos Pro Shot

So I saw the Falsettos pro shot tonight but I was sat at the very front which was very close to the screen and I thought I’d recount what went down: 

Andrew’s legs were even longer than normal 

Brandon was smaller than normal 

Christian was thiccer than normal 

Andrew’s face did something that looked a bit like this:

Everyone’s heads were too small for their bodies 

I sat on the same row as the ASM for the show (It was just me, my mum, her and the person she was with on that row and I thought that was pretty frikken cool) 

Everything was slanted?! I thought it was just me until I realised it wasn’t just furniture but also peoples shoulders 

In conclusion everything was a bit warped but I think it revealed everyone’s true selves

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I wish I could get overwatch but all I have is a crappy old laptop and new computer + overwatch = no money for me rn. But Mcree seems pretty cool and Tracer is cute

i totally feel you, my mum saved up for a long time to get a new laptop and overwatch. we managed to find a good one during a sale though, maybe you could find one if you snoop around the web?

also tracer and mccree are.. SUCH good characters…….. gay and lesbian solidarity


I was talking to my mum yesterday evening about names, and she’s the only person so far who has been like ‘omg no’ at the name Tristan for me hahaha

I don’t mind, her opinion is one of the ones I value the most tbh as I want her to feel included in any decisions I make.

She did say she liked Leon and Damon, and that Leon is her preference out of those three names. And that’s pretty cool, because at the moment I’m personally leaning towards Leon :)

She did also bring up ‘if you’d be assigned male, we would have called you James’. I don’t want to use that as my first name, but have considered it as a middle name, which I explained to her. But I like that she was suggesting something? I find that quite encouraging.

When my sister was a baby and just starting to make sounds (like a little before they start to babble/ talk),I’d always be able to tell what she wanted or what she was saying, even though it made no sense to anyone else (I was about 5 at this time) and I asked my mum about it recently and she was like “yeah it was so strange you always knew exactly what she meant and pretty much translated for me” which I think is both weird and cute lol

@princessofshadow is ready to meet Cas’ family (future verse)

“Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer to spend your Christmas elsewhere? Our Christmas elsewhere?” Its been a long time since Cas saw his whole family and while he has technically missed them, he also really doesn’t want to do this. He really doesn’t want to drag Zane into his family drama either.

“Mum’s name is Camille, dad is Matías. Pavo is my older brother, you know that. Dominique is eighteen, just started college. Wants to do medicine. Lito is still in high school. He’s actually pretty cool.”

Cas has probably mentioned all this to Zane before but he’s nervous and feels the need to reiterate it all. He bites his lip and takes Zane’s hand. “Pavo is going to be difficult. Are you sure you’re ready for that?”


Hello! Happy #NoShameDay! (Is that a thing you should say ‘Happy ___ Day!’ to???) 

I’m 16, and I was born with a thing called optic nerve hypoplasia, which means that while my mum was pregnant with me, my optic nerve(s) didn’t develop properly. Because of this, I have no sight in my left eye, and bad vision in my left eye.

Fun fact - I was also born with a part of my brain missing. Septo optic dysplasia I think my mum said it’s called. It’s a part of the optic nerve hypoplasia.

People always say “I had no idea you were blind!” when I tell them I can’t see, and then give me weird looks when I hold things close to my face to see… :/ And then sometimes people say “You can’t be!” when they see my drawings.

But my friends (and little kids) are so impressed with my cane, they think it’s the coolest thing ever, so that’s pretty cool, I guess!

I don’t really wanna talk about any of the teasing and general crap I went through (and still sometimes get), since that’s even more awkward to talk about. But I would like to say, people with full sight, pretty please appreciate your vision! :D You’re so lucky, to be able to play soccer, and watch 3D movies, and not have people come up to you on the side you can’t see with and scare the hell out of you, haha… You’re very lucky, and I’m so jealous. But honestly, if given the chance, I think I’d rather stay the way I am. I’ve grown used to this, and have had so many good experiences (Thanks, Guide Dogs!! :D) to pretty much balance out the bad.

In my current Sims 2 game, Cassandra Goth and Darren Dreamer have twin girls called Delilah and Clara. I only realised after I named them that Darren’s mum was also called Delilah, so that’s a pretty cool coincidence!

technically 10.1K now but sHH 

okAy so I hit 10K wh aT ??? literally thank you sososo much it mean’s so much to me that people find me somewhat interesting enough to follow yells. i appreciate you all so so much. thank you x 8724538751<33

anyway, since starting this blog back in 2014 i have met the most incredible people who i love for forever and i am very thankful for them all!

here are all the people who i enjoy being pals with, talking to and just seeing on my dash,, this is gonna be long wow; 

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Chocolate Chip Cookies - Luke Hemmings Imagine

((Here y'all go, s/o to briannacrunkkk , andihemmings1996 , a-poetic-musical-mess , and crazyassstyles for liking this post and giving me the motivation to finish this (I’ve been meaning to finish it for about a month lmafo).

Warnings: Language)) 



“Luuuuke get off your ass; let’s do something!” You said. The two of you had been watching t.v. and cuddling all day at his house, which was nice, but it was always more fun to do something rather than just sit around.

“Like what?” Luke replied, muting the t.v. and looking up at you.

“Mmm… Do you wanna go somewhere? Make something? Eat something? Damn, I wish I had some cookies.” You said, thinking aloud.

“Uh, we could make some cookies?” Luke offered. 

“Do you even know how to make cookies?” You asked him, raising an eyebrow.

“How hard can it be to make some cookies? Come on,” He said, grabbing your hand and dragging you towards the kitchen.

“Okay, okay,” You giggled. Unlocking your phone, you quickly found a recipe for chocolate chip cookies that claimed to be quick and easy. 

“It says we only need butter, sugar, an egg, flour, and chocolate chips.” You said. At the same time, Luke was grabbing the items and setting them on the table.

“Okay what now?” He asked.

“Umm,” You said, setting your phone next to you on the table, “Measure out the ingredients.” Luke nodded and measured out the butter and sugar, and you measured out the flour and chocolate chips.

“Okay,” Luke said when he finished. 

“You can read,” You said, gesturing to the phone.

“But I like it better when you do it, (y/n),” He replied, stooping slightly and wrapping his arms around your waist. Looking down you laughed at his puppy face, shook your head, and read the next step.

“Preheat the oven to 350F, and mix the butter and sugar in a bowl. Slowly add in the egg.” You read. Luke released you and went to preheat the oven, leaving you to start mixing. It was pretty easy to do, since the ingredients were mostly soft.

Luke reappeared at your side. Looking over your shoulder, he read the next step to himself, moving his lips but not making any sound as he read. He then picked up the flour slowly began pouring it in as you were stirring.

Next thing you knew, Luke had picked up some flour from the bag, and tossed it on your face. Turning your head to look at him, you found him covering his mouth in an attempt to hide his laughter.

“Luke!” You cried, quickly grabbing your own handful of flour and retaliating. The two of you went back and forth for a minute or so, giggling the whole time.

“Okay, okay, you win,” Luke said, putting his hands up in surrender.

“Damn straight,” You replied with a laugh. Dusting the flour off your phone, you told Luke to finish mixing the batter.

“Wait we forgot the chocolate chips,” Luke said, reaching over you to grab the bag of chocolate chips. But apparently, he didn’t have a good grip on them - he accidentally dropped the bag, sending chocolate chips rolling on to the table and the floor.

“Uh… Shit.” Luke started, his face turning slightly pink, “Sorry, (y/n).” He apologized, biting his lip.

You, on the other hand, were cracking up.

“It’s okay Luke,” You said between giggles. You gave him a quick kiss on the cheek to really prove that it was okay. After that, you scraped the chocolate chips off the table and into your hand, and added them to the bowl. You also added the (few) remaining chocolate chips in the bag to the bowl.

“Okay stir those in, Butterfingers, and then we can put them on the cookie sheet.” You teased, turning towards the cupboards to look for the cookie sheets.

After putting quarter-sized mounds of dough on the cookie sheets, baking them, waiting for them to cool, the two of you finally got to eat the cookies that you had slaved over for the past hour or so.

“These aren’t that bad,” Luke said, stuffing his third cookie into his mouth.

“You can say that again,” You agreed, taking another cookie to eat.

At that moment, the sound of the door clicking open caught both you and Luke’s attention.

“I’m home!” Came the voice of none other than Liz Hemmings.

“Oh shit,” Luke said. You guys still hadn’t cleaned up your mess.

“What was that Luke?” Liz asked.

“I said shoot, mum. Uh, don’t come in here!” Luke replied, his gaze shifting nervously around the kitchen.

“Why n-,” Liz said, walking into the kitchen, “Oh my God.” She finished, her mouth gaping.

“Sorry.” You and Luke said in unison.

“You guys are cleaning this up.” Liz said, being pretty cool about the flour-covered, chocolate chip-floored kitchen.

“We will mum. Cookie?” Luke said, offering his mother a cookie.

“Yes, thank you,” She replied, taking the cookie from him. She left the kitchen, going off probably to watch t.v. or something.

“That went better than I thought,” You said.

“Yeah. Come on, let’s clean up,” Luke said, rising from the table.

“Alright.” You replied, also getting up from the table.

It took a while, but the kitchen was finally free from any traces of baking. Well, except for the plate of cookies.

“There,” Luke said, wiping his hands on his jeans. “Oh, missed a spot,” He said suddenly, looking at you.

“Where?” You said, looking behind you, “I don’t see anything.”

“Right there,” Luke said, wiping some flour from your check, “There.”

“Thanks.” You replied, exhaling through your nose in amusement.

“I love you.” Luke said, kissing your forehead.

“I love you too,” You replied, smiling.

“More cookies?” Luke asked, turning towards the plate of cookies.

Laughing slightly, you replied, “More cookies." 


THE TIME OF MY LIFE. They’re so sweet! They both were so nice and like seriously it was amazing. I got so nervous I couldn’t talk much or make eye contact when I met them (ugh) but they were so nice. They signed the book (they said the page was a good choice lol) and then after taking selfies Dan looked at my mum and was like ‘no, you come here too, you gotta be in this too’ and so round two of selfies lol. The show was so great and I can’t stress enough that it was so clear how much work went into it, it looked almost effortless and it was honestly so amazing!!! You can tell they have a lot of fun doing it and it’s so cool to see. Truly one of the best days (of my life?) I’ve ever had. 12/10 experience, definitely would recommend.

Also a selfie in the flower crown because I felt pretty. :)

Also, I don’t know if anyone has said anything like this, but whoever said “never meet your heroes” has never met Dan and Phil. Because I met my heroes today, and it was so much more than I ever could have dreamed of. End rant.

My mum meet the 1975...

Ok so my mum was flying out of Boston airport yesterday. I didn’t go with her to Boston, I was stuck at home at school :( but I had told her the boys were playing in Boston while she was there. She was meant to fly home a day earlier but her flight was cancelled. So she went to the airport at like 5 in the morning to get her flight. She was waiting in line to check in. She said she saw these four guys standing in front of her wearing black (duh) and there were two guys behind her also wearing black. She noticed they had a load of luggage and that’s when she saw Matty (she recognised the hair) She realised it was the boys. They checked in and then Ross said ‘sorry there’ and got passed her to get back to the two men behind her. She stopped him and said 'my daughters a huge fan’ and told him I went to their gig in Ireland. Ross then looked around and asked if I was with her. She said no I was at school. While she was talking to Ross, George turned around and saw her talking to Ross he smiled and gave her a little wave. Ross then asked if she would like an autograph for me. She said yes and grabbed a pen and piece of paper from her bag. He asked my name and took the paper over to a counter to sign it. He then said 'here you go, if we see you later you can get Matty or George’s cus those are probably the ones she wants’ Matty and the others had started walking away at this stage. Later on my mum was seating next to them in the lounge but they were tired and trying to sleep so she didn’t want to bother them. She also saw them on the flight and they said hi to her again there, she said they were all so nice and friendly and you wouldn’t think they were famous at all because they were so down to earth. I am so mad I didn’t get to meet them but still it’s pretty cool my mum did. And no one probably cares but whatever. :) xxx

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Oh wow, there are so many good au short fic prompts to choose from! I'm torn between 5,19, or 50 with Ten and Rose. So I'll let you pick which one you're in the mood for or if you're not game for any of them that's fine too! Thank you so much!

#7 The One With The Hamster

1000~ words, Teen, #19 - Parents meeting when they take their kids to class AU

(I’ve already done #5, and number #50 is upcoming, so here’s #19. I had trouble imagining them as single parents, so it doesn’t follow the prompt precisely but close enough?? This one’s pretty silly and I apologise that it’s so short.)

Uncle John was under the desk when the classroom door opened.

“Ouch!” He cried, hitting his head. “No!”

Ella dove for it without needing to be told to. She pushed the lady who had entered aside, before encountering a second body, a smaller one, about her height - she recognized it immediately.

“Get in!” she gasped, making a grab for the boy who had been trailing behind the woman. Slamming the door shut, she turned the lock and exclaimed, “Muffy’s escaped!”

“Seriously?” Tony Tyler’s eyes widened. He sat next to Ella in class and was pretty nice for a boy. He always told her stupid jokes and sometimes they even made her laugh. He nudged the lady, who looked very confused. “Muffy’s our class hamster.”

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url change!

after a couple of years i’m back using my dracomafloy url, since i think it’s safe to use it instead of the url (q/ueerdra/co) my mum apparently visited pretty often. it’s also a change from the temporary, but very cute, url snaxnsarnies that i used for a couple of days.

i’m still sad that i can’t use any of my latest urls, but i think this will work too. if i don’t come up with a better one.

one last thing though is that i’m trying out new icons too, if you know my blog, you know i’ve had the same icon of sherlock’s back for over a year, but i can’t use it anymore either. so if anyone could direct me to sherlock or harry potter icons that would be cool!!

i hope i haven’t caused too much confusion and that some people might even remember this url!! :)

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Both my parents are Gemini's and I myself am one too, but it seems like we have 60 people living in my house at any given time with all of us haha!! Hope you have an amazing day, lovely 💕

wow!! thats so cool!! both my parents are geminis too…im pretty sure my mums only ‘rule’ was make sure your school work is done! geminis are cool parents… they are more friends than parents.. and so easy to talk to… also you get the feeling with gemini parents they keep a lot from you, like they dont reveal much about their own lives, geminis are just so in this moment
have a beautiful day too you gorgeous geminis!! xxx

Your Daughter Gets Her Period While You're Away

He’s basically at home with your daughter as you’re away on a trip! This was requested!!!xx REQUEST!!!!


Niall: You left about two days ago with your girls to the city of love; Paris. It was a little vacation Niall hooked up for you to get some relaxation time. The day you found out about the tickets and that you could take your friends along, was a very thrilling moment for you! He was left at home with your twelve year old daughter, Mia. He was happy as well getting some father-daughter action as it is father’s day. Mia and Niall had been working up a sweat outside playing football (soccer). “Alright M, this is your final chance.” “Oh please dad, you’ll be on your knees begging for mercy.” “Oh look at my little one, ya know you’re just like your mother.” With her swift legs sprinting towards the ball, in one quick movement the game was over! “I WON!” She screamed doing her little victory dance. “I won, I won, oh yeah, can’t touch that! Because I won, that’s right,” she sings still doing her dance. “Uh sweet heart?” “Yeah dad?” “You’ve got uh, y-you’ve got something on the back of your pants.” “Eh probably just some dirt or a bug-,” “No sweetie I think it’s begun.” “W-what?” “Your period,” Mia’s face went pale as she quickly put her hands back covering her bum. “Oh my gosh, call mum! What do I do?” “I don’t know!” “What do you mean you don’t know, aren’t you married!” “Y-yeah but I don’t pay attention to that!” ‘WHAT DO YOU MEAN?“ She hurriedly went into the house grabbing her cell hoping she didn’t cut into your relaxing time. "Hey sweetie everything going ok,” you say through the phone. “Oh just dandy mum, nothing like starting your period after you beat your father at football!” “Haha that’s good- wait what?” “My period what do I do?” “Oh this is too soon, okay first go through my cabinet and get some of my pads, also take a shower and clean yourself thoroughly. You’ll be fine it happens.” “Thanks mom atleast I have someone to count on.”

Harry: “Where is mum again?” “At some fashion show in Milan.” “Who needs fashion shows when we could strut in our clothes all day?” “Eh her friend invited her.” “The one we don’t like?” “Yep, that one,” Harry and thirteen year old Kelsie stayed on the couch in the basement having a movie marathon. It was pretty cool with just the two of them having some bonding time. After watching countless disney movies Kels asked if they could watch a scary one. “Dad lets kick it up a notch-,” “The last time I did that your mother was pregnant.” “Wait what?” “Nothing baby girl, what do you want to watch?” Kels furrowed her brows at her father’s mumbling not picking up a word he said. She shrugged it off crawling towards the tv stand digging through the movies. “Hmm lets see, we have Straw Dogs-,” “Boring.” “Mama-,” “Weird.” “Texas Chainsaw-,” “Nope.” “Insidious-,” “Too paranormal.” “I agree, Evil Dead?” “Yeah I guess put-,” he stops abruptly looking at your daughter’s mess. “Dad?” She looked back at him as she saw him with a shock look. “Kelsie, you um, have a little something-,” “On my face!” “No your pants,” he stutters. She turned to look at her pants and sure enough, the evidence was there. “Oh is this what a period is?” “Yes unfortunately, wait a minute if the stain is that big, then,” he looked at the couch and saw a small spur of red sitting proudly on the couch. “Damn.”

Liam: “Lets be rational about this-,” “There is nothing rational about this game dad,” it was a cold, rainy day and the two of them only wished you were doing ok in Las Vegas. “It’s your turn,” Cam says using her weird dark voice. Liam crosses his fingers hoping he would win her card. “Dang it!” “Ha, ha,” she says greedily snatching his card and hers putting them in her deck. Speed the card game was like russian roulette only no one was dying. That’s how Liam saw it. “Ok, snack time,” she got up and Liam ordered his drink and type of snack he would have for the rest of the game. “And sir that would be approximately one thousand dollars and seventy five cents,” Cam says serving him his food. “What a rip off!” “Sir do I need to escort you out of the restaurant?” They both laugh and she heads into the kitchen to put away the tray. “Alright Cam this time you won’t, you won’t oh god.” “What? You alright dad?” “Oh my god, it’s beginning you are a WOMAN NOW! MOVE OUT!” “DAD! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!” “YOUR PERIOD!” “OH MY GOD IS IT BAD!” “NOT REALLY!” “WHY ARE WE YELLING!” “I DON’T KNOW!”

Zayn: “Can we hurry dad, I want to watch The Walking Dead,” Peyton whines through the store. They were out getting some groceries for the evening along with her older brother Mike. “Stop whining.” “Shut up Mike.” “Hey be nice, your brother just got back from college.” “Ugh why couldn’t I have gone with mom? This is apparently a guy’s weekend and I’m the only female present in the house!” “Make your self useful and grab some bananas.” Having nothing else to do, she follow s her father’s orders and heads off to the produce section. Passing the sugars and fats she made it there getting six of them. At the corner of her eye she saw a cute guy walk up as well seeming to be her age. Trying to contain herself she slowly puts the bananas in the bag. He walked off not even looking at her and she went straight into a pout. “Um Peyton,” Mike calls out worriedly. “What Mikey?” “You need to come here right now.” She rolled her eyes and looked toward him. “I just have-,” she noticed a couple of people were by her staring at her but she just thought she was just Zayn Malik’s daughter people were gonna stare! “Peyton please,” he headed towards her. “Why is everyone looking at me?” She even noticed they had their phones out! “Mikey what’s going on?” “Um you kind of started your period.” “I WHAT?” She was furious and upset! No one told her and they’re here looking at her! “AND YOU ALL JUST STAND HERE TAKING YOUR PICTURES AND VIDEOS WHILE I AM HAVING MY PERIOD? HOW MATURE YOU DUMMIES! UGH I WOULD TAKE YOU ALL TO COURT DUE TO EMOTIONAL DISTRESS BUT I’M GOING TO GET SOME PADS FOR MY PERIOD!”

Louis: “Be polite.” “Be polite? I don’t, I don’t know-,” Bria and Louis were out in public at a little shop eating. Paparazzi was there as always taking every picture of her. She felt weird getting this much attention. “Is this what it felt like back then with your fans?” “Oh yeah all the time. I remember me and your uncles went shopping and as soon as we made it inside the shop, outside was flooded with hundreds of fans! It was amazing, this is nothing.” It was pretty cool to hear about Louis’s past. Bria really enjoyed listening to them because she found it interesting. “Wow I don’t know if I could do that.” “Well believe it or not, you’re doing it now.” “Hmm,” she hums squirming in her seat. “You ok boo?” “Uh yeah just,” her cheeks heated up, she didn’t want to tell her father she was experiencing weird stuff, down there. “What is it your cheeks are going pink!” “I just, I don’t know-,” “Come on you can tell me anything.” “Dad, I think it’s started.” “What?” “My you know what.” “Oh, woman hood?” “Call it that but yes.” This wasn’t the place or time. There were people outside taking photos! “What am I going to do?” “Don’t panic.” “What do you mean don’t panic? How am I not supposed to panic dad I have people outside taking pictures!” “It happens to every woman.” “I’m only thirteen! Don’t you think I’m too young?” “I don’t know ask mother nature!” “She can’t help me right now!” The two of them struggled to figure out what to do next…