my mum found this pic of me yesterday and i just.

How Times Change

Context: A little idea i had based off of the new spoiler pic we got today of the kiss.

“Oi Sugden!” Cain’s voice shouted from the other side of the pub causing Robert to look over at him slightly confused at why Cain had one hand hidden behind his back. “Don’t think that because this whole thing was only planned yesterday were gonna leave traditions behind.”

“What?” Robert laughed, a slight nervousness and confusion in his voice as he looked over at Aaron who had a smirk on his face.

“Technically, now that you’re married to our Aaron, you’re part of the family,” Cain continued, all the Dingles around him agreeing, “Which means…”

“No way.” Robert stated as he realised what was coming before watching Cain pull his hand round from behind his back presenting he infamous welly.

“What about the whole if you’ve seen them naked rule?” Robert protested.

“That rule’s void.” Debbie laughed.

“Are you in or not?” Cain said handing it to Chas to fill it up as Robert continued to protest laughing, adamant on not drinking from it.

“Aaron have a word with your husband, will you?” Charity remarked from behind the bar, causing Robert to look towards Aaron who had a grin plastered on his face, causing Robert to smile.

“Alright.” Robert sighed, taking off his suit jacket so he didn’t ruin it, resulting in a wolf whistle form Adam, who was getting noticeably more and more drunk.

“Robert, Robert…” Chas began chanting from behind the bar as Robert began to down the drink, earning cheers and laughs from all the Dingles. He downed the whole welly full of beer in one, the way a true Dingle should he thought, earning further cheers as he finished drinking it all, throwing the welly at Marlon as he finished.

“Welcome to the family Sugden.” Cain remarked, a sense of sincerity in his voice, earning a nod from Robert.

As Robert looked around to find Aaron he noticed he wasn’t to be seen, he was stood by the bar a few moments beforehand but now he couldn’t be found. Robert decided not to make a fuss over it, knowing Aaron better than anyone and instead went outside to look for him in the village.

As he walked down the street there was no one else to be seen, given that everyone was inside the pub getting drunk and celebrating their impromptu marriage. Just as he was about to get worried about Aaron’s whereabouts he noticed the garage door was slightly open, and there was a dim light coming from inside.

Entering the garage, he spotted Aaron sat on the floor, playing with the ring on his finger as he always did,

“Erm you do know that reception in the pub is for us, don’t you?” Robert said sarcastically as he walked over to Aaron.

“Yeah, I just, I don’t know, I needed to a minute to think I suppose.” Aaron said still looking at his wedding ring, the words causing a rush of panic to flood through Roberts body.

“Think? Th – Think about what?” He asked trying to hide his concern, thinking Aaron may be having second thoughts about what had just happened.

“No don’t worry,” Aaron reassured him noticing the worry in his voice, “It was just stupid stuff, it’s nothing…”

“Aaron,” Robert said taking a seat next to him on the floor noticing the expression of deep thought spread across Aarons face, “Tell me.” He said softly, causing Aaron to look at him before taking a sigh and beginning to explain.

“It’s just weird – no not weird, more – “He fumbled, failing to make sense of his thoughts, “A few years ago, I was sat in this garage, locked in, waiting to die, just because of who I am, I couldn’t bear it, 18 years old and ready to die.” He took a pause, overwhelmed by his thoughts, “Now I’m sat here after just getting married,” he laughed gently, the concept of it all still new to him, “I don’t know, I guess a part of me just can’t quite believe it.”

“Well believe it,” Robert smiled gently, “Because I’m not going anywhere.” He spoke quietly, his voice full of promise, reassuring him that he’d still be waiting when he got out of prison.

“I’m sorry I messed everything up, if I could go back and – “Aaron began to say before being interrupted by Robert.

“– Listen to me. Tomorrow is another day and we’ll deal with it when it comes,” Robert said looking into Aarons eyes, “But today, today is our wedding day and I’m gonna spend the rest of it with my husband,” The word still new to both of them, causing small smiled to form on their faces, “today is ours and no court trial, no prison sentence, no judge is gonna ruin it, yeah?”

“Yeah.” Aaron whispered, trying to hold back the tears that were forming in his eyes. “Thank you, for today, it’s been the best.”

“Well, what are husbands for?” Robert smirked, earning a gentle laugh from Aaron. “I love you so much.” Robert said softly placing his hand in Aaron’s.

“I love you too.” Aaron replied before leaning in and pressing a kiss to Roberts lips, soft yet filled with love and passion, both of them completely absorbed in one another, as if they were the only people in existence. Pulling apart their foreheads remained rested on each other’s as smiles appeared on their faces.

“What do you say?” Robert smirked pulling away, “For old times’ sake?” He flirted, biting his lip.

“As tempting as that is,” Aaron joked, looking around the dusty garage, “We’ve got a pub full of people waiting for us, and if we don’t get back soon mums gonna think we’ve an away.”

Saying that, Aaron jumped up to his feet, dusting the dirt from his suit as he held out his hand and helped Robert up, continuing to hold his hand as they walked back through the village to the pub, where they spent their last night for a while together…

Return To Sender

Written By: @diekleineelisabeth

Written For: @looselucy

Summary: Things aren’t going great for Harry Styles at the moment. With a lot of changes happening (some intended, others definitely not), he feels a bit out of place. Enter a quirky pen-pal/Facebook friend from the other side of the ocean who’s, quite literally, about to spice things up a bit, a wedding and a hint of fake-dating and you’ve got yourself a story – or a Greek comedy, if you will.

Pairing: Harry/OFC

Word Count: 16,392

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Upon request, I am posting meeting Hayley Atwell this past Friday at Planet Comicon, here in Kansas City. The 3rd image has no relevance to the story, but it kind of fits so I thought why not post this drawing I did now.

This is long as hell and I can’t post undercut cause I’m on my iPad.

Hayley was only here one day, which was Friday. It wasn’t announced until the 9th (or round about) that she was coming. I was on my way home from work when I saw it. I had already got the tickets for the con, so when I got home I got purchased the photo op.

Now, last year I went as Agent Carter and was originally planning on going as her on Friday… Until I found out she was only going to be there Friday. I knew it was going to be saturated with Agent Carter’s and didn’t want to be “one of many”. I decided to go as her on Sunday instead (which is the 2nd picture, but more on that later).

When I got to the Hall I was so excited and nervous. Mind you, I have a sprained ankle and 3 damaged nerves. I can only walk on my ankle for like 15 minutes a day. I had to be in a wheelchair the whole con otherwise there was 0% chance I was going to be able to make it all 3 days. I was really worried that if I tried to stand for the photo op of falling, or worse taking her down with me.

2:30 came around we started queueing up for the photo op, and I met a lot of really cool people. Including a group of girls who all dressed up as characters from Agent Carter (if you guys are on here and for some reason reading this, I’d love to see that picture). And they kept announcing the photo op over the intercom. And then 3 hit…

I guess when you’re in a chair, you automatically get fast pass for the ops. They came up to me and wheeled me into the front, right at the end of the fast pass line (which I was not prepared for at all). I wheeled into the back where the photos were and the camera man was yelling “Step up! *click* Next! Done!” Hardly giving any time to pose or really even react. If you look at most of the pictures of her at the con she looks kind of rigid and mechanical, that is why. I was still debating to stand or sit.

It got up to me, and I instantly started blushing like crazy. I know a lot of my followers probably know that I have the biggest crush on her. I wheeled up beside her. Hayley was, as you can see, wearing this loose black blouse. You can’t really see it, but she was wearing a black lace bra that peaked out. Weeeelllll, she tried bending down to take the picture and I’m like “this photo is about to be boobs palooza” and she accidentally rolled me back. I threw up my hands and “I am just gonna stand”. So my mum, who was waiting over to the side, came over and locked my wheels and walked back over.

Hayley was so sweet. She helped me out of the chair! I hit my bad foot on the foot rest thing, but played it off. She was worried, I grabbed her side, and she caught me! We had to hold onto each other pretty damn hard so I didn’t fall. I was surprised I didn’t hurt her side how tightly I was grabbing her. I kept apologizing and she kept saying that it was okay. The photographer was getting antsy so we took the photo. She didn’t let go until she knew I was safely seated. She made sure I was okay, which I actually wasn’t the pain from it is just now starting to feel better. We shook hands and I said that it was a pleasure to meet her. And I wheeled off.

Now, onto part two. I wasn’t going to get it signed but pretty much decided “fuck it.” I got into the booth line, which was just me and another person in front of me and a few fast pass people who had already been through the line. When she got back to the booth it was FULL of people. Mind you she was only here 1 day so anyone who wanted to see her only had one day to do it.

The guy before me got the Agent Carter Behind the Scenes book signed, which she flipped through because she hadn’t seen it, and she looked kind of happy and really sad at the same time. The person taking the money gave her a “wrap it up” and I was next. I choose just to get the picture I took with her signed as opposed to a promo photo of her.

As I rolled up to her, this time 100% by myself. I was absolutely gritty. According to my mother I kept twirling my hair, which I do when I am nervous. A guy with a bag full of pop figures walked up, and handed them to her. We talked about how cute they were. I told her the only ones I have are Captain America and Agent Carter. She asked why, to which I simply replied “If I got more, I wouldn’t stop.” I, also, told her how the Agent Carter had Minnie Mouse ears on it.

I apologized again for gripping her so tightly. I explained that I was worried about falling and taking her down with me. She laughed.

Hayley: “That’s okay, I am really strong.”

Me: “Even in those heels?” (She was wearing 4-5" heels)

Hayley: “Especially in these heels” *winky face*

I asked her if she had an unpopular opinion… She had no clue what that meant. I explained to her that it was just an opinion that goes against some of the popular opinions. She smiled, getting it, and then sat for a second. She explained that because she withdrew from social media, to keep her private life separate, she didn’t know any of the popular or unpopular opinions anymore, especially from this season. She said she didn’t really have one and that she liked it all. She even said she was “on board for Cartinelli and loved that ship”, which she didn’t realize answered my question kind of. I made a joke about not having Angie this season and how a lot “us lesbians started shipping Dottie and Peggy because they took Angie away because we were shipping them.” She did not know that apparently… Whoops. But she laughed and was pleasantly surprised. She said that she was glad. We then, again, got the “wrap it up” I thanked her again, and she said it was nice to meet me to which I replied as well. And had to wheel away to my mother and step-dad making fun of me because of how much I was flirting with her.

Annnnddd part three… The kind of awkward part. I posted on online the first picture and both people on here and people at the con who had seen it and ESPECIALLY on the third day when I went as Agent Carter again, I kept OVER AND OVER again how much I look like her. Which is a little weird cause of how much I like her. I heard it last year, and I was all “Yea kind of, I guess.” But after that and seeing us side by side, it made things weird.

Also, on a really cool side, I found the Agent Carter comic right before I left yesterday. To bad I didn’t get that signed :/

But all in all, it was a great experience and she was so amazing. I don’t regret a single moment of it… Well maybe the fact that I kept blushing and saying sorry… And had to restrain from saying “You’re so beautiful and awesome and amazing” the whole time…

Also, why not post the third pic now. Which is a comic Hayley wearing a Cap shirt I drew a while ago and never posted.

Dddaaammmn that was long. Sorry.