my mug shot

fun fact: i skipped a grade, so i’m always a year younger than everyone in my class at the start of the year

one time, in sixth grade, this asshole teacher was complaining about how we were acting and said “stop acting like your ten years old” and i looked him right in the eye and said “i am ten years old” and he just fuckin

no response he looked dead

“Bitch I don’t need introduction, follow my simple instruction….“

hey there my name is Demi Lovato and if you think you’re watching Disney channel I’ve got some very bad news for you pal because you’re looking at my mug shot right now. You probably know me or of me because I have a habit of not keeping my mouth shut and the media loves to have a hay day with that , what can I say? What they won’t tell you is that I’m really just a tattoo addicted , coffee dependent dog lover who can’t keep the same hair style for more than a month. But I guess you can’t make a headline out of that kind of thing. .

If for some strange reason you’re actually inclined to get to know me hmu at

Before and During

The Losers - Carlos “Cougar” Alvarez/Jake Jensen

Prompt: Wayofthewarrior (a.k.a my beta) when she threw out a comment about Cougar measuring his time in “Before Jensen” and “During Jensen,” in the middle of a document she was beta reading. I took it and ran.

Words: ~ 7 000

Rating/Warnings: G / Mentions of other people being homophobes

Notes: While the initial prompt (unintentional as it might have been) was enough to get me started, I chose to take the opportunity to explore what it would be like if Cougar was straight, but still finds himself attracted to and in love with Jensen. I’ve always wanted to do that. This is in no way homophobic, but maybe a tad bit uninformed and confused. Hopefully no one will take offence. I just tried to write what it had to be like for someone who has always considered themselves as straight, to suddenly find that they might not be. Enjoy. Can now be found on AO3 as well.

Cougar was well aware that there were several different ways with which you could measure time, and it differed from person to person which tools you used.

Clay was a soldier through and through, going by military time even when on leave, and often remembered events based on between or during which missions they had taken place. He went month by month, rather than weeks or days.

Roque was similar, but with the slight difference that he preferred to measure it as time spent on and off missions, in two separate categories, with clear annual breaks for easier filing. Roque was structured in his grip of time, and had a startlingly good memory.

Pooch was often counting down to things: the next call he could make to Jolene, the next time he could hear Jolene’s voice, and the next time he would get to see Jolene. But he was also more prone to count days rather than weeks or months, despite how high numbers that could occasionally accumulate.

Jensen counted time in regards to Beth’s age, sometimes seemingly forgetting that there had been a time before it. Jensen was also fond of minutes and seconds — precision to the point of impracticality — because to him, everything that moved slower was less interesting. Useful and noteworthy, yes, but with his attention-span and hobbies a second was all it took for things to go from intriguing to boring.

Cougar divided his time into Before Jensen and During Jensen. It had taken him a while to even realize it, but that was his way of measuring the passing of time. It was aided by days, weeks, months, and years, but in all honestly — those two were the only ones that really mattered.

He was naturally aware that there might also — sometime in the future — come an After Jensen, but Cougar prayed that it would be as brief as possible, if it occurred at all.

Most of the time he refused to even think about it.

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