Karma Sutra

Bored and dissatisfied by their college experience, a group of students decide to do a challenge: whoever can complete all the positions in the Kama Sutra, wins. Involved are young married couple George (Posey) and Anna (Cho); burgeoning alcoholic and law student Marie (Cains); aspiring NASA intern Thomas (Sheehan); quiet Vince on the verge of flunking out (Pasqualino); neurotic education major Thea (Mitchell); and egotistical kinesiology major Yancy (Glover).

As the year stretches on the fun begins to become more complicated: George and Anna’s marriage becomes precarious and strained; Marie attempts to balance her unexpected feelings for Thea and her drinking problem; Thomas is on the edge of bankruptcy and homelessness; Vince uses the promiscuity as a distraction from his failing grades; and Yancy falls for his asexual classmate (Larkin), risking the challenge altogether. Facing looming student debt, STDs, sexual exploration, unexpected romance, public indecency charges, and uncertain futures, the group quickly learns that sex probably isn’t the distraction they needed this year.

by themaraudersaredead


so there’s a contest to win a cameo in sharknado 2