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Everything Has Changed - Part Four | Jughead Jones

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Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: You’re on a mission to figure out what happened with Jughead’s family but you get a shock yourself in the middle of your sleuthing.

Warnings: Nah there’s nothing.

Word Count: 2442

A/N: IT’S BEEN A WHILE, I KNOW. BUT HERE WE ARE. BACK WITH THE WRITING. A lot of people asked me about this so I figured this should be the first thing I write again. There’s a lot more I want to do with this so there will be a couple more parts at least. Anywaaaay, let me know what you think!


“(Y/N)? Hey, (Y/N)! Class is over.”

The familiar voice of Archie Andrews knocked you from your daydream, eyes catching his as he stood in front of your desk, concern etched upon his face. You flashed him a quick smile as you hurriedly threw all your books into your bag. As you stood up and swung your bag over your shoulder, you caught eyes with the beanie clad boy that hadn’t left your thoughts for the past week. Although, once his eyes locked with yours, he put his head down and quickly walked out of the classroom. A sigh passed by your lips as you joined Archie’s side, catching the attention of the auburn haired heartthrob.

“Why don’t you just go talk to him?” He asked. A couple of days ago he’d caught you and Jughead arguing because you’d tried to talk to him about what happened but Jughead really didn’t want to talk to you so it erupted into a big row in the middle of the school hallway, students staring at you as you yelled at each other. So, Archie had dragged you away and made you tell him everything.

Well, you didn’t tell him everything.

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Through Thin Walls (1/2)

Summary: Roxy was originally annoyed at her obnoxious neighbour that she never met, but when they start a friendship through their thin walls, things become more interesting than she first thought.


A/N: This was a prompt by the amazing @gipsysworld and tbh I fell in love with it so I had to write it! Hope you all enjoy the first part as much as I do.

The music started three months ago. It was tough, with a blaring beat and a slur of words that had to filter through the wall. Roxy’s neighbour had moved in almost six months ago, but the music was something new she had learned. He talked loudly with his friends. And he enjoyed music far too loudly at three in the morning. Roxy had a class tomorrow morning that she had to teach, and she wasn’t in the mood for this.

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Prompt Party #1 - OQ’s first baby

79  OQ’s First Baby

Thanks so much to bea for betaing!  

A future O/S, The Escort AU.  Technically there are two OQ babies. :)

Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone,
But still miraculously my own.
Never forget for a single minute,
You didn’t grow under my heart - but in it

There’s not a doubt in her mind that this is what she wants.  And she is almost certain this is what her family wants, what Roland and Henry and Robin want.

But her hands still shake as she fixies her morning coffee, and her breathing is still heavy and shaky as her heart beats so fast she doesn’t even need the caffeine.

Such a large part of her life has been spent worrying about removing a parent from a child’s life.  She can hardly imagine a child wanting to add someone to their lives, to give them all the rights and powers and responsibilities legal parents have.

She takes a few deep breaths and tries to chase her anxiety away.

She’s so wrapped up in the fears spinning in her own mind that she doesn’t hear him come.  She doesn’t realize he’s there until he hugs her from behind, and it’s a blast of warmth she didn’t know she needed until just that moment.  

“Good morning, beautiful.” he murmurs into her hair.

“G’Morning,” she manages, a lump in her throat preventing her from saying much else.

“Ready?” he asks gently.

“Mhm,” she says, wincing at the sound of her voice.  That wasn’t too convincing, was it?

He spins her in his arms, and draws her chin up so she’s looking at him.  “What’s wrong, love?”

Her breath hitches, and she folds into him easily, letting him hold her tight.  “Nothing,” she breathes.

“None of that, now,” he whispers without judgment, running a hand over her hair.  “No secrets between us.  We share everything.  It’s what we agreed, yeah?”

She shakes her head.  “I’m just worried about Roland,” she mumbles.  “I know he asked for this, but I can’t help but worry that he may regret it, years into the future, and hate me for replacing Marian.”

“Why would he ever?  He’s been calling you Mum for over a year now.  He has no memories of Marian, all he knows of her is from pictures and videos. He loves her, we both do.  But that doesn’t change the fact that you’re his mum.  You’re the one who wakes him in the morning, helps him with his homework, cares for him when he’s sick….”

“I love him.  He’s my son.  I’ll never be able to think of him as anything else.” Her voice cracks with emotion, and she would be embarrassed of how weak she sounds, if she was capable of being embarrassed in front of this man anymore.  “I don’t want anything to hurt our relationship.”

“This is going to make it even better,” Robin insists, as he soothes his hands over her back. “Now let me get started on the waffles, yeah?” She nods and focuses on her coffee, trying to capture some of that optimism Robin always has in spades.

“HAPPY ADOPTION DAY, MOMMY!!!” Roland says as he bounds down the stairs.  He looks, well, like he’s won a pet tiger.  His dimples are full on display, eyes twinkling in the morning light.

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Hii ☺ Can you please write something with Cristiano Ronaldo? I love your Dybala's imagine. You should do second part of it. Kisses

Thank you for requesting x And I’m glad you liked the Dybala one. I really enjoyed writing that one so I hope you like it x 

Mother and Son - Cristiano Ronaldo Imagine 

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Coming home from work was something you had looked forward too all day. When you finally entered the house you found Junior calling your name and running towards you, you kneeled down and he jumped onto you making you fall.

„hey little one“ you said and smiled slightly.

„everything okay?“ you asked as he got off of you.

„Daddy is mean to me“ he said and started pouting. Your eyebrows furrowed together and your mouth formed into a amused smile.

„what is he doing to you?“ you asked as you were getting out of your shoes and Jacket.

He took your hand and walked towards the living room. Even through it had been an exhausted day for you at work you enjoyed moments like this. With junior, who was not your biological child, but you treated him the way it was. He treated you like you were his real mother, calling you mum hugging you, and holding your hand and everything.

„He’s telling me I can’t watch tv or play play station for like a week or something when i won’t do my homework. But Ma I tried but he won’t help me“ he said and pouted again.
You looked down at him and walked into the living room with him only to see Cris laying on the couch.

„Hey babe“ you said as you leaned down and kissed him.

„Hey, how was work?“ he asked as you sat beside him with Junior on your other side.

„Junior I told you to do your homework“ Cris said, groaning. His voice was quiet mad, as if he already told him a hundred times today.

„But-„ he tried. You were staying quiet, you didn’t wanted Cris to freak out or get even more mad at Junior.

„No but. You’re going upstairs“

„Mum?“ Junior asked and before you could open your mouth to say something.

Cris added a „Now“.

Junior walked out of the room and you felt your heart ache a little, you wanted to hug him and tell him everything would be okay.

You looked over to him. His face was a bit red from anger, what was wrong with him? He normally wouldn’t get mad at anything.

„Do you really think that was necessary? He told me he needed help“ you said and wanted continue but he didn’t say anything so you stayed quiet and waited till he would say something.

„Y/N..“ he groaned „Your not his mother so would you please let me educate my child on my own“ he said and you looked at him, you did not expect him to say stuff like that. Out of all people not from him.

Cristiano really wasn’t the person to get mad easily, he sometimes was frustrated okay, but he would keep himself away from you so he wouldn’t say something to you, so seeing him like this shocked you.

„Alright“ you said and got up, you didn’t looked back one more time, his words hurt you. You were always afraid that Junior would start to distance himself from you or would hate you or anything since you weren’t his real mum. And he fucking knew that. Cristiano knew that you were so insecure about that stuff but he still said it.

You were walking into Juniors room to find him sitting at his desk.

„Are you okay?“ you asked as you were sitting at the chair beside his desk, which was placed so you could face him.

„yeah“ he said and looked into your face, his eyes were a bit red, probably from crying.

„are you?“ he asked, he was getting up from his seat and sat on your lap, wrapping his small arms around you, the best he could.

You pulled him tighter to you, breathing out. Those moments meant more to you than you could ever put into words, they made tears well up into your eyes.

And even through you were not his biological mother like Cristiano said so wonderfully, you still cared about him like he was your own.

„I love you mummy“ Junior said after a while, still hugging you.

„I love you too baby. so so much“ you said and kissed him on the head.

„Alright let’s get back to your homework, you said you needed help?“ you said and he was pulling out of the hug nodding, before getting back to his chair.

You sat closer to him, so you could have a better look at his math homework. You helped him the best you could.

„I think it’s bedtime for you now, don’t you?“ you said and smiled slightly patting his hair.

Junior rolled his eyes but agreed as he was walking towards his bed, already having his pjs on anyway.

„Good night love“ you said and kissed his forehead as you put his blanket up till it was reaching his chin.

„Can you stay here and tell me a story?“ he asked and started pouting, you rolled your eyes and groaned, of course you would give in. He had the eyes like his father and you couldn’t resist them even if you tried.

„Alright. But you’re gonna sleep then, okay?“

He nodded willingly and you started the story you made up in your head.

As you finished Junior was already asleep, you smiled before you were getting out of his room as quiet as possible.

As you closed the door behind you and wanted to walk to your own bedroom you bumped into Cristiano who was standing in front of Juniors room.

You sighed and walked past him into your bedroom, you were too tired to start a discussion about this all right now. You didn’t wanted him to let his anger out on you.

He was walking in behind you.

He closed the door and you sighed as you sat on the bed.

„babe?“ he asked, you could hear his voice was sounding nervous.

„hmm?“ you mumbled and looked up at him.

„I’m so sorry about earlier. I did not mean to let my anger out on you“ he said and sat beside you.

You looked over to him, deciding if he was really sorry.

„I appreciate you accepting Junior and caring about him like he is your son. He loves you like you are his mum, more than he loves me. I don’t know what got into me for saying those things to you“ he said.

„I accept your apology. But you need to apologize to Junior too. He doesn’t deserve being talked to in that way“

„I know I will“ he said and leaned closer to you so your both foreheads were touching.

You closed your eyes sighing.

„I saw you two earlier, it makes my heart melt. I then realized what an fucking idiot i was for letting my anger out on you two“ he said, you opened your eyes again and took his face in your small hands.

„I really am sorry babe“

„hey you’re okay. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. You apologized it’s okay“ you said and pressed a kiss to his nose.

„What got you this mad anyways?“ you asked and furrowed your eyebrows.

„just some bullshit someone was talking about online“ he said and rolled his eyes.

„I don’t know what got into me for getting that mad. I don’t know.. but thanks for helping him and stuff. You’re absolutely amazing“ he said and you smiled, feeling the heat rise into your cheeks.

„I love you“ you said and leaned in so you’re lips were touching. He started kissing you and you kissed him back. Slowly but more passionate then ever.

„I love you. So much you have no idea“ he said resting his forehead on yours.

Zodiac Highschool Chapter #8- Cancer: Red sky

I woke up early. I love to sit every morning by the window with a glass of hot milk and cookies and see how the sun bathes the streets of the city. It’s beautiful to see the streets painted orange. It remembers me of an impressionist painting. I took a shower and  I got prepared to go to class.

As always, my brother drives me to highschool ‘cause we only have a car and he needs it to go to work…

I entered to the classroom and sat on my place. Not much later arrived Taurus and Virgo. All the classmates were taking notes and were quite concentrated because partials are in a week. Capricorn came and sat with us after a couple of classes, ‘cause Scorpio isn’t coming to class since the day of his concert.

At break time we went outside with our snacks.

- What’s wrong with Aries and Leo? They are no longer sitting together, holding hands and stuff… - Asked Capricorn.

- Yeah, I used to find them always near the lockers making out… I guess, that maybe they’ve broken up - Said Taurus after eating an oreo.

- I’m sure Gemini knows something about it - Sentenced Capricorn - Look, he’s coming outside now.

- Gemini! - shouted Taurus and started waving him to catch his attention.

Gemini was with his phone, when he realised that Taurus and Capricorn were shouting his name, he came towards us with Pisces and Libra.

- What the hell do you want? I was trying to actualize my blog - said Gemini smiling.

- Did Aries and Leo broke up? - Asked Taurus.

- Hahahahaha! Now you’re the highschool busybody Gemini! - said Libra.

- Shut up! - said Gemini anoyed.

Pisces and Libra started making fun of his friend.

- Well… If you want to know ask Virgo, she will tell better - Gemini told.

- You knew? - I asked surprised at Virgo.

She just looked to the ground.

- Hey Gem! Do you come to buy something at the machines or the caffeteria? - Asked Libra.

- Yup!

They left and Libra started asking questions at Gemini about the broken relationship between Leo and Aries, that now has became the official topic of gossip.

- Mmm… Cancer… Today we’ll meet with the band to practise, would you like to come? - Asked Pisces.

- Yes… but won’t I bother? - I asked.

- No, you never bother - he said - See you later guys!

Pisces started running towards his friends that have left without him. Taurus winked at me without Virgo and Capricorn seeing. I blushed.

- Sooo… you know whats going on… - said Capricorn staring at Virgo.

- Why didn’t you tell us that you know it? - I asked.

- Because you will judge me - Virgo answered - I’ll tell you but not today, okay?

After stressing after some classes that I still don’t get at all, I called my mum to tell her I would arrive late. Then, I met Pisces at the school exit and I went to his home to watch them play. He showed me his house and after that the rest of the band arrived, including Scorpio who I thought wouldn’t come because he’s been skipping highschool during this week.

- Aren’t you ill? - I asked him when he entered the basement.

- I was, but I… I have a lot of things to do … and homework and stuff… I’m catching the things I haven’t done before … - Scorpio said.

- So, you’ll come tomorrow? - I said smiling.

He shrinked his shoulders and went towards the drum set. Then I caught Pisces staring at us.

- Today we have public! Yeei, guys after the concert we’ve gained fans! - exclaimed Libra.

Pisces, Libra and I laughed. Scorpio seemed annoyed, I guess he felt bad because of my question and Aries… I don’t really know Aries, but he’s superactive and he seemed low and worried… Definetely Leo and he have broken up.

Then they started playing. The music wasn’t spectacular because they were trying new songs, but I bet than in a few days they would sound amazing as the day of the concert. After an hour everybody left Pisces’s home.

- Bye Pisces! Thank you for inviting me - I said. I was the last one to go.

- Cancer, it isn’t that late… C’mon I want to show you something.

- But I told my mum I would be home in less than an hour.

- Don’t worry i’ll drive you home.

We walked to a park that was 10 minutes far from his home. It was near the mountain. He made me follow him, guided me to the highest part of the park and made me jump a fence. Between the bushes there was a sofa, we sat there and we watched the red sky bathe the streets.

- I found this place a month ago and I thought it was beautiful… It may sound silly but I thought that you’d like it.

- It’s amazing.

After that, he followed his promise and drove me home.

- And… you arrive at time for dinner!

- Yeah, but… this would be the last time they let me out.. you know because of the exams and stuff.

He stared at me with those beautiful grey dreamy eyes, he leaned over and he kissed me.

Only One I Have

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Requested by starbooks13

“Could you write an imagine where the reader was also locked in the janitors closet with Alison and Isaac, and when he wolfs out, she freaks out because she has been dating Isaac for a couple of months, and had no clue he was a werewolf. And later after he calms down, he comes back to her freaking out that she’ll hate him, but they make up and it’s all fluffyyy! xxx”

Warnings: Swearing, slight angst, fluffff

“That’s a lunch time detention Ms *yln*.” My english teacher spoke causing me to groan.

All I had done was miss one night of homework and I get a detention for it? True I had missed some last week and the week before that and the week before that… ok so English wasn’t my strong point alright?

I sighed and walked as slowly as possible towards the detention room when the lunch bell rang. However eventually I did reach the door. I pushed it open to see who would be joining me in this torture and a smirk lit up my features when I spotted my boyfriend Isaac Lahey and my friend Allison both sitting and looking disgruntled together.

This might not be as bad as I first thought.

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When I see that my exams are about to start… next week.

When my mum wants me to clean my room.

When my mum asks me to walking the dog in the evening.

My teacher when I need an extension of time to return my homeworks…

When my parents leave the house for the week-end.

When someone asks me “ What are you waiting for ? ” when I’m about to do my english oral.

Sorry for the mistakes I’m french ♥

Chapter 4

The following week went as normal. Dan didn’t bring up the situation at my house so I decided not to either. We worked on our project simply as classmates rather than friends. Dan seemed more standoffish making me want to talk to him and make sure he’s alright. Just because we’re not friends doesn’t mean I don’t care about him. I don’t want to hear from my teachers that something bad happened to him when I know I could have stopped it.

Any time I tried to talk to him, Dan made it seem like he had somewhere else to be. His answers were always distracted and he only half listened to me at best. Despite my constant asking, Dan assured me that he was okay and that I shouldn’t waste my energy worrying about him. I wanted to help him, but if he’s not going to talk to me or say anything, there really isn’t anything I could do.

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Chapter 5

The rest of the week went by incredibly normal. After that lunch, Dan started acting more normal—or at least as normal as he can act. The more I talked to him, the more he responded and we actually started building a friendship. I learned that he moved here from a really small town somewhere in the states, but he was born and grew up in southern England which is why his accent sounds different from mine. We talked about music and video games finding out we actually had a lot in common, and the more I spent time with him, the more I considered him a friend. It’s just nice to finally have someone to talk to that’s not mum.

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finn and rae have sex on a trampoline

Not my best (I’m no good at smut writing) but I hope you all like it regardless!



Originally when Finn showed up with a huge trampoline in a box, Rae had been against it. It looked like an easy way for her kids to bounce to their deaths, but he had promised it would be fine.  Plus, Tia was begging on her knees that Rae let him set it up, so she caved.

It was worth it though, because watching Finn try to put it together might have been the funniest think she’d ever seen.

“Why don’t you just read the instructions?”

“Because how hard can this be?  Just put this pole in this hole and call it a job well done!”

“It’s attitudes like that, that leave hundreds of women unsatisfied.” She called back to him, making him glare at her.

“Why are they unsatisfied, mum?” Kyle asked her, his little seven year old eyes peering at her.  Rae blushed and Finn sat back, laughing.

“Luckily for you son, you’re a Nelson.  You’ll never leave a woman unsatisfied.”


“You started this!”

Rae shut her mouth after that, sitting with the kids while they waited for their dad to finally finish.  It took Finn most of the after noon before the Trampoline resembled something one could bounce on.  He happily jumped on it to prove to Rae it was safe, but all she noticed was how it creaked every time he landed.

“Mum, please can we go on it?” Tia asked, pulling on her mother’s hand.

“I don’t know, it still seems a bit shotty to me.”

“Dad!” She whined, and Finn bounced off to join them.

“Give me the night to convince your mum, and tomorrow I promise you both can use it.”

The kids seemed happy as they ran back to the house, but Rae was doubtful.

“There’s nothing you can do to convince me that that death trap is safe for my babies.”

Finn smirked at her.  ”We’ll see.”

After dinner and homework, the kids went to bed and Finn lead Rae out to the back yard to show her.

“I just want you to jump on it!” He begged as he bounced up and down.  Rae stood firmly on the ground, crossing her arms.

“You’re delirious.”

“Come on.”

“What, is this part of some sick fantasy?”

“Well I wouldn’t call it sick but…”

“You’re serious?”

“What!  I think you’d look hot, bouncing everywhere.  And your boobs! Babe, come on, let me live out my seventeen year old self’s fantasy. Please.”

Rae hated caving, but she wasn’t going to pretend that she wasn’t turned on.  It made her infinitely happy to know Finn still fantasized about her.  It was the hope of what would happen later that made her climb onto the creaking trampoline and join him in the middle.

“Don’t let go, okay?” She asked him, grabbing tightly onto his hands.


And it was fun.  Rae couldn’t help from screaming as she fell onto the trampoline, bouncing back up and landing again, pulling Finn with her.  Both were laughing uncontrollable and for a moment they thought they might wake the kids.

“Shh!” Finn whispered and Rae tried to compose herself.

“Sorry. There’s just such a good bounce!  I wish our mattress had this bounce!”

“If it did, you and I would smash the ceiling.” He winked at her but Rae was overcome with a feeling, that she couldn’t help but pull him to her in a kiss that could rival any kiss they’d ever had.

Their clothes were thrown over the side and hands were roaming everywhere.  Finn was prodding her thighs apart and she happily complied.  His nimble fingers entered her and she felt a spasm reverberate through her entire body.  He started slow, enjoying her hands digging into his back before quickening his pace, feeling her tighten around his fingers.  When her breathing returned back to normal, he removed his hand and made to unhook her bra.

“You always go for the bra.” She laughed and he shrugged.

“I love you Rae. But I love the mini Rae’s.”

"Mini Rae’s?”

“I haven’t been able to think up a name that matched their grandness.”

“It’s been fifteen years.”

“Yeah, fifteen beautiful years since I first got to see these babies.”

“Please stop talking.” She told him, bring his lips to hers while his hands explored her for the thousandth time.

Rae busied herself with Finn, making him groan and rest his head on her shoulder.  She pushed him onto his back and slid down to take him in her mouth.  His whole body tensed as she sucked on him then taking him all the way into her mouth.  Years of experience had taught Rae that Finn could last long, so she decided to surprise him.  She pulled back and positioned herself over him before lowering herself.  His eyes had been closed, but they snapped open at the familiar feeling of her.

“Shit, girl.”

His hips thrusted up to meet her in the middle and she leaned forward to rest her hands above his shoulders.  Finn caught one of her breasts in his hands, layering kisses over and over again, occasionally landing a light bite.  He flipped them over so Rae was on her back, speeding up.

Rae was loud but for the first time, Finn didn’t try to quiet her.  Every time she moaned his name, it encouraged him to go faster.  He reached a hand down to circle her clit until she rode happily into what she would later call the best orgasm of their relationship.  He finished a minute after, tensing against her until his body relaxed and he rolled over to her side.

“Wow.” Rae breathed.

“That was…” Finn couldn’t even finished his sentence.

“The trampoline can stay, but I don’t know if I want the kids on it.”

“Can we not talk about the kids right now? It makes me feel dirty.”

Rae laughed at her husband, kissing him on the cheek.

Two months later, as they’re staring at that dangerous little stick, waiting for an answer, Finn will suggest they call the new baby Trampoline.

In the end, they call him Trevor.